GrooveFunnels vs Kajabi: Which One is the Best?

Let us have a look at this GrooveFunnels vs Kajabi comparison and see which among them is ideal and best for you!

We have collected authentic information for you.

If you are looking for some authentic sales funnel builder tools, then we are quite confident that you will love both of these options.

In addition, these are all-in-one digital platforms and they make your online business a true success.

If you have used both of these options, then pen down to us your comments.

Though both of them work ideally, in the end, you are going to see a clear winner in this regard:

GrooveFunnels Overview:


The former and previous name of this platform was GrooveApps. This is an all-in-one platform and it is suitable for all digital marketing pros and experts.

Furthermore, this software was developed by Mile Filsaime and the brand behind this software is named and titled GrooveDigital.

Besides, this platform and the respective tool was initially started in the form of a page builder. This page builder was given the name of GroovePages. 

And then, later on, this software becomes a full-fledged and complete all in one digital marketing platform.

You should know that this tool became official at the time of October 2020.

You might be wondering what the use of GrooveFunnels, we are going to tell you. One can use this platform for creating landing pages and sales pages.

This software is ideally used for making funnels and websites and also all kinds of digital product funnels.

No doubt, this is an ideal choice for carrying out and processing email marketing as well as to organize webinars and video hosting job.

We can give you a little information on the features and tools that are a part of this software, they are GrooveSell and GroovePages and GrooveAffiliate and GrooveBlog.

You can say that this is the fastest-growing marketing platform that is presently available and it is expected and all desired it will get the number of spots by the time of 2023.

To know more about GrooveFunnels and Kajabi’s comparison, keep tuned with us.

Features of GrooveFunnels:

GrooveFunnels Features

GroovePages Website Builder:

The first feature that makes this platform so much recognizable is this GroovePages website builder. Through this feature, you can make and create your own websites.

In addition, you can produce your pages and there is this GroovePages App, it means you can utilize this feature in the best way.

For the information, in this feature, you can input options for the sake of making checkouts. You are allowed to access these 1-click upsells.

Then you can customize your pre-made templates and even all themes that you have selected for your online business.

This is a great feature as it helps you in developing a variety of sales funnels and you can integrate several tools and apps on this platform.

You can avail of this feature for getting and receiving an SSL certificate and this way, you can keep your website all safe and secured from any of the cybersecurity threats.

GrooveSell Sales Tool:


Now, with the help of this tool, you can organize and manage any of your shopping cart functionalities.

If you want to insert and inject any kind of payment method into your website, then try this exclusive feature of GrooveFunnels.

In addition, it helps you in monitoring data on all based on your revenue and also sales.

You can use this feature to gain and receive access to a range and an extensive number of transaction reports.

For adding vouchers and discount codes and for the sake of adding recurring payments and even upsells, this feature should be used.


The next promising feature of this GrooveFunnels platform is this GrooveAffiliate.

Most importantly, this feature helps to develop all kinds of affiliate programs.

Through this subject feature, you can make money and you can attract a large number of customers daily.



This feature of GrooveMail is highly and immensely used by the users of GrooveFunnels.

Now, with the use of this feature, you can well succeed and make your name in the area of email marketing.

Furthermore, it aids you in reaching your customers and audience line in less time.

It has these sub-features that you should try and they are Get response and Send Lane and also Aweber.


GrooveBlog feature is another critically important feature of this GrooveFunnels platform. If you lobe blogging, then you should use this feature for sure.

Moreover, it helps and educates you on making marketing blogs. It makes your job easy when it comes to publishing content about your launched products and services.

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GrooveFunnels Price:

GrooveFunnels Pricing

Now, you can see the details that how much these GrooveFunnels cost, below we have mentioned the details:

If you are going for their Base plan, then keep in mind that it is free to use. You only have to sign up for this base plan and then you can enjoy the services and features of this software.

Most noteworthy, this base plan makes a Lite account of yours. This package is included with all of the important features that you need!

You should know that this platform is right now in its pre-launching phase and once it is fully launched, then more of the features and services will be offered by it.

GrooveFunnel Lite Free Version:

Those who like to go for this free version should know that it helps you in making free of cost sales pages. You can make branded websites and integrate any of your own custom domain names.

Even more, in this Lite free version, you can sell your products and be permitted to integrate upsells and even downsells.

The user can order bumps and you are schooled on how to create a powerful looking affiliate program.

This package comes with 2 project sites and 3 funnels and also 3 custom domains. You should sign up for this free account so that you can see how great this tool works!

In the time of 2020, we have seen the launch of GrooveMember and Groove Video, and even GrooveBlog.

And in this upcoming year of 2012, you are going to see the official launch of GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal:

Get This Limited GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal

Talking about their lifetime deal, this is the best of all. This deal is linked and connected to the platinum program.

Its initial price was 1397 dollars and other payment plans are also available.

In this lifetime deal, you just have to make payment for once and no monthly payments have to be made by you.

If you get any questions on GrooveFunnels and Kajabi’s comparison anytime, then feel free to ask from us.

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Kajabi Overview:


Now, we are going to move this discussion to the Kajabi tool overview and here you are going to get complete details on this tool.

