Go High Level Pricing Plans In – 2021

Go High Level is a CRM that helps online businesses to attract an audience.

And as we all know, the audience plays an important role in the success of any business.

It means knowing Go High Level is important for you. If you run an online business or sell services.

So do not ignore any of the information and stick to the article. Until you read the article.

So without any further due, let’s start the discussion, shall we?

What Is Go High Level?

Go High Level

It is a new-age marketing tool that contains all the tools you need to promote business.

In simple words, Go High Level is a CRM – Customer Relationship Management.

From the name, you can define its functionality. Go High Level helps you to attract new customers.

It works the same as the Clikcfunnels. Because it also generates an organic audience through the funnels.

But the reason why we are discussing Go High Level pricing plans is that. It is more efficient and available at reasonable prices.

So if you are thinking that your business is not growing.

And you are going into a loss due to low sales rates. Then you should try this amazing all-in-one tool.

We assure you that, by using Go High Level you will not need any other tool to grow your business.

But there are some exceptional cases where you might need more than one marketing tool.

As not all digital marketing tools are perfect. Otherwise, in normal business scenarios, Go High Level provides the best services.

Furthermore, almost all the customers give good reviews to Go High Level which means it is a legit product.

And you should give it a try without wasting any of your time.

But before you do that, let’s have a look at all the features that Go High Level pricing plans provide.

So that you can easily see. Whether this all-in-one marketing tool fulfills all your requirements or not.

Features Of Go High Level:

Features Of Go High Level

The reason why Go High Level is famous in the market is its features. It provides better facilities than the other marketing tools.

So have a look at what these features are? And how they are better than other tools?

1. Insights:

The first and amazing feature of Go High Level is that it provides insights.

Through which you can monitor the performance of your website or business.

Having access to insights is important for every business. Because it is the only way to see whether your marketing strategy work or not.

As insights contain the complete information about the process.

It Includes!

  • How many visitors does your website have?
  • How many people buy your services?
  • The percentage of people that only visit your services and do not buy them.
  • Whether your sales rank is increasing or decreasing and much more.

Amazing isn’t it?

Yes, it is amazing, because it is rare that marketing tools provide the services and analysis at the same time.

Having access to the insights can be beneficial for you or your business. So do not ignore this feature.

2. Dashboard:


The second factor that makes Go High Level better is its dashboard. Because it comes with a minimalistic interface.

It means people who do not have much knowledge about CRM can easily use it.

Also, through the dashboard, it becomes easy to access the different features.

And it adds more functionality to any marketing tool. Now, the first thing that you should do.

After accessing the dashboard is to connect your Twilio account.

Because Go High Level uses Twilio as the backend service provider. So that it can have the calling and text messaging features.

And by connecting your account you can add your agency information. Including your member’s details and client’s information.

Want to know the best part?

Go High Level uses Google My Business listing. It means by typing just the name. You will get every single detail in seconds.

And you can manually add any information at any time.

After this, you should add the Mailgun API. Because it helps you to send emails.

You can see the Mailgun tutorials to know how to integrate it properly. The amazing feature of Mailgun is the built-in email validation.

Due to this feature, you can maintain a list of clients. And improve the email delivery time. After that, add your phone number to complete the setup.

Once you complete the setup you can start to use this software. Remember that without a complete setup you can access all the features.

Also, through the dashboard, you can see the insights.

Therefore properly use your Go high level dashboard and handle all features.

3. Outbound Calling:

Go High Level can handle all your outbound activities. Including voice calls, text messages, emails, and much more.

First, set up a time window, So that all your marketing messages can go in a specific time.

This feature will help to make sure that none of your customers is receiving the message at night. 

After this, set up the members of your agency.

Do you want to know more?

This tool comes with an amazing feature which is known as Next Campaign.

It helps to divide the customers of this campaign into different ones.

To make sure, if your current campaign is not producing good results.

You can take benefits from other ones. Furthermore, here is the list of elements that you can add to any campaign.

  • Webhook.
  • SMS.
  • Call.
  • Email.
  • Manual Call.
  • Wait.
  • Messenger text.
  • Manual SMS.
  • Voicemail.

Furthermore, this is a feature called Stop On Response. With the help of this feature, you can terminate the current process.

So Use It Carefully.

4. Appointment Automation:

Appointment Automation

Through smart listing, you can handle your appointment successfully. This list gets updated dynamically according to customer responses.

The best thing about smart lists is that they filter out the contact who do not show interest in services.

Moreover, in smart lists, you can trigger automation. To send automatic SMS and emails to your clients.

With the help of this feature, you can reduce almost 30% of your management work.

Furthermore, here are some filters that smart lists use to filter out contacts.

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  • Age.
  • City.
  • Last Appointment.
  • Pipeline Stage.
  • Last Activity and much more.

