How Much Does Go High Level Cost

It is said without a doubt that Go High level is a professional business platform. It is quite popular because of its compelling features.

Go High level has it all. Whatever a business need. It carters customers, brings in leads. It has an automatic payment system.

All you need to do is to focus on your customers and business. The go high level deals with the rest of the hustle.

Moreover, the crew also makes the website attractive and professional.

Furthermore, if you see your sales going down, just contact the team. The team analyzed the reasons and brings the sales up again.

Hence, whatever obstacles you face Go High level is there all the time to remove it.

Confused About The Cost?

Confused About The Cost

Are you thinking about investing in Go High Level to help your business expand online but aren’t sure if it’s worth it?

You are thinking right but do not stress yourself about it. Here we will give you the information related to the Go High Level pricing.

Go high level has different pricing plans. The range is between $97 to $794 per month.

Here is the overview of the article. I will share the details of these four things.

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  • Account for a new agency $97 per month.
  • Premium  Agency  Account: $297 Per Month.
  • Private Label Account.
  • What about a Free Trial?
  • Yearly Discount.
  • Refund.

You might find the cost of Go high level a bit high. But it is quite convenient for every type of business.

Here I’ll show the deals also their benefits.

In addition to this, the 14 days trial is the best way to check on the Go high level funnel.

During this trial period, you will have access to all the features.

Let’s dive into the pricing system without taking more time.

Account for A New Agency $97 Per Month:

If you are running a single business then this account is good for you. Also, you are allowed to make the most use of Go high level.

The best thing about this pricing plan is that you can use all the primary tools including Twilio.

This grants you access to the Go High Level API, allowing you to send two-way SMS text messages.

Also, you can create an account for Mailgun. To allow unlimited sending, simply provide your API.

This starter plan is for beginners who are mature in business. Further, they are looking for different efficient tools.

Premium Agency Account :$297 Per Month:

Premium Agency Account

For only $297, you may receive access to the Agency Extended Service. In this pricing plan, you will have access to all the features of the Agency Stater Account.

In addition, you have some extra features. Unlike the Agency Starter account, you can make unlimited sub-accounts for your clients.

According to the unlimited plan, you can make multiple accounts for your clients and company members according to the requirement.

Furthermore, It also helps create a customized desktop app with this premium Account.

You can use your URL for the agency so that you can build a more customized look.

This agency unlimited account is best for a large business of any type because of its premium features and high cost.

It can make your business unique and different than the rest.

Private Label Account:

It is an upgrade to the Premium account. So it costs an additional $497 per month.

What does it do?

You may create a customized fully managed mobile app with the white label add-on.

It will provide your customers with a one-of-a-kind mobile experience. Now you can freely reach your data from your phone.

Another advantage is the customized Zapier configuration. Moreover, with the white label mobile app, you receive the potential cash flow for your agency.

You can earn extra money by selling the platform as your own paid service to your customers.

What About A Free Trial?

Free Trial Of Go High Level

If you are still unsure about this you can use this free trial.

To use this, you have to make an email account. You also have to enter your contact information like your mobile number and the name of your agency.

During the free trial, try to use its best features. Also, do not forget to unsubscribe from the plan within 14 days.

If you don’t, then you will be obliged to continue.

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Yearly Discount:

Go High Level currently does not provide an annual option to pay. Therefore, no annual discount is offered.

You are required to pay monthly for the Agency starter and Agency unlimited account.

You don’t want it? Just cancel it. It is not an annual system hence you can cancel anytime.

The team will take care of your cancelation process.

Money is returned!

Once you notice you are not receiving the right services you can claim your money back.

However, it won’t be possible to retrieve your money for High Level services.

There are also no partial returns available for accounts that have only been partially used.

Is It Budget-Friendly?


Go High Level CRM allows you to centralize your advertising strategies.

Furthermore, It creates websites, landing pages, and funnels at the same place.

This means you will not waste your money on other products like the email system CRM and the page builder.

Furthermore, in comparison to the competitors, Go High Level offers reduced pricing. Also, the quality doesn’t fade.

When comparing Go High Level to ClickFunnels (one of their main competitors in the funnel construction area), Go High Level wins every time.

This is because of the automation technology in Marketing. Also, the CRM is automatically built-in.

You can use the following tools to keep your audience engaged or have a better response time.

  • SMS.
  • Voicemail.
  • Facebook Messenger and much more.

Whatsmore, it makes your website user-friendly. The Go High level layout of your website is so attractive and impressive.

For marketing agencies Go high level’s marketing and sales platform and CRM works best.

Moreover, this all-in-one platform works well for entrepreneurs, small enterprises, and sales teams.

It is mostly used because it generates better, efficient, and practical solutions.

The Go high level help you to save money and time while increasing your client base and creating more sales leads.


Wrapping It All Up!!

Now you know the pricing scheme of Go High level. Of course, the best platforms also have the best cost.

You will not regret your decision. The Go high level is the most efficient use of your money for marketing solutions.

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