Clickfunnels $19 Plan & $37 Plan – Clickfunnels Discount Hacks

Update: Clickfunnels $19 plan and Clickfunnels $37 plan is no longer available. However, we highly recommend you to check the special offers on this page for the latest Clickfunnels discount

Clickfunnels Discount Code Summaries

(The best alternative to Clickfunnels $19 plan or Clickfunnels $37 plan)

  • Clickfunnels discount

  • Clickfunnels Funnel BuilderClickfunnels Funnel Builder
  • Email Follow-up SystemEmail Follow-up System
  • Funnel FlexFunnel Flex
  • DotCom Secrets LiveDotCom Secrets Live
  • Expert Secrets LiveExpert Secrets Live
  • Traffic Secrets LiveTraffic Secrets Live
  • 30 Days Of Coaching30 Days Of Coaching
  • 30 Days Exclusive & Ebooks30 Days Exclusive & Ebooks
  • Daily Virtual HackatonsDaily Virtual Hackatons
  • Free Trial

  • Free For 14 Days

  • Clickfunnels Funnel Builderyes
  • Email Follow-up Systemyes
  • Funnel Flexyes
  • DotCom Secrets Liveno
  • Expert Secrets Liveno
  • Traffic Secrets Liveno
  • 30 Days Of Coachingno
  • 30 Days Exclusive & Ebooksno
  • Daily Virtual Hackatonsno
  • OFA Platinum

  • Get 6 Months Free

  • Clickfunnels Funnel Builderyes
  • Email Follow-up Systemyes
  • Funnel Flex10 accounts under one domainyes
  • DotCom Secrets Liveyes
  • Expert Secrets Liveyes
  • Traffic Secrets Liveyes
  • 30 Days Of Coachingyes
  • 30 Days Exclusive & Ebooksyes
  • Daily Virtual Hackatonsyes
  • Annual Plan

  • Get 2 Months Free

  • Clickfunnels Funnel Builderyes
  • Email Follow-up Systemyes
  • Funnel Flexyes
  • DotCom Secrets Liveno
  • Expert Secrets Liveno
  • Traffic Secrets Liveno
  • 30 Days Of Coachingno
  • 30 Days Exclusive & Ebooksno
  • Daily Virtual Hackatonsno


Wondering how to get this secret Clickfunnels $19 plan?

Then, this article is for you!

Because I am sharing with you 3 excellent tips that you can follow to sign up for ClickFunnels $19 plan and other clickfunnels discounts.

You may not have started because you think paying $97 per month is quite expensive.

Yes, getting started at that price may be too expensive for some people.

However, ClickFunnels is a powerful tool and one of the most powerful marketing tools, and probably the best solution.

No matter if you want to drive traffic from SEO , dental SEO, or Solo ads, you need a funnel

So, you should take advantage of the tricks discussed below.

SIDENOTE: (If You Still Not Sure If Clickfunnels whether Clickfunnels is right for you, then do check out my complete ClickFunnels review. It can help you know more about ClickFunnels pricing and features and see if this software is right for you, but if you already decided to sign up for Clickfunnels, do check the article)


Update: Clickfunnels $19 plan and Clickfunnels $37 plan is no longer available. However, we highly recommend you to check the special offers on this page for the latest Clickfunnels discount

ClickFunnels Discount Trick #1: Clickfunnels Special Offer Page

Sign Up ClickFunnels by Using The Secret “Special Offer Page.”

Now and then, there will be some special offers on Clickfunnels, and you can take advantage of them.

With this, you’re provided with the opportunity of getting $8988 worth of high ticket training for free when you use the particular coal offer page to sign up for Clickfunnels.

Here are 2 special offer Clickfunnels is proving currently:

Offer 1: Get OFA Platinum and Get Clickfunnels Free For 6 Months

Offer 2: Upgrade to ClickFunnels Annual Plan and Get 2 Months for Free

That is the best offer available to anyone who desires to start a business using ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Discount Trick #2: Sign up Clickfunnels $19 plan with Shared Funnels

This is how you got Clickfunnels $19 plan , but it’s no longer available

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#fffeed” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#fffeed” align=”left”]

Update: ClickFunnels is no longer providing a Clickfunels $19 plan for the shared funnel plan.

However, you can still try ClickFunnels for free with the link below ↓

[button href=”” style=”flat” size=”large” width=”100%” color=”#007df8″ hovercolor=”#0a3048″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank” icon=”long-arrow-right” iconcolor=”#ffffff”]Click Here to Try ClickFunnels for Free![/button] [/box]

After you click on the page, you will be able to sign up ClickFunnels with shared funnels for 14 days FREE, and after the FREE 14 days, you will only pay $19/month.

It is indeed an enormous discount you will be getting from ClickFunnels, but this plan is only available to 3 funnels (the shared ones you got).

You should also note that you can only make amendments and use the shared funnels you were given; you can’t add new ones or new pages.

People who desire to have sales funnels created but are only interested in having a simple website or opt-in page should consider this a great plan.

However, if building an auto webinar, a membership site, or a product launch series is what you want, the plan explained would serve you well.

p.s Clickfunnels $19 plan and Clickfunnels $37 plan are no longer available. However, we highly recommend you to check the special offers on this page for the latest discount

ClickFunnels Discount Trick #3: Sign up ClickFunnels to Leverage The “Secret Plan.”

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#fffeed” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#fffeed” align=”left”]

Update: ClickFunnels is no longer providing a $37 plan as a downsale.

However, you can still try ClickFunnels for free with the link below ↓

[button href=”” style=”flat” size=”large” width=”100%” color=”#007df8″ hovercolor=”#0a3048″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank” icon=”long-arrow-right” iconcolor=”#ffffff”]Click Here to Try ClickFunnels for Free![/button] [/box]

On signing up for Clickfunnels, The system will present you with two options – to start up an account for $97/month and an enterprise for $297/month.

A secret personal plan helps you secure an account for as low as $37/month is available.

This is the simplest way you can leverage to create funnels and asset upp pages according to your needs and desire.

Step #1: Sign Up for ClickFunnels Account:

Though it indicates $97/month… DO NOT be worried.

With this method, you won’t be required to pay that much. Just follow the trick.

Ok, let’s get going!

Step #2: Cancelation of your ClickFunnels account:

Go to account → billing → Cancel my account

It should display something that looks like the image below.

Cancel Your ClickFunnels Account

Note that we’re not going to have our accounts “canceled” in reality, as it doesn’t sound logical to have one created then.

What we intend to do is to:

Click “Cancel My Subscription.”

Then three different “offers” will be presented to you

  • $37 in a month Personal Plan – You will be able to build up to 5 funnels, 20 pages, 5 thousand visits.
  • $67 in a month Bootstrap Plan – You can build up to five-ten funnels, 50 pages, 10 thousand visits.
  • $9 in each month Pause – They set aside your subdomains, pages, and funnels, although you can’t edit anything or add anything.

With this, you won’t have to pay $97 or even $297. You will have the opportunity to start from a price as low as $37 per month, and there isn’t a limitation like that of shared funnels.

ClickFunnels Discount Tip #4: Funnel Hack System

Funnel Hack System

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#fffeed” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#fffeed” align=”left”]

Update: ClickFunnels is no longer providing this special offer.

