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GrooveFunnels is a complete package of online marketing tools. It is recently introduced in the market and becomes a famous platform. It is better than other platforms of online marketing. Its purpose is to facilitate its customers.

Developers focus on how to provide ease by introducing new technologies.

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans:

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

While other platforms focus on how to make more profit from existing customers, they set high rates for every package and their pricing scheme is also not suitable for many freelancers. 


GrooveFunnels pricing scheme is much better than other platforms.

There is more feasibility in their package prices. GrooveFunnels makes it sure that their customers will not get burdened.  They provide different pricing plans so that you can buy a package at once or in partitions.

It’s your decision how you purchase a package.

GrooveFunnels make a 14 Days Free trial for new freelancers in the market. After 14 days of the trial, you can not use tools without paying a cost.

There are three plans for customers according to GrooveFunnels pricing.

These plans are.

1. GrooveFunnels Base Plan:

GrooveFunnels Base Plan

This is the basic package of GrooveFunnels.

Base planes consist of the following marketing tools:

  • GrooveSell.
  • GroovePages LITE.
  • Affiliate program 20%.
  • GrooveAffiliate.

This package is free of cost. You can get it from Groove’s official website.

When you make a Groove account, you become able to get this package.

You can use only these four features. You can increase the selling rate using GrooveSell. Amazing websites and portals can be made with the help of GroovePages LITE.

You can also get an affiliate commission for promoting Groove products. You will earn 20% of the amount that Groove receives from the customer who comes from your website.

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2. GrooveFunnels Silver Plan:

GrooveFunnels Silver Plan

The silver plan has more features than the base plan.

These features are:

  • GroovePages Pro
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GroovePages LITE
  • Affiliate program 20%
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveSell 

These tools will help you with online marketing. You can build amazing Webpages, sales funnels, and video portal.

GrooveFunnels pricing for this plan is $99 per month. In this one month duration, you can use all these features free. You will also get free upgrading of tools.

You can make unlimited portals and webpages. Like the base plan, you will also get an affiliate commission if you use GrooveAffiliate.

GrooveMember is used to built membership websites or sets up an online business. You can also host different courses of your choice.

All designs can be done by using a drag and drop feature.

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3. GrooveFunnels Gold Plan:

GrooveFunnels Gold Plan

The third plan introduced by Groove is the Gold plan. It is costly than the silver plan.

Also, the gold plan has more powerful tools and features.

These tools are:

  • GroovePages Pro
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GroovePages LITE
  • Affiliate program 20% 
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo

GrooveFunnels pricing for this plan is just $199 per month. By spending this amount, you can use all these amazing tools.

You have access to all these tools until the period of one month is not over.

Only a freelance knows the true importance of marketing tools. These tools not just increase the sales rank but also provide ease to work.

For a non-programmer, GroovePages Pro is the most useful tool. Because of this tool, you have more than a hundred templates for building webpages and portals.

These templates give professional look and have the ability to attract more visitors.

Also, by using marketing tools, your website ranks high in Google ranking. 

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4. GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Option:

GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan

This is the most recommended package in terms of GrooveFunnels pricing. It is a complete package of marketing tools and features. It is costly than a gold plan.

All the best Groove tools are available in the platinum plan. You have free access to all its feature when you get it.

The GrooveFunnels pricing for the platinum plan is $1897.

Want to know the best part?

If you do not want to buy a platinum package from GrooveFunnels pricing plans. Then you can buy this pack, by using one of the payment policy.

There are three GrooveFunnels pricing plans.

3 Months Payment Plan:

After using 14 days of the free trial, you can divide the platinum lifetime plan payment into 3 months. Every month you pay $497 according to GrooveFunnels pricing.

For three months you have to pay this amount consecutively.

6 Months Payment Plan

If three months payment plan does not suit you. Then you can go for 6 months GrooveFunnels pricing plan.

It gives you more ease in terms of money. For six months, you pay $288 consecutively.

12 Months Payment Plan:

The best payment plan is 12 months GrooveFunnels pricing plan. For one year, you pay $188 to use platinum lifetime deal tools.

Money does not matter when you see the results of its tools.

All the tools are available when you buy a platinum package. Every tool handles a separate section of the marketing business.

These tools are:

1. GroovePages Pro:

GroovePages helps in building webpages with different styles. It consists of hundreds of templates. These templates are designed by the Groove developer.

They make sure that each template gives a professional look. Due to the professional look, more visitors will come to visit the site. In this way, your site ranking will increase.

If you want to change something in the template, you can use edit mode to make changes. You can change the template by using two ways. One way is to write code and the other is to drag and drop objects.

2. GrooveSell:

It is used to create sale funnels. There is no limit to making funnels. You can create a funnel free of cost.

GrooveSell’s main purpose is to increase your ranking in Sales and Google.

Look at the types of Freelancers that can use GrooveSell

  • Coaches
  • Course Creator
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Consultant
  • Online project Experts
  • Saas users
  • Influencers and software developers.
  • It provides all the digital help that freelancers need.

3. GrooveBlog:

It is used to create blog portals. You can design many amazing portals by drag and drop objects.

It helps you to publish good quality content and makes sure that the target audience reads it. You can publish unlimited blogs.

It is also associated with WordPress. You can use WordPress as a platform to publish content with the help of GrooveFunnels.

4. GrooveMember:

GrooveMember helps you in creating membership sites. You can host multiple courses on a single platform.

