Kartra vs Kajabi 2020: Which One is Better? (Complete Comparison)

Here we have this complete comparison that can help you guiding whether Kartra is better for you or you need to go for Kajabi!

So, let us check out this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison in-detail.

You might be wondering as there are lots of such platforms and it becomes overwhelming which one to pursue! But you need not worry at all.

Both of these platforms are user-friendly and offer great results.

Just to give you a little bit hint that Kartra is a popular all-in-one online business building platform.

It focuses its attention on aspects like funnel building and email marketing.

Furthermore, Kajabi’s main and primary focus is right there on one-course selling.

So, without wasting any more time, let us all check out and go through this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison.

If you have questions on this comparison guide, then do ask from us:

Part #1: Kartra vs Kajabi Overview:

Kartra vs Kajabi Overview

First of all, below you can see the Kartra vs Kajabi overview in-detail.

We hope that this basic information about these popular business management tools will solve your queries:



Most importantly, this tool known with the name of Karta was created during the time of 2018.

The founders of this tool are Andy Jenkins and also Mike Filsaime

Both of these personalities are known and marked to be as accomplished and successful marketers.

When it comes to Kartra vs Kajabi overview, then we can say that Kartra has managed to make a big and massive splash all over in the online business market.

In addition, it is identified to be an all-in-one e-commerce platform. It claims to call itself as a noticeable and renowned marketing platform. 

This platform is packed with all the necessary and essentials tools that you need to fully run and operate your online business.

Its prominent features are website hosting and email marketing as well as video marketing, It does tracking and analytics for your website.

This platform allows you to do affiliate management and permits you to make ready-to-use sales campaigns.

If you are interested in using Kartra, then you may have seen that it consists and comprises of 500 customizable pages.

Moreover, it has lots of section templates, lead capture pages, and too sales pages that you can select and choose from!

All the pages that are available in Kartra, they are tablet and mobile responsive.

This is all, about the Kartra vs Kajabi overview; below you can see more of the details.



Now, we have jumped on the overview details on this Kajabi platform. Most noteworthy, this platform marks itself as a seasoned platform.

Besides, it started its operations in the time of 2020 and the co-founder of this platform of this Kenny Reuter.

No doubt, this platform is impressive to use as it has got 600 million dollar online sales.

Moving to more of the details on basic Kartra vs Kajabi overview, Kajabi is embedded with lots of features.

It allows you to design a website in less time. With the help of it, you can build web pages and be able to run all kinds of marketing campaigns.

Beyond this, this platform helps you in creating online courses.

If you are planning to build a web page by using Kajabi, then keep in mind that this whole process is divided into generally two parts.

The user will come across the page builder part and then this theme editor part. With the use of theme editor, you can customize your web pages.

Like, you can customize their font color and size.

Now, the rest of the information is going to tell you more and further about this Kartra vs Kajabi overviews and comparison.

Part #2: Kartra vs Kajabi – Similarities:

Here comes the similarities section!

With the help of this section, you can receive a clear idea regarding which elements and features are the same in both of these tools.

So, have a look at this Kartra vs Kajabi similarities section and get more details on these useful and latest marketing business management tools:

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#1: Creating and Hosting Membership Sites:

Regarding Kartra, you can create and make lots of membership sites.

You are allowed to make access levels and also membership portals as depicted and explained in this Kartra vs Kajabi.

If you have already used Karta, then you may have noticed that it is possessed with features like that of drag and drop membership builder and embed videos.

Furthermore, you can use features like dripping content and delivering full courses.

All of these options are available and there hinted in the membership section.

To select and choose payments, you need to make use of the recurring payment mode.

On the other hand, the Kajabi platform is possessed with more powerful features.

While doing a comparison on Kartra vs Kajabi, it is seen that the Kajabi tool has more great features that are somewhat lacking in Kartra.

Upon using Kajabi, you can set and adjust lecture-specific automation as well.

Like, if any user goes through your post, then what you can do is to tag him, pen down to him an email and ask him to register for your event.


#2: Drag and Drop Website/Page Builder:

Page Builder

Moving to another similar aspect of this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison, it is this drag and drops website builder section.

With the help of these tools page builders, you can create and customize your pages.

In other words, you can edit and customize them in as much beautiful and appealing way as you can.

Most importantly, the similarity of these features allows and permits you to modify your website page sections with ease and convenience.

The best part is that the same and exact procedure is followed while customizing these pages no matter you are using Kartra or Kajabi.

Like, the user only has to click on the respective element of the web page that he wants to modify and start doing editing by changing and revising the colors or headlines, fonts, and shapes.

Below we have hinted more of the details on Kartra vs Kajabi overview.