However, you can still try ClickFunnels for free with the link below ↓

[button href=”” style=”flat” size=”large” width=”100%” color=”#007df8″ hovercolor=”#0a3048″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank” icon=”long-arrow-right” iconcolor=”#ffffff”]Click Here to Try ClickFunnels for Free![/button]

You can also check out there other 2 special offers

option 1: Get OFA Platinum and Get Clickfunnels Free For 6 Months

Option 2: Upgrade to ClickFunnels Annual Plan and Get 2 Months for Free



Although this system’s name can come off as deceiving, the funnel hacks system is a training program that gives people access of six months to all the ClickFunnels marketing tools, allowing the users to utilize sales funnel strategies for your business.

There are a lot of tools that this System includes, such as Backpack and Actionetics. Other than that, the users will be able to use ClickFunnels as well. There are many reasons that we like ClickFunnels for.

However, the main reason that we love ClickFunnels is the detailed list of guides and training sessions it provides to the users. These training and guides come in handy for the users who want to take full advantage and make full use of this online sales funnel builder’s features.

For the people that want to have full access to ClickFunnels, this happens to be the perfect option.

Moreover, for the people who want to use features such as actionetics but are unaware of the method to get signed up with them, Funnel Hacks is one of the best ways to have restricted access to the mentioned tools alongside related Training sessions.

This will help you be able to decide whether ClickFunnels’ Full version is the right choice for you or not.

If you have made up your mind about making a sales funnel and want better prices, then Funnel hacks system happens to be one’s best bet to benefit ClickFunnels. However, that is not all.

With ClickFunnels, you will also be able to attain an incredible bonus.

What Comes with The Funnel Hack System?

When you select funnel hack system, This program will train you via videos on the following topics:

  • Quick Product Development.
  • How the users can build a sales funnel via ClickFunnels.
  • Opt-in Funnels.
  • Webinar Funnels.
  • Sales Funnels.
  • Hacks to develop more traffic.
  • Automated Webinar Funnel.
  • Launch Funnel.
  • Membership websites.

Conclusively, all these topics are covered in the training period of 15 hours to learn all the features mentioned above. Other than that, There are added components as well:

These topics are covered in a bonus program with a detailed video that ensures that users can grasp everything that this software is offering.

Alongside some videos, you will also have some scripts that can be either printed or downloaded.

With all the bonus and all the other training hours, you will have 35-hour training to understand the Funnel Hacks System’s whole deal. Over this training, you will go over things about how the system operates, how you can drive more traffic, and how you will be able to convert your prospects into one of your long-term customers.

It is no secret that for a business to be successful, the owners will have to put together the puzzle pieces to draw the pavement for success. Funnell Hacking Solutionsise the best option in this scenario.

p.s Clickfunnels $19 plan and Clickfunnels $37 plan are no longer available. However, we highly recommend you to check the special offers on this page for the latest discount

ClickFunnels Discount Tip #5: Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#fffeed” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#fffeed” align=”left”]

Update: ClickFunnels is no longer providing this package

However, you can still try ClickFunnels for free with the link below ↓

[button href=”” style=”flat” size=”large” width=”100%” color=”#007df8″ hovercolor=”#0a3048″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank” icon=”long-arrow-right” iconcolor=”#ffffff”]Click Here to Try ClickFunnels for Free![/button]

You can also check out there other 2 special offers

option 1: Get OFA Platinum and Get Clickfunnels Free For 6 Months

Option 2: Upgrade to ClickFunnels Annual Plan and Get 2 Months for Free


This tip happens to be the successor of the aforementioned trick. This Tip is the perfect option for people looking to attain the sales funnel’s full training in ClickFunnels.

In this tip, you will be able to get a subscription to ClickFunnels Enterprise (297/month). This is a yearly subscription and includes three training sessions, just like Funnel Hacks did.

This Discount tip is the perfect option for people who want to learn to build a sales funnel and learn other useful features and skills such as copywriting, funnel design, etcetera.

Bonus and Packages Provided in Funnel Builder Secrets: 

So far,r along with this road, we have discovered that this package that ClickFunnels offers to the people interested in building a funnel.

Everything that comes included in this package was designed to help the users build a successful funnel, drive prospects, earn customer loyalty, develop better sales, and turn the current prospects into Long-term customers.

Believe us, the value of all the packages on this list exceeds more than 10000 USD, and what makes them effective and covers the cost is the fact that you become able to make high-conversion sales funnels.

Now, let us have a look at why the discounts mentioned here are an Excellent discount for ClickFunnels:

First of all. Let’s have a look at the $1997 plan and how you will be saving money:

Firstly, you are going to get six months of a ClickFunnels Enterprise account. Every month, this plan costs $297 for a month, and the total cost of this six-month plan would be $1782. However, that is not all, as you also stand to gain other things such as:

  • The Funnel Hack Masterclass, priced at $997.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training, Currently priced as $1997.
  • A Traffic Secrets course is also provided.

When we summarize all the things mentioned above, it seems like the users will be getting six months of the Funnel building software, and you end up saving just about a thousand dollars.

However, you will be able to save this much money with the first plan only. With that being said, let’s proceed to the second and the biggest value plan.

ClickFunnels Discount Package Priced: $2061

This happens to be the most beneficial profit for $2997, just like mentioned on the Funnel Builder Secrets page. There are some reasons behind this plan being the best money saver.

To begin with, this plan Provides a Yearly Subscription to a ClickFunnels Enterprise Account. On a usual basis, this plan costs about $297 for a month, and when you sum up this money, you get $3,564 as a total amount.

This means that you are going to be saving $567 on ClickFunnels. However, that is not all: There are other things provided in this as well!

These include: 

  • The Main Funnel Builder Secrets Training.
  • Funnel Hack Masterclass, Valued at $997.
  • The Traffic Secrets Course. As mentioned before, this happens to be one of the most important and of immeasurable value.
  • At last, you will also be getting yearly access to Funnel Scripts, Which are valued at $497 a year.

Mentioning all these things, we must also mention that these training hours get a little too much to quantify.

Let’s develop an idea of how much you were normally going to be investing:

  • 12 Months Access to a ClickFunnels Enterprise Account: $3564
  • Complete Funnel hacks System and Bonuses: $997
  • Funnel Scripts for Twelve Months cost $497 yearly as of now.

When you combine all these items, you will end up spending a total of $5058, yet you are only going to be paying $2997 for all of it. When you do the math, you will save a huge amount of $2061 total!

The knowledge you will gain in return for the paid price will is so valuable that we cannot even measure it.

However, A word to the wise: This tip can expire at any possible time.

Keeping that in mind,  if you are still inclined to try ClickFunnels, then you should check out funnel builder secrets and funnel hacks systems as they happen to be one of the best options you can choose from. Besides being the best options, these tips will also provide extremely profitable bonuses that will allow you to earn profitable measures from ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Discount Related Offers:


So far, we have told you about various ways to get Discounts on Clickfunnels and some alternatives to Clickfunnels $19 plan, but that is not all. If you are interested in multiplying your Business sales by 10 times, then there are some more things you should know about as well!  

