Go High Level vs Pipedrive – Which One Is Better

For digital marketing tons of marketing tools are available that you can use. Go high level and Pipedrive is one of those marketing tools.

Both are efficient CRM and provide all the tools that you may need in digital marketing.

But the question is which one is better. Indeed you can not use both tools at the same time.

Because it will cost a lot of money. Therefore, you have to select one.

Both the marketing platforms are highly rated and provide efficient services. Yet, there are some differences that we notice in both.

That’s why in this article, we will review Go high level vs Pipedrive.

So that you can select the right tool according to your marketing requirements.

So Let’s Start the Discussion, Shall We?

What Is Go High Level?

Go High Level

Go high level is the all-in-one tool suite that provides all the tools and features for marketing.

It is a CRM – Customer Relationship Management system. Therefore, it takes better care of leads.

Go high level is made specially to grow the business. It made sales funnels to attract viewers and convert them into customers.

This is the basic task of high level. But it can perform multiple tasks.

So that you do not need any other marketing tool if you are using the Go high level.

Therefore, it is famous in the market, and people who have used it leave positive reviews.

From this, you can see that Go high level is a legit product and you will get all you want for marketing.

Furthermore, Go high level is a professional tool. It means both beginners and experts can use this Go high level.

Amazing isn’t it?

Moreover, Go high level comes with an easy interface. So that all the users can easily access all features of the Go high level. It also provides free access to the training sessions.

Just to make sure if you are having any problem you can resolve it.

But to get access to the training sessions, you need to subscribe to one of the Go high level pricing packages.

All the packages of Go high level come at an affordable price. In addition, they have a 14-days free trial.

So give this toll a try and decide whether you want to keep it or go for Pipedrive.

Who Can Use Go High Level?

Go high level is a customer relationship management system and a complete tool suite. Therefore, it is suitable for businesses of all ranges.

No matter if you are making a huge profit in the market or just starting a business.

You can use the Go high level services. Some users think that it is best for beginners.

Because it has a simple user interface and comes with tutorials to help the people.

By watching these tutorials beginners can easily learn the use of all the features. Therefore, they can run their startups efficiently.

Furthermore, Go high level has some pro features that help expert marketers to boost sales.

Due to this reason, this tool is best for expert marketers. Following are some services or people that can use the Go high level features.

So Have A Look!

  • Small Businesses.
  • Agency Proprietors.
  • Sales Agents.
  • Commercial Firms.
  • Startup Companies.
  • Promotion.
  • Software as a Service – SaaS.
  • Specialists.

In addition, to all these services and people, anyone can use this marketing tool to grow their business.

Go High Level Pricing:

Go High Level Pricing

The pricing plan is an important factor in the Go high level and Pipedrive comparison.

Because your marketing budget will decide which marketing tool you are going to use.

And Go high level understands the problem of its users. Therefore, it made three pricing packages with different prices and features.

So that people do not have to pay for the extra features that they do not want.

Following are the plans that Go high level makes for the marketers.

  • Agency Starter Account at $97 per month.
  • Agency Unlimited Account at $297 per month.
  • White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade at $794 per month.

The price of each plan depends on the services and features that it provide to customers.

So let’s review each pricing package individually. So that you can decide which pricing package will work for you.

Agency Starter Account:

The basic pricing plan of the Go high level is the Agency Starter Account. Because it comes with all the basic facilities that are suitable for beginners.

And by spending $97 per month you will get access to the following features.

  • Twilio –  You can your API to enable 2-way texting.
  • Mailgun – With your API you can have unlimited email sendings.
  • Single Account – You can set up one client account or use it for the whole agency.

By looking at the features, it is clear that it is suitable for one person only. Therefore, beginners can subscribe to this plan.

Here’s the kicker:

The main purpose of Go high level is to help the users. Therefore, it provides a free trial for 14-days.

So that without investing money people can learn how to use all the features of Go high level.

This free trial also helps to decide whether you want to continue this plan or not. So use your trial period efficiently and make a good decision. Because from the 15th day, the company will deduct your money.

So within 14 days decide carefully and save your money. If you want to end the subscription then contact the customers.

Agency Unlimited Account:

The professional plan of the Go high level is the Agency Unlimited Account. And as the name says, it provides unlimited features to the users.

Therefore, it provides the best services to large marketing agencies and organizations.

Also, the cost of this package is high. And to get the following amazing features of the Go high level you need to spend $297 per month.

So Have A Look!

  • All the features of an agency starter account.
  • Unlimited sub-accounts: You can create multiple accounts for your agency and clients.
  • Branded Desktop app: You can access the dashboard and use your domain to customize the platform.

This package has a high cost for beginners. But many other marketing tools provide the services at the same price. It means you can consider this package to grow your business.

Moreover, this professional plan comes with the 14-days trial that you have in the basic package.

So Use This Free Period Carefully and Decide!

