Kartra vs Builderall: The REAL Winner? (2020)

You might be wondering who is the real winner in this digital marketing platform, we have two options for you Kartra and Builderall.

Check out this Kartra vs Builderall comparison and get to know who beats whom!

Furthermore, both of these are ideal and recommended software options if you are a digital marketing professional.

They are gaining immense popularity in the last couple of years’ time frame. Moreover, they are made and designed by renowned as well as respectable companies.

Now, you can have a look at this comparison and sort out your queries. And you are going to see who the real winner in this race and intense competition is!

Complete information on Kartra and Builderall is mentioned over here, so jump on the details:

Kartra Overview!


Most importantly, this is the greatest and reliable of all all-in-one platforms that can be used by all digital marketing experts out there.

Furthermore, it makes your marketing job easy and quick. With this tool, you can manage all your marketing tasks seamlessly.

No doubt, this is a handy tool that is manufactured and developed by Genesis Digital, LLC.

They have not only developed Kartra, this same company has also designed and introduced some of the top-of-the-line and high-end webinar hosting tools.

Like, this company has introduced and founded Ever Webinar as well as Webinar Jam tool.

We have seen that this tool is gaining much popularity and at the same time, it is facing fierce competition. In addition, its main competitors are Builderall, Kajabi, and Convertri, and too ClickFunnels.

In this overview section, you are going to get complete details on Kartra. Moreover, we are going to illustrate to you the main features and actual pricing structure of this software.

Thus, you can have this general idea that this tool comes in the form of practical and useful sales funnel builder tool.

It has many interesting features present and embossed in it. Use its features like video hosting, BAM, and others.

Kartra Features:

In this Kartra and Builderall comparison, we will tell you first about the main features of this Kartra tool. It is packed with a useful list of tools and it is a must for you to utilize all of these tools.

No matter you are going to get and avail the cheapest subscription tier of this tool, still you are going to be offered many features. To use the advanced features of this software, you can upgrade your pricing plan.

We can give you a general idea that this Karta software lets you make landing pages, building leads, and helps in organizing your email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, this tool tends to organize your schedule, helps you to upload videos, and permits you to add and infuse lead capture forms.

Besides, with the proper use of Kartra, you can recruit as well as track your affiliates.

It aids you in making webinar funnels each time. Below you can see more of the details on other numerous features that are a part of this tool.

Page Builder and Templates:

Page Builder and Templates

In this Kartra software, you are going to find many page builder features and also interesting templates. This tool promises to make your online marketing strategy stronger and powerful.

If you want to attract more customers for your business, then use this tool and make a catchy page by using its page builder tool.

Most noteworthy, this reviewed tool quickly assists you in making beautiful looking sales pages and gives you the know-how on generating leads.

It has a large number of templates in it, so carefully choose from the gallery side regarding which template ideally suits your business line.

Behavioral Adaptive Marketing:

It is seen that Kartra runs on the behavioral adaptive marketing approach. It is at times known with the name of BAM.

For keeping the proper track of your customers as well as their profiles, this feature can help you immensely.

Moreover, this approach that is inculcated in this tool, it helps you in understanding your audience and you can seamlessly adjust and revise any of your marketing strategies.

It is because of this Kartra tool that you can well mark and know whether visitors have subscribed to your business or not.

Video Hosting Feature:

Video Hosting Feature

Then there is this video hosting feature that makes Kartra software more recognized and popular. To enjoy full and thorough control of your videos, you can use this software.

It helps you in uploading and embedding your videos. Beyond, you can make all sorts of lead capture forms and pop-up ads. 

This tool allows you to add watermarks to your videos and you can even customize the settings of your video player. 

Helpdesk Feature:

No doubt, this software has got the best support and helpdesk team at its end. They are here to help and guide their customers and clients.

Most importantly, their support team caters to all of your imminent needs as well as important inquiries. This team makes sure that all the operations are running smoothly.

Premade Campaigns:

Have you ever used this feature of premade campaigns of Kartra, here you can see and read more of the details of it?

This software is surrounded by a team and experts of the finest marketers. They have Frank Kern which always comes up with exciting marketing campaigns.

If you are a newcomer at the advertising, sales, and marketing side, then you should be seeking benefits from these premade campaigns.

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Kartra Pricing:


If we talk about the basic Kartra pricing package, then keep in mind that it is the Starter plan and it can cost you $99 a month. You can have their Silver plan and its charges are $199 a month.

Or you can avail of their Gold plan, its price is $299 monthly. For those who want to go for the Platinum plan, then its per month charges are $499.

