Go High Level vs Activecampaign – What’s the Difference

For handling the marketing work you need efficient marketing tools and both go high level and Activecampaign are efficient.

Indeed, you can not use both platforms at the same time. You need to select the one.

As both Go high level and Activecampaign are marketing tools they both provide almost the same facilities.

Also, In the market, both the tools have almost the same reputation.

People give positive reviews because both platforms have efficient features.

That’s why it will be difficult to select which one will work best for your organization.

Therefore, in this article, we will compare Go high level vs Activecampaign.

We will only mention important features so that you can easily decide which one is better.

So without any further a due, let’s start the discussion!

What Is Go High Level?

Go High Level

Go high level is an all-in-one marketing tool suite. It comes with all the features and tools that you may need for digital marketing.

It is the complete customer relationship management system (CRM).

Go high level is introduced recently in the market and people are giving good reviews to it.

It means Go high level is a legit product and you can use it. Go high level made sales funnel to capture the leads and nurture them into the customers.

Moreover, it displays the working of the whole funnel system. So that users can analyze whether they are using the right marketing plan or not.

It means you can use this marketing tool to grow your business. Go high level can perform multiple tasks.

Therefore, if you are using the Go high level you will not need any other tool.

Amazing isn’t it?

Go high level is suitable for both small and large organizations. It also comes with free training sessions.

But you can only access the sessions when you subscribe to one of its packages.

In addition, Go high level provides better customer support. It means if you have any problem while using the services you can contact the company.

The members will try their best to help you.

Who Can Use The Go High Level?

As Go high level is the all-in-one CRM, anybody can use it for marketing purposes. It is an affordable marketing tool because it comes with 3 pricing plans.

It is made specially made to help agencies and companies of any range.


Moreover, it is better than other tools that cost more money and do not provide enough benefits.

Therefore if you just started your business or have been working for a long time you can use this tool.

In addition, by using its tutorials beginners can easily understand the working of all its features.

Also, with better customer services following personnel can use this marketing tool.

  • Small Businesses.
  • Agency Proprietors.
  • Sales Agents.
  • Commercial Firms.
  • Startup Companies.
  • Specialists.

In addition, to all these personnel you can use this marketing tool for promotion and as SaaSSoftware as a Service.

Go High Level Pricing:

Go High Level Pricing

The pricing packages of the Go high level are so simple.

They are divided into three plans and each plan comes with a specific set of features. Therefore, they have a different cost.

Each plan is made according to the marketing level of users. So that people do not have to pay for the services that they do not want to use.

Go high level made the following three plans let’s have a look.

  • Agency Starter Account at $97 per month.
  • Agency Unlimited Account at $297 per month.
  • White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade at $794 per month.

As compared to other marketing tools, these plans come at affordable prices. It means you can give this marketing tool a try.

We know that this information is not enough. That’s why we review each plan individually to make sure you select the right plan according to your marketing needs.

Agency Starter Account:

The basic plan of the Go high level is the Agency Starter account.

It is known as the basic plan because it comes with the basic features. Also, it comes at lower prices.

Therefore, it is best for the people that have just started their business.

By spending just $97 per month you can have access to the following features.

  • Twilio –  You can your API to enable 2-way texting.
  • Mailgun – With your API you can have unlimited email sendings.
  • Single Account – You can set up one client account or use it for the whole agency.

By looking at the features you can see that they are suitable for the small organization.

So if you are planning to start your business then you can subscribe to the Agency Starter Account.

Here’s the kicker:

The Agency starter account comes with the 14-days free trial. It means for 14-days you can access all the features of the Go high level starter account. But if you do not like this package.

You can cancel the subscription by contacting the company.

Remember if within 14 days you do not cancel the subscription then the company will deduct the payment and you can not refund it.

So make the right decision within the free period.

Agency Unlimited Account:

This is the upgraded version of the Agency Starter account. As the name says, in this plan, you will have unlimited access to all the features.

Therefore, this pricing plan is suitable for large marketing agencies and organizations.

But with the unlimited features the price of this plan increase. Therefore, to access this package you need to spend $297 per month.

