DotCom Secrets Review The Ultimate Guide To Sales Funnel

Russell Brunson is no unfamiliar name to us and especially for digital marketers. Not only had he given us all clickfunnels to make funnel creation easiest.

But also added amazing plans and hack classes for people. So anyone could grasp the opportunity and earn a hefty living.

Apart from making the lives of businessmen easy, he also wrote a few books. One of them, which is quite popular and had hit the market is DotCom Secrets.

For being able to sell products online, make a strong client list and more, you need a lot of things. A platform or software is the priority. But that alone won’t be enough if you lack the skills or aren’t aware of the rules.

As for any game, we get to know a certain set of rules and play according to them. The same goes for business, online marketing, sales, etc.

DotCom Secrets is one such book that you can consider as a rule book to the game of sales funnel. This book comes with the ultimate tactics for marketing. With a load of concepts that are useful and applicable.

You can without a doubt make a sturdy impact in minimal time. So let’s get a detailed overview relevant to DotCom Secrets and what it holds for you.

What is “DotCom Secrets“?

DotCom Secrets

Before we start that, you must know that sales and marketing are something that never gets old. As time grows and things change, so does the methods and techniques. And funnels are the new trend revolutionizing the whole digital market.

Though funnels haven’t been in the market for too long, yet they have set a trend. You can make a lot more profit, boost the sale rate of your products and services, and more.

Being one of the marketers, Russell Brunson brought up with something we all can look up to. DotCom Secrets enables marketers to have insight into the digital world.

Now coming towards the book that we all have heard so much about. You might be curious to know what DotCom Secrets is. Or what does this book holds and so on.

So to clear out your queries, this book is a perfect blend of all the things you need to know. And for people who especially want to master Clickfunnels, nothing beats this book.

The author is the very own genius behind Clickfunnels. Hence he poured out all his experiences in this book to guide others. You can get a detailed know-how about expanding your business and so much more.

The book was published back in 2015 and has been a furore since then. The plus point is that you get to have an in-depth perception due to the writer being an expert himself.

The book is a collection of some of the great strategies alongside the knowledge. Hence one can learn a lot about generating funnels and about business.

In order, you want to boost sales and gain some loyal customers, the book has some great tactics. It will not only upgrade the clients but also the sales you make.

Want to know the best part?

The book comes with the most engaging and attractive tone so the readers remain hooked.

This book has a total of 294 pages, the reader can go through it a single go without a break. Also, the book is an apex when it comes to funnel building strategies that anyone can master.

Further, it highlights them with the implementation relevant to the most effective strategies. You need examples, secrets, hacks or any other guidance. In short, you name it and the book has it all for you to govern the digital market.

As for the reputation of the book, it is not only quite popular but also a remarkable piece by Russell Brunson. The rating of the book is 4.5 stars, all thanks to its prodigious tactics.

Moreover, the book has over 500 reviews from businessmen and people around the globe. Each of them validates that the book is without a doubt a marvelous guide.

People who are novice or newbies and lack the basic knowledge relevant to marketing. Or those in dire need of some basic tips and tricks for funnel generation. They all finally have a book they can look up to.

Who is Russell Brunson?Russell Brunson

Though most of us heard the name Russell Brunson back in 2014. It was the time when the marketers got Clickfunnels and it changed the funnel generation.

Yet Russell Brunson is not only the genius behind Clickfunnels. He is also the astounding writer of the spectacular DotCom Secrets.

If it was not him, many young minds would not know the great marketing tactics. Or other business owners who are now making tons of money. They would not have been so successful.

Russell Brunson is a self-made millionaire and author to some of the greatest books. He wrote about digital marketing and sales and boosting business.

Apart from being the CEO and founder of Clickfunnels, he is a lot more than we know. He brought extraordinary growth in his business and became a sensation.

Many great businessmen who are earning sturdy profits each day learned from him. He also had to strive for success and he did push his limits and achieved a big name.

In his college, his first-ever business was to sell potato gun DVDs. And later the inspiring journey began and continues till today. If he tends to see potential in anything, he did sell it by any means.

Either it was T-shirts or shakes or supplements, he sold it all. You can name almost anything that he ended up selling. And that’s what brought him to the heights of success.

He further founded Etison LLC by which he ended up creating Clickfunnels. The ultimate tool we all use today to boost sales and get loyal clients.

If it was not for him and his brilliant mind and life-changing ideas. Many of us would have never reached where we are today.

