Funnel University Review: Is the Funnel U Training Worth It?

Funnel University provides a deeper understanding.

Although the participants have direct access to all prior courses and teaching manuals, Brunson’s sheer expertise is unheard of.

You will get way more than your money is worth even though you only sign up for a month or two.

In this university, you will get all the important information and education related to click funnels as the founder of this university Russell Brunson, a very well known funnel marketer and also the founder of click funnels has smartly worked on this university.

In this article, we will discuss all the important aspects related to this

Funnel University!

Funnel University

This university is a concerned sister of the trending click funnels by Russell Brunson. In this university the training related to funnels for online businesses, marketers, and anyone who wants to gain knowledge about this.

Funnel marketing is the new ongoing business trend and people are more into this business tool.

In addition to this, Russell has written several books as a guide to the people who wanted to explore the ideas related to funnel marketing and learning new strategies about funnels.

And how they can easily grow or expand their businesses with the help of this.

He has also written many scripts in order to this and tried his best to explain the agenda of funnel marketing.

But he was not satisfied with that which made him launch the funnel university where he can do things practically and make people aware of internet marketing in a better way, that’s why he established this university for live courses. 

With the help of this guide, you will learn about the university agenda, benefits, curriculum activities, strategies to grow your business, and so on. 

Russell Brunson Sales Training!

Russel Brunson

The sales training at this university is very helpful for anyone studying at this university.

The best part of this university is that when you take admission in this, you will get a few courses free of cost which can cost you up to $15,000 if you buy them separately from anywhere.

In addition to this if you pay the monthly fee of the university then you will get all the courses for free. Woah that’s something huge right! 

What Is Funnel University About?

Funnel University Review 2020

It’s not like any other university with big buildings, faculty members, academic activities, or classes under supervision along with physical attendance.

Russell has come up with an exceptional idea of an online university where you can take classes online by sitting at home.

Isn’t that amazing? It is basically an online platform for marketers, IT entrepreneurs, and businessmen where they will learn all the important aspects of internet marketing.

They will learn everything through a live video with practical sessions that will help them understand things in a better way. There will be sessions on identifying marketing strategies and how they can increase sales etc.

You can easily be a professional marketer if you learn everything with attention and dedication that too in a little amount of money.

And of course, if you become perfect in funnel marketing then the clients will run after you. Russell concluded that this university is like a blessing to all the marketers who are willing to learn something new.

What Does Funnel University Offer?

Here arises a question: what will you get by taking admissions at this university? Well here is the list of things which funnel has to offer to its willing students!

  • You will get digital funnel access pass individually which has the market worth of $2997
  • The newsletter of funnel university to every individual and that has the market worth of $9997
  • The new and amazing book of funnel stacking to every individual with a market worth of $297
  • The amazing suite software of DotComSecrets Labs which holds the market worth of $997
  • Book of 108 split test winner which has the market worth of $297
  • Handouts of funnel university and of course the black card to every individual with a market worth of $497
  • Tools for CF pro software suite to every individual at the market worth of $1977 along with 30+ scripts to create click funnels. Isn’t that amazing?

And you must be wondering what is the purpose of the above-mentioned facilities that funnel has to offer! Well, then you must check out the details of every benefit,

Digital Funnel Access Pass

You must be wondering what is the purpose of this pass? Well without this access pass you cannot see any of their content or video or anything they will provide for your learning.

This access pass allows you to get their content, audio, books etc very easily. And this is something provided free of cost by the university.

You can say it’s like you have entered a huge library of knowledge that too for free. Those who do not attend classes here have $2,997 to receive access.

And why would anyone miss such an opportunity so better get the admission as soon as possible?

The Newsletter of Funnel University

The newsletter of the funnel university includes all the important tips, tutorials, videos, marketing strategies, lectures, etc which you will receive in the beginning.

Basically, it is the compilation of everything important for you to learn about funnel marketing which came together back in 2016 and 2017.

Newsletter of Funnel University

And just to be aware of you this is an amazing opportunity you get from the funnel university but if bought separately then you have to pay $9997 and if you are getting this from the university then its free of cost!

Then why would you miss such an opportunity right? There is a long two-year process and there is no reason to know how much support it is going to be. We will say that everyone was blessed by Funnel University.

The New and Amazing Book of Funnel Stacking

Book of Funnel Stacking 

This is another opportunity for the students of funnel universities who will get this book of amazing ideas free of cost.

This book has a brief discussion on 3 core funnels by Russell Brunson itself which will help you in your learning.

In case you have to buy it separately when you are not linked to the funnel U then be ready to pay the amount of $297.

In this book, you will get each and every detail of core funnel as in how it works, what is the purpose.

Those who are willing to run about core funnels should read this book as it is very helpful to teach you about the importance of core funnels.

Funnel core is a very important aspect of funnel marketing so you should take all the important notes with the help of this.

The Amazing Suite Software of DotComSecrets Labs

DotComSecrets Labs

You must be aware of the fact that click funnels have several different software. And guess what you will get every type of software free of cost from funnel university.

This is a perfect deal right?

On the other, if you tend to buy this separately then you have to pay $997. Just to let you know this is more expensive than your university courses.

Yes you heard it right it’s more expensive than the courses provided by the university so why would you miss such a golden chance and take the admission in funnel university.

This amazing software suite has very interesting things to offer to its students,

  • Webinar chat application
  • Video image generator
  • Image headline generator
  • Instant file uploader
  • Instant survey generator

All the above-mentioned software is super interesting with distinctive features to offer to its students. These are the most important software that will help you in funnel marketing.

Book of 108 Split Test Winner

This is another important part of funnel marketing. With the help of this, you can easily test the interests of your customers. A campaign may be launched by choosing a dual value category A / B.

While this is restricted to the 3/4 split test, there were 108 split experiments carried out by Russell Brunson. In spite of the 20 years of experience, he has tested the curiosity of the client in different ways.

Book of 108 Split Test Winner

Russell has mentioned everything in the book and what could be more good than this is that you will get the book from the university free of cost.

Just think about it that you can learn so many things about the funnel marketing in detail and you’ll be able to grow your business in a very convenient way.  

Handouts of Funnel University and the Black Card

This is basically a USB disk of funnel university which will be given to the students of the funnel.

Just to let you know that this is no ordinary disk it has all the important video tutorials that will help you in the courses and most importantly in funnel marketing. This is the perfect alternative for all the alternatives.

And what could be more interesting is that you will get this free from the university but if you need to buy this then you have to pay $497

Tools for CF Pro Software Suite

There are several different and amazing tools for the CF pro software suite which will help you in your courses. And it has all the important information about click funnels.

Using these exceptional tools you can easily create a sales funnel. And yes if you’re thinking to buy it separately then it will cost you about $1997.


Having said that, the guide for funnel university came to an end. We hope that we were able to deliver to you every important term of this university.

For more, you can contact us as we truly value your feedback.

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