Most importantly, this software was founded and laid down by Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter.

They launched this platform back in the time of 2010 and it works almost in a similar like we have GrooveFunnels.

Moreover, this is an all in one platform and it is great for all people who are linked to marketing world platforms.

This one is robust and one of the popular platforms that you should be using.

So far, it has got tons and tons of customers at its end and this software is so far-reaching to the sky limits success.

When it comes to making expectations from this Kajabi tool, then keep in mind that it allows you to make and develop your own websites.

You are allowed to process payments and manage all of your email marketing tasks.

Furthermore, this tool manages analytics functions for you and it aids you in developing sales pages.

You can even make sales pipelines and customize them any time you want to. This Kajabi tool is great for registering and monitoring all of the customer data and also their behaviors.

There is this surprising fact for you that this software has so far and more than 50,000 users in around and about 120 countries.

Kajabi Features:

Kajabi Features

You have got this basic information on Kajabi, now is the time to see and have a look at the details on its features.

And if you have any confusion and ambiguity on GrooveFunnels and Kajabi comparison, then ask from our team.

Website Builder:

The first feature that carries much significance and importance for this Kajabi tool is its website builder feature.

Now, with the help of this exclusive platform, you can make catchy websites.

It has this drag-and-drop functionality that can help you immensely and professional in making desired and great websites. 

Moreover, it is through this feature that you are given full control and you make some great changes in its layout and also in its appearance.

To use this tool, you do not have to learn any code or you do not have to use any of the HTML languages.

As Kajabi is a great and ideal website building tool, that is why we have suggested it to you1 It is simple to use.

It helps you in setting up your course pages and you can perform all of these functions just by using a single dashboard.

Social Capability- Helps in Growing Your Community:

We have seen that this Kajabi tool helps you excessively and ideally in growing your community.

If you have an online business and you feel that it has a limited community, then you can use Kartra and start to grow your community and audience.

Through this feature, you can a loyal and dedicated audience. Furthermore, these tools allow you to create some of the most amazing email marketing campaigns.

You can gather as well as store all of your visitors’ data and be able to smartly and intelligently segment your custom audience list in less time.

Integrated Sales Process:

It is always noticed that Kajabi software comes with an integrated sales process. It aids you in processing payments seamlessly.

This is an essential and critical component that makes this tool so much popular. When you are going to integrate these sales processes, then keep in mind that you do not have to pay any of the transaction fees in this regard.

You can make sales pipelines with the use of this feature and apart from that, it will be easy for you quickly and instantly add your checkout pages.

This feature makes it all convenient for you to change and revise your payment gateways and you are allowed to develop sales coupons.

We all know that the Kajabi tool has been in this business since the time of 2010 and till now, it is just gaining success, high growth rate and numbers, and lots of popularity.

This tool has so far got and received one of the most humble beginnings and it promises to give you a successful online business.

Most important, it is this Kajabi’s mission to empower all of the entrepreneurs, experts as well as influencers so that they can start to take their online business seriously.

Furthermore, this is the tool that is praised and loved by lots of influencers like we have Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, and also Brendon Burchard.

In this platform, you can read and check out lots of superstar testimonials that give you this assurance that how great and ideal this tool is!

Kajabi Price:

Kajabi Price

If you are running a business and you wish to use the Kajabi tool, then make sure to receive an understanding of this software.

Here we have broken down this information for you and you can get an idea regarding how much is the exact and actual price of this software.

If you go for their annual pricing plan, then you can save around and about 205 in this category. Or you can have their monthly plan that starts from the state of 149 dollars a month.

Some of the users like to go for their growth plan and this package starts from 199 dollars monthly.

As you can use this tool for making the best and professional courses, for the reason this is an ideal suggestion for you.

This tool can same be utilized for creating memberships at your end. It is through Kajabi that making and building websites have become so easy.

Moreover, this platform has attractive and creative page templates in it. You can customize and create some sparkling and professional landing pages for your business.

This tool allows you to upload any of your custom fonts and you can make and go for pursuing unlimited customizations.

Kajabi Base Plan:

For the information, if you are deciding to go with their base plan, then below you see more of the details on it.

This base plan works every month and it is pursued by a large number of individuals.

The total price of this base plan is 149 dollars a month and in this package, you will get 3 products and 3 funnels.

You can make an unlimited number and quantity of landing pages and all sorts of marketing emails.

When it comes to making marketing emails, then you are given an unlimited number as well.

This same package gives you 10,000 contacts and you can make 1000 active members with the help of it.

Along with that, you can create one website and one admin user.

Kajabi Growth Plan:

Those who are showing interest to use their growth plan, then keep in mind that this package has a price of 199 dollars a month.

In this respective package, you can sell 15 products.

This package gives you this opportunity to make 15 funnels and create an unlimited scale of landing pages.

For sending unlimited marketing emails and make 25000 contacts, you can use this software. It helps and quickly aids you in making 1 website, 10,000 active members, and you are offered 24/7 chat customer support services.

This package is all packed with advanced automation and you can run your affiliate program on it.

