How To Build A Sales Funnel Fast (From Scratch)

Building a Sales Funnels. This can be an important process when it comes to building a funnel Sales Funnel that has an outstanding position among other Funnels.

Sales Funnel has an important role in enhancing sales, eventually affecting your business. Building a Sales Funnel can be advantageous for those who want to experience the power of sales offer.

In this article, we are going to discuss different methods and some factors that might help you understand different aspects of the Sales Funnel.

In this article, I will show you various steps and methods that you can use to create Sales Funnel in ClickFunnels. These steps are effective and it can help you establish Sales Funnel fast and easily.

So without any further ado let’s dive into this article and see what exactly is effected by proper Sales Funnel.

What Is Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel is a platform through which you can easily convert those leads on your store into your customer. For example, let’s take a look at a Brick Mortar Sales Funnel.

The people that are before your Sales Funnel just walk right by your store. And some of them decide to walk inside your store.

Sales Funnel

Well, that is a further process but to intrigue them to walk in that is what Sales Funnel is all about. 

Suppose a customer sees a t-shirt that intrigued them and they are now in your store meowing through racks of T-shirts to choose from this is the next step of the Funnel.

Then suppose they select a pack of four or individual four T-shirts and they are no proceeding to checkout. This is considered to be the final step of the Funnel.

If everything goes well, and the purchase your product in this case T-shirts then this is the bottom and last stage of Funnel.

This is the same way that every business runs in one way or another this is the process that is being followed in every business.

Your sales Funnel could exist in various forms which are:

  • Retail store
  • Sales team
  • Website
  • Email
  • Personal consultation

You can use any marketing channel for your Sales Funnel and you can spread your Funnel to several marketing channels for better response.

Why Is Sales Funnel Important?

With a proper Sales Funnel, you can carve a prospect foundation. Understanding a sales funnel is important as it can provide you some small yet effective opportunities that you can easily use for your funnel.

A sales funnel can have some outstanding perks in case you to enhance your sales and find some loopholes to play with.

Sales Funnel

But if you don’t or can’t understand your sales funnel then it will be hard for you to optimize it for advancements.

We are going to discuss the specifics later in this article but for now, make sure you understand your sales funnel so that you know people and traffic will convert either way.

The Sales Funnel Explained

As there are various explanations that you can find for the stages of sales funnel that we are going to discuss after this.

But for now: we are going to use four simple stages to explaining this process. The process where consumer converts to a visitor then a prospect and then a lead and eventually a buyer.

Sales Funnel Explained

A visitor uses several ways to land on your website but the most effective way is through Google search or social link.

Now they have converted into a prospect, from there the journey for them to convert in a lead.

As they are checking out your blogpost and products at the same time you provide them with a sign-up option to your email list. 

If they decide to sign-up by filling up their details then they are successfully converted into a lead. 

Now: it is your job to target them with every product launch or any interesting offer through phone, email, or text either or all of three then they are most likely to return to your page and view your product or offer.

This is when you know they are willing to buy from and at that time you would know that they have either converted to a buyer or not.

If they have then their mind is made up and they will buy that particular item or product from you. 

This all happens in this process and they are successful sometimes and sometimes the visitor is only a lead or even a prospect.

So it is up to you how well is your timing and your promotional methods to attract lead or turn a prospect into a lead.

4 Stages of Sales Funnel

When you want to remember anything you create a shortcut and that shortcut is know as an acronym.

So, here is an acronym to remember all of the four stages of Sales Funnel “AIDA” it stands for Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action.

These are the stages that can represent your perspective and your customer’s mindset. Each and every stage is to have proceeded in a more distinct and different pattern and format.

4 Stages of Sales Funnel

It should not look like you are marketing your product. It should be more in a gentle way as you are asking your customers to have deserts before they have ordered any main appetite.

Here let’s have a look om all of these four stages of Sales Funnel:

Stage#1- Awareness

This step is all about catching the eye of your customer. As the name says awareness you need to gain their awareness about your product.

Either it can be through social media marketing or common friend words, Google searches, or something else.


Unless you are creating awareness for your product or service you are good to go for your Sales Funnel.  

When you create a powerful and right connection your consumers might be intrigued and buy right away. It is completely up to luck to have a perfect scenario to present your product or the right desire to sell.

Either way, the consumer will notice you have a desirable deal and they won’t hesitate to buy that offer from you. Through awareness, you can easily convince up your prospect to get involved in your deal.

It won’t work in a way that you are providing them another offer to get them visite your site and presenting them with different offers entirely.

Then that is bad for business. Yes, you can create awareness on different offers and put that offer underneath some load that is acceptable.

But false awareness might track traffic but it won’t increase sales.

Stage#2- Interest

This is the stage entirely based on your consumer you have nothing but a small role in this stage.

When your consumer or we can say the prospect is researching, comparing, shopping, and considering their every option.

You just need to present the opportunities that can help them make their interest more intriguing that opportunity shouldn’t be a selling offer it should be a helping hand for your consumers.