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #1: ClickFunnels Platinum

ClickFunnels Platinum

The discussed sales funnel builder has recently come up with some changes considering the recent brand change; ClickFunnels Platinum was one of those changes that you saw.

If you are here, then you probably wouldn’t know what ClickFunnels platinum is. Hey, Cheer up! We are here to do that for you. This portion will tell you about Platinum and what you need to do to benefit from it.

What is ClickFunnels Platinum? 

ClickFunnels rocks with two different price plans; ClickFunnels Basic and Etison Suite. Following the latest update, Clickfunnels changed the Etison Suite Pricing Plans to ClickFunnels Platinum.

Just like its name, this Pricing plan has more to it. To find out what this Plan has to offer, let’s read more about it.

ClickFunnels platinum plan came with useful features such as Backpack and Actionetics.

You can utilize these Features for running an affiliate program and email automation simultaneously. Actionetics is now known as a Follow-up funnel,s and pre-signed-up users can still access this feature on demand.

ClickFunnels platinum offers everything that Etison Suite di; only it came equipped with some extra features.

ClickFunnels Platinum Pricing Plan

ClickFunnels Platinum

Even though ClickFunnels Platinum comes with some included features, the ClickFunnels Platinum pricing plan rocks at the same price tag as the Etison suite did, which is 297/month.

The users who have already signed up for a 297/month plan can request a Free upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum to excess some explicit bonuses.

However, if you don’t want to proceed with ClickFunnels Platinum, you will still access specific bonuses presented in the previous update.

Funnel Flix Training Happens to be one of the previously enrolled bonuses and is also available for the people with the basic pricing plan of ClickFunnels.

Features of ClickFunnels Platinum

Some new features have been embossed in the Premium Pricing Plan.

These Plans are as follows: 

 1.  Daily Virtual Hackathons:

This is one of the most valuable training that ClickFunnels has to offer,r and taking them allows the users to speed up the process of creating various marketing Funnels.

This training will help the users to make a funnel from the start and will allow them to learn various funnel building hacks that they can use in their lives when they set out to make a funnel.

To give you an idea of what this training session will teach you, you will be able to create webinar funnels, high ticket funnels, and lead generation, and a whole lot of new things.

 2.  Funnel Flix:

Is it just me, or when you hear Funnel Flix, you Hear “Netflix?”

Think of this feature as The Netflix of funnel building. This feature will guide you more about funnels and will allow you to be able to cover all the basics that are needed to make a funnel.

The users will be able to access Funnel Flix through their ClickFunnels Account panel.

 3.  Funnel Hacker Forum: 

When you sign up with the ClickFunnels premium pricing plan, Clickfunnels will provide you access to be able to connect with entrepreneurs with whom you share some food for thought, and you will also be able to talk to them just like people do on the other platforms of Forums, such as Reddit.

This forum can be accessed and present on the FunnelFlix site, where you will be able to contact other people who are indulged in the world of building a sales funnel.

Is ClickFunnels Platinum Worth It? 

Now, for the million-dollar question: Is ClickFunnels worth Investing in?

Well, to simply put, it depends on you. For the people starting with Funnel building and who don’t have an online business, we recommend that ClickFunnels Platinum is not for you.

For the people who have an online business and could use some additional features, we suggest that you must give it a try.

However, to help you figure out whether it is the one for you or not, ClickFunnels will allow you to be able to get a 14-day trial, free of costs.

This will allow you to be able to take ClickFunnels out for a test drive, and you will be able to judge whether this software is worth your money or not. This feature makes ClickFunnels one of the best as there is no catch to it as well.

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #2: ClickFunnels Christmas Special Offer

ClickFunnels Christmas Special Offer

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#fffeed” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#fffeed” align=”left”]

Update: Currently, the Christmas offer has ended.

However, you can still try ClickFunnels for free with the link below ↓

[button href=”” style=”flat” size=”large” width=”100%” color=”#007df8″ hovercolor=”#0a3048″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank” icon=”long-arrow-right” iconcolor=”#ffffff”]Click Here to Try ClickFunnels for Free![/button] [/box]

Just like Christmas, this ClickFunnels Christmas Special Offer comes once a year!

The ClickFunnels Christmas Special Offer is one of the best offers that ClickFunnels have come up with so far.

At first, in this Special offer, the Users will be offered a 30-day One Funnel Away Challenge from the Heads Russell, Julie, and Steve. They come up with special offers for the users as they Offer ClickFunnels platinum at a considerably lower price tag for the whole next year than the normal price tags of this plan.

Let’s see what this Offer comes with. 

Here are some things that you stand to gain when you choose an OFA Platinum Christmas Package:

1. OFA Challenge Kit (Valued at $197)

The users are provided with the OFA Challenge kit, which comes with the documents mentioned below: 

  • A powerful Physical MP3 Player.
  • Two Comma X Club Coaching.
  • Russell Brunson’s “30 Days” Challenge Book in Hardcover binding.
  • The workbook of One Funnel Away Challenge
  • 30 Days of Training (Valued at $1997)

With the OFA Challenge, the users can get caught up on important things that allow them to make their first sales funnel and easily set their sales goals.

In this Challenge, you will be learning ways to train your mind to work for success, set and create strong sales offers, and allow you to find the right audience for your business.

There will be other users alongside you in the OFA Challenge connected to you through a Facebook group.

In this group, you will be able to chat with other members of the groups positioned at the same place as you. In this challenge, you will also be receiving emails daily that will notify you of your daily tasks.

This feels fun and motivating! 

What Do You Get in ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge? (With Their Values)

Quick Catch-up: 12 Months of ClickFunnels Platinum ($3564)

As a part of the One Funnel Away Platinum Offer, you will receive the ClickFunnels Platinum plan for the next 12 months,s which are valued at $3564.

In this Plan, you will get amazing features such as an unlimited number of funnels, an unlimited number of landing pages, access to 3 users, and a Follow-up funnel.s

Virtual Hackathons (Great Value)

Every week in the Weekly Peer Review Hackathons, Clickfunnels will guide the users through building a sales funnel. This proves rather assisting and knowledgeable.

White-Glove Integration Service (Valued at $497)

ClickFunnels has many features, and based on those features; it has a rather vast functionality.

Keeping that in mind, this software’s main functionality is the ability to build a sales funnel. Going through this description, you can judge that using this tool; you can create a funnel.

Funnel Flix (Great Value)

As mentioned above, The Funnel Flix feature included in ClickFunnels acts like Netflix for a sales funnel.

With that being said, what you can take away from here is that there will be many videos that will guide the users over different marketing and sales strategies.

This feature comes in handy for people interested in learning new things about ClickFunnels, and its Features!

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #3: DotCom Secrets Book

DotCom Secrets Book

By now, you have discovered that ClickFunnels offers a lot of valuable features and items. With that being said, DotCom Secrets book is one of the best options on the list when it comes to learning about funnels and digital marketing.

The users get this book without paying any money, and they only have to pay for the amount that will cost them for shipping!

DotCom Secrets is a book that serves its purpose as a detailed Internet Marketing course.

It contains Russel Brunson’s information in the previous ten years and all his experience from creating multi-million-dollar online businesses, and his skill and experience in assisting other entrepreneurs. Other people reach that benchmark well.