5. Reputation Management:

To make your digital presence legit customer reviews play an important part.

And Go High Level knows exactly how to manage the reputation of the business.

Therefore, this tool makes it easy for you to control your reputation. Go High Level automatically sends review requests to all the customers.

So that within a specific time they can send the reviews.

And to do this, it is integrated with QuickBooks. It is an invoicing tool that makes this feature useful for everyone.

Furthermore, you can also install the review widget on the website. To get reviews from Facebook and Google.

Also, according to the star ratings, you can manage the order of reviews. Moreover, you can set the limit on reviews.

To make sure clients only read the good reviews.

6. Unified Messaging:

Unified Messaging:

In addition, to the voice calls, SMS, and messages. Go High Level allows you to automate your messenger ads with two-way messages.

And this is the feature that makes High Level better than other CRM’s.

To use this feature, just connect your Facebook account. And then messenger ad to set up the follow-up sequences.

Remember we are not saying that. This is better than Manychat or Chatfuel. But this is a nice addition to other features.

7. Lead Management:

Lead management is the main feature of the Go High Level. Because it is the main need of every online management.

For better management, this software comes with a built-in funnel builder.

And with the help of this builder, you can build an entire marketing funnel. Including forms, landing pages, and much more.

So if you want to run a promo that contains both a landing page and form.

Then Go Hogh-Level must be your first choice. Furthermore, you can save time and money due to this feature.

Here’s the Kicker:

If you are already using the other CRM like Clickfunnels. Then you can import the sales funnel in the Go High Level to save time.

Moreover, all the pages of the website are mobile responsive.

To make sure more users can view your website. And by using this platform, you can easily build multiple funnels for multiple clients.

Furthermore, you can save everything that you made.

So that you can easily reuse that element anytime you want. High-Level provides the insights of each funnel.

Here you can see the information on page views, earnings, sales, and opt-ins.

And can reset all the settings if you do not get the desired results. Moreover, for better SEO you can add meta tags to the pages.

In your funnels, you can add a live chat widget for better communication.

In addition, if you add third-party integrations and payment gateways in funnels. Then you can attract more audience than ever.

8. Easy Integration:

Easy Integration

Third-party integrations can make the work easier and takes less time. And thanks to the easy integration that Go High Level provides.

Because it allows you to integrate with any app you want.

Also, it is tested with Zapier integration and Yext Listing. Therefore, you can easily update the information through any channel.

Moreover, building citations, improve the rankings.

Here citations act as the backlinks. And these backlinks help to improve the SEO of the website.

The only drawback is that for payment you can only integrate Strips. And this is not good for the people who do not have access to Stripe.

9. Mobile App:

Mobile App

The other amazing feature that Go High Level provides is that.

You can manage all the work through the mobile app.

Yes, you heard it right. Go High Level has an app that allows you to access everything through your phone.

Therefore, if you want better control over your services. Download the app and manage settings from anywhere.

But you only get the mobile app in the premium plan.

So, now you have reviewed all the features that you can access by subscribing to Go High Level. It’s time to review its pricing plan.

Therefore, you can analyze whether at the appropriate price you get the services or not.

Go High Level Pricing Plans in 2021:

Go High Level Pricing Plans

There is no confusion about the pricing plans of the Go High Level.

Because these come with simple schemes and in every plan, you have access to all the features that we mention above.

You might be wondering?

If in all the plans you are getting the same features then what’s the difference? This is a valid question.

But we have the answer to your curiosity. It is true that in all plans you are getting the same features.

But some additional benefits are only available in specific plans.

And to know that it is important for you to know all the pricing schemes of the Go High Level.

So here are the three pricing plans that you get from this platform.

  1. Agency Starter Account at $97 per month.
  2. Agency Unlimited Account $297 per month.
  3. White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade $794 per month.

We know that this information is not enough for you. To select which pricing plan you need.

Therefore, we are reviewing each plan in detail. So that you can make a wise decision.

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#f2fbff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#f2fbff” align=”left”]

Agency Starter Account:

This is the first plan that Go High Level introduces for beginners. This means if you are new to the marketing business.

Then this plan is suitable for you as it helps to get the audience.

And to get this plan you only need to spend $97 per month.

Following are some features that you can have after subscribing to this plan.

  • Twilio –  You can your API to enable 2-way texting.
  • Mailgun – With your API you can have unlimited email sendings.
  • Single Account – You can set up one client account or use it for the whole agency.

With these key features, you can take benefit from the above-listed features of this platform.

It is the basic plan and in the beginning, you only need these facilities. Therefore, save your money and subscribe to this plan.

Want to know the best part?

To know how this pricing plan works. You can use the 14-days free trial.

To subscribe to the plan, you need to enter the credit card information. But the company will deduct payment after 14 days.