When you subscribe to this package you will get access to the following features.

  • All the features of an agency starter account.
  • Unlimited sub-accounts: You can create multiple accounts for your agency and clients.
  • Branded Desktop app: You can access the dashboard and use your domain to customize the platform.

It is a bit costly plan for beginners. Therefore, only large organizations should buy it.

Furthermore, this unlimited account comes with a free 14-days trial as you have in the Agency Starter account.

So decide carefully between the Go high level and Activecampaign.

White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade:

This is the premium plan of the Go high level. It comes with premium features and has a high cost as compared to other plans.

The main features of this pricing plan are the white-label mobile app and the custom zap upgrade.

But this plan has a requirement. To access this plan you first need to subscribe to the Agency unlimited account which costs $297 per month.

After that, by spending $497 per month you can access the following features.

  • Mobile App – You will get a fully branded app to manage the settings and features. The white-label app is fully customized.
  • Zapier – For your brand, you can make a custom ZAP account.

Due to the requirement of the Agency unlimited account. The total cost of this premium plan becomes $794 per month.

Moreover, this plan does not come with a 14-days free trial. So check your marketing budget before subscribing to this plan.

However, you can contact the company for more information.

Go High Level Pros And Cons:

Here are some benefits and limitations of the Go high level.

Have a look at them and decide which one is better between Go high level and Activecampaign.


  • Comes with a 14-days free trial.
  • Allow users to create a sales funnel, full website, membership site system.
  • It has a native email marketing system.
  • High-level comes with marketing automation, CRM, and SMS.
  • Allow you to import the entire sales funnel from other platforms like clickfunnels.


  • Does not provide templated for landing page.
  • The feature set is overwhelming.
  • Cost money for the additional integrations.
  • Provide fewer learning tutorials.

What Is Activecampaign?


Activecampaign is the customer experience and all-in-one marketing platform. It is available at low prices.

Therefore, it is better for small companies and large organizations that have a low marketing budget.

Activecampaign has the same popularity in the market that Go high level has because they both provide excellent services. It allows you to build websites by using the drag and drop editor,

Moreover, it has a sophisticated sales CRM through which you can manage and nurture your leads easily.

It comes with multiple features that help you in.

  • Marketing.
  • Sales.
  • Services.
  • Platform and Support.

Activecampaign has multiple features for all these 4 fields. So that you can easily manage your work and you do need any other tool to do your marketing work. It is specially made for email marketing.

But it also has automation capabilities, CRM tools, and landing page creation tools.

These tools will help you to send personalized messages to your audience. You can also.

  • Nurture your email list.
  • Run incredible email marketing campaigns.
  • Automate the marketing processes to save time.

Who Can Use The Activecampaign?

Activecampaign comes with four packages. So that individuals, businesses, agencies, or companies can use it.

This marketing tool helps to nurture the leads and provide a better-optimized email experience.

It also has powerful automation tools that save time, helps to run automated email processes, and generate profit.

So if you are looking for better email marketing services at a low cost you can select the Activecampaign.

Activecampaign Pricing:

Activecampaign Pricing

The pricing scheme of the Activecampign is a little bit confusing. It has four pricing plans and the cost of each plan changes according to the number of contacts.

It means you can use each plan for a different number of contacts. But the price of the plan will vary when you change the number of contacts.

Following are the general plans of the Activecampaign.

  1. Lite Plan at $9 per month for 500 contacts.
  2. Plus Plan at $49 per month for 1000 contacts.
  3. Professional Plan at $129 per month for 2500 contacts.
  4. Enterprise Plan at $229 per month for 2500 contacts.

These are the general plans, if you have more customers then you can contact the company for better pricing deals.

So let’s review each plan and see what features you will have in each plan.

1. Lite Plan:

This is the basic plan of Activecampaign. Generally, it is made for 500 contacts. But you can change the number of contacts up to 2500.

Remember the price of the plan will also vary from $9 when you change the contacts amount.

Activecampaign helps to cover all the digital marketing areas. Therefore, it provides multiple tools and features for different areas of marketing businesses.