#3: Templates:


How much similar is this section of templates in both of these tools, here you can know about that!

As we all know that both Kartra and Kajabi are packed and embedded with a large number of impressive page templates.

These templates fully permit you to make amazing marketing pages for your online business.

This Kartra vs Kajabi comparison tells us that both of these platforms are advanced and latest web page building platforms.

Upon using this Kajabi builder, you will get and come across 20 pre-designed templates.

Furthermore, in these pre-designed templates, you have the chance to go on making sales pages and also opt-in pages.

Moreover, you can create stunning webinar pages and download pages.

Besides, if you are planning to use the Kartra page template builder, then its features range and extend from squeeze pages and to coming soon pages.

The users have positively reviewed these Kartra and Kajabi platforms as they make product launch pages and upsell pages with ease and convenience for you.

For more facts on Kartra vs Kajabi comparison, below we have highlighted for you.

#4: Funnel Building:

Funnel Building

First of all, we are going to talk about the funnel building section of Kartra. Here its funnels are given the name and titled with campaigns.

In addition, you are permitted to make these campaigns either from scratch or you can use these ready-made campaigns.

Once you are done with the making process of your respective campaign, then you can even share those campaigns with the rest of the Kartra users, how amazing it is!

Keep in mind that this sharing feature is not available if using Kajabi.

However, if you have decided to use this Kajabi platform, then this funnel part is named as pipelines.

You may have seen and noticed that the Kajabi platform is embedded and composed with lots of generic pipeline templates.

You are not going to see and come across such massive templates collection anywhere.

Hence, coming on the concluding part of this section that is about Kartra vs Kajabi comparison.

We can say that the Kajabi sales funnel building process is a simple and straightforward one.

However, Kartra offers much flexibility in this sales funnel building process. In this section, the Kartra platform comes out to be the winner.

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#5: Inbuilt Automations:

This is the next beneficial feature that is present in both of these Kartra and Kajabi tools.

You can say that this feature comes in the form of automation capability and lots of flexibility.

As written in this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison, this feature allows you to perform and carry out all kinds of in-funnel tasks.

Furthermore, you can carry out and process of tracking and analytics tasks.

Hence, if you feel like managing and handling your online business right on autopilot mode, then either goes for Kartra or Kajabi.

For setting activities like that of emails and signups and also membership area and cancelation, it is recommended to use these tools.

Our final verdict linked to this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison tells us that both of these tools are a win-win in this feature.

If anyone of you is utilizing Kajabi, then note down that the user is allowed to automate his email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, you can build-up follow-up sequences.

On the other hand, for kartra, you are permitted to process productive automation procedures right within the zone of your entire sales funnel.


#6: Affiliate Marketing Platform:

Affiliate Marketing Platform

In both of these Kajabi and Kartra platforms, there is a built-in and useful management system.

Talking about this Kartra affiliate marketing management system, it is available on all of its pricing plans.

No matter you have opted for a basic Kartra plan or advanced Kartra plan, this feature is available and present in it.

But for all of the Kajabi users, you need to be a member of their Pro plan or their premium plan.

While doing this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison, we have noticed that Kajabi affiliate marketing management centers lack a few of the features like tier commission and tracking payment procedures.

The bonus point offered by Kartra is that it allows its users to go and pursue second-tier commission.

Moreover, you can easily collect tax forms and activate all kinds of PayPal payments.

According to the experts, they are of this view and a clear belief that the Kajabi platform looks and seems pretty much weak in this section and zone of managing affiliates.

#7: Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

If you want to send and deliver one-time email broadcasts to a bunch of users, then it is advised to use Kartra or Kajabi.

In other words, you can send a single email to the whole list of a targeted and segmented audience of your online business.

There is this email marketing auto-responder feature present in both of these tools and this is their main USP of them.

For the purpose of the email sequence builder and carrying our broadcasts, you can use the Kartra platform or Kajabi tool.

While we are processing with this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison and basic overview, we have come on this judgment that both of these tools excel in this section.

Most importantly, they are composed of active Facebook groups that can carry out your customer support job in the best way and manner.

We can say that on approximate notes that both of these platforms offer extensive knowledge-based support.

For documentation support and also for email-ticket support, these are useful tools for you.

The only edge offered by the Kajabi platform is that it gives and offers a 24/7 live chat support feature and this feature is exclusively lacking and remains absent in the Kartra platform.

Part #3: Differences Between Kajabi And Kartra:

Next, we have this list of differences for you that are linked with Kartra and Kajabi’s tools.

As soon as you are going to move on further sections of this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison, you will get clearer ideas about these platforms:

#1: Video Hosting:

Video Hosting

The very difference comes and arrives in the video hosting part.

Most probably, you may have seen that it is right in Kartra that it has got its own and in-built video hosting feature.

