Expert Secrets Review: Why You Should Buy This Book?

When you are into a business world then you might need such books to help you in understanding some aspects of your business.

With such books, you can open a different perspective that you can use to enhance your business. 

Businesses are the most crucial works that you need to do and they require some hectic attention so that you can sit back and relax while earning.

Expert Secrets Review – (Russel Brunson)

Expert Secrets Review

To have such kind of work you need to apply different sorts of tactics and strategies so that you can have what you desired.

Well, the book that I’m going to review today is the same or will sure do the same for your business.

It will open different portals that you can use to enhance your business.

Russel Brunson the Author of this book has made it clear that this book can be the help or not but for sure you will need it at starters.

What Is Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets

The main question is what is Expert Secrets? To answer that I would say that it is a book. Well, this explains nothing right? Let me take another perspective to explain.

It is a map and tool to guide your special talents, factors, and abilities to turn them into a business tactic.

With this book, you can easily establish a business with what you have.

This book not only does that it is considered to be a shortcut for businesses to become rich overnight.

But and I know it is sugar-coating this book, there are no shortcuts in business but in other words, the fan or enthusiasts wants to say is that this book an help you establish an empire with what you have and this book will also provide you with some expert advice and secrets that you can follow to achieve what you dreamed.

Itis a God book that is created by Russel Brunson which withholds some of the mighty tips and tactics of initializing a business.

Several entrepreneurs are currently using this book for their profit but when you understand this book completely, I would say that my final statement is that it is a God book for business.

What’s Inside Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets Pricing

In this topic, I will explain to you some detailed information but to the vital just details about expert secrets and by this, you would know about this book and what it does.

Some reviews have made other marketers and entrepreneurs intrigued by the book and their obsession led them to buy this book, which was advantageous for them. 

Now: if you want that advantage for yourself then jump right into this section where I will summarize this book to its core.

There are three main sections that I have divided this book into for your convenience.

Section#1- Starting a Mass Movement

The first part of this book rants about only how you should start or create a mass movement for your business.

But with that, you will also see some of the tactics and strategies discussed in this section to support Mass Movement Cause.

1- Charismatic Leadership Qualities

Well, under this heading Russel Brunson is applying the methods and the strategies that you should use to become a leader.

Becoming a leader in business competition is extremely important because you need to pioneer in what you do and eventually you become a leader in that.

So, this is what Russel Brunson is explaining in this heading.

You should know the perfect questions to ask for enhancing the well-being of you and your business.


Other than that, Russel Brunson is explaining that nobody is born a leader they become a leader in the process and you can also do the same by reading this book you can acquire some leadership qualities that you need and put it in your business enhancement work.

With that, This section also helps you learn how you can find your targets, audience, and the proper market to sell your service or product.

To enhance for expand a business these are the most important keys that you should follow to raise the sales of your business and again these decisions are taken by a leader so now after reading this section what are you a leader or a pawn of the market? 

It is up to you for deciding but if you want to be a leader then you should act like it because a book can provide you with a proper set of rules to become a leader but it can’t change you for who you are?

2- Taking a Stand for a Purpose

Standing for a cause or purpose is important in every business.

When you are running an Ad campaign for your business you would need a cause for that so that the audience that you are targeting can relate with that cause and eventually end up buying your product or service through your ad campaign.

Taking a Stand for a Purpose

In this section, Russel Brunson shows you how you can achieve that and why you should have a purpose behind every Marketing campaign for your business.

I will not tell you about this you will have to read this book to understand it better.

Moreover, Brunson is also showing the real power of the fan base.

Fan base can have power more than a country could and when you have real following fan-base then you might have complete support on your back. 

And Russel Brunson is also showing this in this section to make you believe that when you want to be successful then the power that makes you successful is not money it is the fan-base that you create in your way.

3- New Opportunities

Well, in this section Russel Brunson shows some of the important aspects of Business.

New opportunities, when there is a door opening then you should leap of faith because you never know that when or if the opportunity is going to return or not. 


So, whenever there is a new opportunity you should never turn it down as that can be a life-changing opportunity and you can be most obliged to that opportunity.

Because New Opportunities are like a tidal wave if you did not surf on them they will bypass you and move forward so make sure to surf on them if you want to touch the sky.

Section#2- Developing Belief

If you have understood the first section of this book then understanding this section can be easy as they are related but not in a similar sense yet in different aspects.

The first section covers the mass movement that included some vital keys that you should use.

But in the second section, Russel Brunson is talking about creating a belief. 

