Unbounce alternative – Simple to Use and Affordable‎?

Unbounce is a landing page generating software tool which allows you to create high-quality custom landing pages for your website. By using this tool, you will be able to create dozens of landing pages without coding even a single line. This is very helpful and time-saving software. For sure, when you have to code a landing page from scratch, it will take a lot of hours to work. However, making landing pages with Unbounce is quite easy.

Unbounce alternative – Simple to Use and Affordable‎?

All you need is choosing the already defined primitives, and you will be able to make as many as possible landing pages for your site. Although Unbounce is excellent software and saves a lot of time, yet some people don’t like it, and the reason is its high price. Unbounce can be used by paying its fee which is considerable as compared to other ones. But don’t worry! Today, we will discuss some of the Unbounce alternatives which you can use to make landing pages for your website.

1)    Leadpages

Leadpages is a tool which works very similar to Unbounce. It is easy to use, understand you can make great landing pages with it. The best thing about Leadpages is its cool features like traffic distribution which is great. You can also get it at low prices. It means you will get more benefits with Leadpages tool. The only drawback of Leadpages is that you won’t be able to use analytics function in it.

2)    Lander

If you are a starting company and want to get the most from a landing page tool, you must consider Lander. It is a simple software which will allow you to make landing pages on in lower prices. You will get first 500 visitors entirely for free. However, if you want to reach and engage more visitors, you can buy the mini plan for Lander which will allow you to add and visit more visitors. You can do any type of customizations. It means Lander will be good for your business.

3)    Launchrock

Launchrock is another great software to build landing pages. It is one of the most used tools in the online market. The interface and working on this tool are straightforward. All you need is doing the required stuff from its interface. Most of the tools regarding Launchrock are free. However, you will get the logo on your website. In other words, getting free landing pages with a logo is not a bad deal. So, you can get Launchrock to build landing pages for your website.

So, these are some of the alternatives regarding Unbounce. Some of these are paid, and some are free. However, each of these tools have some specifications and capabilities which you can use. Most of the people ask how to choose the best landing page tool. Well, it is entirely up to you. It depends on what you need and which type of landing pages do you want to make with the tool. After checking these things, you can go ahead to create custom landing pages for your website.

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