Best GrooveFunnels Alternatives to Try in 2020

You might be wondering which the possible one GrooveFunnels Alternatives are, here you can check out the complete details.

For growing your business on an online basis, you cannot only use GrooveFunnels; even you can make the ideal use of these alternatives.

Moreover, this respective platform and all of these alternatives have to manage and assist more than 70,000 entrepreneurs.

These platforms help you in making high-converting sales funnels. It is time to become a millionaire and try out these software options.

No doubt, these are great options for systematically growing and improving your online business units.

First of all, we will give you this general piece of information and then we are going to move this piece of writing to alternatives:

What is GrooveFunnels?


It is evidently seen and noticed that GrooveFunnels is marked and identified as an all-in-one tool. It helps you in building sales funnels, landing pages, and also all kinds of websites to sell products and services online. 

Though this is a new and recently introduced tool, we have seen that it is making immense progress. You can use its beneficial features like that of GrooveMail and Groovesell as well as GroovePages to see the ideal results.

You need to know that Mike Filsaime is the CEO and founder of GrooveDigital and he is the same person who introduced and founded this GrooveFunnels. 

This man is the leader and one of the highly expert professionals in this online marketing world. The founder of this platform is by profession a consultant and also an author and a speaker and software developer.

If you feel like putting any of the questions on GrooveFunnels Alternatives, then feel free to ask from us.

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What are the Features of GrooveFunnels?

Before we jump and start our discussion on these GrooveFunnels Alternatives, you should know what the main features of this recommended and highly popular platform are:

In this platform, you can see a wide and extensive number of a suite of tools. Furthermore, this is the best tool for all sorts of digital marketers.

Here you can have a look at this quick overview and get to know what this platform can offer you.

Like, it has these GroovePages and with the use of this feature, you can build all kinds of landing pages and sales funnels.

Rest, it has this GrooveSell feature that manages to give complete and thorough access to these GrooveFunnels payment gateways.

With the help of its GrooveFunnel’s affiliate program, you can receive and get 20% recurring commissions and through the assistance of its GrooveFunnel’s email marketing solution, you can tag subscribers and be able to automate sequences.

Furthermore, we have a GrooveMember feature that helps you in making and creating membership sites. This feature arrives in the form of a content management system.

Through this GrooveVideo tool, you can host all sorts of video content on all of the landing pages. And with the usage of email leads, you can collect, organize, as well as contact email leads. 

Best GrooveFunnels Alternatives:

1. Kartra:


If you feel like using Kartra software, then just go ahead as it is one of the suitable and recommended GrooveFunnels Alternatives.

Most importantly, this is an All-in-one marketing sales tool for all kinds of online businesses.

It consists and comprises of Drag and drop page builder and comes with these Pre-designed page templates. If you want to speed up your design game, then try this software.

This software is further accompanied by this built-in email marketing automation tool and greatly helps you in managing your membership sites.

Moreover, this sales funnel builder comes and fuses with an extensive number of automation series.

All advanced integration set-up lines are offered by it and it runs on the advanced analytics mode.

In addition, Karta has all the features and strengths that should be present in any sales funnel builder tool.

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2. ClickFunnels:


One can get their hands on ClickFunnels if you think that GrooveFunnels is not meeting your expectations. As mentioned in the list of GrooveFunnels Alternatives, this is a reliable choice for you.

It is a suitable platform where you can sell your digital and physical products. Furthermore, it supports the selling of informational products, affiliates, and also blogging products.

You can sell your coaching services, online courses, and even e-commerce, services on this platform. It is injected with this drag and drop builder and with the right use of it, you can make amazing sales funnels.

If by profession you are one of the course creators or tutors, then you are going to see the induction of a built-in membership site in this software. This way, you witness the best of all learning environments.

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3. Teachable:


The other alternatives attached and linked to this list, there are many and here we are going to review for you this Teachable platform. This is one of the suggested GrooveFunnels Alternatives and you can freely make use of it.

It is all because of its building blocks that you get into the position to make attractive and appealing sales pages.

In addition, it lets you make testimonials and curriculum and also featured courses and bundled courses.

Through the use of its sales page feature, you are permitted to do customization. There is a flexible billing option present in it.

No doubt, this tool is worthy to be used by you. You can pre-sell your courses on it and it is its advanced learning features that make this alternative the most suggested of all.

As this is an online course platform, that is why the phase of learning will come out to be enjoyable for both teachers and students!

4. Thinkific:


This is a flexible looking one sale funnel builder tool and you can make it as one of the experts recommended GrooveFunnels Alternatives.

It comprises and consists of a drag-and-drop editor and with this feature, you can freely customize as well as brand your website. 

Moreover, it has these library templates that can help and educate you in designing your course site in the simplest and hassle-free manner.

Apart from that, for branding purposes, you can use this software.

It is seen that setting up and building your courses, has become a piece of cake because tools like Thinkific have now arrived in the market.

For the proper running of your courses, you need to use and avail of the other functionalities that are offered by this tool. You are allowed to drip schedule content, and it allows and permits multiple instructors.

It offers you the most professional affiliate system so that you can promote your course and be able to earn a commission on a per-sale basis.

5. Samcart:


This is the kind of software that allows you to sell and market an unlimited number of products. How cool and amazing it is!

It is one of those GrooveFunnels Alternatives that are always worth mentioning of and we are sure, this software will bring a smile to your face as it works great.

One of the major features that are offered by this software is this A/B split testing.

In other words, you can split test your chosen and selected templates and other elements and then see how this conversion rate is going to work.

