GrooveFunnels vs Kartra: Which Tool Should You Use?

This article will cover all the relevant aspects of GrooveFunnels vs Kartra.

After reading this you will know about both the platforms.

You will also understand what they offer.

Also, about the features, tools, and pricing plans.

So let’s take a quick look.

What is GrooveFunnels? And What Does it Offer?

GrooveFunnels Logo

GrooveFunnels is a platform offering almost all the features used in online marketing.

This platform has various features with the name Groove in them to help you out.

In short, those who need an all-in-one software can opt for GrooveFunnels.

At the time you have Free use GroovePages and GrooveSell. The functions of both will be later discussed in the article.

But for now, let’s consider the fact these tools are worth trying.

Usually, such tools will cost you around $97 a month but with GrooveFunnels you get them for Free.

Apart from these two, there is a whole lot to GrooveFunnels that you need to know.

So, let’s take a look:

GroovePages: Landing Pages and Sales Funnels:


One of the major tools/features of GrooveFunnels is the landing page builder.

GroovePages is usable to build sales funnels and landing pages. Vue.js makes it easy to write software in JavaScript.

You can do coding from the start. GroovePages have three more features landing page, website, and funnel builder.

It gives you the advantage of drag and drops to publish content. You can try it for free in 14 days trial period.

The interface of GrooveFunnels is pretty facile to use. Within a matter of minutes, anyone can build funnels of their own.

Below are a few examples of various pages that you can create with GroovePages.

  • eCommerce pages.
  • Site home pages.
  • Download, thank you, bonus pages.
  • Upsell Pages.
  • Landing pages/lead generation pages.

Moreover, it offers different templates that you can use.

Even though these are in beta mode, yet in the future, they will add more temps.

Pick out any of those templates and change them according to system requirements.

Then click on any text box to add yours or module to change it.

People who have used clickfunnels or LeadPages might be aware of how funnels work.

Or how to get started with the first sales funnels, building it, so on.

GrooveSell: Selling Your Products, Offers, and Services


Not only GrooveFunnels help you with landing pages but sales. With GrooveSell you can boost the selling of your digital products.

Every tool required by a business owner is available here.

Without paying for selling products, GrooveSell is used to create sales funnels.

You only pay when you receive payment from the client.

Pretty much like Shopify, PayKickStart, and GrooveSell is a shopping cart platform.

This affiliate program can be really helpful in selling services and products online.

GrooveSell does not have any other charges that bother you. You can use multiple types of products for selling.

So any of you who want to sell their digital or physical products can opt for GrooveSell.

Whereas some of the tools do require your attention and reading of the documentation.

After this, you will understand their working and features.

Not only GrooveSell is a shopping cart but also offers advanced features.

The following are a few actions that GrooveSell lets you perform.

  • Use card withdrawal and exit pops.
  • Use upsells, downsells, or sell front-end products.
  • Apply bump offers.
  • Integrates with different payment processors like PayPal.

GrooveMail: You Email Marketing Solution


For all your email marketing concerns, GrooveFunnels have the perfect solution.

With GrooveMail you can enjoy all features in one marketing suite.

Being an online marketer, the email list is the prime asset we all may have.

It can break and make our customers, and credibility.

You can also enjoy tagging, automation, and more with the help of GrooveMail.

Today, there are various software offering email marketing included in them.

But the real difference comes from what these tools have to offer.

GrooveMail allows you to use:

  • Broadcast mails
  • Sequence automation

Furthermore, you can also enjoy voice and text SMS broadcasting. It is great to use marketing with emails.

Then for the visitors, there is an option of voice broadcasting.

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More GrooveFunnels Features:

GrooveFunnels Features

After reading about all the tools you can choose between GrooveFunnels vs Kartra.

Once you will know about the functionalities and tools that these platforms offer.

The list of tools does not end here, as GrooveFunnels has a lot more to offer.

For instance, GrooveMemeber can help in creating membership sites.

Here are some more tools of GrooveFunnels that we note down for you.


It is a platform that works on GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

Its management function is used to send information in the area of members.

It gives you the advantage of drag and drops to publish content. You can create multiple accounts that can be both free or paid.

You can even use your themes instead of templates.


GrooveVideo, you get to enjoy Wistia or Vimeo:

  • turns a video into a strong marketing tool in no time
  • allows optimization of videos for lead generation
  • on social media, allows you to publish videos
  • allows automating the whole process

This doesn’t end here, as this tool lets you embed the videos to your website.

With GrooveVideo, you can host and have your very own player controls/skins/autoplay.

Even the process of adding tags prompts, or CTA is pretty facile here.

