The Ultimate Guide to Dental SEO

Dental SEO expert Nick Tsai reveals top dental marketing secrets to get more patients from search engines without paying for ads

Would you like to get more patients from the internet? In this article, the founder of, Nick Tsai, shares you some tips to get your website ranked higher
We are constantly seeing the internet change worldwide. And one of the most profound changes is with the competition. No matter what industry you work in, the number of competitors in all markets has skyrocketed.

The primary purpose of this guide is to boost your visibility and SEO efforts. This means we show you how to handle the important aspects of today’s Search Engine Optimization so you can implement the best possible strategies.

We call it the Ultimate Guide because no stone is left unturned. We go into every critical step you should take to see organic growth.

Why is it essential for you to invest in Dental SEO growth?

When we say the word invest, we mean money and time. You need to invest yourself in the world of SEO if you want to remain competitive. The main reason dental SEO is so important is that it helps build trust with your target audience.

Never forget that dentistry has always been a profession that makes people fearful due to pain and expenses. So it makes perfect sense that you should be doing everything you can to earn their trust.
When you become a top choice for dental work in your area, you will attract more clients. Why? Because people tend to trust the top choices from a Google search. They rarely have to be convinced to look further. This means you need to work on SEO.

Knowing whether you can do this on your own is essential. Unfortunately, most people are too busy running their dental practice to handle this aspect of the business. That’s why our guide will help you and anyone who works with you.

We are focused here on dental services, but the primary objective is the same in any business. You have clients asking for a service. So you need to ensure you can take the time to evaluate how to approach SEO.

An SEO-friendly website is a professional website.

When you get involved in SEO, you start to make relevant changes to your site. It is important for your content to have a chance to rank higher. This requires you to take time to look into several factors.
The following are some of the most relevant and essential changes that help your SEO:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Constant quality content added
  • Mobile-friendly structure
  • ​Fast loading times
  • ​Quality backlinks
  • ​Active social media pages
  • ​Review management
  • ​Make Title Tag and Meta Description Compelling
  • ​Optimize Your Images
  • ​Make your website secure (SSL)
  • ​Use Internal Linking
  • ​Earning citations and backlinks from local websites
  • ​Optimize Google My Business Profile
  • ​Run an audit to find out where you stand with the competition
  • ​Be patient & consistent 
  • ​Hire a dental SEO expert
Now, we will explain each one in more detail so you understand their value in Search Engine Optimization.

  Intuitive navigation

This is very important because the user experience as a whole has to be great. This means that your website content should be easy to navigate and find. In other words, people should never feel like they are lost when they are browsing your website.

Think about the menu on a website as the main element for people to discover everything you have to offer.

This means you need to ensure optimal organization to achieve the most reliable outcome.
When your navigation is not intuitive and simplistic, you risk losing potential clients due to difficulty finding specific information.

    Constant quality content added

For example, when you write a blog for your website, it should be original and engaging. Don’t become one of those website owners that copies general news and uses clickbait titles.
For those unaware of clickbait, it is when a blog title makes people curious but the content doesn’t provide the information expected.

This is widespread today, but search engines are catching up to this poor strategy. The best thing to do is invest time and money, if necessary, in quality writing. Good writing keeps people coming back to read more.

You also need to make sure that all content you write has proper keyword placement. There is no use in creating quality content if people have a hard time finding it. This happens when you make useful, engaging blogs but do not optimize them with keywords from your niche.

Dental SEO requires quality blogging. For example, you could share helpful tips on dental care with your visitors. When you create valuable content free of charge, people are grateful, which contributes to building trust.

Also, remember that the more content you create with different keywords, the better. People have an easier time finding your services when you create as much content as possible. In addition, Google and other popular search engines love to rank websites that are very active daily.

Mobile-friendly structure

priority. However, the bots that search the web for quality content are intelligent enough to detect mobile-friendly websites.

This is the main reason you need a responsive design for your website. Never forget this is an essential part of proper web design these days. What this means is any website that is not optimized for mobiles will inevitably fall behind.

Also, remember that the mobile version of Google only gives propriety to mobile-friendly websites. In other words, only

Fast loading times

You probably agree a mobile-friendly website is essential, but fast-loading pages are just as crucial. Unfortunately, many websites don’t consider their loading times which is terrible for SEO.
The speed your content loads on the visitor’s screen is critical. 

This is relevant because today’s consumer is very impatient. As a result, many website visitors hit back on the browser after waiting only 3 to 5 seconds.

