Go High Level Discount Code, Review & Coupon 2021

The brand’s reputation in the market depends on how it manages everything.

The management of the online business involves.

  • Customer Relationships.
  • Services.
  • Promotion.
  • Appointments.

If a company manages to handle all of these. Then it can make a profit in a short time.

But handling all this work at a time is not easy. To make this work easy you need the help of the marketing tools.

Because they are efficient in doing all the marketing work and save time.

Therefore, many marketing tools are available in the market. But some tools are made for specific purposes.

And to manage the whole company you need to purchase different marketing tools. This costs a lot of money that businesses can’t afford.

Here’s the deal:

To make it easy for the marketers to use the marketing tools.

There are some marketing platforms are available that provide all services. And Go high level is one of these platforms.

That’s why in this article, we will discuss the Go high level discount. So that within a limited budget you can manage the work.

So, without any further a due, let’s start the discussion!

What is Go High Level?

Go High Level

Go high level is an all-in-one marketing tool suite. It comes with all the amazing features that will help you to manage the business.

In simple words, Go high level is a CRM – Customer Relationship Management.

It displays the whole process so that you can see the satisfaction of your customers.

Go high level streams the marketing process. So that you can make the best strategy.

It is recently introduced in the market and has been replacing other CRM. Because it is efficient and provides all the services that a company may need to grow.

All the customers that have used Go high level leave positive reviews.

This shows that it is a legit product and do not waste your money as some marketing tools do.

Want to know the best part?

Go high level help you to communicate with the bigger agencies. So that you can learn some business strategies from them to grow.

Go high level works by building a sales funnel.

Because a funnel is the best way to grab the audience and convert leads into customers.

Due to the creation of sales funnel, some customers compare it with the ClickFunnels.

But Go high level is an efficient tool and a complete platform. While ClickFunnels is just a marketing tool. You can only create funnels by using them.

That’s why the Go high level is a better platform. Furthermore, it comes with amazing features that make it better than the other.

Also, the pricing plans come at lower rates.

So that more marketing companies can afford it. But the Go high level discount makes it easier for the user to use these marketing services.

Continue to read the article, if you want to know how much discount you can get on Go high level.

Why You Need The Go High Level?

From the definition, it is clear that the Go High level is the complete marketing tool suite.

And following are some reasons due to which you should use the Go high level.

  • Provides all the tools that you will need to do the marketing work.
  • Helps you connect with large agencies for better marketing suggestions.
  • Allow you to add extra features to the website through third-party integrations.
  • By using the promo code you can have the Go high level discount.

In addition, to all these reasons, you can use the Go high level to perform any kind of marketing work.

So that in a short time your business can grow and make a profit.

What Are The Features Of Go High Level?

Features Of Go High Level

Go high level features are the main reason why people love to use them.

Indeed every marketing tool comes with amazing multiple features to help in the marketing work.

But Go High level’s features are efficient and provide more services than you expect. You can have these tools and features on the other platform.

However, you will not get top-level services. So have a look at the amazing features that you can access after subscribing to the Go high level packages.

1. Insights:

In the marketing business, it is important to have an eye on the process.

So that you can understand whether your marketing strategy is working or not.

Therefore, Go high level shows the insights to its customers. To make sure they can analyze their marketing process and attract more customers.

Also, without insights, it becomes difficult to monitor the business.

That’s why the marketers need to have access to insights that Go high level provides.

Marketing insights contain the following information.

  • Are you getting more views after applying the marketing strategy or not.
  • How many customers buy your products/services?
  • Whether your sales rate increase or decreases.
  • Some viewers visit your websites and much more.

In short, you can see all the analytical information of your website through the insights. Isn’t it amazing?

Indeed, it is a wonderful experience. And only Go high level can provide you with marketing analysis and services at a time.

Do not ignore the insights feature. Because it can be beneficial for you if you use it efficiently.

2. Dashboard:

To access all the features and tools that you get in the Go high level discount.

It is important to have a dashboard and Go high level provides it.

The dashboard is the main feature in the marketing business.

Therefore, all the marketing tools have a dashboard feature.


But the dashboard that you get in Go high level is easy to access.

Because it comes with a simple user interface that even beginners can use efficiently.

Also, the people who do not know anything about CRM can use this platform easily.

Through the dashboard, you can add multiple functionalities to your website easily.

After accessing the dashboard first thing that you should do is to connect your Twilio account.

Because for the backend service provider, Go high level uses Twilio.

So that you can have the calling and text messaging features.

Want to know the best part?

Google My Business listing is included in the Go high level. So that you can have an efficient search system.

Due to this facility, you can get the results in a few seconds. No matter what you search in the search bar.

