Kartra Lifetime Deal: What You SHOULD Know About It?

Here you can know each and everything regarding this Kartra Lifetime Deal. No doubt, this is an interesting deal that you can be availed of.

Furthermore, this is an ideal and reliable deal package that you can utilize for selling your products online in less time.

We are confident that you may become a fan of this deal. Moreover, it is not tough to use and implement on your business line.

With the help of this deal, you can conveniently increase the value and worth of your customer.

Now, you can see the details of this reviewed and respective deal:

What is Kartra?


You might be wondering what is Kartra, here you can know. Before we jump on the details on Kartra Lifetime Deal, you should have basic information on this platform.

Remember that this is an all-in-one marketing platform. This is a great tool that you can use for your online business units.

Moreover, this software came into being in 2018 year and it was introduced by Genesis Digital.

In addition, it helps you in constructing sales funnels. We can give you an idea Kartra guides you in making landing pages, squeeze pages, and also webinars.

It schools you on how to make membership sites, order bumps, upsells as well as downsells.

If you have decided to use the Kartra Diamond package, then we are sure that you will even get the best and expected outcomes.

There is no need to hire expensive developers, you can use this tool or you can try out their Kartra Lifetime Deal and get the needed results.

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Kartra Features:

Kartra Features

One should know about the main features of this platform. Like, so many useful features are right there embedded in it and all of them offer the best and great use.

1. Funnel Template Blueprints:

First of all, this tool’s great feature is this funnel template blueprint category. With the use of it, you can make lead capture funnels and sales page funnels, and also event funnels.

Besides, you can make membership funnels with the exclusive use of it.

If you make a squeeze page funnel, then keep in mind that you are allowed to collect the email address of your audience and then send him with a Thank you page.

Most importantly, if you feel like making complex kinds of sales funnels, then you can try out their 2-step TripWire funnel phase.

In this phase, you are schooled on how to see any of the low ticket front-end products or services.

Hence, each of the funnel types is accompanied by a certain number of free templates in it. You can even be using paid templates.

This is the main feature and benefit that is offered by this Kartra Lifetime Deal.

2. Visual Drag and Drop Editor:

Drop Editor

In this same deal, the user is permitted to use this drag and drop editor feature. As this package has many funnel and page templates in it, for the reason that you should use and try out this deal.

Through this editor feature, you can simply drag the elements of your landing pages with the help of a mouse.

However, this feature does not work in that much flexible manner likewise we have this Instapage’s landing page editor. But still, you will be happy with the results these features are given to its users.

Moreover, this editor feature is easy and intuitive to use. In addition, this Kartra Lifetime Deal editor allows you to select any element of your page.

The best part is that you are allowed to edit the text elements. Apart from that, you can modify and even revise your page element properties.

Hence, we can say that this feature makes sure to keep all components of your pages logically organized.

To use this drag and drop editor, no programming is required and needed. There is no need to learn CSS and HTML.

Just use this editor feature and complete your job.

3. Attractive Page Elements:

Individuals prefer using this Kartra Lifetime Deal because it has many attractive page elements in it. Or you can say that highly useful widgets are part of it.

If you want to design your pages in a flexible and advanced manner, then use this deal and see much-expected outcomes at your end.

In this category, the basic and primary elements that you can use are photos, headlines, and also lots of text and buttons.

You can make input forms and even use video widgets. In this respective deal, there are other advanced and modern elements as well.

Like, you can make surveys and pricing tables. You can conveniently make progress bars and add Facebook comments.

Through this great deal, you can infuse FAQ blocks and create countdown timers. You can say that all of these are the specialized elements like that of Membership elements that make your order page more intuitive.

To customize these elements, you are allowed to do so as well.

Moreover, with the help of this editor sidebar, you can seamlessly change and revise the common properties of these elements like background colors and margins, fonts, and also orientation.

4. Kartra Affiliate Program:

Kartra Affiliate Program

 Now more and more people are using this Kartra Lifetime Deal and one of the main reasons is that it has an affiliate program injected in it.

We have seen that this tool is packed with a legitimate affiliate marketing program. You are allowed to be part of it.

It is right there in this Kartra Lifetime Deal affiliate program that you are paid out 40% recurring commission for every single referral that you will be making.

Furthermore, it gives you a profitable chance to earn a good and handsome amount of money. You are even given 5% 2-tier commissions while making and referring people.

On the other hand, you are given and paid a 40% commission amount while you are involved in promoting any kind of product or service.

Besides, you should use their share funnels feature. In this feature, you can grab and catch up with your share funnel URL.

You can activate this feature by accessing the settings tab that is part of your respective funnels.

The best part of using this shared URL feature is that it is going to function and act in the form of an affiliate link as well.

On this affiliate link, you can get a chance to earn and get a recurring commission if any of the new users end up and keep staying on that link.

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 Kartra Lifetime Deal Pricing:


 Now, here comes the important part and we are going to tell you in this Kartra Lifetime Deal pricing structure.

We have evidently seen that this Kartra platform has evolved and modified its pricing plans with the passage of time.

In the initial days, they had these 3 main pricing tiers and now this plan structure is all merged and infused into 2 separate plans.

If you want to go for the cheapest Kartra plan, then it is exactly 99 dollars a month. In this package, you get complete access to all kinds of funnel creation tools.

But keep in mind that you are only allowed to generate and make 100 pages and 2,500 contacts, and only 15,000 emails. 

Besides, if any of you want to avail and use complete features of this platform, then he or she can upgrade the pricing plan package.