Kartra does not offer unlimited options while hosting videos and this is the major drawback and downside of it.

You may have generally seen that this Kartra platform has placed and put up the restriction on the video bandwidth part.

If using Kartra and you wish to go for an unlimited video hosting feature, then you need to get in touch with some third-party video hosting platform.

This comparison that is about and linked to Kartra vs Kajabi, it also tells us that Kajabi offer and gives out an unlimited range of Wistia hosting, how amazing and cool it is!

For your marketing videos, one can use Kartra. But avoid using this tool for making your marketing courses.

With the utilization of Karta, you can make some of the useful call-to-action buttons and also opt-in forms.

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#2: Help Desk:

Help Desk

Can you imagine how this feature of the help desk is counted and marked as a promising difference in this Kartra vs Kajabi basic comparison?

Here we are going to tell you!

For running and processing customer support services, you have to use features and services like that of Fresh desk and Live Agent.

And here in this piece of writing, this feature of help desk and customer support is present in Kartra only.

Kajabi lack this feature of customer help desk support and this is its main drawback and con side.

However, if your online business has got a small community, then the presence of this feature is not much necessary and important.

As your audience base starts to grow, then it is important to incorporate this help desk feature right there into your online business website.

If you are using this help desk property of Kartra, then note down that are permitted to deploy an extensive amount of customer support.

By doing so, you can satisfy your customer audience reach.

Moreover, in this help desk system, you are offered with features like agent chat support system and too ticketing system.

Besides, you can fully utilize the knowledge-base management system to give more convenience to your audience.

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#3: Community Building Tool:

It is right there on Kajabi that you are permitted to create and make your community.

As an example, if you know how to make a Facebook group, in this same way and manner, you build this community on Kajabi.

In this community, you and your audience can easily interact with each other.

You can share and receive feedback with your customers and the targeted audience.

All in all, the Kajabi platform allows you to make and build up a discussion community.

With the creation of this community, your audience and customers can have access to get feedback and support and also future updates.

You will be sad to know that no such feature and property are present in the Karta platform.

Here you will not see any such community thing as illustrated and explained in this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison.


#4: Online Course Assessments:

Online Course Assessments

The platform of Kajabi is filled up and packed with these online course assessments.

The difference lies in the fact that this exclusive feature is lacking in Kartra.

If you wish to use this online course assessment feature, then keep in mind that you can easily improve and enhance your member engagement part.

Most importantly, with the help of these Kajabi assessments, you can bring up and add more of the valuable and useful course content on your website.

Moreover, you can add up as many quizzes as you can in any of your respective online courses.

Hence, in this Kartra vs Kajabi basic comparison, Kajabi wins in this area.

Through the creation of these quizzes, you can better understand and comprehend the ability of your students or target audience.

#5: Blog Creation:

Blog Creation

For blog creation, it seems and looks impossible with the usage of Kartra. However, this blog creating feature is present and infused in the Kajabi platform.

With the use and incorporation of this feature, you can publish posts and content in any way you want to.

This Kartra vs Kajabi detailing tells and proves us that Kajabi wins in this part.

This blog creation feature permits you to index your web pages and you will be allowed to organize your website posts in any style you want to!

Furthermore, you can set and adjust your blog sidebars.

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#6: Scheduling Calendar Application:

Kartra has got this in-built scheduling calendar application that makes it a winner and victorious in this Kartra vs Kajabi detailed comparison.

This scheduling calendar application allows your clients and customers to book appointments.

Like, if you count yourself as a consultant and you feel like hosting a live event, then make sure to use such kind of simple and user-friendly intuitive calendar tools.

This specific and reviewed Kartra application lets your customers to thoroughly check and schedule their appointments in any manner they want to!


#7: Done For You Campaigns:


In this Kartra case, you are provided and offered with this plug-and-play marketing campaign feature.

In this feature, you are given extensive numbers of tools and assets for the sake of the proper launching of your product.

In Kartra, there is this simple list builder campaign and quick launch campaign and also list-builder sales campaign and digital agency campaign.

However, this feature is lacking in the Kajabi tool.

It is claimed and promised by Kartra that all of the assets are pre-designed and they are compiled up with the help of world-class copies.

There is no need to stop reading over here as this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison has more authentic and enriching details for you.

#8: Campaign and Funnel Share:

The last difference that is entailed in this Kartra vs Kajabi guide is about this campaign and funnel share feature.

Giving you a little bit idea, this feature allows you to publish any of your sales campaigns and you are even allowed to share them across the rest of the platforms.

This feature is present in Kartra and it is currently lacking in Kajabi.

Hence, if you are looking for authentic funnel building services, then this feature should be present in those sets of services.