You should know that this tool has an active group and a stronger community on Facebook.

So, whenever you have in your mind any query on this tool, then you can join this community and sort out your confusion.

With this comparison of GrooveFunnels and Kajabi, we are sure that most of your questions and the possible number of confusions are now sorted out.

You can see more of the details from the below-mentioned part of this post and then let us know whether you go for Kajabi or GrooveFunnels.

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GrooveFunnels vs Kajabi: Pros and Cons

In this section, we are going to tell you the main pros and cons of information on these options.

If you are confused about which one to go for, GrooveFunnels or Kajabi, then these pros and cons can help you in making a decision:

Kajabi Pros:


Firstly, you can see the list of pros that are offered by Kajabi software. This exclusive tool actually and genuinely shines in the area of the membership building zone.

Furthermore, it helps you how to make excellent and professional courses. This software is packed with lots of interesting and useful tutorials.

With the help of these tutorials, you can easily set up this software in less time.

The unique selling point of Kajabi is that it provides you with this chat support service.

This support service offer for 24/7 time frame and their team can quickly and instantly guide you on how to better use this platform.

Hence, this is the tool that guarantees to handover your online business super growth and longevity and also a solid number of profits.

Kajabi Cons:


When choosing GrooveFunnels or Kajabi, then keep in mind that there are certain cons present in it.

There are a few of the limitations that are associated with this software.

Like, its cart checkout process is somewhat lackluster looking. Their email system is not up to the mark and so far users are complaining and not so happy with their email system and also cart checkout process.

This is an expensive tool for you, though this is an all in one and exclusive marketing platform, still it is not budget-friendly.

If you want to use the affiliate program of this software, then you can only avail of this option if you hit on the growth plan that costs you 199 dollars a month.

The last drawback of using Kajabi is that you only get 10,000 contacts when you choose and opt for their base plan.

To have their trial period, it just lasts for 14 days and this is another major and main drawback of this software

This trial period is extremely minimum and little and in this duration, users cannot get a proper understanding of this tool.


GrooveFunnels Pros:


Talking about the main pros of GrooveFunnels, here you can check out that.

The list is below-mentioned for you and we are sure that you will also get agreed with these pros and advantages of GrooveFunnels that we have mentioned to you:

To start off with this tool, it is free of cost, rest you try out its lifetime deal that is highly recommended by the experts.

In the free plan, you will get 3 funnels and 3 custom domains, and too 3 project sites and that is the catchy trait of this free plan.

When you register for the base plan, then you can enjoy the services of GrooveAffiliate. Through this GrooveAffiliate, you can manage and well recruit your affiliate marketers,

Keep in mind that this service works hand in hand with GrooveSell.

The cart system of this platform works on excellent notes. In addition, it works in a way like we have Thrivecart and Samcart.

It GroovePages is quite easy to use and with the use of it, you can make and build pages speedily.

All in all, we have seen that with the regular use of GrooveFunnels, you will see that your experience of using wireframes and block options as well as templates and other elements are going to become enjoyable.

And the catchy and highlighting part of this software is that it offers you this lifetime deal option.

To seriously and quickly grow your business, this platform has many features like Groovekart, GrooveVideo and Groovewebinars, Groovemail, and also GrooveQuiz, GrooveSurvey.

GrooveFunnels Cons:


Here you can see the drawbacks of this platform. Though this is a great and ideal tool, it is accompanied by a few of the bad sides as well. 

You can have a look at the required details and get an understanding of which zones and categories this software should improve.

In the near time, this tool will remove these cons and drawbacks, and hopefully, this software is going to become perfect on ideal notes.

This software is in its beta phase, that is why improvements and upgradations are taking place.

There may happen that you face some issues, glitches, and technical problems.

So, remain patient when you use GrooveFunnels.

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GrooveFunnels vs Kajabi: The Winner?

What have you decided now?

GrooveFunnels or Kajabi, you can share with us your decision.

Furthermore, this decision is quite hard and tough to make. As both of these tools have great features in them, that is why this is a hard and one of the difficult calls to make.

You can keep in mind your business line type and then you can easily decide which software suits you.

In addition, most people like to go for GrooveFunnels because it has more advanced properties in it.

Though it is in its upgradation stage, this platform is working and operating fine. This option is quite safe to use and it promises to give you many benefits that are lucrative for your business line.

The rest of the decision is on your side, you can let us know whether you want to go for Kajabi or you are interested in using GrooveFunnels.

Make sure to not make the wrong choice and go for the best decision.

We have mentioned to you the important features of both of these software options, and you have also come to know about their pricing factor, the choice is up to you to go which of the tool versions.

The Winner: GrooveFunnels 👑

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This is all we have and collect the stats on GrooveFunnels vs Kajabi comparison. If you have questions on this in-depth comparison, you can ask us.

Moreover, we are going to share more comparison guides on this web page, so keep tuned with us.

In addition, if you have experienced the use of these tools and you love any one of them, then pen down to us your verdict about them.

Keep in touch, together we will drive and extract more informative details on these kinds of concepts.

If you would like to know the comparison information on other sales funnel builder tools, then let us know.