White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade:

The premium package of the Go high level is the White label white app + zap upgrade.

It comes with premium tools therefore it is suitable for professional purposes.

To get this plan you first need the Agency Unlimted account that comes at $297. Then you have to spend $497 extra you can access this account.

It means the total cost of the plan becomes $794 per month. This is a high cost but the features of this plan make your work easy.

So Have a Look at These Amazing Features!

  • Mobile App – You will get a fully branded app to manage the settings and features.
  • The white-label app is fully customized.
  • Zapier – For your brand, you can make a custom ZAP account.

But always remember without having an Agency Unlimted account you can not access this premium package.

Furthermore, it does not come with a free trial facility. However, for more information, you can contact the company.

Pros And Cons Of Go High Level:

After viewing the pricing plans of the Go high level. Now is the time to see what are the pros and cons of Go high level.

So have a look!


  • 14-days free trial period.
  • You can build an entire membership site system by using this marketing till.
  • It comes with a native email marketing system.
  • This tool provides marketing automation, SMS, and CRM.
  • You can also import sales funnels from other marketing platforms like ClickFunnels.


  • It does not provide the built-in templates to make the landing pages.
  • It is not suitable for beginners because of fewer tutorials.
  • You can not integrate multiple payments gateways.

What Is Pipedrive?


Pipedrive is also the all-in-one CRM that helps businesses to grow in the market.

The noticeable feature of Pipedrive is that it is a web-based pipeline management software.

It works for businesses to monitor deals and plans their sales activities. Pipedrive follows the activity-based selling methodology because it streamlines every action.

Moreover, it streamlines every process of the funnel. So that you can make a better strategy to grow your business.

You can access the marketing solution 24/7 using mobile apps or web browsers.

It allows users to have an eye on different sales pipelines. Furthermore, it comes with a simple interface so that each user can access all the features.

The main feature of Pipedrive is to allow users to track pending activities in pipelines.

Want to know the best part?

Pipedrive comes with custom sales reporting tools.

So that Users Can!

  • Monitor individual and team level targets.
  • Generate visual reports.
  • Analyze sales data.

In addition, you can integrate the Pipedrive mailing system with multiple service providers.

These email service providers can be Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

By using the Pipedrive account users can send and receive emails from multiple accounts.

Moreover, you can also integrate the Pipedrive with multiple leading CRM tools.

So that you can transfer contact details, different information, and communication history across applications.

Furthermore, you can integrate the Pipedrive with MailChimp. Zapier, Google Maps, and Trello.

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Who Can Use The Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a cloud-based marketing platform. Therefore, you can use it to track leads, measure key activities, and spot opportunities.

There is much more that you get from Pipedrive.

That’s Why It Is Best for You!

  • Small Agencies.
  • Freelancer.
  • Bloggers.
  • Marketing Companies and much more.

In short, it is suitable for all the people who want to grow their businesses.

It comes with different packages that allow multiple people to use the facilities that Pipedrive provides.

It means you can give this marketing tool a try for better results.


Pipedrive Pricing:

Pipedrive Pricing

In a review of Go high level vs Pipedrive. Both tools come at suitable prices according to their features. But Pipedrive comes at relatively low prices.

So that people can use Pipedrive services.

Following are the four pricing packages that Pipedrive provides so have a look.

  1. Essential $12.50.
  2. Advanced $24.90.
  3. Professional $49.90.
  4. Enterprise $99.00.

As the name says, each plan is suitable to the marketer of a different level.

But this information is enough for you to select the right package according to the marketing requirements.

Therefore, we have reviewed each plan independently. So that you can see which each has to deliver.

Let’s Start the Discussion!

Essential Plan:

This is the basic plan of the Pipedrive, It is suitable for people who have just started their business.

It only contains essential marketing features therefore only beginners are suitable for it.

The best thing about this plan is that it comes with a 14-days free trial. So that without spending your money you can decide.

Whether this package is suitable for you or not.

Here are some amazing essential features that this package provides.

So Have a Look!

  • Lead, deal, calendar, and pipeline management.
  • Simple data import and easy customization.
  • 24//7 support and 275+ integrations.
  • The open deal limit is 3000.
  • The customer field limit is 30.
  • The report’s limit is 15.

You can have access to all these features by spending $12.50 per month. This is quite a low price. Therefore, you can give this plan a try.

Advanced Plan:

As the name says this plan comes with advanced features. It is best to quickly grow sales instead of starting a business.

And to get access to the advanced features you have to spend $24.90.

So have a look at the following advanced features that you can have in this pricing plan.

  • The open deal limit is 10,000.
  • The customer field limit is 100.
  • The report’s limit is 30.
  • All the features of the essential plan.
  • Full email sync with templated and scheduling.
  • Group emailing plus open and click tracking.
  • Workflow builder with triggered automation.

Professional Plan:

The third package of the Pipedrive is the Professional plan. It comes with advanced features that provide a deep analysis of the system.