A further list of features include:

  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveWebinars

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GrooveFunnels Pricing:

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

Now, coming towards the main concern that almost we all have to face.

Sometimes the software has great tools to offer that we immediately want to get our hands-on.

But the minute we check the prices, it completely turns the tables.

Unlike many other such platforms, GrooveFunnels offer the most reasonable pricing plans.

Each of these slight variations in the prices but the tools that they offered are worth it.

Here’s the overview of all those 4 plans:

[table] [tr][th]Packages[/th] [th]Pricing[/th][/tr] [tr][td]Base:[/td] [td]Free![/td][/tr] [tr][td]Silver:[/td] [td]$99[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Gold:[/td] [td]$199[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Platinum:[/td] [td]One-Time Special Offer![/td][/tr] [/table]

GrooveFunnels Base/Free:

GrooveFunnels Base Plan

Every day there are so many newbies trying to enter the digital market but keep on failing.

The reason is not being able to get hands-on even basic marketing tools.

Hence this is where GrooveFunnels jumped into action to save the day.

For now, the base plan is completely free for you all.

It comes with 3 basic features that any beginner will need (i.e: GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and GroovePages.)

Each of these has its functionalities that you surely need in the future.

For instance, you can’t build funnels without a sale funnel builder. So people looking for free tools can pick out this plan.

GrooveFunnels Silver:

GrooveFunnels Silver Plan

If you have earned enough to afford a few more tools then this plan is for you.

For only $99 per month, GrooveFunnels’ Silver plan can be the push you need.

It offers you not only the above-mentioned 3 prime features. But also, GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, and GrooveMember.

If you compare this plan to the rest, consider it the most ideal one.

Especially for the novices who can’t afford to buy such tools.

They can use the plan for their benefit and boost their new businesses.

GrooveFunnels Gold:

GrooveFunnels Gold Plan

Now, here is the 3rd pricing plan; GrooveFunnels Gold plan. This one here costs $199 per month and has a lot to offer.

Starting from features, you get all those from the basic and silver plans.

Apart from that, it also contains GrooveQUiz, GrooveCalnedar, GrooveDesk, GrooveBlog, and GrooveSurvey. 

It is for the freelancers who established their businesses and want to upscale their online marketing.

The Gold plan should be the first choice of freelancers as it merely costs a few dollars.

On the opposite, if you try to buy other similar tools, it may cost you a fortune.

GrooveFunnels Platinum:

GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan

GrooveFunnels, this plan is for you if you want to use its every feature for a lifetime.

You can enjoy all the amazing features by paying $299 per month.

From the features listed above, it has more tools that one can even think of. GrooveKart, GroovePages PRO

GrooveWebinars Automated, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, and GrooveWebinars Live.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime:

GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Plan

Imagine being able to get your hands on a lifetime membership.

You already have read about these amazing features of GrooveFunnels.

People who had used them are well-aware of the worth of each tool.

Hence GrooveFunnels has offered this Platinum plan for those who want it all.

It has divided the payment into three tiers to further make things easier.

You can simply pick for any of these options that best suits you.

  • 12 monthly payments of $188.
  • 6 monthly payments for $288.
  • 3 monthly payments for $497 after 14 days.

Here we would prefer you to opt for the last tier. As it not only helps you in getting the payments clear.

But also there is no burden for you about remaining payments.

But those who face budget issues or have a tight hand can pick for the remaining 2 options.

Those would keep you off any tension for quite some time.

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What is Kartra? and What Does it Offer?


Kartra is a famous marketing platform among GrooveFunnels vs Kartra.

It gives all the necessary marketing tools that you need. It makes your online marketing service easy.

You put just little effort when you use the best marketing tools.

Kartra is a complete package of these tools. If you are new to Kartra, you can have a 14 days trial before you buy its package.

As a freelance marketer, you know all the struggles you faced.

Most of the errors occur when you update data in the database and your customers are not added to the mailing list.

To avoid these issues Kartra introduces many tools which are:

  1. Kartra Checkouts.
  2. Kartra Pages.
  3. Kartra Leads.
  4. Kartra Funnels and campaign.
  5. Kartra Mail.
  6. Kartra Memberships.
  7. Kartra Video.
  8. Kartra Helpdesks.
  9. Kartra Calendars.
  10. Kartra Forms.
  11. Kartra Affiliates.
  12. Kartra Agency.
  13. Kartra Marketplace.
  14. Integrations and API.

These are the amazing features that Kartra offers you to help in marketing among GrooveFunnels vs Kartra.

Moreover, Kartra has its courses to train beginners.

