Top 7 Ways to Use ClickFunnels to Grow Your Business FAST!!

Nowadays, when it comes to marketing everyone is approaching the Online path for starting their businesses.

This is because now people are more active through online activities than physical life.

And it is not a rule but a legend that marketing is performed where traffic is enormous. Why? Because the traffic is large then they would earn more through marketing.

You have searched for different yet several tools and opportunities to do online marketing. And talking about ClickFunnels it is one of the biggest online marketing tools that you can avail.

With this tool, you can easily perform funnel marketing, and to create that funnel ClickFunnels provides you a ton load of options and tools to choose from to create a funnel.

The concept provided by this software is unique that’s why it has won over millions of marketers’ hearts.

But if you want to be successful in ClickFunnels then you should know how the software works how functional are its Synaptics and algorithms.

You should know the techniques that this software provides for marketing purposes. 

By applying different strategies provided by ClickFunnels you can aggressively enhance your business sales.

But the thing is that most new marketers don’t know how and which techniques they should use from ClickFunnels to enhance their sales.

So, for them here are 7 best techniques to grow your business on ClickFunnels.

7 Ways to Grow Your Business on ClickFunnels

As I said, most of the new marketers and old marketers are used to market and business in the physical world.

All in all the person who is new to the virtual or we can say online business marketing world this article is for you.

Grow Your Business on ClickFunnels

As we are going to discuss the top best techniques that you can use right from ClickFunnels to increase the sales of your business and eventually enhance it for a better cause. 

This software has been introduced since 2014 and till now most of the marketers are confused by the techniques that this software provides.

So this article will also help you to clear those misconception clouds and give you a vivid idea about which technique is best for you.

Method#1- Increase the Email List

All the marketing techniques and methods work because of email and funnel marketing.

Email List

So, to start marketing you need to build a strong Email list that can have your business marketing back.

The key is to have a longer email list so that you can target a large number of people and because of that you will be able to enhance your business.

Social media marketing is considered to be the best but the thing with social media marketing is that the change that affects your business because it is not permanent is temporary.

There are various ways that you can use to collect emails. The best way you can collect different emails is when you use landing pages that are conveniently designed by ClickFunnels.

With an easy to design features that will help you design landing pages and help design some fascinating landing pages that can help you enhance your sales.

Because of this your audience will be happy to subscribe with email or eventually be a potential buyer.

The default landing pages that are provided by ClickFunnels are attractive on their own that you won’t even require any designing skills to enhance those landing pages.

Talking about landing pages you can easily access those templates that can be used as your default landing page for your website or funnel.

Method#2- Create Complete Sales Funnel

Your head might be spinning round and round when you heard this method as creating a Sales Funnel can be a work of a professional.

And trust me when I say this is a type of task that is only managed and handled by professionals only.

As ae are on the topic of task you must know that creating a full flesh Sales Funnel is not an easy job as there are several tasks working simultaneously and you need to manage that.

Sales Funnel

So, it can be hard for a newbie to create a full flesh complete Sales Funnel. As I have said, this task can be a tough job for those who are unprofessional or new.

So, they need to hire a professional and as Sales Funnel, there is multiple software that is at work to provide you with what it does. But what if I say?

That all of your trouble could be eased with a single software. No! I’m not talking about a fairy tale I’m talking about ClickFunnels.

With the help of ClickFunnels, you will be able to create a full flesh completely working sales Funnel and you can have all the tools in one place.

As far as ClickFunnels, it provides you with all the necessary items and tools that you need from designing different marketing tactics.

You can easily apply them with ClickFunnels to your sales Funnel.

You can have your desired landing pages, marketing tactics, different opportunities to enhance your sales, and much more.

Thus all in all if you want a perfect Sales Funnel then there is no better option for you than ClickFunnels.

Here are some of the example tasks that you can insert in your Sales Funnel using ClickFunnels with no additional software.

  • Landing page
  • Opt-In page
  • Order forms
  • Thank you page
  • Check out page
  • Payment process integration
  • Email service integration

Method#3- Create a Membership Funnel and Sell your Paid Product

With a membership funnel, you can unlock several opportunities in one place.