If you are trying hard and have crossed the barrier then this might not attract your prospects it might scare them away from your product.

This step is all about helping not trying excessively hard to sell a pitch for your product. As you will help them make a wise decision on selecting what they desire.

Take it like this they don’t know what they are looking for but they have an image in their head that what they want. So putting that image to live product and helping them to make that decision is this stage.

Stage#3- Decision

This stage is handy when you know that the customer that was browsing is ready to buy. At this stage how would you know the customer is ready to buy?


Well, they might be considering two or three options to go for and at that time you would know that yes! They will buy the product or service.

But your job does not end here it is a time to pitch your best and foremost offer of the day. Either it can be free shipping, discount code, or an added bonus product with the selected one.

Either way, you should be able to recognize which offer will affect your customer the most.

When you know what is preferred by your customer then you can pitch that offer and make it so irresistible that they can’t refuse it and are eagerly buy it.

Stage#4- Action

When everything above works as it should then comes the action of the customer who is ready to buy.

As they purchase your product or any service that you are providing then they would become the part of the ecosystem that your business has created.

You should not think that your job is done when you have aided in decision making no at all.

As the consumer reaches to Sales Funnel last step that is an action that is not only the consumer at work you should also be at work as you have to try to pitch not force just pitch your products.


That is related and services and make that sale into 10 and convert that 10 into 100.

In simpler words, you are providing your customer with gratitude so that they would be pleased to return to your store to buy anything else.

Express your appreciation as they have shopped from you and ask your customer to provide your store with feedback.

By this, they will be intrigued by this gesture and they will be involved in your business. Through this, they have now become a part of your business’s ecosystem.

How to Build a Sales Funnel Fast?

By far if you are not stoked by the application and service of Sales Funnel then you don’t want it.

But if you are stoked then here is the fastest method through which you can create Sales Funnel efficiently.

Step#1: Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior

The more you understand the mindset and the nature of your audience the better will be the results of your Sales Funnel.

You are not marketing your product to everyone, you are presenting, or let’s say targeting your product to those who are willing to buy the product that you sell. 

With that, you can easily sign-up for a crazy egg account then take screenshots of the activity that you are doing on the sales funnel.

Audience’s Behavior

This can help you monitor different site activities and that can be beneficial for you in case you are monitoring the engagement of people or uses.

What are the activities, where do they click, how they interact with your website? All of these are the activities that you can monitor to enhance the user experience and understand the behavior of your audience.

Step#2: Capture Your Audience’s Attention

The game for working sales funnel is when you have the strategy and technique so that you can easily grab your audience’s attention and bring them to your Sales Funnel.

Audience’s Attention

That can happen when you put your related content in front of your audience at the right time.

So, while doing that, you should take the organic route for the Sales Funnel, and there you can post tons and tons of content and products across every platform that you have.

You can publicize that content through different infographic media, videos, photos and other techniques to lure your audience in.

And other than that, if you have more money to spare then I would recommend you run a few ads on different platforms related to your service or product.

In this way, you will be targeting the right audience to lure them in.

Step#3: Build a Landing Page

Aside from theories coming to practical working now is the time that you create a landing page that can support your sales funnel.

This can be beneficial for you and your business as it means a ton of deal to have an interactive landing page that your audience can visit. Through a landing page, you can convert any visitor to a lead.

Build a Landing Page

As if you have a more responsive and user-friendly landing page you can make sure that all the visitors who visit your store most of them convert into leads so that you can easily enhance your sales by the process of sales funnel.

So, trust me when I say landing pages that are responsive and user-friendly can help you enhance your sales and indulge more and more activity from your customer.

Step#4: Create an Email Drip Campaign

You can market your product to your leads through amazing marketing techniques and amazing content.

Email Drip Campaign

You can do it frequently but it should not seem like you are imposing your product to your leads. Emails should be scheduled by one or two per week.

Email marketing has several opportunities that you can avail of and get your business started. And combining Email marketing to your sales funnel.

Step#5: Keep In Touch

What do I mean by keep in touch? When you are selling your product to your consumers you should be able to keep tabs on what they want next.

Keep In Touch

And this directly suggests that you should be in touch with their requirements. And if they want something that you have then you would know the right moment to impose your product on them.

Keeping touch gives your consumers more of a pleasure in shopping from you. They would feel more comfortable and a part of your business community.

These are the main steps that you should consider to create a perfect and effective sales funnel.

All of these steps have been tested by several marketers who are already selling their product through the sales funnel and through this they have created a perfect environment for their consumers.

And this can be the perfect opportunity for you to have an excellent Sales Funnel and enhance your audience and traffic with increasing sales.


This article might help those who are intrigued by different sales funnel and they want to create one of their own.

But creating a sales funnel might a lengthy process but when it is completely created you will be pleased with the results.

This article can be a complete guide for you to create a perfect and effective sales funnel that can have a powerful impact on your business and sales.

This can ve the ideal opportunity for you to have a sincere connection with your audience and your business.

With that, you can also have a more dynamic and vast community by just having a perfect Sales Funnel.

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