Go High Level Review – Why I Choose It as My CRM?

You might hear about it because Go High Level review is trending in the marketing field. But if not then do not worry.

We are here to tell you what’s going in the digital market. 

In simple words, Go High Level is a CRM. It means this software is made for good customer relationship management.

It helps in better customer relationship management.

High Level also helps to attract the new audience and convert them into customers.

Therefore, most people think it works like Clickfunnels which is quite true.

But in this Go high level review, we will tell you why it is better than other CRM’s. And why you should select it to boost your company sales or profit.

To make sure you easily understand the Go high level review. We will start the discussion from the introduction of the Go high level.

So without any further a due, shall we start the discussion!

What Is Go High Level?

Go High Level

Go high level is an all-in-one marketing platform. It contains all the tools and features that will help you make your work easy.

As we mentioned above it is a CRM. And CRM means Customer Relationship Management.

From the name, it is clear that, Go high level helps to manage customers for sure. But it is capable of doing more work.

Especially it helps to attract new people and boost the sales.

It works by building a sales funnel just like ClickFunnels do. Also, it follows the same process to convert the leads into the customer.

Now you might be wondering?

If Go high level works the same as the ClickFunnels then what’s the difference?

At the start, I do have this question but when I research about Go high level. I get my answers.

And now I will share this information with you. Just keep calm and continue to read the article. In every section, you will get an answer to your question.

But to summarize the concepts, I will say, because of the amazing features and pricing plans.

Go high level is better than Clickfunnels and other CRM’s.

Here’s the deal:

Go high level has better customer reviews which show it is a legit platform. You can easily access all the features to build your marketing website.

Furthermore, if you just stick to the Go high level you will not need any other marketing tool suite in normal scenarios. Because some high level companies have high requirements.

And to fulfill these needs such companies may require more than one marketing tool.

But this is an exceptional case. To do medium-level marketing, you can consider the Go high level review.

Who Can Use The Go High Level?

According to the Go high level review, it is a marketing platform. It means it can serve all the people who are related to marketing.

Therefore, It Is Useful.

  • Advertising Companies.
  • Marketing Organizations.
  • Startup Companies.
  • Small Level Agencies and much more with the marketing work.

The reason, why Go high level is suitable for all these companies is that. All these companies have the same aim. They all want to boost their business reach and profit.

And Go high level is one of the best tools to do that. It comes with email marketing features that help in advertising.

It promotes the services to such a high level that every advertising company would love to use them.

Furthermore, it helps to streamline the products on social platforms. So that people who have specific interests can come to the website.

Therefore, both marketing organizations and startup companies can use it.

In addition, if you have a limited marketing budget then you can subscribe to the Go high level.

Because of its low pricing schemes. And due to this reason, small level agencies can have the benefit from its features.

Want to know the best part?

Go high level provide 24/7 customer support. Therefore, beginners can easily use this marketing platform.

Moreover, on Youtube, you will get information about all the features that Go high level have.

You can watch the tutorial to see how each feature works and make your work easy.

So let’s jump to the features section that makes this marketing tool better than other CRM’s.

What Are The Features Of Go High Level?

Features Of Go High Level

Here are the major features of the Go high level review that makes your work easy.

These are the basic features that you can have in almost any of the pricing packages that Go high level provides.

So have a look at these amazing features and decide whether they help you or not.

[box title=” ” border_width=”3″ border_color=”#f77221″ border_style=”dotted” bg_color=”#ffffff” align=”left”]

1. Insights:

By having insights into your websites you can make better strategies.

Because insights contain the complete analytical information of your marketing process.

Here you can see.

  • The number of people who visit your website
  • Number of people who buy your services
  • With time do your sales rate increase or not
  • How many people come to the sales page and do not buy anything.
  • And all the information that helps you to make a good plan.

This is critical information and without this, you can not make progress.

But thanks to the Go high level that provide such a good facility to all the businesses.

You can check the insights on daily basis. But it is better to check insights after a week or a month.

So that you can analyze in a better way, whether you are making a progress or not.

Because marketing is a slow process. Your strategies may take time to work and impress customers.

And by checking daily you can not decide if your strategy is successful or not.

So give your strategy time. And do not forget to use them important feature. When you subscribe to the Go high level.

2. Dashboard:


The dashboard of the Go high level is so simple that beginners can use it efficiently.

It is made in detail so that users can use it efficiently.

And to access all the features you do not need high level knowledge.

The dashboard is also the best feature in the Go high level review.

Because it increases the overall functionality of the software.

After accessing the dashboard, the first thing that you should do is to add your Twilio account.

Because as the backend service provider high level uses Twilio. And to access more features you should have this account.

