Traffic Secrets Book Review & Cost By Russell Brunson

Yes, we are back again with a book review.

This is not an ordinary book it is the mastermind of Business, by this book you can open several portals of engaging with different people and it will also help you gain more tactics and strategies to understand a business format and apply those tactics in your business.

Traffic Secrets Review – (Russel Brunson)Traffic Secrets Review

With Traffic secrets, you will be able to determine your audience and understand them better. It opens the third eye to scout your traffic for pitching your sales promotion.

Being that here we are going to cover most of the topics that are frequently searched or asked on different forums. The topics that we are going to cover are!

  • What is Traffic Secret?
  • Who Wrote Traffic Secrets (Description about Russel Brunson)
  • The pricing of the Book itself
  • How to buy this book
  • Overview of Traffic secrets

These are the main highlighted topics that we are going to cover and before you know it you will be urging to buy this book so that you can understand better because when I say Depth review then I mean I will provide you with an overview summary of the book.

This won’t be a depth review because then what’s the point when I provide you with all the information there should be secrets about traffic secrets “pun intended”

What Is Traffic Secrets?

Traffic Secrets Review

Starting off with our first topic what is Traffic Secret? It is a book, yes the answer is simple but that’s, not the reason that you guys are here of course you know it is a book but you want to know what is inside that book. 

It is a book to help you gain your dream customer.

Didn’t understand well this book shares some secrets that will allow you to gather around your preferred customer choice and you can pitch your sales pitch anywhere you want to whomever you see interested.

With this book, you will be able to determine who is a reliable networking source and who is not and then you will also have the confidence to convey your product or business proposals to your customer. 

All of this you can learn from this book.

Now done with this topic there are more things to discuss this book that I will cover in the “Overview of the Book” section of this article.

Who Created Traffic Secrets?

Russell Brunson

Such a treasure about a business can only be written by one author Russel Brunson. I think he has mastered the technique of business and he has mentioned several secrets to learn about any business.

Thus the is the mastermind behind several books starting from Dotcon Secrets that was a hit among the business community. 

He is also the one who has created clickfunnels to small and large scale businesses so that they would have a platform to grow their sales and enhance their business.

They don’t need any website or online store they just need to sign up with ClickFunnels and create a Funnel with a simple landing page that can be created by easy drag and drop features.

Voila, there is an online store.

He is a genius in such techniques and he is the marketer for the best products.

But that’s not true that he had no inspiration, Russel Brunson took inspiration from John.

John is the one who released $1 million records in Online Sales.

From that day Russel Started following john and tool real interest in his techniques.

Later Russel was able to buy John’s traffic Secrets course for $1 million. 

This was huge now he (Russel) had all the rights of John’s Traffic Secrets Course and later he uploaded that course for premium membership of ClickFunnels. 

For up to two years he (Russel) gathered around his own information about Traffic secrets applying his own formulas thus later he merged all the concepts and theories which were tested by John and Russel himself into this book named Traffic Secrets.

Pricing of the Book

Traffic Secrets Pricing

As we have discussed in the above section the secrets that are involved in this book can approximately cost about $1 million but getting this book is extremely easy as you have to go to CLickFunnels and apply for this book.

The pricing of this book is also affordable this is a book that is available in “free but shipping offer”.

What it means is that the book is free to get but you have to pay for the shipping of this book.

Now, let’s discuss the pricing of the shipping that you will be paying after applying for the book.

If you live in the US then you will be paying $9.95 when the shipping is domestic.

Here is the twist if you are ordering it internationally then you will be paying up to $19.95 if ordered internationally.

Other than that, there are some Upsells of this book also that you need to buy separately.

These upsells can be advantageous for you if you use them aside from this book.

They will open your mind to the point that you will be sure who you should target as an audience or not. Let’s take a look at those upsell features and products.

  • You can get a Traffic Secrets AudioBook for $37.
  • There is a Traffic Secrets Live Event that you can join for $97.
  • There is a Boxed up package of Traffic secrets, Dotcom Secrets (updated version), Experts Secrets (updated version) and Unlock the Secrets + OFA digital version that you can get for $197
  • You can also get a Funnel Tracking Software for $337.

How to Order This Book?

Traffic Secrets Book

Ordering this book is quite simple and easy.

As I have mentioned ClickFunnels well, that is the key to open this book ordering doors.

All you need is the ClickFunnel Software there you will see an option to order books.

