How Do I Downgrade ClickFunnels From $297 to $97?

This article will tell you how to downgrade clickfunnels from $297 to $97. It’s very sad to stick with the Etison plan which is $297 when you were interested in the basic plan which is of $97. 

It would seem like you were new to it and do not know what to do or you actually want to master the plan before the upgrade.

The most undefining part is that you do not know you have to downgrade to the lower plan and in the two weeks trial or after the two weeks which is the trial version of the platform, your credit card has been debited with the amount of $297.

There will be multiple reasons for downgrading the plan to a lower plan and before we go towards that I would like to tell how you can downgrade your subscriptions to a lower plan.

How to Downgrade Your Clickfunnels Account from $297 to $97?

  1. First, go to the profile menu
  2. After that, select account billing and scroll down
  3. Then, click on Choose a different plan
  4. Select the plan that you want to downgrade to

Reasons Why You Should Downgrade Your Account

Everyone has there own goals to get into Clickfunnels for online business as well as they have their own pockets.

Your goals might be to sell a product or any other kind of business while members could be doing some lead pages and marketing on online courses.

As for my motive for joining is to gain leads on my future projects and help others learn how they can use Clickfunnels to do various types of businesses. 

So, they can master the use of Clickfunnels and can live their life on their terms.

That is why people downgrade their plan and can not afford to use Etison suite plan. There are many other reasons as well to downgrade the plan, let me show you the reason specifically. 

Reason#1: Just Starting

There will be no other better reason to downgrade your plan from the highest to the lowest as if you are a beginner and you do not what to do.

So, you should go with the lowest-paid plan to understand what it means to become a Clickfunnels member. 

Just Starting

I don’t think that you will need more than 20 funnels, limited page visits, page numbers and domains to start your first sales funnels. This should be enough for you to start your first sales funnels.

Reason#2: No Sophisticated Automation Needed

If you are thinking that in the starters package you will be having Actionetics feature which is an in-built automation feature inside Clickfunnels.

Then you are thinking wrong because if you want to have this feature you will have to access the Etison Suite plan which is of $297. 

However, you won’t be needing this feature if you do not plan to carry out much in-funnel automation feature.  

Actionetics feature in Clickfunnels helps by sending automatic replies to your customers and raise your business even higher. But you won’t be needing this feature.

You can use a software name ConvertKit instead, it will help you do all the necessary stuff that Actionetics can do.

However, it will help you if you are willing to use it unless you have a change in mind and want to go for the built-in tool.

Reason#3: No Need for Affiliate Centre

There is another feature that you won’t be needing. Clickfunnels backpack built-in tool allows you to manage those customers who help you increase your traffic and affiliates them by paying them a commission.

No Need for Affiliate Centre

This feature can only help you when you are planning to get affiliate marketers. If you do not have such kinds of plans so there is no need for this feature and you should downgrade your plan immediately.

Why You Shouldn’t Downgrade Your Plan?

We have told you all the reasons to downgrade your plan, now we would like to tell you why you should not downgrade your plan. 

If there is no valid reason for you to downgrade your plan rather than just saving $200. Then, you should not do that.

Instead, you should invest that money in running ads or hiring a VA (virtual assistant) to give you an assistant and make your work even faster. 

So, here are the reasons why you should not downgrade your plan from $297 to $97.

Reason#1: You Need Unlimited Funnels, Pages and Visitors

One the reason why Clickfunnels is still recommended is the Etison Suite plan. You will have unlimited features in this plan, no matter what business you are running.

Unlimited Funnels, Pages

This plan works for all businesses. You can also share your funnels with other people that do not have a Clickfunnels account as when they will register themselves you will get a commission. 

And not just that you can have unlimited funnels, pages and visitors.

Reason#2: You Need to Manage Affiliates

With the help of Clickfunnels Backpack feature, you can manage and pay an affiliate to the customers that would like to do business with you by increasing traffic on your page. 

Manage Affiliates

If you need a tool that helps you increase traffic then there is no reason to downgrade your plan to a lower one.

Reason#3: You Need Actionetics

If you want the email deliverability to be automatic and all the questions that are asked by customers can be replied immediately without having you seen the questions.


Then you should not downgrade your plan. Clickfunnels feature Actionetics will take care of this job.

Plus, you will be having your own dedicated SMTP and you do not want to rely on the general SMTP that comes with the email service which means the email deliverability rate will be much faster.


So, we hope that you have learned why you do not downgrade your plan as well as why you should downgrade your plan. Now, the choice is yours so choose wisely.