High level uses Twilio because it provides both text messaging and calling features.

Also, by connecting your account. You can add the information of your marketing agency, your staff, and the customers.

Here’s the Kicker:

Go high level is efficient in retrieving the information because it uses Google My Business listing.

And the thing that we love about Mailgun is that it comes with built-in email validation.

You can check the efficiency by entering anything in the search bar.

Once you enter the name of any client or staff member. Within seconds you will get all of his records.

Amazing isn’t it? Furthermore, you can additionally add the information manually at any time.

The next feature that you should add to your dashboard is the Mailgun API. Because it will help you to send unlimited emails. If you do not know about it.

Then see the video tutorials and learn how to integrate them. Otherwise, it will not give satisfying results.

And the thing that we love about Mailgun is that it comes with built-in email validation.

Because it allows you to maintain the list of clients through which you can improve the delivery time.

After that to complete the setup enter your phone number.

3. Lead Management:

Managing leads is the main purpose of all CRM. Because without managing leads it is impossible to grow the sales rate.

Therefore, for better lead management, Go high level has a built-in funnel builder.

Lead Management

By using this built-in funnel builder you can build the complete marketing funnel.

Including landing pages, forms, and much more.

So that if you want to run an ad that contains a landing page and form you can do it.

Moreover, for adding other features you can also use the Go High level. Because it saves both money and time.

Want to know the best part?

To reduce your efforts the Go high level allows you to import different elements.

To be precise, you can import the whole sales funnels if you create them using another platform.

Yes, you hear it right. You can use the complete sales funnel that you made before by using the import feature.

This will save your time and you do not need to follow another process to generate leads.

Furthermore, all the pages of the website are responsive. And you can see the insight of every page.

Here is the information that you can view includes!

  • Opt-ins.
  • Earnings.
  • Page View.
  • Sales.

In addition to the importing sales funnel. You can save other elements that you made here.

So that in the future you do not have to make that element again.

4. Easy Integration:

Easy Integration

Integrations make the work easy as you do not have to code for everything.

Therefore, third-party integrations play an important part in the marketing process.

And Go high level allows you to add every type of integration to the website.

Thanks to the easy integration facility of this platform.

Moreover, it comes with the integrations of Zapier integration and Yext Listing.

So that you can easily update the information by using any device.

Furthermore, this feature enhances the rankings as citations act as backlinks.

And backlinks work to improve the SEO of the website. The only drawback of the integrations is that.

You can not add the payment integrations except the Strips. Because not all people have access to Strips.

5. Mobile App:

Go high level comes with a mobile app. So that you can remotely access the dashboard.

Mobile App

And manage all the settings and features.

The best thing about this app is that it is completely customized.

It comes with all the features that you can access in the desktop version.

Therefore your work becomes easy.

But only in the premium package, you can access the mobile app.

If you subscribe to the basic or unlimited package. You will not have access to the mobile app.

So choose the right package if you want to use the mobile app.


Pricing Plans Of Go High Level:

Go High Level Pricing Plans

To subscribe to the Go high level. You have three different subscription plans with different prices.

So review all the pricing plans and select the one that is suitable for your company.

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#f2fbff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#f2fbff” align=”left”]

1. Agency Starter Account:

The basic account of the Go high level is named the Agency Starter account.

It contains all the basic features of the Go high level that are suitable for beginners.

To subscribe to this starter plan you need to spend $97 per month. And following are the features that you will get in this plan.

  • Twilio – By entering your API you can enable the 2-way texting feature.
  • Mailgun – To get unlimited email sending you can use your API.
  • Single Account – You can set up one account either for the agency or for the customer.

Want to know the best part?

If you do not want to invest your money. Just to see how the Go high level works.

Then you can start with the 14-days free trial. Here for 14 days, you can freely access all the features of the Agency starter account.

But on the 15th day, the company will deduct the money. If you do not unsubscribe from the plan.

So use your 14 days period carefully. And if you think that Go high level is suitable for your business.

Then continue to use the features. But if you feel these features are not enough for your requirement.

Then unsubscribe within 14 days to save the money. You can unsubscribe by contacting the company.

2. Agency Unlimited Account:

The upgrade to the Agency Starter Account is the Agency Unlimited account.

It contains all the features of the basic plan with some extra features.

You can subscribe to this plan by paying $297 per month. This package is best for the companies who are earning enough in the market.

Following are some features that you will get by using this package.

  • All the features in the Agency Starter Account.
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts – Here you can create multiple accounts for both the subscribers and staff members.
  • Branded Desktop App – With the help of the branded desktop app you can customize all the settings easily.
  • Also, you can increase the look of this platform.

Moreover, it also comes with a 14-days free trial. To make sure whether this plan suits your business or not.