So have a look at what you can get for each field.

Marketing Suite:

Following are the features that will help you in marketing.

  • Marketing Automation.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Unlimited Email Sending.
  • Drag and Drop Email Builder.
  • 125+ Email Templates.
  • Send Newsletters.
  • Subscription Forms.
  • Segmentation.
  • The site and Event Tracking.
  • Campaign and Automation Reporting.

Sales Suite:

You can improve your sales rate by using the following tools.

  • Import Leads.
  • Sales Emails.
  • Lead Capture Forms.
  • Segmented Outreach.

Service Suite:

Activecampaign is famous for better customer support and this platform uses the following tools to stay in contact with customers.

  • Customer Newsletter.
  • Customer Analytics.

Platform And Support:

Following are the basic features of the active campaign that you will get in the Lite plan.

  • Up to 3 users.
  • Import Contacts.
  • Chat and Email support.
  • Unlimited access to the online resources library.
  • Mobile contact management and marketing access.
  • Integrate to over 870 CXA partners.
  • 500+ automation recipes.
  • Unlimited inactive contacts.
  • APIs, Webhooks, and Developer tools.

2. Plus Plan:

This is the advanced plan of the Activecampaign. It has all the features of the lite plan and provides some extra features.

This plan is suitable for you if you have 1000 contacts. So look at the services that you get in this pricing plan.

Marketing Suite:

  • Everything in Lite +
  • 50+ Landing page templates.
  • Facebook custom audiences.
  • Contact Scoring.
  • SMS Marketing.
  • Automations Map.
  • Conditional Content.
  • Advanced Performance Reporting.
  • Custom Branded Forms and Landing Pages.

Sales Suite:

  • Everything in Lite+
  • CRM with sales automation.
  • Lead scoring.
  • Sync inbox with CRM.
  • Mobile CRM app.
  • SMS prospect nurturing.
  • Task reporting.

Service Suite:

  • Everything in Lite+
  • Sales CRM sync.
  • SMS service follow-up.
  • Deal Assignment.
  • Customer success pipelines.
  • Account management.
  • Customer health scoring.

Platform and Support:

  • Everything in Lite+
  • Up to 25 users.
  • Advanced mobile reporting.
  • Custom user permissions.
  • Advanced integrations with leading E-commerce applications.

3. Professional Plan:

As the name says, this plan is suitable for professional organizations and companies.

If you have 2500 contacts you can get this plan for $129 per month.

Following are the services and features that you can access by spending $129.

So Have a Look!

Marketing Suite:

  • Everything in Plus+
  • Website personalization.
  • Predictive sending.
  • Predictive content.
  • Marketing attribution.
  • Split Automations.
  • Attribution reporting.
  • Site messages.

Sales Suite:

  • Everything in Plus +
  • Win probability.
  • Conversion Reporting.
  • Split Automations.

Service Suite:

  • Everything in Plus +
  • Split Automations.
  • Personalized product experiences.
  • Conversion reporting.
  • In-app messaging.

Platform and Support:

  • Everything in Plus+
  • Up to 50 users.
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist.
  • CXA strategy consultation and access to quarterly business reviews.
  • 1:1 pieces of training.

4. Enterprise Plan:

This is the premium plan of ActiveCampaign. It is also suitable for you if you have 2500 contacts.

But as compared to a professional plan. The price of this plan is quite high.

You can purchase this plan by spending $229 per month. The reason is that it provides more facilities than the professional plan.

So if you are running a large enterprise you can purchase this plan. Following are the amazing features that you can have in this plan.

Marketing Suite:

  • Everything in Pro+
  • Custom Reporting.
  • Custom Mailserver Domain.
  • Free Design Services.
  • Unlimited Email Design Testing.
  • Custom Domain.
  • Social Data Enrichment.

Sales Suite:

  • Everything in Pro +
  • Custom reporting.
  • Contact enrichment.

Service Suite:

  • Everything in Pro+
  • Custom Reporting.
  • Contact Enrichment.