Creating a belief with your fan base is the most important thing to do you might wonder why?

Because when they have belief in you then they are willing to buy any product that you sell them or any service that you provide them.

This can be extremely helpful when you want to enhance the business. 

Russel Brunson

The first section covers the ability to target or finding an audience. Well, in this section Brunson is talking about that but in enhance the form.

He is talking that if you have a fan base or audience that completely believes you then you must not break that trust and belief because this can be disadvantageous for you and your audience and you have to go through the trouble again to find another fan base and market to pitch your product. 

And to support his theory Russel has included 6 main secrets in this book that I will review but nor in-depth just an overview.

6 Secrets Mentioned in Expert Secrets Book

Expert Secrets Book

1- Big Domino Formation

This is a technique that Russel Brunson explains about creating trust and following.

Big Domino is a tactic that you can apply to your audience to have their trust by selling them proper product or service.

2- Epiphany Bridge

The power of convincing is important in every business and when you have that power then you can gain the trust.

So, this is a technique or secret that Russelis providing in this book to open the bridge between you and your audience through emotions.

3- Hero’s Two Journey

This is a two-way target technique that teaches you how you can play with your audience’s mind and how to gain true feedback about your product or idea from your audience.

This is advantageous because you need true feedback from the consumers that you are targeting.

4- Epiphany Bridge Script

When you combine Epiphany Bridge and Her’s Two Journal then it can be a really fast process to sell your product and in this heading or technique, Russel is showing you the same as Epiphany Bridge Script is the combination of two with some additional scripts to follow.

5- False Belief Pattern

When the customers are shopping online sometimes they get defected products thus because of this they have created a false belief that products that they buy from the online market have defected.

Hence Russel took it in his knowledge and he teaches you in this technique how you can remove that false belief.

6- 3-Secrets

In this section, Russel Brunson shares with you some more three secrets and techniques that can help you create new beliefs and enhance the fan base of your business.

Section#3- Personal and Moral Obligations

It is your obligation that you provide your audience with some token of appreciation.

If you are all about new ideas and methods then Russel Brunson explains it in this way that you should be able to convey those ideas and methods to appreciate your customers as they are the ones who created you and without them, you would be nothing. 

Moral Obligations

Hence if you want to succeed in any business idea or method then this is a technique that you should follow to enhance the fan base and increase the audience so that you can sell more products or services.

With that said, this section also withholds 6 secret techniques that you can follow but I will only review two of them because this will keep you intrigued with the book.

1- Stack Slide

This is a manipulative technique that you can apply as convincing your audience enough that they are willing to buy your product even with high market value.

This secret technique is extremely powerful when it comes to understanding the art of convincing.

2- Webinar

A webinar is a marketing tool that is used to sell any product or service online.

But in this section, Russel uses this secret to tell you that how you can use Webinar to sell your product successfully.

Pricing of Expert Secrets

If you are willing to buy Expert Secret than the standard paperback edition can cost you up to $17.07 and if you want the e-book variant then it can cost you rather less around $6.00. 

But aside from this private store owner who is selling this book if you visit RUssul Brunson’s Website or any other affiliated website then you can get this book on high discount.

Expert Secrets Pricing

But on Russel Brunson’s Website, you can get this book for free. Yes, I said free, there are some regulations that you need to follow but the cost of this book on his website is free. 

I’m not saying that you don’t have to pay anything I’ just saying that this book is free but you have to pay.

The payment is for shipping and that can cost you around $7.94 if shipped in the USA or $14.95 for international shipment.

FAQ – Expert Secrets Review

Expert Secrets

Why Every Marketer Need To Read Expert Secrets?

I suggest that every new and old marketer should consider reading this book because it withholds some of the best techniques in the form of secrets to enhance any business.

A marketer should be required to read this book so that he/she can enhance their marketing skills and campaign skills.

With that, they can pitch a perfect sales pitch using some of the secrets that are mentioned in this book.

What Russel Brunson Says About Expert Secret?

In the eys of Russel Brunson, this book was first an experiment to check whether his methods and techniques were exquisite.

With this book, he implemented all of the secrets on his businesses and he made sure that this book carried them all.

With the God plan of secrets in the eyes of Russel Brunson, it is the most precious creation of him.


Using this book as the guide for your business you should be relaxing if you follow all the instructions that this book tells you because it is a God plan of business and it will guide you to the right and most advantageous path in your business.

So, make sure that you read it and you should implement everything that you learned from this book into your business.