Two Comma Club Live Review: Is It Worth Getting?

As we all know that through the internet the world has become a global village and it is kind of hard to function efficiently and effectively without it.

Online business is one of the useful aspects of the internet through which not only we grab our hand on our favorite things but also own a business of anything.


The question here is how to build, raise, and promote your business?

Russell Brunson has made this problem easy for you.

Want to know how?

By establishing two comma clubs, I know you are curious to know about it so before any delay let’s get started.

Who is Russel Brunson?

Russel Brunson

First thing first before blowing in details let’s discuss the one who made it possible for us to manage and expand our online commerce this easily.

Russel Brunson who is the king of digital marketing and a legendary entrepreneur.

He is from Utah and currently living in Idaho.

Early Life And Interests:

When he was a kid he showed so much interest in watching and listening to advertisements on TV and radio cause according to him sales and marketing is the real gem that he has to collect.

He liked to collect junk files from the very early age of his life.

He availed every opportunity that was related to business, sales, and marketing.

Do you know what is interesting? 

He was not only interested in all this marketing but also he was a very passionate wrestler.

In high school, he owned the place of a state-level champion. 

He kept doing wrestling in college cause he wanted to learn about the art of winning and hard work also he learned different lessons through competition.


The first success of Russell Brunson in digital marketing was in 2003.

He sold a software called zipBrander, a very famed marketing gizmo that converts cold traffic into hot traffic by laser targeted page.

Backend profit amplified spontaneously through it. 

After a remarkable success in zipBrander in 2005, he developed a product selling DVD’s and named them as “How to create a potato gun”.

These DVD’s were based on instructional courses and customers have this choice to get his kit.

Russell sold the whole shebang from t-shirts to coaching books, software, coupons, and whatnot.

He became one of the prominent personalities in the world of digital marketing, won a Ferrari, and made 1.5 million leads in just one week.


Click funnels is a software made by Russell Brunson that helps users to construct different marketing and sales funnels.

It is indeed the best work of Russell which made him so famous in the tribe of the digital marketplace.

Join the Two Comma Club Live Conference Today!

What Is The Two Comma Club LIVE?

Two Comma Club LIVE

“Two Comma Club Live” is a conference for those who have successfully earned $1,000,000 through the single funnel.

Once you have made $1,000,000 or over by click funnel then you are ready to be a part of “Two Comma Club Live”.

This conference is for those who are crazy and buy crazy I don’t mean who eats hot sauce on brownies but such people who want to bring change.

Want to know by what means? 

By growing their business online, by influencing further people, and many more.

It is a perfect platform for those who want to sell their services through digital.

Most importantly for those who are very much into learning the online business and want to develop themselves.

It seems like you are one of those crazy people.

What You’ll Find Inside the Two Comma Club Virtual  Conference:

Two Comma Club Virtual  Conference

Here are all details about what you are going to learn in three days of this conference.

Let get into it,

This is three days based conference.

  • DAY 1 – IGNITE – How to Turn your Spark Into a Fire!
  • DAY 2 – NAIL IT – How to Master the Four Funnels that Drive 98% of Your Sales.
  • DAY 3 – SCALE IT – After You’ve Nailed It.

IGNITE: ( Day 1)

The first day of the conference is Ignite in which you are going to learn how to turn the spark which is inside you into a fire.

By spark inside, I mean that your capabilities and belief in yourself.

You will find out how to attract your audience through different tactics and strategies.

This is the day when you come to know about you and the one who you want to work with.

What more?

You can also be going to learn how can you sell your products.

Sounds interesting, No?

The first day will start with the presentation of Russell, he will tell you about all the points I mentioned above.

There are also different renowned entrepreneurs and tycoons will share their strategies with you of building and growing up your digital marketing.

Nail It: ( Day 2 )

The second day of “Two Comma Club Live” is “Nail It” in which you are going to learn about four different funnels on which almost 98% of online marketing depends.

Once you have a command on these four funnels then boom you completed your half journey.

These four funnels are lead, Unboxing funnels, Presentation of funnels, and last phone funnels.

Once you monster these funnels you are ready to convert your ordinary working funnel into a pro one.

This day of the conference is based on practical examples. 

But you know what the surprise is? 

This day of the conference comes with two bonuses “ Two Comma Club Documentary” and the second one is “ 1% Crazy”.

Scale It: (Day 3)

Once you nailed it, it is the time to scale it.

Confused? let make it simple for you

On this day you are going to learn who to increase digits, from 6 to 7 and from 7 to eight.


This is the day when entrepreneurs are going to teach you how to get more and more folks into your tribe.

Personal development is another main portion which you are going to be taught on the scale it day.

Personal development involves the changes that you need to bring in you to manage to this 7 digit number, like managing and growing up your team.

Join the Two Comma Club Live Conference Today!

Review of the Two Comma Club LIVE Conference Benefits – What Do I Like the Most?

Review of the Two Comma Club LIVE Conference Benefits

Two comma club live is a choice of many.

You know why? 

Because it will allow you to work with Russell and his team to learn the best tactics and strategies.

This isn’t the end,

By attending this conference you will get a chance to interact with a world-class entrepreneur who is an expert in digital marketing.

One of the key value of this conference is that you find yourself motivated and struggle to get more and more success. 

Two Comma Club LIVE Disadvantages – What I Don’t Like:


As we all know that everything has both negative and positive aspects.

Two comma club also has its negative points.

One of the drawbacks is that we have no control over it as all of the conferences are around different entrepreneurs and Russell, no personal involvement at all the only thing which is in control is our reaction.

Flexibility is another downside of two comma club conference.

Two Comma Club LIVE Pricing Review:

$197 is the cost of attending this phenomenal event,

But guess what? 

The rule of billing is, love it and pay it which means you just require to put in your credit card details for the reservation of your place but you are not going to billed anything before the end of the third it.

After the entire conference and end of the third if you find this conference life-changing for you then do nothing they will cut $197 from your account as they have your credit card details.


If somehow this conference isn’t beneficial for you then you are provided with an email by the end of the third day through which you can tell them that why the conference wasn’t advantageous for you and then they won’t cost you anything.

Is Two Comma Club LIVE Worth it?

This is worth it because it is the platform through which one is going to learn how to become an expert in digital marketing.

If you are ambitious and if you have a confidant in yourself then this is meant for you.

To become a successful person is a digital market place this conference will provide you with enough information about different marketing and business skills. 

Main Takeaways From This Two Comma Club LIVE Conference Review:

The following are the main take away from this two comma club:

Firstly, this conference is comprised of an elite group of people, a group everyone dreams to join.

Secondly, if you want to become a successful person then the information given to you at the conference is not enough it also needs self-motivation and devotion.

Third, renowned and experts in different fields of life are part of this conference.

Fourth, if you want to achieve remarkable success in the online market then this the place where you should be to achieve your goal.

Lastly, you only pay for it if you like it.


All and all the two comma club is the best platform for those who crave for success and who want to make their mark in the online market. 

If you own a digital marketer you should have to be there.

Join the Two Comma Club Live Conference Today!

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