Platform and Support:

  • Everything in Pro+
  • Unlimited users.
  • Onboarding and training for custom product functionality.
  • Phone support.
  • Customize your application URL.
  • Customized branding within the application.
  • HIPAA support.

14-days Free Trial:

14-days Free Trial

In all the pricing plans of Activecampaign, you will get the 14-days free trial.

So that you can learn to access all the features without spending any money.

So enjoy the free trial period without investing your money. If you think you are making a profit by using all these features.

Then continue to use the plans. Otherwise, unsubscribe by contacting the company.

Activecampaign Pros And Cons:

Here are some limitations and advantages of the Activecampaign.

Have a look at them and decide which one is better for you Go high level or Activecampaign.


  • Come with a 14-days free trial.
  • Best choice for email marketing.
  • CRM is specially made for pipeline management.
  • Come at affordable rates.
  • It has better email automation features.


  • The user interface is clunky and the email editor is not attractive.
  • Does not provide better customer service on the basic plan.
  • This tool is not beginners friendly.
  • The service is not friendly to affiliate marketing links.

Go High Level Vs Activecampaign: What’s The Difference?

Go High Level Vs Activecampaign

Here are some features that create a difference between the Go high level and Activecampaign.

So have a look at the following features and decide which marketing tool is best for you.

1. Sales Funnels And Landing Pages:

Both Activecampaign and Go high level provide you with the tools that help you to make interesting landing pages.

So that you can attract more leads. By using any of these tools you can make responsive landing pages and sales funnels.

They also provide a drag and drop builder to save time. In Go high level, you can make multiple elements and store them.

You can also add a live chat widget. In addition, it allows you to look at the insights of your funnels.

While in Activecampaign, you can use the drag and drop builder to create landing pages for your company.

So in our opinion, both Go high level and Activecampaign provides the same services.

One allows you to build the elements and the other allows you to build the landing pages. So both have excellent builders.

2. Email Marketing And Automation:

Email Marketing

You can get the email marketing facility in both Go high level and Activecampaign. So that you can save time and easily execute automated email campaigns.

In Go high level, you can manage the email campaigns by using communication tools.

These tools can be voice calls, emails, and SMS.

You can also construct segments, establish objectives, and stop the automation sequences.

On the other hand, Activecampign provides an unexpected email marketing experience.

It comes with an efficient email editor that allows you to write better emails and engage your audience.

In addition, the follow-up email message service saves time. You can add multiple constructs to manage the email campaigns.

So in the case of email marketing, Activecampaign is better than the Go high level.

3. Price:

If we compare the pricing plans of Go high level and Activecampaign. Then it is clear that the pricing plans of Activecampaign are better. It provides 4 pricing plans and each plan has an affordable cost.

You can get the lite plan for just $9 per month. While the basic plan of Go is high level $97 per month. You see there is a huge difference.

Moreover, Activecampaign pricing plans are flexible. According to the number of contacts, you can upgrade the services of the plan.

On the other hand, Go high level pricing plans have a fixed cost. So if you want to save your money then Activecampaign is the best option.

[box title=” ” border_width=”3″ border_color=”#f77221″ border_style=”dotted” bg_color=”#ffffff” align=”left”]

Go High Level Vs Activecampaign: Which One Is Better?

Both the tools provide efficient marketing services. But there are some features which they both lack.

Therefore, Activecampign is better as it provides more facilities and has flexible pricing plans.

According to your marketing requirements, you can upgrade the plans.

Also, if you have a limited marketing budget then you should select the Activecampaign instead of the Go high level.



That’s all viewers, both Go high level and Activecampign are efficient. But you have to select the one to save the cost.

So if you have just started your business. You should select the Activecampaign as it starts from $9 per month.

This package will suit your marketing budget. On the other hand, the Go high level pricing plan comes at $97 per month. This is quite a high price as compared to the Active campaign.

So to start your organization you should not spend $97 while you grow your business with $9.

On the other hand, if you are running a huge organization and want to upgrade your services.

Then select the Go high level as you can afford the price and the White label app will make your work easy.

Furthermore, both platforms provide a 14-days free trial so try both tools yourself and decide which one you want.