Part #4: Kartra vs Kajabi Pricing:

If you are still confused regarding the pricing part attached to these Kartra and Kajabi tools, then the below-mentioned details can help you.

We have penned-down this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison for you and this will tell you all of the pricing information entailed in these tools.

Kartra Pricing Plans:


Here we have this basic information for you that is present in the pricing plan structure of Kartra.

You can go on using their starter plan or be part of their platinum plan. We have listed down the four packages details for you.

If you are using this starter plan, then the user has to pay 99 dollars per month.

In this package, you are allowed to send around 1500 emails monthly and also 2500 contracts. You can host two membership sites and one custom domain as well.

If going for the silver plan, then this Kartra vs Kajabi overview tells us that it charges 199 dollars per month.

In this respective package, you are given access to send unlimited emails, unlimited membership sites, and too unlimited video bandwidth.

The gold plan can cost you around and about 299 dollars per month.

In this third package, you can send almost 250,000 emails monthly and five custom domains. The last package and plan is this platinum plan.

It can cost you approximately 400 dollars per month and permits you to send 50,000 emails. Furthermore, you can send 10 custom domains.

Rest you can check out the details of Kartra vs Kajabi overview and basic comparison that shows you the pricing difference possessed by the Kajabi platform.

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Kajabi Pricing and Plans:

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi platform consists and comprises of three basic pricing plans.

Moreover, it is expensive and not so budget-friendly as showed and proven in the details of Kartra vs Kajabi overview.

You can enjoy the 14-day free trial too if using Kajabi. It is all because of the high price that individuals do not prefer to use the services and features of the Kajabi platform.

Talking about their basic plan, it charged 149 dollars monthly. Upon availing of this plan, you can make three products and also 10,000 contacts.

Even more, it makes 1000 members and one website for your business. Coming to the growth plan, it charges and costs you around 199 dollars monthly.

In this plan, users are permitted to sell around 15 products, 15 funnels, and make 25000 contacts.

Then we have this pro plan! Its total cost is around and about 399 dollars per month. This package comes with 100 products and too 100 pipelines.

Hence, this comparison on Kartra vs Kajabi shows and explains to us that Kajabi is expensive as compared to the Kartra platform.

Part #5: Which is the Best? (users opinion)

Which is the Best

So, which is the best and useful platform for you? You can have a look at the users’ opinions and decide!

This comparison can also give you further clearer details in this regard and aspect.

While you are going to go through the details of Kartra vs Kajabi, you can see and notice that both of them are powerful tools.

For hosting your online courses, both of them are marked and identified useful tools for you.

But you need to keep in mind that both of these platforms offer different and specific purposes.

One is a specialized kind of membership site software and the other one a funnel building software.

You can say that the Kajabi platform is a useful platform for making online courses and the Kartra platform is productive and valuable for making funnels.

We hope that through the detailed penned-down and collected in this Kartra vs Kajabi overview.

You may have got a clear understanding concerning which tool is valuable for your respective job.

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Can I Integrate both Kajabi and Kartra?

Coming to the integration part!

A large number of individuals have put forward this query that whether it is possible to integrate and fuse both of these Kartra and Kajabi platforms.

Yes, it is possible to integrate these tools if you have got a membership site. You can freely integrate them without any inconvenience.

On the other hand, this Kartra vs Kajabi overview tells us that there is no need to go for this integration as the Kartra platform offers all kinds of valuable services.

To carry this process, you need to go to My Integrations and look for the membership area that is located in the dropdown zone and simply choose the option of Kajabi.

If you feel like giving your feedback and comments on this Kartra vs Kajabi overview and general comparison, then feel free to do so.

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Kartra vs Kajabi – My Final thoughts!

Our final thought and final verdict on this piece of writing are here collected for you.

We have come to this deciding point that the Kartra platform is a true win-win in this part.

It has got lots of excellent features like video hosting and helpdesk and too scheduling calendars.

Under the detailing part of this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison, you can go on using Kajabi if you are looking for an excellent and reliable membership site platform.

This tool gives you an enriching kind of member area experience.

On the other hand, you can use this Kartra platform if you are seeking to use an all-in-one platform.

This tool can effectively make funnels and market your products.



So, what’s the bottom line? As you have now read out the comparison on Kartra vs Kajabi, you can now decide which tool to go for!

However, both of them are marked and identified as one of the competing marketing tools.

They are great and reliable business management tools.

Furthermore, these tools manage to increase and amplify your customer reach and this is the best thing about them.

Moreover, both of these tools Kartra and Kajabi, make their name in this marketing space on quick notes.

If you feel like using any of these tools, then to take help from this Kartra vs Kajabi comparison guide and sort out your queries and confusions.