FREE ClickFunnels Templates for Every Industry

You might be wondering which those best and FREE ClickFunnels Templates are for every industry, here you can check out that!

All of them are powerful and result-driven sales funnel examples and comprehensive illustrations that can help grow your business at an extremely alarming and positive rate.

So, let us have a look at the details of these free templates that you can use upon availing ClickFunnels:

Sales Funnel Templates:

Sales Funnel Templates

As we have these sales funnel templates that are marked as one of the reliable and FREE ClickFunnels Templates.

It is obvious that in this marketplace and world of ClickFunnels, you can explore tons and tons of various sales funnel templates at your end.

Furthermore, you can use these templates for generating and increasing leads and also to host an event or for the sake of launching a product.

Product Launch Funnel Templates:

Next, we have a product launch funnel template collection that can well ensure you a huge amount of success if you are planning to introduce a new product in the market.

It is one of those FREE ClickFunnels Templates that helps and educates you in bringing new products in this competitive market and you can sell them with ease and on crazy notes.

Real Estate Sales Funnel Templates:

If you are a real estate investor by profession, then it is important for you to use such free templates.

We know that most real estate investors are struggling to grow and boost their business, with the help of these templates; they can give a better direction to their business.

The top section of this funnel can be used to generate leads and the bottom section of this funnel can be availed for delighting and pleasing your clients.

Squeeze Page Templates:

It is one of the commonly used funnels and also simple to use at the same time. If you are weak and not so strong in lead generation, then try using this specific funnel template.

Most importantly, in this template, you will be given two pages. As you can see on the first page, it will be easy for you to capture and grab your audience information.

And the second page of this template is embedded with a Thank You note.

Book Funnel Templates:

Besides, for selling books online, this is an effective template that you can use.

Lots of individuals have preferred using these FREE ClickFunnels Templates. If you use this template, then it will be super quick for you to capture the interest and attention status of your audience.

Apart from that, this amazing template is going to help you to sell lots of and more copies of your books online.

If you have used this exact free template, then share with us and convey as well your views on it.


Now, you have got to know about the best, high-end, and FREE ClickFunnels Templates collection.

So, which template you want to use, do let us know. And always keep tuned with us on this respective platform.

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