So use these 14 days carefully and analyze each feature. And make a decision, whether you want to continue with this plan or not.

If your answer is yes, then keep using the features.

But if you do not get satisfactory results. Then unsubscribe from the plan within 14 days to save the deduction of your money.

Agency Unlimited Account:

This is the second plan that Go High Level provides to boost your business.

As the name says, here you get access to unlimited features.

But the cost of this plan is high. Therefore, only those companies can afford it who are making a good profit.

If you want to access this plan you need to spend $297 per month.

Following are the benefits that you can get from this plan.

  • All the features of an agency starter account.
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts: You can create multiple accounts for your agency and clients.
  • Branded Desktop App: You can access the dashboard and use your domain to customize the platform.

Amazing isn’t it?

We know the cost is a little bit high. But it is comparatively less from other CRM’s.

Furthermore, it provides the same 14-days trial facility.

So if you want to build a professional work platform. Then use this plan, it will surely help to fulfill your targets and make a profit.


White Label Mobile App + Customer Zap Upgrade:

White Label Mobile App + Customer Zap Upgrade

This is the premium plan of the Go High Level. This plan costs you more because of its better facilities.

Remember that without having the agency unlimited account.

You can not access this plan. Because to subscribe to this plan you first need the agency unlimited account which costs $297 per month.

Then you need to pay the additional $497 for a custom zap upgrade and white-label mobile app. Therefore, the total cost of this plan becomes $794 per month,

But all the money provides worthy facilities. As we said above, by only subscribing to this plan, you can the app.

And the white-label mobile app comes with all the features that you can access in the desktop version.

[box title=” ” border_width=”3″ border_color=”#f77221″ border_style=”dotted” bg_color=”#ffffff” align=”left”]

Here’s the kicker:

The white-label mobile app is fully customized. And due to the easy interface, you can easily use it. Moreover, you can create a custom ZAP for your brand.

Due to the custom ZAP, you can easily complete your work and make more profit.

So upgrade your business plan if you want better services.

Furthermore, unlike other pricing plans. This pricing plan does not have a 14 days trial. To adjust the money, you can contact the company.


Which Go High Level Pricing Plan You Should Choose?

Plan You Should Choose

After reviewing all the plans, you will know the cost of each plan. And the benefits that it provides.

Now, you might be confused about selecting the right plan for your company.

But do not worry because help you to make the right decision. While reading about the packages, you may notice that they all link with each other.

Because you can access all the features of the agency starter account in the agency unlimited account.

Similarly, the White label app + Zap plan contains agency unlimited account features.

It means the Agency starter account is the basic package. And it contains all the features that you need to run the agency.

However, you can only create a single account. It can be either for customers or agencies.

Therefore, if you have just started your business then an Agency starter plan is the best option for you.

Moreover, it is the best choice for corporate enterprises and investors.

While, if you have a large community then select the Agency unlimited plan.

Because it allows you to create multiple accounts. Furthermore, if you already have a name in the market.

And just want better management then select the White label mobile app + Zap upgrade account.

Also, try the 14-days trial first before considering any of the Go High Level plans.

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Who Can Use The Go High Level Services?

If you are new to the digital marketing business. And are confused about whether Go High Level is for you or not.

Then read the following information. Because here we tell you about the people who can use the Go High Level.

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#f2fbff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#f2fbff” align=”left”]

1. Small Businesses:

Small BusinessesGo High Level pricing plans provide services for all types of small and large businesses.

You just need to select the right plan.

To be precise, businesses with 1 to 100 locations can use the High level services.

To generate leads, expand the client base, and boost profit.

2. Agency Proprietors:

For ad companies, Go High Level pricing packages provide the best services.

Because it provides better marketing resources at less cost and saves energy.

Also, they can use Go High Level in multiple ways to boost the audience. Especially, it promotes ads to a wide level.

3. Sales Agents:

Sales agents that want an all-in-one platform to promote their services can use the Go High Level pricing packages.

4. Other Marketers:

Sales Agents

Go High Level is also beneficial.

  • Commercial firms.
  • Startup companies.
  • Promotion.
  • Software as a Service – SaaS.
  • Specialists and much more with the same purposes.

Moreover, for an easy marketing solution, you can subscribe to the Go High Level pricing plan.


Wrapping It All Up!!

That’s all viewers, this is all you need to know about the Go High Level marketing platform.

It is an all-in-one platform where you can solve all your marketing problems.

Also, it is suitable for all the marketing companies no matter they have a low or high level.

This facility allows you to give Go High Level a shot. In conclusion, pay more focus to the features and the pricing plans.

Before you invest money in the Go High Level. Because only after reviewing the features you will know how much capable this platform is.

And whether it fulfills your marketing requirement in a suitable range or not.

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