A Look inside DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets

When it comes to generating funnels, nothing is a better option compared to DotCom Secret. The writer:

Russell Brunson has shared up the techniques and tactics that worked for him. And learning from another person’s experience is quite fruitful.

It comes with a stark explanation and understanding of every possible aspect. Marketing concludes in itself sales, customers, funnels and the book has it all.

Below we have jotted down a quick peek at what the book has to offer. So you can get a better hand at what you are up to before buying it.

1- Communication Funnels

Communication Funnels

As we all know communication is a key element in any aspect of life. Even in business, you cannot succeed until you get to communicate with the clients.

This step helps you to take things to the very next level. The book has to offer some of the great tricks and tips for doing so. It will help you in keeping the customers engaged while passing on the message.

So the first that you will see in the book is about how you can make attractive characters for the brand. These will turn out to be a great source of recognition for your brand.

There are a few major aspects that will need your attention. For instance, the outlook of the character should be attractive with a backstory.

This step will grab the attention of the users and hold it for a longer time. Hence they feel pretty compelled to get engaged with it and interact too.

Next, it must be able to speak in various exemplum along with being able to share up flaws. By doing so the readers will be able to understand various strategies explained.

2- Funnels and Ladder Connections

Funnels and Ladder Connections

The book has a lot to offer and one of the sections is about Funnels and Ladder connections. There is a brief yet precise explanation about funnels and ladder connections.

These are the graphical representation of the emanation of the numbers. Or value alongside the services and products your brand has to offer.

The customers are eager to pay for the items which have a higher-worth.  Once they realize the supplier is trustworthy. Trust isn’t gained in one day it occurs after some time.

Further in the section, Russell discussed the systems. This allows the entrepreneur to offer small services to clients from the start.

3- Deep Understanding of Clickfunnels

Understanding of Clickfunnels

Another section of the book explains the importance of Clickfunnels. If you haven’t given it a thought, then it can be a real game-changer for you.

It helps you in gaining a hefty revenue, boosts the sales and enhances the whole profit ratio. By reading out this section, you will get a clearer vision of how Clickfunnel works.

It will also be of great understanding relevant to the importance of funnels in a business or market.

How Can You Make Money with DotCom Secrets?Make Money with DotCom Secrets

Like Clickfunnels, DotCom Secrets can also be of great help in various ways. And making money is for sure one of them. It will lead you to profound ways to do so.

All you got to do is read the book and go through it to earn some money. Once you get to have a proper understanding then it the high time to instill those tips in your business.

It is in-fact one of the best and reliable ways to apply the strategies from the book. It will not only be of great help in enhancing sales. But will also you will at the end be able to build a funnel for yourself.

Now, all you will have to do is understand the given tips, tactics and tricks in the book. Only then it would turn out to be fruitful and you would get some nice profit.

Apart from that, you can also look for another way to make some money. The affiliate program is your second option listed in DotCom Secrets.

Want to know the best part?

It comes with more experience and a pretty high commission rate. This program, in fact, is quite useful as it helps you to install all the strategies given in the book. Yet at the very same time, it helps in earning money by various options.

Either promoting the deals and offers of Clickfunnels so you get better clients and more. This results not only in a commission but also up to 40% of all the things clients buy in the future.

DotCom Secrets Pricing

Dotcom secrets review

As for the major concern of almost all the people; the pricing. The book has an actual price of $11.34. Now, for a book that will help you to earn, this is a reasonable price.

Yet it is also available in Kindle version for a far lesser price. It would cost you only $8.69, now that is pretty cheap. Amazing, isn’t it?

Apart from that, there is another stunning deal from the author himself. If you intend to buy the book from his website, he will give it for free. Yes, you heard that right!

The only thing you will need to pay is $7.95 for shipping.

So we urge you to buy the book from his website only rather than from elsewhere. Not only it would cut you some slack but has another perk too. You will get to analyze the 2-step funnel in action from his website.


Wrapping it all up, Russell Brunson has always been a source of inspiration for marketers. Also, he urges the visitors, readers and business owners to go through his funnels.

In this way, you get to have a look at his work, get a better understanding and can even use them.

Though we tried to cover up all the possible yet major aspects of the book. So you all can get an overview of it and invest in something smart and revenue-generating.

In case you have any certain doubts about DotCom Secrets or Clickfunnels, you are free to reach up and ask for help.