Through this tool, you can deliver flexible and easy to follow pricing options to your customers. Moreover, it is infused with this advanced subscription pricing model.

You can have this free trial or go for the monthly subscription.

6. Simvoly:


Most importantly, this is a drag-and-drop website builder and also online course builder platform that is gaining extreme popularity these days.

It gives you the opportunity to work and run around and about 50 beautiful themes. Even for your online course selling job, you can use this tool.

Keep in mind that all of the themes and templates that are a part of this tool, are optimized, customized, and responsive.

Furthermore, these kinds of GrooveFunnels Alternatives are always preferred by the user. For customizing your content, you can use its drag and drop editor.

If you feel like and wishing to become a part of the eCommerce world, then use such software options and alternatives!

The cheapest package that is linked to this tool is 12 dollars a month and here you are going to get 1 website and funnel and also 20 pages.

In this same package, you will get 10 GB of traffic and much more. If you want to get the package that cost and charge around $149 per month, then you can enjoy all advanced features and even be provided with unlimited funnels and pages.


The next alternative to GrooveFunnels, we have this for you. If you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs, then try using these platforms.

In addition, these sorts of GrooveFunnels Alternatives give you much-expected results and outcomes. For managing your online business professionally and speedily, this is an ideal option.

It comprises and is composed of an intuitive drag and drops page builder feature that does not need any programming skill from your side.

For making your pages functional looking, this is the right choice for you.

It educates you in making splendid landing pages and this way you can speedily attract more and more customers. 

Along with that, it is embedded with this affiliate program feature to attract more customers. It offers 3 packages and they are start-up packages, webinar package, and enterprise package.

Those who want to go with the $27 per month package, then keep in mind that it is going to supports up to 5,000 subscribers as well as 3 sites.

And if you want to prefer using the upgraded package, then in that plan, you will get 15k subscribers and 5 custom domains.

8. Kajabi:


For selling only digital products of yours, this Kajabi software can be used by you. We know that there is a countless number of GrooveFunnels Alternatives and we mentioned to you the details of a few of the alternatives.

But you can trust us, Kajabi tool will not let you down. When we say that you can only sell and market your digital products on this platform, then we mean to say that you can sell gated content and all kinds of online courses and subscriptions over here.

Moreover, you can sell your membership sites on it. It has many templates in it, you just have to pick them and customize them in your desired manner.

In addition, you can integrate this tool with any of your preferred email autoresponder. It helps you in creating and making a visually attractive email and you can simply do that by adding videos, images, and also countdown timers.

Besides, this tool allows you to have a preview of your email before sending it to the desired customer of yours. It is its marketing automation that is included with features like tagging and segmentation.

You can integrate Kajabi with Stripe and PayPal. And if you are using Zapier integration, then you are given and provided access to hundreds and thousands of other popular apps.

9. Thrivecart:


This Thrivecart platform is another appropriate choice and option that we have selected for you. This software has an easy to use platform and it is extremely simple looking in terms of its operations.

Its features run with simplicity and that is the best part of Thrivecart. For selling products online, this is a handy alternative. 

It has got a simple cart page and this page instantly helps you to make a wide number of conversions. If you think that it is not possible to look for proper GrooveFunnels Alternatives, then simply jump on this solution/

Moreover, it quickly tells you how to make simple and high converting sales funnels. Its funnels are easy to customize and it even offers you one-click upsells and also order bumps.

Its only drawback is that it does not come and is packed with a built-in email automation tool. But its best and the ideal feature is that it has got this sales tax calculator.

With the help of this calculator, you can automatically calculate a precise and accurate tax range based on your location and also on your product type, and other factors.

10. Shopify:


This software helps you in making online stores and it is widely popular among the audience who is linked to the platform of eCommerce.

For setting up and introducing an e-commerce store, this is the recommended choice for you. In addition, such kind of GrooveFunnels Alternatives is surrounded by a library of e-commerce store templates and themes.

You are allowed to link and connect your custom domain name right to the store. Along with that, you are given access to all of the free stock photos so that you can further beautify your store.

It gives you flexible selling options and educates you in making customized as well as branded stores. Besides, it gives you lots of creative and unique options for selling any of your products.

You can even embed and inject a buy button right there on your existing site so that your audience can get turned into customers. If you have an existing site and you want to embed your product over there, then use Shopify software.

It allows powerful checkout processing and its team of experts and developers are constantly making this tool better with each passing day.

We have seen that Shopify checkouts are always fast and too highly converting. The catchy part about these checkout procedures is that they support multiple numbers of payment gateways.

Lastly, this suggested alternative runs on the advanced marketing solution, It helps you to generate and make more sales instead of using traditional and average store builders.

This is a great tool that optimizes your store and gets to fully integrate with the third-party apps.

It consists of a built-in email marketing automation tool for the sake of managing, creating, and launching your store campaigns.

These are the GrooveFunnels Alternatives that you can try out.

And no doubt Shopify is one of them! If you have used this Shopify tool and your experience was great and healthy enough, then you can forward your comments and reviews to us.


This is all conclusive and clear-cut information we have on these GrooveFunnels Alternatives. We ensure that these alternatives will work for you and in the near time, more choices are going to come.

It is true and sees that lots of sales funnel builder tools are launching and getting introduced and people are getting more and more choices and range of options at their end.

What you can do is to use GrooveFunnels and these alternatives on a side by side notes as well.

So, keep tuned with us and if you have already tried out these alternatives and also this platform of GrooveFunnels, then share your feedback with us.

You can convey these details to your friends and colleagues as well and let us know about their feedback.

Keep tuned and connected over here.

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