OFA Platinum Review (2020): One Funnel Away Platinum!

To give a boost to your online business it is crucial to building a sales funnel.

But what if you are new in the field of online business and not familiar with the sales funnel, getting into this can be crushing.

Let’s dig in, 

Before we get started we should know about click funnels which are online software that helps users to construct different marketing and sales funnels.

What is One Funnel Away (OFA) Platinum:

One Funnel Away

One way funnel away platinum is simply an approach by click funnels that comprises platinum access for 6 months escorted by training information and different sort of bonuses like a virtual hackathon.

Over and above that,

Through OFA people can develop several sales funnels and service websites for different products.

What Is Inside The OFA Platinum:

Inside The OFA Platinum

The following are the things you are going away with OFA platinum.

30 Days of Coaching:

With OFA platinum you are going to get 30 days of free training information from Russel Brunson, Stephen Larson, and Julie Stoian that incorporates different missions from Russell that will help you to understand the process of funnel building.

And proper coaching from Julie who will tell you how to place Russell’s objectives into practicality and last Stephen will be there to deal with daily calls.

OFA Challenge Kit + ( “30Days” Book)

The 30 days challenge book is a big book of 550 pages that will tell you how to bring back your business to track if you suddenly lost control over everything.


In this book, you will find interviews of different famed entrepreneurs about their tactics and policies, that what would they do if they have click funnels account and an internet connection for like one month.


An mp3 player is also included with live recordings about OFA challenges.

6 Months Of ClickFunnels Platinum:

Generally, when you get the platinum account from click funnel, it typically charges you $297 per month but if you get hold of your platinum account with this bid you will get a subscription of 6 months is only $997 plus you will going to get additional bonuses as well.

Virtual Hackathons:

In OFA platinum virtual hackathons is one of the most vital and effective live training instruments for those who want to have held on click funnels software.

Want to get into more?

In virtual hackathons, training coaches give you advice and explain everything in detail about how to build, how to employ, and how to implement different funnels. 

Funnel fix platinum:

Funnel fix generally consists of all of the training, program, modules, and happenings of Russell Brunson and click funnels.

White-Glove On-Boarding Service:

A funnel builder is a platform that is a key characteristic of a click funnel. It is a tool through which one is going to create different funnels.

DotCom Secret Live:

It consists of live training videos made by Russell. Dotcom secret live will help you to learn different types of marketing strategies to develop your business online. 

These dot com secrets are fundamentally key to the digital marketplace.

Expert Secret Live:

Expert secret live training sessions are essentially used to take the talent out of you that is concealed inside you.

Isn’t it amazing?

All the talent you own, all the knowledge you have, it brings it out so that you can utilize what you already have.

Traffic Secret Live:

Keep in mind that without traffic you and your business are nothing.

So what I mean is,

Traffic secret will guide you on how to do business with traffic by aiming at tactic and service rather than being grubby.

Got the point?

How Much Does OFA Cost?

OFA Cost

The price of OFA is something that got the attention of people.

Want to know the price?  

It is just $997 which is extremely amazing as compared to the value it provides to the end-user.

Astonishing, right?

No matter if the challenge ends you still get some advantages of it like 6 months of click funnels platinum account, physical books, OFA challenge kit, etc.

Isn’t it amazing?

30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

This is one of the best features of OFA platinum that it doesn’t matter whether you have done with your challenge or still using it, you can get your money back in both cases within 30 days.


So the thing is you have to determine whether you are going to create the platinum and watch how fast and sustainably your business grows or not.

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