Russell Brunson has previously written many books in his past and has also built the only Saas Business with Rapid Growth without Venture Capital! – As stated on ClickFunnels Website.

Just Like ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson happens to be one of the best when it comes to making one’s business success and building a business online.

However, the users need to stop thinking of Internet marketing as something different than traditional old-fashioned marketing.

That’s because it’s not. 

One can look at the internet market and get overwhelmed and think that this can only be done by internet gurus who teach and sell courses and do other stuff while only stuck with a physical service business.

According to Brunson, this psychology is totally wrong! 

We say this because the world willsoon reach a point where we will not need to label Online Shopping as Online Shopping or online stores as E-Commerce; They are simply labeled as shopping and trading.

People need to understand that it is only a matter of consumer behavior. Even for the business not present online, many customers are likely to contact an online business before they get up and visit you in person.

Why Is DotCom Secrets Necessary?

With some hard facts mentioned above, it has become essential for the users to develop an understanding and direction of Marketing and Ecommerce. It has become essential to develop the understanding and mastering the sales skill in the digital world.

For the people that want their businesses to survive and to ensure their healthy growth in the future, they must understand how to reach and sell to the people present on the internet. That is all.

However, everything being digital does not mean that you have to rethink and redevelop your sales strategy completely.

Many sales techniques have been used since the early days of enterprises and still prove effective. However, these techniques have been optimized to have a more powerful impact on the users to have a digital frontier.

When it comes to sales techniques, There are many techniques such as Crossover sales to online selling one for one. These strategies differ from the landscape, which is based on the fundamentals of the business.

When the new and old are mixed, we get a new strategy, which we label as Internet marketing, and Russel Brunson’s writing revolves around it.

With that being said, if you want to become successful online and want to generate healthy leads, then you must know about important techniques and how to apply them with regards to your business model.

Russel Brunson is one of the most genius personalities to exist, but not because he has invented any specific strategy or tactic in his book. He has told the users in his books about fortifying the current marketing strategy that they are using.

ClickFunnels has introduced many techniques and strategies that you will see on this list, but regardless of how good all the other tips are, none of them come with such an easy format to follow, such as this Book.

This book also takes a holistic approach, which other methods do not.

In this book, Brunson will highlight all the minor details that will add up to a successful online business and ensure that the users keep the main goal in mind: consistent gigantic business growth.

According to our experience in the business world, this is not present in the other guides present on the internet.

They would rather focus on theory and come with information that is not actionable and is rather bland.

To conclude, if you are interested in generating better sales when you sell online, regardless of your business lines, the kind of products, or the services, this book is the perfect solution for you.

“The Secret Formula”

At the start of the book, Russel Brunson begins by showing the readers a method to finding out their customers online, where they can be found online, where they are located, and how to attract them. Brunson refers to this as “The Secret Formula.”

Once a business can catch their prospects’ attention, they create offers, and the sales start to come in! According to this book, you are going to be seeing huge profits just after 12 hours!

But wait, it’s not as simple as said.

In our defense, this book is not a guide to help you get rick rapidly, finding ways to earn money quickly, or finding some loopholes that will allow you to generate better rankings on Amazon or Google.

The contents of this book are rather useful and evergreen. This means that this book is going to be effective today as well as ten years from now. Regardless of how farther technology goes, people’s minds adhere to the marketing strategies that have been going on for centuries.

Since people will always be purchasing, the relationship between businesses and their customers will be consistent. Keeping that in mind, there is no way that these strategies will be ineffective at any time from now.

This secret formula’s consistency proves Brunson’s skill to conclude a huge range of tools, tactics, and techniques into very compact and actionable portions.

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #4: Expert Secret Book

Expert Secret Books

Just like DotCom secret books, the readers of this book will only have to pay for the shipping and not the book. When it comes to something named as exciting as “Expert Secrets”, then you know that this is the one for you.

With that being said, if you want to gain information and experience based on a specific topic and reach a stage where you will be able to help others, this is the one for you. In simpler words, this book will allow you to monetize your knowledge and experience.

Now, there are a lot of people that are obese, but they keep in shape. Similarly, you have the knowledge and all the secrets that will allow you to increase your business’s sales and see the fruits of your hard work.

Regardless of what knowledge you hold in marketing, this book will show you how to teach people and monetize your skills as you teach them.

Let us say this: Teaching people is very noble. But money is something we all work for, so why not earn for your struggles and hard work? If you want to gain education and experience in the field, this is the best option.

This is one of the best books for people that stay back in their marketing experiences due to the fear of losing the little they have. This book is good, but you have to trust yourself and sincerely believe that you will positively change your life.

Now that you know who this book is for, let’s proceed to what comes in this book:

Contents of the Book

Are you excited about finding out about the contents of the book? Because we are!

It is a natural phenomenon and a wise practice to know what you will be getting when you pay for this book. To ensure that your money is well spent, we are here to help as we will tell you all about the book’s contents.

We will try our best to give an overview of the overall contents of the book. However, we cannot spill the beans on the in-depth details, killing the concept of buying the book.

To begin our overview of this book, we will be discovering the preface of this book. The preface is the part where the author of the book will discuss what you will be getting when you read this book with the help of something they call the “Cash Quadrant.”

Cash Quadrant is a rare term, and, likely, you haven’t heard of it before.

Let us explain what Cash Quadrant is. 

To explain what Cash Quadrant is, we will be breaking it into four different sections, and we will be labeling them with E, S, B, and I. You may be wondering about the odd choice of the letters.

These Letters mean Employee, Self-Employed, Business, and Investor. These are the four cash quadrants. These quadrants may be present in your life and represent the method of income you currently have.

There are a lot of people that are stuck in the employee quadrant. A considerably fewer people make it to the9 second or the third quadrant, but forcing their way through it is not easy. To generate high income, you would definitely want to move into different quadrants from E to B or me. According to the author of this book, he can help people jump through the quadrants.

Are you with us so far? 

With this book, you will learn about things that will make you stop working for other people (i.e., Jobs) and work for yourself. This will prove useful in terms of generating more money as compared to the First Quadrant.

Now, this all may sound tempting, but can this book really do this? That is what we are going to be finding out.

Now, the author has broken this book into four different sections, and each section highlights all the necessary steps the readers will need to take to proceed through the quadrants.

At first, the book will teach you about being vocal and how to be a confident leader.

This book will allow you to be a charismatic and attractive leader, and through this book, you will be able to become a person to whom people are going to be looking up to.

Finding followers is not very difficult; you just need to be the perfect leader to see you as their leader.

To be a leader, you must gain the trust of people. This book will allow you to find out how to be a trustable leader.

So far, so good, right?

In the second step of this book, this book tells the readers to focus on a bigger cause than you. When people have a cause to believe in, they are definitely going to be coming together.

With that being said, we mention a cause that can aid itself without losing its power, increasing its capital, leading its followers towards a better lifestyle, and similar things.

Now, you might be thinking that your main goal is to monetize yourself and earn more money. Let us tell you that you need to devise another plan and support a different cause.e

Now, according to the book, that cause must be offering your followers a chance to make their lives better than it is now.

