How To Use ClickFunnels For ClickBank (Short BUT Effective Guide)

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If you are in ClickBank and want to sell the products of ClickBank, the best way to seel is through Clickfunnels. As this article is all about Clickfunnels and how you can use Clickfunnels for ClickBank.

Before we go to the main course let me tell you something about these two platforms and compare them how they are different from each other.

So, without further due let’s get started with our article.

Clickbank Vs. ClickFunnels: Who’s “Click” Are YOU In?

ClickBank is a marketplace where you can sell products as a vendor and can sell other products to outsiders as an affiliate.

This market is a whole lot bigger than you think, it has everything around than you can think off and it also includes all these things as well that you can not think off.

Clickbank Vs. ClickFunnels

It has tons of different niche markets that are covering the market from top to above which are weight loss, marketing, education, green energy, self-help, dating and much more that you can not think off. 

Clickfunnels is a platform where you can build marketing funnels and can seel products.

Also, you can create an affiliate bridge so you can connect to other marketplaces to sell products on their behalfs.

You can use them to build your own email list. If these things are making you fall in love with marketing.

So I need you to think of ways that you can use to promote the ClickBank’s products and then sell at your own or given price to earning a commission. 

If you want to be an affiliate marketer you will need both of these platforms and then you can become one of the best affiliate marketers in the world. 

Choosing Your Perfect Clickbank Niche And How To Use ClickFunnels To Succeed

The very first step to glory is to decide when promoting any type of ClickBank affiliate offer is by choosing your own niche. 

My advice to you is always the same that will be that you choosing which niche do you love. 

If you want to succeed then you should go for that niche that is most popular and you also like to work with.

Perfect Clickbank Niche

It will help you in making tons of content in just seconds if you have selected your favourite niche because you will love to work for that and that will be fun for you. 

Once you are done with your niche content then it will be the time to go to the ClickBank marketplace and then decide what you want to choose from their products.

You will not find any trouble finding a cool product as there are every day new cool products come. 

How To Decide Which Clickbank Products To Promote Using ClickFunnels?

When you enter Clickbank marketplace go towards the search bar and click on it.

Clickbank Products
How To Find The Best Clickbank Products To Promote

After that press enter, as soon as you will do it, a list will appear which will be a list of top products on ClickBank right now. 

If you want specific niches all you have to do is to click on the left side of your screen where it is niche and hen you will be having all the niches.

There are a few things that I divide before deciding the product I see fit to choose.

The things are Quality, targeted, conversion rate, commission, sales funnels, guarantee, refund rate, payment. 

Most of the products on ClickBank provides a commission of 75% but if you could reach the product affiliate manager or owner then you can easily increase the commission rate to 90%. 

But one for sure is that if you will give them a list of buyers as they have to make one for them so if you send them buyers they will automatically increase your commission.

Let’s Talk About Affiliate Marketing Bridge Funnels

Once you have all the requirements to make an affiliate marketing bridge funnel which is a niche and a product in mind clickfunnels will automatically start your building process of affiliate marketing bridge funnel.

As you know click funnels are ready by creating tons of templates of email list building that will be perfect for your business as this includes affiliate marketing bridge funnel and its templates. 

Affiliate Marketing Bridge Funnels

The benefits of affiliate marketing bridge are these that it will allow you to create your own email list, pre-sell your email affiliate offers.

Also, you can pitch your affiliate offers in a super cool and different way that customer get attract towards your offer.

If you want to customize them then they are super easy to customize within the Clickfunnels.

You can easily choose templates that you see fit for your funnel, after that, you just have to drag and drop and perform every customization that you want on your affiliate marketing bridge funnel.


As we are at the conclusion and we have learned what is the link between Clickfunnels and ClickBank.

As they are made for each other and if you want to do work in affiliate marketing these two are the best match possible so, go for them.