Furthermore, you can add any information manually through any channel. After connecting your Twilio account, add the Mailgun API to your dashboard.

Through this integration, you can send multiple emails. But if you do not know how to integrate the Mailgun API properly. Then you should see the online tutorials.

Because without proper integration you can not get the built-in email validation facility.

Moreover, with the help of this feature, it is easy to maintain the list of clients and email delivery time.

Once you integrate the Mailgun API, add your phone number to complete the setup.

So that you can start to use this amazing marketing tool.

3. Outbound Calling:

Outbound activities like voice calls, email, text messages, and much more help in marketing.

Therefore, Go high level discount includes outbound calling in its packages.

With the help of this feature, you can set up a time window. Just to make sure all your marketing messages and emails can go in a specific time.

So that none of your customers receives the email or message in the night and feel irritated.

After setting up a time window, set up your agency members.

Do you want to know more?

This marketing tool has an amazing feature called Next Campaign.

This feature is amazing because it helps to divide the customers of one campaign into multiple campaigns.

So that if your current marketing campaign is not generating positive results. You can earn profit from the other campaigns.

Moreover, here is the list of elements that you can insert into your campaigns.

  • Webhook.
  • SMS.
  • Call.
  • Email.
  • Manual Call.
  • Wait.
  • Messenger text.
  • Manual SMS.
  • Voicemail.

Furthermore, it comes with a feature known as Stop On Response.

By using this feature you can cancel the current process. So use this feature carefully.

4. Appointment Automation:

To make a good working relationship with your customers. You must communicate with them. This is possible only through the appointments.

Due to work, people may forget about their appointments. And this can upset the customers.


Therefore, the Go high level discount package gives the facility of appointment automation.

It comes with the feature of Calender.

Through this, you can schedule all your appointment and get a reminder before the appointment.

Go high level also helps you with the facility of smart listing.

This smart list dynamically gets updated according to the responses that your customer gives.

Therefore, it automatically filters outs the contacts that show minimum interest in your services and products.

Here’s the kicker:

With the help of smart lists, you can trigger automation. This will help you to send automatic SMS and emails to your clients.

Also, you can reduce the 30% of your marketing work with this feature.

Furthermore, here are some filters that smart lists use to filter out contacts.

  • Age.
  • City.
  • Last Appointment.
  • Pipeline Stage.
  • Last Activity and much more.

5. Reputation Management:

Through customer reviews, reputation can be built in the market. Therefore, your customer must give reviews of your services and products.

And Go high level knows how to manage the business’s reputation.

That’s why by using the Go high level discount packages you can control your reputation in the market.

Go high level send review requests to all the customers automatically within a specific time limit. And to make this possible, it is integrated with QuickBooks.

It is an amazing invoicing tool that makes this feature useful for everyone. In addition, you can add the review widget on the website.

So that you get reviews from Google and Facebook.

Want to know the best part?

You can filter your reviews according to the star ratings. Also, you can set limits on the reviews that you want to show.

So that your customers only read the good reviews.

6. Unified Messaging:


In addition to the messages, voice calls, and SMS.

Go high level allows you to automate your messenger ads with two-way messages.

And because of this feature, Go high level is better than other CRMs.

To use this feature, connect your Facebook account and messenger ad. So that you can follow-up sequences.

But this feature is not better than Chatfuel or Manychat.

But it provides enough benefits that you should it to give a nice addition to other features.

7. Lead Management:

The main function of a CRM is customer management. Therefore, Go high level has a lead management facility.

It has a built-in funnel builder that helps you in better management.

By using this builder you can build a complete marketing funnel. Including landing pages, forms, and much more.

Furthermore, Go high level must be your first choice. If you want to display ads with both a form and landing pages.

Here’s the Kicker:

Go high level allows you to import an entire sales funnel. It means if you are currently using ClickFunnels.

You can import your current funnel when you switch to the Go high level.

In addition, all the pages of the website are made responsive. So that anyone can view the website from multiple devices.

For one customer you can create multiple funnels even in the same campaign.

Furthermore, you can develop many elements in the Go high level and store them. So that you can use these elements in the future and save time.

Moreover, you can see the insights of each funnel. And here you can see the information like sales, page views, and earnings.

Also, you can reset the setting if you do not get the expected results.

Want to know the best part?

Go high level provides the SEO facility. Therefore you can add meta tags to the pages for better SEO.

And in funnels, for better communication, you can add a live chat widget.

8. Easy Integration:

Go high level comes with all the basic integrations.

Yet, it allows you to add third-party integrations to the website.


So that you can make a full-fledged website.

