How Do You Remove Integrations From Clickfunnels?

When it comes to the integrations in ClickFunnels then you should know that they are very helpful in creating a powerful and strong standalone page on which it allows you to sell your products and help in gaining the customers faster and better.

There are several types of integration that can help you in several ways to gain more traffic and enhance sales with various other features that you can get from just applying a simple yet effective integration on your Funnels.

Types of Integration

Several integrations can help with gaining many features that can eventually help you to have a better funnel and a better setup of your business.

Active Campaign Integration

Its give you with the feasibility of having email marketing, marketing automation, sales and CRM this is mainly used and designed for small and common businesses as you can say that it can be used from new businesses but this campaign is used from larger enterprises.


If you want an autoresponder that can handle your business emails and other connections well hee is an email integration for you this can help you to auto-respond your users that leave emails and other questions you can fill in the details that you want to tell to your user.

Constant Contact

For you all those email campaigns for your business then you should try this Integration that can help you with that.


This is the tool and integration can target all those bloggers or business owners who are looking for more revenue through their blogs.


Well, as the name suggests Facebook this integration tool allows you to get connected with your business Facebook account for further campaigns.

With this, there are several integrations that you can read more about on the main website of ClickFunnels.

How Does Integration Work?

Well, they work in simple yet effective ways to help you gain more traffic and enhancing sales.

They connect you with simple ways through which you can gain more attention towards your Funnel hence aiding you with help and helping you in making your business shine from your competitors.

How to Remove Integration from ClickFunnel?

remove integrations from clickfunnels

If you are want to remove any integration from your ClickFunnel as it has served its purpose then you should stop scouting for a solution to remove any integration because it is quite simple and drastic.

When you log in to your ClickFunnel account then there you would see a tab of integration. From thereafter clicking on that tab you can view all your integrations that you have applied on your Funnel.

With that, if you want to remove you just simply have to click on that integration you want to remove and remove it by clicking the delete button on the page this is simple and easy.


It is simple and easy to install any integration that you want in your Funnel and it is quite simple to reckon how you can remove an integration from your funnel.

By this, it makes it more simple to use ClickFunnel and to use all the integrations that you want.

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