Go into that page and there you will see the Traffic Secrets option it is a bonus that you are getting when you signup to ClickFunnels.

Just apply for the book or order the book and you have to pay the charges of shipment that’s all and I have discussed the pricing of shipping either domestically or overseas in the above section hence this can be easy for you to determine how to order this book and what you have to pay for this book.

Yes, there are several private sellers that are selling this book from various online stores but if you want to save money and just pay for the shipment then this can be the best option for you.


Imagine if you order this book from any other online store then you have to pay the price for the book and then you have to pay for shipment of the book.

So, is it bad that you are getting this book for free but you are just paying for the shipment no right?

Well, then what are you waiting to get this book right now if you want guidance in gaining more traffic on your page or online store.

See, it is simple to get this book you just need CLickFunnels that’s all but if you don’t have ClickFunnels then you can also buy this book from private sellers from any online store.

In-depth Overview of the Book

Traffic Secrets Cost

Now, enough with the starter lets come to the main course of this article the overview of the book the reason you have clicked on this article.

You want to research the vital purpose of this book and want to relate this book to your need thus here is the overview for you to understand the book and if suitable buy it later.

There are 22 modules of this book and we are going to discuss only 10 of them so you will be engaged to buy this book.

In reality, these are courses that are available separately on ClickFunnels and I will also mention the value of these courses.

But we are discussing these courses as chapters of the book.

Module#1- Foundation of the Book: (Cost $49)

As the name suggests it lays down the foundation of the whole book.

All the strategies and techniques that you are about to encounter further in this book are welcoming you in this first chapter of the book. 

This can be advantageous because now, it has caught your attention by providing you a complete overview of this book about all the chapters and the secrets that are about to be discussed further in the book.

All the marketing techniques of marketing and selling points are mentioned in this first chapter.

So, you would be a fool to miss it.

Module#2- Marketing Discovery: (Cost $97)

Traffic Secrets Review and Pricing

When you enter this chapter you will know what it offers but the details can make you more confident.

This chapter only talks about finding the right place and market for your service or product.

You will learn:

  • About your Target Market and what they want from you.
  • You will know where are the groups and pages that you can target.
  • The keywords that are necessary to find these markets and pages. 
  • Perfect ad placement so that they respond to you.
  • You will also know the trends that are going around you.

With this chapter, there is another key feature that is you will be able to spy on your competitor’s Advertisements and enter their E-mail lists to understand the product and the trends and their markets.

Module#3- Copywriting Secrets: (Cost $197)

Copywriting Secrets

When it comes to copywriting it is the most important part of your business. In simple words, this method is also known as a sales pitch and you know how important it is when you are selling your product. 

If your Copywriting speech is not great then your alleged customer won’t turn and spend their money to buy.

Basically, this method is used to make up your customer’s mind.

So, in this module of the chapter you are going to learn some important factor about Copywriting though is not discussed in details but it focuses on the main points and parts of this method.

Hence you can read this chapter to steal some gems about the Copywriting technique.

Module#4- Keyword Science: (Cost $97)

Keyword Science is the second main thing that you would need to sell your product to your market. This keyword with determining whether your product has proper SEO or not.

And in this Module you will learn about the use of Keywords and how can you use them. 

This module can teach you the keyword research process, Keyword Targeting method, and recognizing Keyword intent.

This module will also introduce you to some main keyword research tools such a Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Spy, and Ubersuggest.

These tools are mainly used for using or searching for keywords that fit perfectly with your product and your product’s SEO is also done.

Module#5- E-mail Marketing Tactics: (Cost $147)

Marketing is always key to enhancing any business.

So you might wonder why this is present in an audience targeting book.

Well, through E-mail Marketing you are targeting your selected audience promoting your product.

This module will teach you about the proper management of E-mails and create an organized list of your E-mail selecting those that you are sure about is the correct audience to promote your new product or service.

With that, this will also teach you and present you some techniques that are used by various marketers and businesses to enhance your sales through E-mail Marketing.


Yes, I know I have not covered the whole detailed review of Traffic Secrets but what is the point of me covering the complete review when you can read it.

If I would have completed the review then you might not want to buy the book because there is no cliff hanger.

I have selectively covered those chapters or modules that are main and through them, you can be intrigued by the book, and at this point, you will be urged to buy the book to discover more chapters and secrets.

So, enjoy the book and use that book to enhance your business.