So that you can improve your marketing strategies for better output.

It also comes with a 14-days free trial. So that you can decide whether you want this package or not.

So let’s have a look at the following features that you get in this plan.

  • The open deal limit is 100,000.
  • The customer field limit is 1000.
  • The reports limit is 1500.
  • All the features of the advanced plan.
  • Upgraded reports and visual dashboards.
  • Revenue forecasts and win projections.
  • Document and contract management.

By spending $49.90 per month you can use all these marketing features.

Enterprise Plan:

This is the premium plan of the Pipedrive that comes at $99.00. All these features are best for the enterprise working.

So have a look at the following features that you get in the enterprise plan.

  • The open deal limit is unlimited.
  • The customer field limit is unlimited.
  • The reports limit is unlimited.
  • All the features of the Professional plan.
  • Unlimited user permissions and teams.
  • Tailored security settings and preferences.
  • Implementation program and phone support.

This enterprise plan also comes with a 14-days free trial. So use this period to make a better decision.

Pros And Cons Of Pipedrive:

Here are some pros and limitations of the Pipedrive. Have a look and decide which one is better the Go high level or Pipedrive.


  • It comes with a simple and interactive design.
  • Provide the best features that help in better CRM.
  • Provide a better email and call synchronization.
  • It provides better customer support.


  • Low price packages provide limited functionality.
  • There is no separation between the contacts and the new leads.
  • The automation features do not work for all the users.

What Is The Difference Between Go High Level And Pipedrive?

Go High Level Vs Pipedrive

After discussing each platform individually, now is the time to compare them. So that you can see which marketing tool is better.

Have a look at the following features that make one platform better than the other.

1. Interface:

Both Go high level and Pipedrive comes with a simple user interface. But users find it easy to work with Pipedrive because it has an interactive interface.

Users find it easy to access all the features in the Pipedrive. It is also much easier to build the sales funnels in Pipedrive because of the built-in templates.

On the other hand, Go high level does not come with built-in templates to make the funnels. Therefore, you have to make everything from the scratch.

But you can import the sales funnels from the other platforms that you are currently using.

Due to this, Go high level is best for the people who are currently working in the market, not for beginners.

While Pipedrive is the best choice for beginners. By using drag and drop features they can create multiple elements and build entire sales funnel by using the template.

This will save time for the beginners and they can easily make a profit in the market.

2. Integrations:


The second feature that creates a difference between the Go high level and Pipedrive is the integrations.

Indeed, Go high level allows you to add multiple integrations to the website.

But these integrations are paid. Every time you add an integration you will have to pay extra money.

For this reason, this marketing tool becomes a bit costly.

On the other side, you can have multiple integrations in the Pipedrive. Almost, all the integrations of the Pipedrive are free.

Moreover, unlike Go high level, Pipedrive comes with more than 250 integrations.

Therefore, you hardly need to add the extra integrations. So, if you want to have a full-fledged website at a low cost then Pipedrive is your solution.

3. Cost:

The third feature that makes both these marketing platforms different is their pricing cost.

Both the tools have a suitable price range according to the features they provide.

But Pipedrive comes at a relatively low rate. The basic package of Pipedrive comes at $12.50.

While the basic package of Go high level is available at $97.

You can see the price difference here. The essential plan of Pipedrive has all the features that help beginners to run their startups.

Similarly, the Go high level basic package is specially made for beginners.

But due to the high pricing of Go high level, Pipedrive is a better choice for people who just started their business.

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Go High Level Vs Pipedrive: Which One Is The Best?

Both the marketing platforms are best for the marketing services. But due to some difference Go high level and Pipedrive is not suitable for all marketers.

Therefore, for beginners, Go high level is not the best choice for the beginner.

First, it comes with the hard to understand interface. Moreover, the tools are professional therefore beginners need proper guidance to use them.

On the other side, Pipedrive comes with an interactive interface. In addition, all the features are essential that beginners can easily use without any guidance.

So if you just start your business, go for the Pipedrive. But if you have a successful marketing business and want to grow sales then select Go high level.


Wrapping It All Up!!

Both the marketing platforms are worth using. You can have benefited from both the tools.

Moreover, they come with a 14-days free trial. It means to test these marketing tools you do not need to spend money.

You have 14-days time to decide and select the right marketing plan. But make sure you end the subscription within 14-days because on the 15th day the company will deduct the payment.

Go high level provides the free trial facility with 2 plans. While Pipedrive provides a free trial with all the plans. 

It means without spending money you can check the working of each plan.

So in our opinion, you should try both the marketing tools.

When you try the features of both Go high level and Pipedrive. You can feel the difference yourself.

Also, this free trial helps you to make better decisions. So do not worry about the price and try both the marketing tools for a free trial period.

But if you do not have time to test these tools. Then select the Pipedrive marketing tool to run your startup.

But if you already making a progress in the market and want to boost your services. Then the Go high level is the best choice for you.

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