Most importantly, this Platinum Kartra pricing plan is included and packed with 50,000 leads. You will get 10 custom domains and also unlimited pages.

The yearly pricing plan of Kartra allows and permits you to save all up to 25%. It is advised to have their trial version.

Or what you can do is to enjoy getting a 50% Kartra bonus right on sign-up. If this software does not satisfy you, then you can request and ask for a full refund.

If you want to know more about Kartra pricing then make sure to read our complete Kartra pricing guide.

Builderall Overview!


Now, we have this Builderall overview for our readers. This platform has 40,000 users and the number is rising day by day.

It is a successful marketing platform and all professionals belonging to the digital marketing world can use it.

The company that introduced this tool is this eBuisness4us, Inc. It came into being in the year 2008.

You can say that this is an all-inclusive platform and it is accompanied by the right set of marketing tools.

Furthermore, it has a sheer number of properties and features and we promise you that Builderall is not going to disappoint you.

For managing your emails and SMS messages, this is an ideal software option.

Moreover, for managing affiliates and handing webinars, you can utilize Builderall.

If you are struggling to retain the growth phase of your online business, then this software is exclusively made for you. It aids you in managing and promoting your business easily.

In addition, this platform is made for both of the categories of novices and pros. It is seen that this tool is comparatively simple to use and the ideal option for all beginners.

Builderall Features:

You get a limited and minimum number of features when you are going to get the free trial of this tool or be able to subscribe to the cheapest and low-cost package of it.

Here you can explore what the main features of Builderall are!

It is true that all of the features offered by this tool, they truly and genuinely sound good.

It allows you to build your funnels and pages and you can even add membership areas.

Furthermore, this tool aids you in managing your calendar and organizing webinars.

You can make video animations as well. Now, you can see which are those prominent and important features that are a part of this software:

New Cheetah Drag and Drop Builder:

If you have not so far used this New cheetah drag and drop builder, then here on this piece of writing, we will give you proper details about it.

This one is the recently released and introduced feature that you can make use of. It is called the name of Cheetah.

Through this feature, you can modify and revise your page. Furthermore, it does not restrict you and remains to stay intuitive looking.

Canvas Funnel Builder Feature:

Canvas Funnel Builder Feature

This Builderall feature is the most promising of all. Through this option, you are allowed to choose and select right between a dozen different funnel templates.

Furthermore, you are permitted to squeeze and reverse squeeze your templates. You can even make your templates invisible and go for product launching and video sales.

Mailing Boss Feature:

This is the newest and latest Builderall feature that all of you must be trying. Most importantly, this is a big improvement that is made by this software.

It comes in the form of an autoresponder feature and lets you make perfect and best of all sales copies.

Now, there is no need to pay for copywriting services, simply use this feature, and have your task done.

In this feature, you just have to put and inject the most relevant feature and interesting sales copies will be generated by this feature.

A/B Testing Feature:

Moving on, we have this A/B testing feature property that is not officially released by this platform but it is sooner to be coming in this digital marketing world.

This A/B testing feature is to given the name of split testing and this respective feature helps you in understanding and analyzing your audience more and more.

For discovering their preferences, you should use this Builderall feature. In addition, it helps you in comparing and analyzing various marketing assets versions of yours.

Webinar Builder:

For webinar creation, we have seen that individuals prefer using Kartra but now we have another competitor in this regard and it is this Builderall tool.

This software webinar builder feature is useful for all. It is simple to use and helps you in completing your job in less time.

Moreover, there is no need to have the services of a separate webinar, simply sue Builderall and cut down your cost.

Builderall Pricing:

First of all, you can have a free 14-day trial. Or you can go for their Builder plan that can cost and charge you $19.90 a month.

For those who want to opt for their Marketer plan, then its monthly charges will be $29.90. For their Essential plan, the per month price is $49.90.

Besides, for their premium plan, you have to pay and give $69.90 a month.

If you plan to have their free trial, then remember that package is going to lack a few of the important features. So, it is better to avail of their paid plans.

According to most of the experts, individuals should go for a Premium plan, this is the best and suitable option so far for them.

Apart from that, if you want to cancel your Builderall subscription, you can do that as well. You can claim your refund within 30 days when you first bought this tool.

If you are confused about whether to try out Kartra or Builderall, then one should go for Builderall because of its price factor.

This is one of the dominant criteria that make Builderall an attractive choice for all of us.

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Kartra vs Builderall: What Are the Similarities?

There are certain similarities in Kartra and Builderall tools and here you can have a look at them. Both of them are ideal to be used by all starters and beginners.