The general concept of sales is that people will buy things that will solve their problems and improve their lives.

When you walk on this route, you will be able to gain their trust, and you will become their advisor, in a way. You will become their representative, and you will be offering something that will change their lives for good.

That is what this book tells you. We have tried out best, and in hopes of those efforts, we hope you understand this clearly. With this method, you are going to be able to monetize your knowledge and experience. With the help of this book, you are going to be able to attain an opportunity to lead a dedicated number of people who are going to believe you and further in your product. Now, this is just an overview, and you have an idea now.

Now, imagine how knowledgeable this book is going to be and how you can implement your steps in a better way to reach the ultimate goal.

This book is full of tactics and tips to help you reach the ultimate goal. Keeping that all in mind, you are going to be the better judge of whether this book is the one for you or not.

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #5: Funnel Script Special Offer

Funnel Script Special Offer

Frankly speaking, everyone in today’s world is looking for ways to save and utilize their saved resources in a better way when creating content online.

If you think that you don’t have the knowledge required, the time, or the resources to write content that brings in high conversions, then this is the one for you.

This software happens to be one’s best bet when it comes to saving time and money!

The internet is full of software in the same niche, but this software comes from the best! Jim Edwards, the mastermind behind creating this effective software,e came up with this innovative software when he sat down with Russell Brunson and when Russell Wanted an effective and rapid way to make content for his Software, ie. ClickFunnels.

Now you know what this software does and who founded it, here are some features discussed and benefits that you stand to gain when you use this software:

With this software, there is not much to learn. With that being said, you can get started with using this software right away. The founder of this software offers virtual tutorials for every script if you ever get stuck on a funnel.

This software comes with different types of scripts. This choice comes in handy when covering just about any project the users registered to implement in their digital marketing planning.

For instance, this software comes with scripts for sales copies and video sales (i.e., Lead capturers, rare offers, CTAs, E-commerce Score scripts such as Amazon’s, special offers, and much more), Digital Advertising (i.e., Facebook ads, PPC ads (Paid per click), and Stealth close scripts), Content creation for free reports such as eBooks, Email scripts, sales letter, heading, subject line headings, and scripts.

With this software, the users will duplicate within ten minutes as they enter responses to requests. The Manufacturer of this software was rather thorough on this.

Once users click the submit button, they are given a choice between various versions. This factors in for added flexibility and ensures that the content goes well with its writing style.

This software recently got some updates, making it easier for the signed-up users to save and re-enter scripts.

And for our favorite benefit: With this software, the users will no longer need to waste hours in hopes of creating the best content for their digital marketing efforts.

We find comfort in the fact that the Developer of this software has played a role in this industry for decades, which means that he understands what goes when one sets out to sell their products and services online.

Made from one of the most experienced salesmen, we know this software is nothing short of the best.

The developer further keeps trying to make more improvements in this software and uses the software himself daily, and there are new scripts, as suggested by many other users on the platform.

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #6: Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets

Just like the previous books on this list, this one is also free and the readers will only need to pay for the amount in shipping!

This is a book that contains some genius advice on how to gain the power of converting sales funnel to increase your MLM team. In this book, the author is going to be teaching the readers about MLM strategies.

MLM has been one of the skeptical things to many people. With that being said, these Networking tactics are no longer effective.

Now, there are a lot of strategies covered in this book. Once you are through with this book, you will only need to converse with people interested in the product and services you are going to offer, and they are technically going to be asking to sign them up.

If you are one from the world of network marketers, then this sounds interesting, right?

This book will tell you about tactics that will make you deal with prospects that will be already inverted in your MLM opportunity.

What is Inside the Book?

Good question.

Inside this book, the author will explain how you can make your sales funnel to grow your MLM business.

Before we go any further, let us straight out any doubts and guarantee your expectations about what this book of network Marketing is NOT going to do.

Unlike the other guides on the market, this book is not only about increasing your MLM contact base or converting your potential leads into promoters for your team.

This book happens to be a collection of secrets that one can implement to make prospects highly invested in your products and make them share your business opportunities easily.

Now, this book can be broken down into three different sections. In the first section, Russell Brunson Highlights all the big challenges faced by most Network Marketers.

Now, you might have some challenges of your own when you set up your business, and they are likely to be discussed in this book.

MLM Challenges

  • Recruitment: Coming from a Network Marketing expert, it is your virtual duty to hire downlines. You need to generate leads regularly, or your business drowns.
  • The Recruiting method happened to be a traditional Offline method and discussed as follow:
  • First of all, you should prepare a list of people you know, ie. Your Friends and family.
  • Approach them with the MLM opportunity that you are going to be providing.
  • Depending on your audience, throw house parties and hotel meetings.
  • Pitch every member until they get on board with joining your team.

Now, we are not going to lie. The consistent pitching will make it difficult for you to stay friends or be on the same terms with your family members or your friends as you were before.

If you continue pitching and disagree, they might back off, and you might be left alone. With that being said, it is important to pitch the right way as Hiring a team is very hard.

Uninteresting Products 

Many MLM businesses present on the internet fail because they stick to the same theme and sell rather uninteresting products. This is one of the hard facts.

When you go down this route, things get hard, especially when competing with your competition.

With that being said, making an amazing team and standing out from the crowd is not going to be easy and is one of the most common problems faced by marketers.

Generating Traffic in MLM 

To develop your MLM team, you will need to drive traffic to your business’ network marketing website.

However, one of the biggest challenges you will be facing here would be achieving a high number of traffic conversions.

Many websites of various MLM businesses online feel bland and hard for people to navigate through.

With a complicated website, your prospects are going to be confused, and in that moment of confusion, they are going to back off, and the money you spent on your website is going to be wasted.

This is also one of the biggest challenges that a lot of different MLM businesses see online.

So now that we have listed all the problems, how do we fix them?


The Lost Funnels 

Russel Brunson offers a solution to the aforementioned challenges with three different funnels that help them redesign the traditional MLM strategies in a digital environment. He referred to them as “The Lost Funnels.”

Let’s see what they are 

1. Lost Funnel: The Bridge Funnel:

To begin our list, let us mention the first of the lost funnels, and we wouldn’t be wrong to label it as a three-way version of the mainstream three-way call.

When someone steps into the world of Network Marketing, they are unknown to the many products and the organization they are going to be working for.

When they try to gain prospects to become referrals and join their team, they will need to back by some credibility from an MLM organization.

To build your team successfully, you will need to draw in someone who has been ahead of you for the whole time.

He is going to be your sponsor technically. That person with his position in a well-established company will testify your products to the potential customers and tell them about your story.

This configuration is labeled as a call to three. This lost funnel brings this whole configuration online. You get to use videos and sound formats in your funnel to give yourself credibility.

This frees you of the worry of getting someone more established than you to talk to your leads to bring some credibility for you. However, to use this Lost funnel, you need to have an account with ClickFunnels.

2. Lost Funnel: The Home / House Party Funnel:

This happens to be the second funnel from all three funnels. This happens when you will be inviting some prospects to your home, pitch them about the MLM products and persuade them to be a part of your network marketing team.

The funnel helps you apply this tactic online as it recreates the whole process digitally. When you use this funnel, you will have an opportunity to bond well with your prospects and gain their trust in a better way.