GrooveMember also supports drag and drops facility.

5. GrooveVideo:

It is used to create mesmerizing video panels to publish videos. These portals are responsible. It means you can use view videos on multiple devices.

This whole process is automated. With the use of buttons, you can customize every option.

6. GrooveQuiz:

You can create multiple quizzes to get multiple information from viewers. On every response, you will get a notification from GrooveMail.

7. GrooveWebinars:

Live Webinars can be arranged with the help of GooveWebinars. You can record your webinars by using GrooveVideo.

Personalized emails can be set to get more follow backs.

8. GrooveAffiliate:

According to the GrooveFunnels pricing scheme, you will get 20% of sales. You get an affiliate commission for promoting Groove products.

9. GrooveCalendar:

GrooveCalendar keeps track of all your sales and purchases. If somehow you forget about it, you can check it from GroovCalendar.

You will also get notified about all the upcoming events.

10. GrooveSurvey:

Freelancers can interact with visitors through surveys. You get a suggestion about the product from different people. It helps you to generate quality content.

With the help of GrooveMails, you get a notification on every response you receive.

11. GrooveMail:

It is the most important feature of the whole package. It enables you to see the activity of your customers.

Whenever they visit you or give you any response, you will get a notification or a message.

12. GrooveDesk:

GrooveDesk gives you a platform to communicate with your customers. Through communication, you can remove all the customer queries to develop a better understanding.

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How to Get this Limited GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal?

Get This Limited GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal

Groove will launch its Platinum plan in July 2020. This edition is available for a certain time. It is better to get it at full GrooveFunnels pricing.

If you avail of this chance, you do not have to pay again for any product. You can all products free of cost.

After buying the plan at GrooveFunnels pricing you will get free updates in the future. These updates will launch in 2021.

Other people get this opportunity by paying $99 per month. But you get this after paying for one time.

Here are some ways from which you can get a lifetime deal.

1. Through the Upgrade Page:

If you are using one of the GrooveFunnels pricing plans then you switch to a better one. Groove gives you the facility to change the plan at any moment.

First, you have to unsubscribe from the current plan. After that give your details and subscribe to the Platinum deal.

2. SignUp to Groove:

If you are new to GrooveFunnels then you can directly grab the lifetime deal.

First, you make an account on Groove’s official site. Enter the information that Groove asks from you.

After signing up, it will take you to GrooveFunnels pricing Dashboard.

Here you can see the Upgrade button. After clicking the button you will be able to see all the GrooveFunnels pricing plans.

Four options show GrooveFunnels pricing schemes.

3 months plan – increases the total price up to $1988. You pay this amount in three months by giving $497 every month.

6 months plan – increases the total price up to $2328. You pay this amount in six months by giving $388 every month.

12 months plan – increase the total price up to $2988. You pay this amount in 12 months by giving $249 every month.

One payment plan – this is the most suitable plan among all GrooveFunnels pricing. You just have to pay $1397 as a total amount.

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How Can I Save Money With GrooveFunnels?

Save Money With GrooveFunnels

As you see the GrooveFunnels pricing plans you save money by selecting the One payment option. In this option, you will pay $1397 at once to get a lifetime deal.

You might think, this is a huge amount to pay at one time.

But if you focus on other GrooveFunnels pricing plans, you will see the total amount increase. According to the time, the total amount is changed.

If you choose the GrooveFunnel 3 months plan then there is an increase of $591. This is a huge amount that you will not realize at the start.

Similarly, there is an increase of $931 in 6 months pricing and $1591 in 12 months pricing.

You see how you pay more than total GrooveFunnels pricing for a lifetime deal.

So, if you want to save for money, go for one payment option without thinking twice.

It may put some burden on you but you can save a big amount from being used in marketing tools.

1. Use Your Funnels For Selling Products, Offers, Or Services:

Funnels are the best way to publish your product, service, or offer. Funnel is a step by step method. 

Here are five steps to build a funnel.

1. Analyze Audience Behavior:

It helps you to publish products that the majority audience will like.

2. Capture the Audience Attention:

Create a mesmerizing website and offer services that attract people’s attention.

3. Build a Landing Page:

The landing page helps you to show your products in a good way. It also helps in generating more audience.

4. Create an Email Drip Campaign:

The email will keep you notified about your customer activity.

5. Communicate with Audience:

Communicate with your audience to clear their doubts.

2. Earn Affiliate Commissions By Promoting GrooveFunnels As An Affiliate:

You can earn a commission from the GrooveFunnels pricing plan by promoting their products.

You will get an affiliate commission when Groove gets a customer who buys their product.

The amount of affiliate commission depends upon the GrooveFunnels pricing that you promote.

If you use the silver package, you will receive a commission of $39.6. But, you will receive a commission of $79.6 if you use the gold package.

In the case of the platinum package, you will get an affiliate commission of $119.6. This amount is huge for any affiliate marketer. This revenue is for paid members of GrooveFunnels.

Want to know the best part?

If you are using a free package you will also get different affiliate commissions. If you promote the silver package, you will receive a commission of $19.8.

But, you will receive a commission of $39.8 if you promote the gold package.

The amount of affiliate commission for the platinum package is $59.8 in GrooveFunnels. For a freelance marketer, this commission is a good deal.


Overall, the GrooveFunnels pricing plan is far better than other platforms.

Also, it offers more useful features than others. For your ease, it has four pricing plans.

Try to get your lifetime deal before the time ends.

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