As these are all-inclusive platforms, for the reason that both of them have managed to revolutionize the digital marketing and online business world!

Furthermore, they offer useful and highly beneficial features all in one and the same place.

For building gorgeous and appealing looking web pages, these are ideal options for you, Kartra and Builderall can matches perfectly with your main needs and requirements.

Both of them are accompanied by a bunch and a massive number of tastefully-designed templates. You can customize and modify them and this is the main similarity between both of these tools.

Lastly, both of these tools are packed with great and easy to use email marketing features. In these platforms, all features and settings are automated.

They do not demand you to do and carry tedious and hard work.

If you have got basic skills, then you can easily use both of these tools. Hence, these are the main set of similarities and common traits that are seen in both Kartra and Builderall software options.


Kartra vs Builderall: What Are the Differences?


There are a few of the differences that make these tools set them apart.

Here you can see the required details:

Kartra Advantages:


It is observed that Kartra software is more professional-looking than that of Builderall. It has the tendency to attract a large number of newcomers in less time.

If you have got a big online business and you want to make it more stable and consistent, then Kartra is the best option for you.

In addition, most of the users have reviewed that the Builderall tool remains to stay buggy.

Though Builderall is a budget-friendly option, still it lacks many features and they are no way half in number as compared to Kartra.

Before you choose any of the Kartra pricing tier options, make sure to check out and read out the full list of features that are a part of it.

You can upgrade your plan if you want to expand and increase the number of your leads and emails.

Most of the Kartra features are quite and immensely unique. Most probably, you may not find such unique features in Builderall.

These unique features are included like video hosting, helpdesk, and also a calendar and event booking tools as well as BAM.

Lastly, their customer support team is truly up to the mark. So, when deciding between Kartra and Builderall, you can give your support to Kartra.

It is observed that this platform is more responsive and its support team manages to respond instantly or you can say in less than a day.

These are the main advantages or you can say general pros that are given by Kartra.

Though the list never ends, we have given you general information and these are the main benefits that truly set this platform apart from other sales funnel builder software options.

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Builderall Advantages:


Discussing the advantages offered by Builderall, we have penned-down for you. Though Kartra wins in most of the situations, still Builderall deserves a little bit of love and credit as well.

To all starters, this is a budget-friendly platform for you. It is much cheaper as compared to Kartra.

Like, if you are getting the premium package of this tool, then its subscription tier cost will just be $69.90 a month.

And when compared with Kartra, then just its starter package price is $99.90 a month. It means that there is a huge difference in the pricing plan structures of these two platforms.

Here in this zone, we have Builderall as a winner because it is super cheap.

This platform is surrounded by so many package options and at the same time, you get a free-of-charge trial version.

The surprise is that there are a few of the features that are seen in Builderall but they are lacking in Kartra.

These features are a blog builder and video animation maker and also photo editor.

Moreover, this software has an e-commerce tool in it that is evidently lacking in Kartra.

Hence, this tool is receiving lots of praise from all marketers. It gives a great number of affiliate commissions and that is the USP of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Is Better, Builderall, or Kartra?

All in all, it is seen that the Kartra tool is a clear cut winner when compared with Builderall. The former option is a winner and its general excel and beat the rest of its competitors.

If you have used both of these options, then you may agree with us that Kartra is better than Builderall.

This same view and opinion are carried by a large number of funnel building experts.

Moreover, this happened specifically during the Pareto Summit when this verdict was given that Kartra is better than Builderall.

However, the Builderall tool is only recommended and suggested by affiliate marketers because it is seen that their affiliate model is quite productive and lucrative.

Should I Switch from Builderall To Kartra?

If you are thinking to switch from Builderall to Kartra, then we can give you a wise decision. If Builderall meets all your demands, then there is no need to make this switch.

But if your tasks are not properly meeting and accomplishing, then do switch to Kartra and enjoy using its advanced features.

Kartra is a comparatively better and ideal all-in-one marketing platform. That is why it gives a more ideal experience than that of Builderall.


So, what’s the bottom line? In this Kartra vs Builderall comparison, we have a clear winner for you!

In most situations, Kartra software beats Builderall. This respective tool is comparatively more durable, useful, and sustainable.

Besides, it is seen that the Builderall tool is more accustomed and prone to the issue of bugging, that is why digital marketing professionals do not feel like using it.

You can share with us your views on whether you use to try out Kartra or Builderall, we welcome your comments and feedback.

Keep in touch with us so that further verdicts on this software can be given to you.

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