When they trust you, they are going to be buying from you!

3. Lost Funnel: The Hotel Meeting:

This is the last part of the whole lost funnels. This lost funnel is a digital version of a hotel meeting.

Hotel meetings are typically held in traditional MLM to encourage better terms with your team members. You will obligatory need to attend a meeting in a hotel in the presence of your team members.

Now, this lost funnel is the perfect option for saving money, time, and other resources and digitalizes the process of physical meetings.

This meeting can also be copied and can also be used by your referrals when they set out for recruitment, making it easier for them to recruit effectively and faster.

The Viral Loop

This happens to be the last part of the book.

A viral loop is a label given to a sales process that readers must follow in their sales funnel to sell their products successfully. For anyone that is looking to sell products online, this method proves useful.

There are four vital parts of the viral loop, which are labeled as:

  • Epiphany Bridge (How to sell without selling)
  • Demo (show them a live product demonstration)
  • Call to action (how to close the sale)
  • Duplication (rinsing and repeating)

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #7: One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge

This may not sound believable, but this started as the 30-Days Virtual Summit inspired by Russel Brunson.

This all started with Russell Asking 100 millionaires what they would do if they didn’t have any money?

That would mean no list, no product that you can sell, and most importantly, zero reputation.

Only 30 millionaires were able to develop a detailed plan that will allow them to evade bankruptcy.

This ended up in a 30-day video training and a dedicated book that helps you follow through on this task. This plan and book will allow them to have something that they can duplicate to be successful.

To conclude, the One Funnel Challenge is the ideal platform for you if you are looking to make a profit in a short span of time.

What Is the OFA Challenge Exactly?

One Funnel challenge is one of the most intensive virtual training, which extends over a period of 30 days.

This challenge can be considered a stepwise guide that shows how people signed up about creating their high-conversion and profitable sales funnel.

Russell Brunson started this virtual training and is conducted by two main trainers named Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen. For the people that are beginning with ClickFunnels, this happens to be the best learning process.

This Challenge is also a great option for people that want to make their business successful.

Every participant of this challenge will benefit as they will have 2 Comma Club Awards and provide access to their plan.

The whole challenge is based on 5 weeks of the One Funnel Away Challenge. In the first week, this happens to be a pre-training. This happens to be the perfect option for the users to develop each participant’s mindset for the upcoming week.

The rest of the training is divided over weeks in which lessons are provided daily and are co-related with the previous lesson. This allows the teachers to maintain the flow and makes it easier for them to learn and follow through.

Moreover, there is also homework provided to ensure that the participants can learn and implement what they learned through the challenge.

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #8: Funnel Hacks CookBook

Funnel Hacks CookBook 

Just like the other books, the users will only need to pay for the shipping process.

This book offe4rs detailed insights on all kinds of possibly imaginable funnels, pages, and all the elements that play a role in making a funnel.

This CookBook will tell you all about the types of funnels that exist and how to use each funnel, and where every funnel mentioned can be used.

You will also get caught up on all the details of the elements present in a funnel.

Keeping that in mind, by the time you reach the end of this book, you will develop a complete understanding of everything that goes into making a funnel and where to use every kind of Funnel.

A Closer Look at Some of The Features: 

This book has been divided into three different elements:

The first element of the book deals with the “Funnel elements” that go inside a funnel. These elements include text elements, form elements, countdown, media, order form, and more different types of elements.

As for the second part, the second part of this book has been accredited to “Funnel Pages.”

Each Funnel page includes many different elements, and every sale funnel in the book is composed of funnel pages.

Some funnel pages in the book have been prescribed in the book as your presell pages, opt-in, order form, sales, webinar, download, thank you, and more different kinds of pages.

The last section of the book is devoted to discussing the real types of the sales funnel, which are already present in a big number.

When it comes to mentioning some of the most famous types of funnels, Squeeze Page, Webinar, Lead Magnet, Book, Bridge, Launch, and Ask funnels come to mind.

The book consists of detailed information on every type of sales funnel that is discussed in the book. This includes all the complete designs, instructions, and advice on how and where to use the specific kind of funnel.

To conclude, this book is one of the most detailed and offers a complete analysis of everything to know about Sales funnels, their type, and their elements.

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #9: Copywriting Secrets

Copywriting Secret

If you are someone that is interested in improving their copywriting skills, then this is the one for you.

If you face difficulties in writing advertisements, sales letters, and emails that users are inclined to open? If yes, then this is the book that you must get.

This book happens to be the perfect solution for improving composing ads, emails, and sales letters. This title will offer all the essentials you need to be the best copywriter you have ever known!

The author of this book happens to be a veteran copyright expert and has come up with 31 effective formulas and models that a copywriter can implement in their copy right away!

He has mentioned all the mainstream systems. The formulas and solutions mentioned happen to be the simplest ones and the ones you can use to model and customize your copywriting.

This book is the perfect option for you as it helps you find resources you need to develop better results for all of your copywriting materials that include Sales Letters, emails, and follow-up funnels, video sales letters, emails, follow-up funnels, video sales letters, Facebook ads, live videos, webinars, and your tweets as well!

Clickfunnels Discount Related Offer #10: Perfect Webinar

Perfect Webinar

Webinars can be considered as the best method for one ot connect with their potential leads. You can offer a free webinar to your prospects and exchange it for the information such as email address, mame, and other information.

However, if you are looking to make your business even more successful, you could offer freebies, such as gifts such as a PDF report of a successful marketing campaign, or for instance, a promo code that offers a discount on one of your products or services.

Russel Brunson is one of the most experienced people in knowing the ins and outs of webinars and happens to know how to find the perfect audience.

With all the knowledge he has, he also knows various strategies that one could use to connect with the public and use different tactics to persuade them to buy a product a service.

All of the experience of Russel is combined in this book, and it only costs $4.95!

Keeping in mind the level of professionalism, the quality of content, and the tactics mentioned, this book remains incomparable with any other webinar book.

Let us see some reasons why: 

  • User-Friendly:

This Webinar script is available to the readers in two different versions, being Physical and eBook.

To attain the physical version, you will have to pay only for shipping, which costs $4.95. The shipping is speedy and delivers the book within the week of the date you place the order.

However, the eBook edition can be accessed when you order it.

  • Amazing Customer Service:

This product comes with rather a remarkable customer support teams. It has amazing support teams that are always waiting for the readers to develop any questions regarding internet marketing, the topics covered in the guide, or whether your question is easy or complex.

With that being said, the users can be guaranteed that the support team will do their best to assist you the best.

  • Easy to Follow Content:

To judge the value of any product, you always look at two things: the quality of the content written and how easy it is for the readers to understand the information.

Undoubtedly, the perfect webinar script happens to be one of the most intuitive guides that a reader can come across. The guide features an outstanding construction and covers some specific topics with details and detailed examples.

For people that want to start a successful business on the internet, a webinar happens to be a perfect way to do it. With that being said, the perfect webinar script is your best option to ensure that your webinar is a hit.

You will only need $4.95 on this guide, and we guarantee this much that if you can implement these strategies in your guide, you will be able to lay a solid foundation for your business.