You can integrate any app that you want. Go high level is tested with Yext listing and Zapier integration.

That’s why you can easily modify the information by using any channel.

Moreover, to improve the rankings it has building citations. Here building citations act as the backlinks to improve SEO.

The only drawback here is that you can only integrate one payment method.

9. Mobile App:

The feature of Go high level that I like is the mobile app. Because it allows you to access the dashboard any time you want.

Moreover, through the mobile app, you can update the settings and have access to all the features.

But only in the premium package, you can have access to the mobile app.

So if you want all time remote access then select the premium package.

Go High Level Pricing:

Go High Level

The pricing scheme of the Go high level is clear. It comes in three packages at different prices.

The cost of each plan is set according to the features it contains.

But the best part of the Go high level discount is that in each plan you have almost all the features that we mention above.

Except for the mobile app as you can access it in the premium plan.

So have a look at what Go high level provides.

  1. Agency Starter Account at $97 per month.
  2. Agency Unlimited Account $297 per month.
  3. White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade $794 per month.

This information is not enough for you to decide which plan you should select.

That’s why we will review in pricing package in detail.

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#f2fbff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#f2fbff” align=”left”]

 1.  Agency Starter Account:

This is the basic plan of Go high level and it is suitable for beginners.

It means if you have just started your digital marketing business you can subscribe to this plan.

Because it is available at $97 and helps you to get a more organic audience.

Following are some features that you can have after subscribing to this plan.

  • Twilio – You can your API to enable 2-way texting.
  • Mailgun – With your API you can have unlimited email sendings.
  • Single Account – You can set up one client account or use it for the whole agency.

With these key features, you will have all the facilities that we mention above.

Want to know the best part?

To learn how this pricing package work. You can try the 14-days free trial. Within this period, you will have free access to all the features.

But on the 15th day, the company will deduct payment.

So within this period, decide whether Go high level is suitable for your business or not.

If this package is not suitable you can cancel the subscription by contacting the company.

 2.  Agency Unlimited Account:

The advance plan of Go high level is the Agency limited account. And as the name says you will have access to unlimited facilities here.

Therefore the cost is a little bit high.

That’s why only large companies can afford this plan. To access this plan you have to spend $297 per month.

Following are the benefits that you can get from this plan.

  • All the features of an agency starter account.
  • Unlimited sub-accounts: You can create multiple accounts for your agency and clients.
  • Branded Desktop app: You can access the dashboard. And use your domain to customize the platform.

In addition, to all these features, you get the 14-days free trial facility as you get in the basic package.

So use this period wisely and make the right decision.

 3.  White Label Mobile App + Customer Zap Upgrade:

This is the premium plan of the Go high level. Because it has additional features and extra cost.

Indeed it provides better facilities. But without having the Agency Unlimited Account you can not subscribe to this plan.

Therefore, first, subscribe to the Agency unlimited limited that cost $297 per month.

Then select this package and pay $497 additional. Due to this, the total cost of this plan becomes $794 per month.

But in this premium plan, you get access to all the features that Go high level provides.

And the best feature of this plan is the White label mobile app.

Here’s the kicker:

This white label mobile app is completely customized. And it comes with a simple user interface. That’s why users can access all the features easily.

In addition, for your brand, you can create a custom ZAP. Because of custom ZAP, you can complete your marketing work and make a profit easily.

Therefore, you can upgrade to this plan if you want better services.

Furthermore, unlike other pricing plans. This pricing plan does not have a 14 days trial. To adjust the money, you can contact the company.


Go High Level Discount:

14 Days Free Trial

Through coupon code, you can get the Go high level discount. This facility makes it easy for most people to use these marketing tools and features.

Because with the discount original rate of the package reduces. And by using the coupon codes people can shop more while investing money.

If you have the coupon code you can enter it while subscribing to the plan. When you see the changes in the original price then select the package.

But if you do not see any change in the price then contact the company and discuss why the coupon code does not work.

The major cases when coupon code does not work are.

  • You have already used it.
  • Enter the coupon code in the wrong plan.
  • The coupon code gets expires.

If these are not the reason then you can confidently contact the company.

And to get the coupon code you can visit the main website.

Wrapping It All Up!!

That’s all viewers, Go high level discount makes it easy for you to access all of its services.

Therefore, it comes with different promo codes and coupons. So that according to the requirement you can select the right option.

Indeed there are multiple available options. But at a time you can select one.

For Example, you can get 20% off on all the plans. And you can only get 20% off on the Agency Unlimited plan.

So first decide which plan do you want to subscribe to. Then search for the coupon code that is related to the package.

Always remember to use the legit sites to get the coupon codes.

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