Similarly, contact the company to unsubscribe from the plan.

If you think this plan is not suitable for you within 14 days.

Because from the 15th day the company will deduct the payment. So be careful and use your 14 days wisely.


3. White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade:

White Label Mobile App + Customer Zap Upgrade

The premium plan of the Go High Level is the White Label Mobile App + Zap upgrade.

To subscribe to this plan, you need the Agency Unlimited account first.

It means you have to spend $297 first. Then to access the extra features of this plan, you have to spend the additional $497.

It means the total cost of this Go high level plan becomes $794.

Small businesses find this plan costly. But the large businesses can subscribe to this plan for better customer relationship management.

Here are some features that you can access after subscribing to this plan.

  • First, you require the Agency Unlimited Account.
  • Mobile App – You will get a fully branded app to manage the settings and features.
  • The white-label app is fully customized. So that people can use it efficiently.
  • Zapier – For your brand, you can make a custom ZAP account.

Moreover, unlike the other pricing plans. This premium plan does not have 14 days free trial.

But you can contact the company for more information about the package.

How Go High Level Is Different From Other CRM’s?


The reason why most people prefer Go high level over other CRM’s is the following features.

So have a look at all the features and decide which CRM do you want to choose for your business.

 1.  Automated Marketing:

You need to learn the features and technologies according to the Go high level review.

Because it has a learning curve. But once you learn to use these features.

You can easily do your marketing job and can give strong competition to your rivals with Go high level.

In addition, you can generate a plethora of text styles by using the chat and SMS tools.

You can also integrate your marketing platform with Facebook. So that you can promote messenger ads here for better promotion of services.

Due to this integration, you can have a better reach. And most customers will see your services and buy them.

Furthermore, you can set schedule your appointments with the help of an appointment scheduling tool.

Through this, you will never miss your appointment.

Also, by setting a time you will get a notification before the appointment. So that you can do the preparations.

Furthermore, you can schedule your email timing. Just to make sure all of your customers get the email at an appropriate time.

So that they do not feel irritated by getting the late email.

This Go high level calendar feature makes almost 30% of your work easy. By handling the appointments and news.

It is helpful because you only have to set the calendar once.

 2.  Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

By using the Go high level email builder it becomes easy to write and process customized emails.

In addition, with the drag and drop technology. You can create professional emails for your business.

It also helps in digital marketing automation. You can also create multiple campaigns to divide your customers.

Go high level also provides you the facility to shift customers from one campaign to the other.

In this way, if your one campaign does not generate profit. You can get benefit from the second campaign.

Also, in one niche you can create multiple campaigns for the customers.

In addition to email marketing, here are some features that you can use to boost the audience.

  • SMS.
  • Voicemails.
  • Email Campaigns and many other methods to optimize the marketing work.

 3.  Reputation Management:

An organization’s reputation also plays an important role in attracting customers.

Because reputation comes with trust. It means if you have a huge reputation in the market.

Then more people trust your services. And this trust allows new people to buy your services.

But if you have a low reputation in the market then new people will hesitate will buying your services.

Therefore, Go a high level takes care of your reputation. It is hard to find this feature in the other CRM’s. Because they do not provide such facilities.

Go high level automatically sends review requests to all the customers in a fixed time.

So that they can write the review and you can post it on your website.

Want to best part?

Furthermore. you can set the limit on your reviews. If you only want to show high star reviews to build a good image.

By using the reputation management feature, you can also track your results.

And can make changes based on your results if you want to. In addition, Go high level comes with an app through which you can manage all the settings.

Also, with a mobile app, you can access the result and make changes anywhere you want.

 4.  PPU Model Employed By Websites:


You can create the content on the website that is available for a fee or for free by using the Go high level membership.

By subscribing to the packages, you can have access to the training resources.

These training sessions will help you to learn how each features works.

And how you can efficiently use it to make your work easier. It also allows you to control the flow of your information.

You can even show the specific part of the information that you want.

Furthermore, Go High level provides courses to help you make money. Unlike customer sites, membership sites are easy to use.

Because they do not require any learning curve. You can also integrate it with the other parts of your website. Including marketing tools and sales funnels.

If you compare Go high level review with the other CRM’s reviews you will know that.

High level provides much better services than the other marketing software.


That’s all viewers, this is all the information that you should know. Before selecting the Go high level as your CRM.

Indeed, other platforms can provide better features.

But Go high level provides some better features at a low cost. That other platforms lack.

Therefore, you can confidently use the Go high level. Also, if you read the Go high level review carefully.

You will also notice these unique features. So pay focus while reading the review and make a wise decision.

Also, save your time and money to boost the business.

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