Funnel Immersion Training Course Review (2020)

Are you fond of funnel marketing?

Then you must look for an appropriate funnel marketer that will help you with your interest and ideas by giving them an authentic path to work on as we all are in a need of someone that will guide us in such circumstances, so is for funnel marketing.

You can’t start this course without proper training and knowledge about the important aspects of this type of marketing. Moreover, if your trainer is Russell Brunson then it’s like the cherry on the top!

He is one of the best funnel marketers up till now as he’s such a marketer that can gain thousands of dollars in just a blink of an eye. If you want to know how he teaches the aspects of funnel marketing, then read this article with full attention!

What is Funnel Immersion?Funnel Immersion

Funnel immersion is a live training by Russell Brunson where he will guide you regarding funnel marketing for 82 plus hours long.

Moreover, this course was allocated for Russell’s clients only at a premium level but with the growing interest in funnel marketing, the course has been revised and opened for everyone.

So anyone interested in this type of marketing can learn the basic and amazing technicalities of this course.

By the end of the training, when you get to know about the important aspects of funnel marketing, it is not necessary that your knowledge is fully increased related to this.

As Russell is an expert in this field, you can’t beat his level of intelligence and still feel the urge to learn about funnel marketing a bit more because it’s not that easy as it seems to be.

But, under the supervision of such an expert, you can broaden your vision and learn about this course quickly. 

Funnel immersion will allow you to learn from him directly. The best part is that this course is not that expensive as many others by Russell.

Many of the big marketers look forward to his work because his vision and ideas are at some other level which makes many people learn from him. After being introduced to them, you will learn other unknown stuff.

To develop their skills, any funnel marketer should take part in those low-priced courses. Your conventional perception and ideas will be changed after this course.

So, this funnel immersion includes a brief form of a few programs during your training by Russell Brunson. He will discuss in live taking contents that are also related to his other courses. Take a look at the Syllabus of funnel marketing,

Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets

The secrets of Dotcom is an outstanding online program. The funnel immersion program will also be discussed in this. That’s why you’ll learn a lot about unknown Dotcom Secrets information.

Dotcom Secrets is an outstanding Russell web collection. This initiative has helped many citizens. Once Russell continues explaining things in the immersion funnel system, you will recognize how profoundly informed you are.

This software can also be experienced separately if you prefer.

Funnel Catcher

One of the main subjects for funnel immersion is the Funnel catcher. It’s also a fantastic Russell collection. In this series, you will know a number.

Since you have to purchase a funnel catcher separately as the program requires a funnel catcher. In live conversations, there would be a lot of relevant details about Funnel Catcher. Funnel Catcher is an outstanding funnel marketing system.

The Invisible Funnel

Another great set of funnel immersion education programs is the invisible funnel. In this subject, Russell is going to explain several things. New material on funnel marketing can be taught.

The info you get from the invisible funnel can be used practically. In the funnel world, there are other unseen things. They are educated through invisible funnels.

Perfect Webinar

Perfect Webinar

A fantastic training platform is a perfect webinar. Not just by name is it perfect, but performance is also great. Russell tells a lot about the marketing of Funnel in the webinar.

This system involves several newbies and qualified funnel vendors. The best webinar is one of the leading services in the development of clickfunnels. Russell will also speak a great deal about the funnel at the webinar.

If a famous program tells you stuff like this, something completely exclusive must be there. You should register today in the funnel immersion course if you do not want to miss this chance. You will surely get the benefits in the future by learning funnel immersion.

The Perfect Webinar Course comprises webinars, advertising funnels, the design of landing pages and the lead collection. And from Funnel Immersion, you will get an idea about them.

Past Videos From Funnel Hacking Live

Another strong program is Funnel Hacking Live. To anyone, this is an effective course. Russell Brunson will speak about this live course from the previous video. This video deals with various live programs.

The key focuses of both services included hacking. Such old videos from beyond the record tell you a lot. You can set up massive projects yourself if you grasp funnel hacking. You will engage in funnel immersion and only watch the past funnel hacking videos.

How to Get Funnel Immersion?

Getting the funnel immersion is no longer a hack only if the program is not shut down. You can get the authentic chance to participate in the course of funnel immersion.

All you need to do is buy the Funnel Hackers Cookbook and follow the steps that are given below,

  • First of all, go to the Funnel Hackers Cookbook page 
  • Enter your name and complete address to that particular page
  • After the purchase of the Cookbook, you will be offered by the funnel immersion course’s training

How Much Does Funnel Immersion Cost?Funnel Immersion Cost

So you might be wondering what would be the price of this course while offering such 5 premium courses along with funnel immersion well as we mentioned above that this course is cheaper than many other courses by Russell.

The price of funnel immersion is $297 with many advantages that will help you in future!


Having said that, the analysis for the funnel immersion came to an end. We hope that we were able to educate you with all the important aspects of funnel immersion.

And this article was beneficial for you as you learn about funnel marketing.