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Katra Features:

These are the most used features in the whole package.

Every online marketer must have these tools to start a new business.


kartra membership area

Karta membership is an amazing portal.

It allows you to share quality content in an organized way.

You can share your content, training material, and courses with customers.

It has a membership portal builder. You can create amazing portals for your marketing sites that attract visitors.

With the help of a portal builder, you design many portals by drag and drop objects.

Kartra has amazing object templates that give your membership portal a professional look.

Landing Pages:

Kartra enables you to create attractive pages with drag and drop. It saves your time and effort that you put into the coding.

Kartra has more than hundreds of templates for landing pages.

You can redesign templates as you want. Text can be written in the form of heading, subheading, title, and a paragraph.

All landing pages are responsive. You can use them on any device. You also add navigation to your pages.

Sales Funnels:

kartra sales funnel builder

In Kartra it is easy to create sales funnels among as compared to GrooveFunnels.

The tools that are used in creating sales funnels are interconnected.

A hierarchal structure is used to guide your visitors. Karta helps you to design a multi-page funnel.

It will change your visitors to leads. Then leads change into your customers.

If you give customers the best services they convert into permanent clients.

Kartra Email Marketing And Automation:

Kartra allows you to design a professional email platform.

You can generate automated emails. Based on your customer’s behavior Kartra turns on the host of automation.

For Example:

Kartra sends an automated message to their customers if they have not seen your mail yet.

It helps you to engage with your customers via emails and messages.  

Even More Kartra Features:

Kartra is launched in 2018 by marketing influencers.

It is best in starting a new business online that’s why many freelancers used it.

It provides you many useful features that help you in growing sales.

Such features are:

1. Kartra Videos:

Videos are the best way to express your ideas and views to the visitors.

You can easily customize the panel on which you upload your videos.

You can set an autoplay option. When one video ends others will start automatically.

You can add your brand watermark in your video so that no one can steal your content.

The video panel is fully responsive. You can play it on all devices.

2. Kartra Affiliates:

Kartra gives affiliate commission to those freelancers who promote their products.

It keeps track of everyone that helps it in product promotion.

The price of the commission depends upon the package freelancers promote.

3. Kartra Forms:

Kartra provides beautiful templates to create form.

You can add multiple stages and create your fields with the help of automation rules.

4. Integrations and API:

If you want to write your code instead of drag and drop then Kartra API will help you.

With the help of API, you can easily run your code on the platform.

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Kartra Pricing:


Kartra also has different packages at different prices.

It has four major packages than:

Here’s an overview:

[table] [tr][th]Packages[/th] [th]Pricing[/th][/tr] [tr][td]Starter:[/td] [td]$99[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Silver:[/td] [td]$199[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Gold:[/td] [td]$299[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Platinum:[/td] [td]$499[/td][/tr] [/table]

1. Starter:

You can get the starter pack at $99 per month.

It includes:

  • 1 custom domain.
  • 2 membership sites.
  • 20 products.
  • Host 100 pages and more than 2,500 leads.

2. Silver:

 You can get the silver pack at $199 per month.

It includes:

  • 3 custom domains
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited products
  • Host unlimited pages and more than 12,500 leads.

3. Gold:

 You can get the gold pack at $299 per month.

It includes:

  • 5 custom domains
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited products
  • Host unlimited pages and more than 25,000 leads.

4. Platinum:

You can get the platinum pack at $499 per month.

It includes:

  • 10 custom domains
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited products
  • Host unlimited pages and more than 50,000 leads.

If you buy any of these packs now you will get a 25% discount.


GrooveFunnels and Kartra both are introduced by the same person.

They have a lot of things in common but GrooveFunnels is better.

If you see the pricing schemes of GooveFunnels and Kartra you can conclude that Groove is best here as well.

GrooveFunnels gives you the facility to buy the whole pack at once or in portions.

There is also more number of tools in GrooveFunnels than it is in Kartra.

Groove is still working on its tools to generate better results. Groove does not launch all the products that they mention.

But Kartra gives every product that they mention.

Now: GrooveFunnels and Karta have the same position in the market. But if Groove launches all its product. Then GrooveFunnels will become the best sales funnel option among the other sales funnel builders.

Use GrooveFunnels If:

  • You want free access to GroovePages and GrooveSell.
  • You want a lifetime deal with all features.
  • You do not want to pay monthly payments.
  • You have an interest in using all GrooveFunnels features.

Use Kartra If:

  • You want to use a sales funnel that is simple.
  • You want to use a trusted marketing software.
  • You can not wait for the launch of GrooveFunnels upcoming tool.

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