This was all on the best ClickFunnels Discount offers and the other related ClickFunnels special offers and their prices!

if you got interested in Clickfunnels $19 Plan, you may also want to know:

What is ClickFunnels?


Every social media influencer or freelancer needs a platform that gives all the features to reduce their work. You can get different tools from different platforms, but in this way, your time is consumed.

Because you have to look at all the tools.

Then you select the one that fulfills all your requirements. This is quite a difficult task. But to reduce the efforts, some platforms provide all social media tools. ClickFunnel is one of these social media platforms. It is all in one platform.

ClickFunnel contains all the marketing tools that help you to increase your sales rate.

Also, your work is reduced, and you get what you want in results. The features of ClickFunnels are very efficient and available at an affordable price.

Who is ClickFunnels For?


Before we go any further, we need to ensure that you comprehend what ClickFunnels is and how it will address your issues for purchasing this specific sales funnel builder.

ClickFunnels is an online platform that is devoted to helping clients make a sales funnel. With ClickFunnels, the clients can make a sales funnel that acquires higher conversions and bring better prospects for your business.

Many prestigious entrepreneurs and business professionals pick ClickFunnels as their pick when it comes to making Sales Funnels.

As it occurs, having a sales funnel has become a need for anybody that is, as of now, working any sort of business on the planet.

It permits you to set up your brand online, it permits you to grow quicker, and it also permits the users to have the option to create heaps of sales faster.

ClickFunnels has a ton of features which makes it an incredible fit for anybody. But explicitly, ClickFunnels is a great choice for individuals that own a business, are fitness coaches, or are consultants.

As mentioned above, Clickfunnels can’t restrict the features and utilization of click funnels to any particular field.

The long list of features allows the users signed up with ClickFunnels to have the option to acquire the most amazing features that ClickFunnels brings to the table.

What makes Clickunnels an extraordinary decision for many individuals is that it is not difficult to operate.

Moreover, ClickFunnels is known for offering many features that different sales funnels developers simply don’t have.

If you need to construct a sales funnel or a site that converts leads rather astoundingly, ClickFunnels will make an incredible fit for you.

The subsequent sales funnel produced using ClickFunnels can produce high traffic and undoubtedly create preferable transformation rates over some other sales funnels developers. The highlights of ClickFunnels are what makes it exceptional.

It incorporates tools, for example, a simplified developer, which allows the users to have the option to add or eliminate the features from their sales funnel just by dragging the feature in or out.

This adds to the functionality and makes it significantly simpler for individuals to utilize them.

Since ClickFunnels is not difficult to work with, it is the right decision for anybody keen on making a sales funnel.

ClickFunnels Features:

ClickFunnels Features

ClickFunnels is quite possibly the most prestigious sales funnel builder on the web.

Nonetheless, when you go through the abilities and features that it brings to the table, you understand the reason for this product is renowned.

ClickFunnels have many features and tools that make your work easier.

All the features are efficient and try to give you a platform to work without any effort. Let’s have a look at these features.

  1. SEO management
  2. Insert Graphical content 
  3. Affiliate management
  4. Tags and keywords
  5. Scheduled emails
  6. Sales management
  7. Optimization tools for conversion
  8. API connectors
  9. Drag and drop facility
  10. Interactive Content
  11. A/B testing
  12. Website management
  13. Online page editor
  14. Website monitoring
  15. Direct mail management and many more.

These are some of the best features of ClickFunnels. But there are also many other facilities that you get from the CliclFunnels.

As mentioned above, there are many features of ClickFunnels for us to mention, but just to give you an image of how great this online sales funnel builder is.

We will give you some detailed information about a couple or more of its services to get an idea of what you can anticipate from ClickFunnels. 

[box title=” ” border_width=”3″ border_color=”#f77221″ border_style=”dotted” bg_color=”#ffffff” align=”left”]


This is probably the best thing about ClickFunnels. With ClickFunnels, individuals find it simple to have the option to deal with their upsells and downsell strategies to make the most out of their profits. This proves helpful for the users to generate a lot of profit online.

Since the interface of the ClickFunnels stages is straightforward and captivating, the users can make sure that everything follows and each calculation is done well with the assistance of the features coming via ClickFunnels.

For individuals that don’t know about upselling and down-sell, they are quite possibly the most productive advertising system when maintaining a business.

On the off chance that you don’t comprehend, let us put it in a model. For Instance, John runs a Burger organization. The organization makes less benefit.

This is when John chooses to acquire the upsell procedure. John upsells the fries alongside the burger; they begin to see many benefits on their sales.

Similarly, if they stop selling fries again, it becomes a down-sell.


Autoresponders are perhaps one of the most important parts of a sales funnel.

An autoresponder corresponds continuously with prospects, and without using AutoResponders to connect with the prospects, there appears to be no possible way of receiving benefits from the sales funnel.

The autoresponder’s work is to send out a lot of emails to individuals who chose to pick in your list in hopes of maximizing Rates of Interest.

ClickFunnels realizes the importance of an autoresponder tool and comes with its own autoresponder, called Actionetics.

Actionetics assists enormously in permitting your business to grow bigger.


ClickFunnels Pros and Cons:


Everything has its set of upsides and downsides.

In all honesty, that rundown of upsides and downsides causes us to decide if the software is worth purchasing or not.

In the same way, ClickFunnels has some too.

To assist you with assessing whether this stage is a decent decision for you, we have featured every one of the downsides and the advantages that you remain to acquire from ClickFunnels.

Though the benefits that ClickFunnels have obviously exceed the hindrances of ClickFunnels, we need you to investigate yourself.


Firstly, we would want to present the advantages you stand to acquire from ClickFunnels other than utilizing different sales funnel builders.

Here are the reasons that ClickFunnels Proves to be a better alternative

Drag-And-Drop Tool

There are a ton of purposes behind us preferring this specific online sales funnel builder. Yet, the primary reason behind ClickFunnels is mainly due to the fact because it is made in a way that is fairly simple and makes it easier to work.

ClickFunnels accompanies a great number of features. However, the Drag-And-Drop Tool of ClickFunnels is the thing that makes it simple to utilize. 

Comes with Pre-existing Templates

ClickFunnels might be expensive. However, the functionality that it offers stays unmatched.

While many individuals think building a sales funnel is rather hard and confusing, this feature makes it simple to make your own sales funnel.

Despite the field your business exists in, you can pick any template accessible on ClickFunnels and change it accordingly and make it your sales funnel.

This saves a ton of time and effort. 

One of the Most Efficient apparatuses

ClickFunnels has Been around for some time and became successful soon after the time of its making. The fame of this platform is well-deserved because ClickFunnels is one of those products that deliver.

ClickFunnels doesn’t make void claims and produces many leads and generates many leads and sales on a user’s sales funnel built through ClickFunnels.


Simultaneously, when it comes to mentioning the drawbacks of ClickFunnels, there isn’t a lot to tell. With that being said, here are the areas where ClickFunnels falls short than different choices available: 

Poor Customer Service

ClickFunnels charges a great deal for their services, and that calls for great customer service also. But, there is a lot of issues with customer service on this platform.