Like, you can have the Kartra diamond plan and the price of this plan 699 dollars a month. In addition, so Kartra coupon codes are so far available for the users.

If you do not want to use this Kartra Lifetime Deal right now, then you can get a general glimpse of this tool by trying their demo trial phase.

This is a 14-day trial period and its price is only 1 dollar. Through this trial phase, you can have a general evaluation regarding how this software runs and work.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Spoiler title

We have noticed that Kartra Lifetime Deal support is comparatively good and satisfactory enough.

Furthermore, they are active in responding and improving a lot in this regard. If you see that they are responding slow, then do not get panic and give them some time to improve in this area.

It is in the live chat box that you can get in touch with their team and they generally use tickets to perform this job.

Moreover, it is in less time than your support requests are answered and replied back.

Do you need your own domain name to launch a sales funnel?

To launch your sales funnel, there is no need to use your own domain name.

You can get the domain name right from Kartra if you are in the process of launching your funnel.

The bonus and plus point of using Karta is that you get your first domain name free of cost.

Does the Kartra Lifetime Deal team have an active and supportive community?

Yes, Kartra is surrounded by a high and immense supportive community. In addition, they are part of the Genesis digital partners group that has turned out to be the fastest-growing group.

Besides, their supportive community is giving more popularity and recognition to this Kartra Lifetime Deal.

Lots of users and customers of this tool are always there to help and guide newcomers to this platform. We can say that this Kartra community group is extremely active and here you can get answers to your questions in less time.

Even more, there are a large number of other Facebook groups that are run and operate by Kartra affiliates.

These groups are too active and supportive and give a handful of information to the newcomers.

What integrations does Kartra offer?

You need to understand that Kartra Lifetime Deal comes and is accompanied by its own email service provider. On the other hand, you can integrate this tool with any of the best and reliable email marketing software options.

For the area of payment gateways, it is seen that this tool can integrate with PayPal and even with Stripe.

You can integrate it with Authorize.net and Infusionsoft. These are the integrations that are offered by Kartra so far.

What is this Funnel Builder Secrets system?

This Funnel Builder secrets system works in a way likewise we have clickfunnels. Like, you can go on opting for a $297 per month Etison Suite plan and sign up with Funnel Hacks and instantly save some of the additional money.

If you go for the $997 package, then you are going to get six months of the Etison Suite plan package and its total value is $1,782. In this plan, some other training course content is included too.

The bonuses that are a part of this plan, they are 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class and its value is $2,997.

You get schooling on Instant Traffic Hacks and its total price is $1,997. Besides, you are given a bonus in the form of Inception Secrets and its value is $1,997.

For SOAP and Seinfeld Email Sequences bonus, its value is $997. This is how we define this Funnel Builder secrets system and this is a general way concerning its operation and function itself each time.

Is Kartra Lifetime Deal a scam?

No, Kartra Lifetime Deal is not a scam. So far, no negative buzz and no negative rumors are heard about this deal.

You can try it as it is a risk-free deal and it guarantees to give you the desired results. In other words, it is genuinely believed that this is a real deal and you should use this great software if you want to enhance your online business profits.

No doubt, this software provides you with amazing affiliate opportunities and that is the catchy part of it.

With the use of this Kartra tool and all related plans to it, you can make and generate 6 and 7 figure income for your business line.

This tool arrives in the form of the number one response hands down tool for creating sales funnels.

What else is Kartra availed and used for?

Apart from creating and making standard sales funnels, it is in lots of unique and creative ways that you can use this tool.

You can make opt-in funnels and generate more and more leads for your business.

It lets you make and properly organize webinar funnels so that you can develop your brand strongly. Furthermore, you can make membership sites with it.

To make your business website content premium, this is the right tool for you.

We can well say that this platform is extremely versatile and it serves you in numerous ways apart from just creating sales funnels.

It is up to the user regarding how he or she explores the Kartra tool because the more you will explore and get immersed in it, the more you can extract the best use of it.

How Can You Make Kartra Work For You? Kartra Lifetime Deal:

 You need to make this deal workable for you. Here you can see how you can make the right use of this Kartra Lifetime Deal.

Firstly, you have to make a product or service that you want to serve your audience. If you do not have any stuff to sell or deliver, then there is no point in using this platform.

The second step is to properly and wholly invest your time, money, and energy into using this tool. Only then you can experience the phase of the value ladder for your online business.

This is the only software that tells you about the process of creating lead magnet funnels and also low-cost tripwire products.

Furthermore, it tells you how to make appropriate upsells and order bumps, and even other kinds of OTOs.

We have seen that this reviewed tool and its Kartra Lifetime Deal, they manage to complement your principal product or service offering.

Before using this platform or availing of any of its plans, you should get a complete and basic understanding of it. This way, this reviewed platform can work up to the standards as desired by you.

Apart from that, if you still have any queries on this deal and the Kartra tool, then you can ask us. More details on these Kartra lifetime deals and packages are coming up, so keep tuned with us.


This is all conclusive information on this Kartra Lifetime Deal. We have come to this verdict that this tool is an ideal sales funnel and marketing funnel builder tool.

It offers ease of use and a high amount of flexibility. Furthermore, this platform can integrate with all kinds of major email providers and also payment providers.

Moreover, it has amazing templates and a suitable onboarding process.

It is highly observed that this software is getting immensely better with each day and with each passed out second.

Just stay tuned with us so that such an informative pack of details can keep on being given to you.

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