As suppose when you are shopping online have you ever seen a pop-up message that says subscribe us or get or membership to get new and updated features.

You will be doing the same with ClickFunnels that is easy.

Create a Membership Funnel

As when you are selling products and if your service or product is excellent then your audience will appreciate your work and get the membership.

Them you can send them some fascinating offers that are ideal for them and for you.

As you will send them some exclusive products at an exclusive price point then what they will do they will spread the word about your business and make sure that you have more membership applications than you ever imagined.

Coming to create one well, that can’t be that complicated as creating a membership funnel is easy with ClickFunnels as you have all the right tools to establish a membership funnel.

From design to a personalized message you can change it all with just using ClickBBFunnels.

Method#4- Create a Webinar and Collect Leads

When you create a Webinar Funnel then you will be interacting with your audience and that is appreciated by them as if you are giving value to them, and inf act you actually are giving them value to turn those visiting audience into leads. 

Yes, as far as your audience is visiting your store them you might just have traffic not sales.

Create a Webinar

You need to turn them with your unique methods and this is one of them as you will be appreciating their effort to come to your store and giving them a purpose to convert into a lead for your store. 

Now: creating a Webinar is easy barely an inconvenience you will see the option for creating a Webinar within the ClickFunnels Add New Funnel page.

From there you can decide either to choose a live Webinar session or to use the pre-recorded one for your and their convenience.

Method#5- Create High Ticket Sales Funnel and Sell your Product

Yes, I agree sales funnel is good for business but if you are creating a high ticket sales funnel then you might be a person that can earn overnight by just selling his/her products.

Create High Ticket Sales Funnel

High ticker sales funnel is not a different job than creating a sales funnel.

And with ClickFunnels it is easy but the thing is with High ticket sales funnel you have to give your audience more important than your product.

You need to give them or sell them goods that are affordable by this they will be willing to buy and at that moment you present them with some similar products that are also affordable.

By this they will be intrigued and get them all, in the end, you will wind up with high sales and effective profit.

Method#6- Refer and Earn Commission

Yes, as ClickFunnels is a complete marketing platform you can also do affiliate marketing with this software.

This software allows you to market some different products to earn yourself an extra buck.

And by reference, you can do the same as you will be referring to someone else’s product on your store and for that, they will provide you with some commission depending on your agreement.

So, if you think your sales are down due to any reason this method will keep the money flowing in all the time. So, now you will be able to earn just for putting any product in your store.

Method#7- Be a ClickFunnels Certified Partner

By this, it does not mean that you are starting a partnership with Russell Brunson but it means that you are loyal to the game.

Yes, if you are using ClickFunnels then you are involved in the community that this software has created and because of that, you will be never alone in the business.

ClickFunnels Certified Partner

So, becoming a partner of ClickFunnels means that you are putting everything with ClickFunnels and you are a permanent user to that software.

Because there are several Funnels that are solely generated through ClickFunnels and people have loved this concept. 

So, if you are intrigued by ClickFunnel you should get its platinum plan and fully indulge yourself in this software so that you will be able to have a top-rated store among others. 

Now: you should mot wait as ClickFunnels is growing day by day you will have an opportunity to have some special offers that are provided by ClickFunnels. 

And through that who knows?

You can get ClickFunnels platinum plan for a cheaper more affordable rate than it is. Becoming and indulging yourself with ClickFunnels can be the best part of your marketing career.


These methods are fully tested and applied by various businesses that are permanent partners with ClickFunnels.

And you can also be one of them as if you have a unique concept then you can rise above them all in just a few months or weeks. 

I think you don’t know which huge companies and firms are using ClickFunnels as their main front end marketing software as I said, the community is large and it is waiting for you to be a part of them.

With ClickFunnels you will jot only establish a proper stable business but you will be able to learn new and some effective methods for your marketing skills.

As for these methods, these are completely risk-free but they all need dedication and commitment if you want to apply. 

Each and every method and step requires a process and series of tasks fulfillments and if you have done that in a proper way then you can achieve what other high marketers have a stable sales graph and a wealthy income through your business.

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