One of the biggest issues that we see with the customer service of ClickFunnels is the language barrier. This makes it much harder for the users to deal with and acquire the services of this platform. 


This is something that we don’t like about ClickFunnels. There are no questions regarding the proficiency of the sales building software, yet this software’s price tag is fairly gigantic.

The basic plan of ClickFunnels is the least expensive alternative of all of the choices, and even that costs 97 dollars for a month. This makes ClickFunnels perhaps one of the most expensive choices.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans:

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels made three different pricing plans for you. The price range of these plans is different so that everyone can afford them.

Every plan contains a different number of tools and features. According to your requirements, you can buy one package.

To know more about the pricing plans, Let’s have a look at them.

1. ClickFunnels Standard Plan

ClickFunnels Starter

The standard plan is also known as the basic plan. It is the first plan that ClickFunnels introduce after you use the 14 days free trial. You can get this plan at $97 per month. It consists of all the basic features that help you to build your websites attractively.

So that you can get more visitors. Getting more visitors mean you can increase your sales rate and earn a good amount of money.

Before buying this plan, have a look at its features. 

  1. 3 domains
  2. More than 20 funnels
  3. 1 user
  4. 100 pages
  5. Can integrate 3 payment gateways

For a beginner, this plan works best. Because it is easy to use these tools with minimum knowledge. You do not have any need to learn more before using these tools.

2. ClickFunnel Platinum Plan

The second plan that ClickFunnel introduces is the platinum plan. It is not for beginners. The platinum plan offers more features than the standard plan. Also, the price rate of this plan is high. To use this plan, you have to spend $297 per month.

This is an appropriate cost for the features that you get. During one month period, you get unlimited access to

  1. Unlimited funnels
  2. Follow-up funnels
  3. Unlimited pages
  4. Free access to FunnelFlix
  5. Connect 9 domains
  6. Integrated 9 payment gateways
  7. Integrated affiliate program
  8. 3 users

By using these tools, you can be done your work effectively. Also, the results are amazing. You can promote your products to a large audience in a  short time and can make amazing revenue. But if you think paying $297 per month can disturb your budget.

Then you should go for ClickFunnels pricing discounts. You have two different options. One is a 6-month pack, and the other is a 12-month pack.

Using the first scheme, you can save $785, but by using the second scheme, you will save $567 because you need special training for these tools and features.

3. ClickFunnels TwoCommaClubX Plan

ClickFunnels TwoCommaClubX

The third and the most expensive plan of ClickFunnels is Two Comma Club.

You can buy this plan for $2497 per month. If you think this a high cost but the features you get in this amount are worth it. You can do all your work and management procedures efficiently.

The features that this plan provides are:

  1. Funnel Flix free access
  2. Unlimited pages
  3. 10 users
  4. Follow-up funnels
  5. Connect 27 domains
  6. Unlimited funnels
  7. Integrate 27 payment gateways
  8. integrated affiliate program

These features require efficient knowledge so that you can use them. Without knowing about it, you can not use these features. So if you are a beginner, then do not go for this package as all of your money will get wasted.

Only buy this pricing plan when you know how to deal with marketing tools. Also, you can manage a large amount of work and know-how to deal with issues that occur while using the tools.

Moreover, if you cannot afford to pay all the money at a time, you can divide it. For customer ease, ClickFunnels offer some pricing policies. You can use this feature also so that your budget will not get disturbed.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel

If you want to comprehend the entire deal of ClickFunnels, it is fundamental that you build up the necessary understanding of what a sales funnel is.

There is a lot of marketing strategies with regards to taking the lead in your specific field. As the events cruises, the Sales funnel has become one of the best digital marketing strategies.

When you adopt this technique for your business, your business will undoubtedly see a lot of positive advancement as it grabs a ton of prospects and converts them effectively into sales, guaranteeing your business’s development.

When someone adapts the strategy of ClickFunnels, the prospects will have to go through a detailed process. When they are through this process, they will turn out as sales for your business.

However, there are different steps of building a sales funnel, and these steps can be broken down into three different stages referred to as “the top of the funnels, the middle, and the bottom of the funnel.”

We happen to know some things about Sales, and when you lose a client or seeing your sale walk by, it is an awful situation for any salesperson, and as it should be.

For any salesman to make a sale, there goes a ton of time, a ton of exertion, a great deal of pitching, doing demos, and convincing the client.

Having said that, this is the strategy for the olds; Nowadays, the traffic is generally accessible on the web, and for any business to flourish, that is the place where they ought to be looking.

With a sales funnel, you can shut down little or any odds of losing the possibilities.

At this point, we have built up that a sales funnel will play a significant part in your business. For making an effective sales funnel, you need to use a platform that offers the best services.

This is where ClickFunnels comes in. ClickFunnels accompanies a ton of tools that will allow a person to make any sort of changes to their funnel and allows them to have the option to make a funnel that gets the job done.

ClickFunnels or not, building a sales funnel is important today and age for your business to flourish. But, if you consider our suggestion, ClickFunnels is the ideal choice for making a Sales Funnel.

Examples of a Sales Funnel:

Since the world is advancing extremely quickly, many individuals change their plan of action and consider a sales funnel.

This strategy has been adopted by plenty of huge organizations, and as it should be, who will not want to stay one step ahead of their competition?

We think this is sufficient to picture the significance of a sales funnel in this day and age. As referenced above, many organizations are adjusting the strategy of a Sales Funnel.

This will give you an idea of how significant having a sales funnel to cause your business to flourish in the present age is.

Having said that, here are a few models that will cause you to comprehend the significance of the sales funnel. 



In recent conditions, Netflix has gotten extraordinarily big compared to other web-based features that allow the users to have the option to watch the most recent and the best movies, web series, documentaries, and different sorts of media.

In any case, Netflix charges its users every month in return for their services. Now, Netflix is one of the businesses that are now working on a sales funnel marketing strategy.

According to a study, with their sales funnel model’s assistance, Netflix has signed up more than 80 million monthly clients.

The sales funnel of Netflix is truly outstanding among different streamers, and presumably, this is the reason behind their evergreen growth.

Netflix decided to make a sales funnel that is fairly oversimplified and straightforward. This makes it simpler for users to use and follow through with this model of the sales funnel.

The sales funnel of Netflix excludes anything that the users find difficult to understand and clearly tells them what they will be getting.

When the users open the Netflix sign-up page, Netflix incentivizes the possible prospects by offering a one-month free membership.

This allows it to have the opportunity to grab the prospect’s attention, and they become more invested in the idea of purchasing the subscription.

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Almost all the features help you to build the amazing sites to attract the customer. ClickFunnels allows you the facility of drag and drop so that you can design attractive websites. But if you want to write the code, you can write it.

It is preferable to your drag and drop option so that you can complete the designing process in less time. Also, the price of ClickFunnels packages is appropriate.

You can spend the money to get the benefits of amazing tools. All the packages have their own importance, but it is recommended to use the standard package.

Because this package has a lower price and you need zero knowledge to use these tools. As a beginner, it will help you a lot by guiding you at each step. But if you go for the platinum plan. You need some knowledge because without knowing about the tools, you can not use the package.

Moreover, your money will get wasted and your time too. So be smart in selecting the right package according to the requirements.

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