It may seem like a 3-second wait is reasonable. But to many people, this is precious time. Unfortunately, some websites take up to 8 to 10 seconds to load a page, which is bad news for SEO.

The main problem with this is your bounce rates drastically increase. The bounce rate is a very short period for a visitor to spend on your website actively. If they only stay a few seconds, it is a bounce.

 Even if they stay for several minutes, it is also a bounce if there are no interactions with your content.
The bounces that happen within a few seconds are the most critical.

 They indicate that a visitor had no interest in your content at all. On the other hand, it could suggest the visitor was interested in your content, but the loading times caused the bounce.

How can you increase your website loading times?

If you feel that your loading times are too slow, you can continually optimize them in several ways. The most common and useful is to lower the size of your images. Some websites have extremely heavy headers, and they force loading times to be longer.

The main thing to keep in mind is that a fast-loading website will consistently achieve better results. This is something you can expect with both engagement and conversions.

Other improvements to increase your website loading times include:

1.Avoid inline CSS and JS files
2.Avoid redirects
3.Lower HTTP requests
4.Optimize caching
5.Use G-Zip encoding

All of these improvements will help you save precious loading times. That said, remember that a few seconds can mean the difference between a new client or someone who leaves your website to find another option.

Quality backlinks

The backlink has always been a very reliable way for a website to rank higher in search engines. The problem is that most website owners have no idea how to do this. The goal is to get their website linked to a higher-ranked website.

The more popular and credible a website is, the better the quality that backlink will be. This means that a top-ranked website that publishes a URL to your website is going to be very beneficial.

Search engines love to see websites recommended by highly ranked sites. This provides a considerable SEO boost in terms of your ranking. The more quality backlinks you can get, the better.

If you want to do this, you need to contact top websites and become active in their forums or comment sections. You can always send URLs from your publications to top sites to see which ones take notice.

Alternatively, you could find professional help with connections and relationships with top sites. But, again, this will be a faster way to get some of your content posted on those sites.
The following are some useful ways to get quality backlinks:

1.Engage in guest blogging
2.Give interviews
3.Create evergreen content
4.Encourage links with HTML code options
5.Link to websites that you want to link to you

Other relevant SEO strategies for success

We have mentioned the most important strategies directly related to your website. But there are also external methods to maximize the growth of your business website so you’re always in a win-win situation.

Active social media pages

Social media continues to be a compelling and reliable way for any business to grow. Your SEO efforts are going to be much better if you have popular social media pages. The more your follower base grows on social media, the easier it is to promote your content.

Being able to gain momentum on social media is not as easy as it used to be. Now you are competing against a significant number of business pages in the dental niche. 

Therefore, if you want to benefit from social media as a dentist, you need to provide something unique.
Actively posting content on social media is very important. Knowing when to post that content is just as relevant. 

You should also start to consider the power and the value of live streaming.
This is great because it allows you to put a face on your services, which is crucial to building trust. In addition, social media is perfect for streaming because it is practical and easy to set up without technical knowledge.

The platforms you use to grow a follower base depend on several factors. Given that the focus is on dental services, Facebook and YouTube are optimal for this purpose, but Instagram is also beneficial.

Review management

You need to make sure you give clients the best possible dental service. Building a robust review database is the most powerful way to boost credibility.

When people see a large number of positive reviews, they will be less likely to hesitate. They will be choosing your services when they need dental work. Being able to maintain good standing with reviews is super important as you gain ground.

You have to consider that any negative reviews can be a huge problem, even if positive reviews are numerous. 

For every 100 positive reviews, a single bad one can create more attention than dozens of positive ones. This is why review management relates to reputation management.

Make Title Tag and Meta Description Compelling   

It is essential to understand what Meta descriptions are and why they are so helpful. Basically, if the title and the description of the page are not attractive and engaging, the search result URL runs the risk of losing potential customers over better Meta content.

You must create these titles and descriptions for every page on your website. You never know which one of your publications will be the URL people see on their search results.

Optimize Your Images

Your images’ quality and size will play an essential role in SEO because you are also likely to see some website visitors thanks to an image search. Not only that, but the images on your website can also be a determining point of attraction to specific content.

You can continually optimize an image to ensure good quality, but the file size is drastically reduced. If you feel this is not something you know how to do, you can always hire professional help for this purpose.

