Best ClickFunnels Fitness Templates that Convert in 2021

We have some amazing ClickFunnels Fitness Templates collection for you.

These templates have guaranteed to give tons of sales to individuals who have started their fitness programs or gym membership business.

If you belong to this industry, then try out and exclusively avail these templates right now:

1. ClickFunnels Gym Funnel Template:

ClickFunnels Gym Funnel Template

This is one of the traditional looking ClickFunnels Fitness Templates that you can try out. As you can notice that this is basically a gym funnel template!

It helps you in processing your new member lead generation tasks.

In addition, it is recommended to use this gym marketing funnel because it offers zero risks and helps you in grabbing more clients for your business.

The working of this gym lead generation funnel is simple and easy.

As an example, when an individual is going to click on your Facebook ad, then they will be taken to the very first page of your sales funnel.

On this first page of the funnel, you can give them details like what offers you have, bonuses, and any free trials that your clients can become a part of!

Besides, through this template, you can collect more and more leads and be able to keep on re-stating the offers and bonuses to your gym clients.

The best part about this template is that it makes use of this exclusive concept of social proof right there on your landing page so that your response rate can turn out to be higher and higher.

Hence, you can use such ClickFunnels Fitness Templates as they help you in capturing maximum and extensive numbers of visitors and also turning your leads into business contacts.

2. ClickFunnels Cross-Fit Box Funnel Template:ClickFunnels Cross-Fit Box Funnel Template

This one is an application style funnel and it is used for higher-end gym and fitness training programs.

If you are into CrossFit boxes or gyms, then it is one of the most trustworthy to use ClickFunnels Fitness Templates.

For selling any specific programs and bootcamps and also transformations, challenges related to fitness, then this template can help you.

In addition, to introduce any of the CrossFit packages, regular free trials, and even discounted introductory first-month promotional packages, then you should use such fitness templates.

This is a perfect choice if you own regular gyms and any bootcamps. You can apply it to any kind of fitness program.

No doubt, this template is a good fit for your business that you can instantly sell to your client. Moreover, it can aid you in generating some of the highest quality and the maximum number of fitness leads.

So, what are you thinking about now?

You can try this template or any other recommended fitness templates and let us know how they worked for you.


So, what’s the bottom line?

Try out these ClickFunnels Fitness Templates and give us your honest reviews and opinions about them.

Furthermore, if more of the fitness templates will come into the market from the side of ClickFunnels, we will let you know.

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