Kartra $1 Trial: Get it for 14 Days!

There are a large number of digital marketing and sales full builder tools out there, but one of the ideal options that we have for you is this Kartra software.

Here we are going to discuss and explain to you its Kartra $1 Trial phase. You might be wondering what this all about is, below we have penned-down required information for you.

For all digital marketers, they can precisely and easily use this tool. Furthermore, this is a reliable marketing funnel builder software option.

Moreover, it promises to give much more to its users the way they have never imagined. No doubt, this tool shows the traits and results of efficiency and effectiveness and gives you a boosting number of sales.

Though its pricing plans are affordable, you should try out its trial version too.

Check out the details and see what is so exciting regarding this trial period of Kartra:

The Kartra 14-Day $1 Trial:

Kartra 14-Day $1 Trial

Most importantly, this Kartra $1 Trial lasts for 14 days! This is a good and ideal fit for all those people who wants to start their online business.

To give more sense and edge to your online physical and digital products, you should try this trial phase and then become a regular user of this software.

In addition, all of the pricing plans offered by this software display the qualities of value addition.

Instead of directly opting for Kartra packages, you can have Kartra $1 Trial and see whether this software suits your business dimensions.

Note down that this trial period lasts for exactly 14 days and you just have to give the nominal and minimum fee in this regard.

The fee amount is only 1 dollar!

This trial phase offers you the services of a test run, this way you can have a precise understanding of this software. Besides, this is a single and solo trial version that is offered and displayed by this tool.

According to experts, 14 days are enough to judge and assess the functioning of any sales funnel builder tool. You get to have a plain sight and understanding of this tool when you become part of its trial.

While you select and choose the pricing plans, then a pop-up message will come on your screen hinting at you whether you want to try out the trial phase or not.

If you click and hit on the yes button, then this trial package will be activated. And if you click on the no button, then this trial phase no longer gets activated.

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Why Use Kartra For Your Business?

There are so many reasons that convince and push you to use Kartra regularly, here you can have a look at the details:

To speed and scale your business operations and dimensions, Kartra is a reliable choice for you. This is a great platform that comes in the form of one ecosystem and immensely benefits your business line.

First of all, you can make funnels with it and you can even make attractive looking landing pages.

Furthermore, this platform makes lead capture forms and operates an affiliate management system for you.

Besides, through Kartra, you can function email marketing tools and other automation procedures.

You can create catchy and ideal in form business campaigns for your products and services. To scale your product line on the effective notes, this is a stronger recommendation for you.

If you plan to use this software or its Kartra $1 Trial, then the best experiences will be given to you.

How Much Does Kartra Cost?


This piece is going to tell you how much the Kartra tool cost, it has a varied number of pricing plans and it does offer this Kartra $1 Trial period.

When you sign up for this software, then you can either use its free trial or you can go for any of its four packages and deals.

It depends on your budget which package of Kartra you want to use and avail of. Like, we have this Kartra Starter plan and this package starts from the value of $99/month.

Most importantly, in this package, you are served with 2500 leads and be able to send 15000 emails in a single month.

In this package, the users are given access to most of the useful and productive Kartra features. 

The only drawback of this 99 dollars per month package is that you do not get to enjoy the Agency feature.

Then we have a Kartra Silver plan that costs and charges you $199/month. You can well receive this important detail that this deal helps you in managing around and about 12,500 leads.

Furthermore, you can send and deliver an unlimited number of emails. This respective deal gives you 3 custom domains as well as unlimited access.

You are even permitted to use the Agency feature. Besides, it is this Kartra Gold plan that charges and costs you $299/month.

Most noteworthy, in this package, you can manage and conveniently handle all up to 25,000 leads and you can freely send an unlimited number of emails.

This gold plan deal gives you 5 custom domains and exactly unlimited access to all kinds of features that are a part of this software.

Beyond, the last deal that is associated with this software is this Kartra Platinum plan. It cost you $499/month and here you can manage and function up to 50,000 leads.

Other Services Offered by Kartra Packages:

Apart from trying out this Kartra $1 Trial, there are other services that are offered Kartra paid packages.

Like, you get unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited web page hosting service.

In addition, you are offered unlimited Kartra video hosting and unlimited product selling option. You can make unlimited membership sites and access to the zone of Kartra helpdesk.

We can give you more information on this Kartra agency. For managing your campaigns, you can avail of this feature.

This one is a handy and great feature that comes in the form of a single and centralized dashboard.

So, if you are using Kartra, then make sure to avail of all of its features while opting for its upgraded plan.

Through this agency feature, you can give services to your clients and be able to maintain their accounts on the best notes.

Furthermore, this feature aids you in retaining full and complete control over the client accounts of yours.

This tool features schools you how to produce, create, and send all kinds of in-depth reports to your clients. It keeps your business going on and on and everything is processed smoothly.

Moreover, this feature shows you with analytics and this is an important and instrument feature for the success of your business.

It tells you where improvements need to be made.

Now, you see more of the details on this Kartra $1 Trial.

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Take Advantage Of The Kartra $1 Trial Now:

If you are confused about how to take the best advantage and use of this Kartra $1 Trial, then our suggestions can help you immensely. This is an easy to use deal and it looks incredibly attractive as well.

In addition, you can try it out in just 1 dollar for 14 days. In this trial period, you get access to almost all features of Kartra.

During this trial phase, you can decide and finalize whether this tool will work for your business or not.

On the expiry of this trial phase, you can either leave this tool or you can further sign up yourself to utilize its paid packages.

Most importantly, you have to remember that when you activate this Kartra $1 Trial, it means you are also signing up yourself with their starter package plan.

When this trial gets expired, then the individual will see that he or she is going to automatically move to the started package.

You have to cancel this package if you are not interested in using Kartra software anymore.

It is during the free trial phase that you have to make a cancellation of this proceeding. Or you can contact the support portal of this software and sort out this issue.


Now, you have got enough information on this Kartra $1 Trial. You can make your mind and use this free trial and see how amazingly and productively this software runs.

Moreover, this is a popular platform and all online entrepreneurs should use it for once. Through this trial plan, you can decide which package suits you.

To all beginners and seasoned experts, this is an effective tool for them. For managing your multiple business campaigns, this tool can make your job easy.

This is an interactive marketing platform and all parties and agencies and business professionals can use it.

We are hopeful that this healthy and productive discussion may have convinced you enough to use this Kartra $1 Trial.

Keep tuned with us as more fruitful information and tactics to run and function digital marketing campaigns will be shared with you.

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