JPG and PNG are the two most common image formats used online, but PNG is not recommended due to the size of the file. JPEG is a better choice even if the quality is lower. This is barely noticeable to the naked eye unless you lower it too much. JPEG also allows you to decrease gradually until you have the perfect balance of size and quality.

Give your images a relevant name that uses keywords and upload them with that file name. This is very useful because your images can be found via Google image searches. These searches have become very common, and Google will show images that have file names related to the search at the top.

Write quality alt text (alternative text) to ensure that a description of the image content is always available to the user. You should also use relevant keywords in this section as it helps with SEO. These strategies will squeeze the value and the SEO power of your images as much as possible.

Make your website secure (SSL)

The SSL certificate has become a new standard necessary to achieve a good rank on search results. The SSL certificate is always a great way to give visitors more confidence about visiting your website, and that alone is great for SEO rankings.

There is an undeniable SEO boost that pages experience when their website goes from HTTP to HTTPS. Given the many security benefits of this certificate, the SEO advantages make for an outstanding package.

The best thing about the SSL certificate is that it is no longer something costly like it used to be. The demand for this type of security measure has grown, reducing the cost, making it more accessible.

Regardless of the cost, this should be seen as an essential investment for any online business seeking optimal results. The sooner you decide to do this, the better the outcomes for SEO and general security.

Use Internal Linking

The use of internal links has proven to be an excellent way for you to boost SEO. The easier it is for people to find relevant content on your website, the better. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended that you always consider creating hyperlinks in your content.

 Try not to go overboard with the number of links, but make sure that you have at least a couple on each publication.

  Earning citations and backlinks from local websites

These two are equally important, but some people confuse the terms and don’t understand them very well. The citation involves posting information about a business, such as a name, phone number, and address. The citation does not necessarily contain a link, but it is still beneficial for SEO purposes.

For example, something as simple as an article mentioning your business is a citation. The article does not have to include a link to your business, but it could also include it. One of the best ways to get citations is to be active with your content and ensure quality.

Most citations will come when the source of the citation feels that you have earned their trust. This means that you have to take the time to build that trust. Once you manage to do this with quality content, you will find getting more citations and backlinks from local websites easier.

 Optimize Google My Business Profile

Google My Business has become one of the most relevant aspects of SEO due to the enormous popularity and credibility of this directory. However, it is safe to say that the one thing that makes the directory so strong is the brand. Google owns this particular directory, and that makes it a trendy place to list a business.

Another outstanding advantage of the directory is it provides more credibility to your dental services. When your services are listed on GMB, you can expect people to gain a sense of trust.

Optimizing your Google My Business page is a critical process because it will help you stand out. Keep in mind this is also a perfect platform to give you the chance to gather reviews from users. These reviews are considered very reliable, and they can be beneficial.

Once your profile has been fine-tuned for optimal results, you will start to see many benefits from the process. This is why it is essential to give GMB the attention it deserves within your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

  Run an audit to find out where you stand with the competition

You may want to run an audit of your current marketing efforts to see where you stand. Once the audit is over, it will reveal the weakest aspects of your strategies, allowing you to upgrade them efficiently.

Doing this can be very powerful because it can give you some insight into things you never considered. However, keep in mind this will mean you have to make improvements most of the time. That could translate into investing in more areas of your marketing.

Be patient. Always remember that SEO takes time and consistency for success.

This is an essential part of this guide because it will help you see things for how they are. If you wish to see results, you have to take time and work consistently. You have to use all the strategies that we have mentioned.

Many SEO efforts fail despite months or even years of hard work. Implementing the wrong strategies can lead to frustrating results that are far from optimal.

SEO is beneficial, and you can go for the 100% organic growth journey or use paid ads. Organic growth takes more time, but it has more long-lasting benefits. In contrast, paid advertisement provides faster results that can happen within a day, but you will not see the same long-lasting effects. The results of paid ads are only available during the time you are paying for the ads.

Both roads will lead to great outcomes as long as you do things right. The way you approach every single marketing effort in your dental practice will determine the effects. Dental SEO is an essential part of your business in this day and age. Remember this and your practice will grow in popularity with long-term engagement.

Hire a dental SEO expert

Now you have a better idea of how dental marketing works and what you need to do. The main issue many people have is they lack the time required for this purpose. At, we can provide a professional SEO service that will handle the process for you.

This is the perfect way for you to conquer the world of SEO. That way, you can handle other critical aspects of your business while we help you grow. 

Our team has vast experience in this field, and every decision we make regarding your Search Engine Optimization is based on years of hard work and successful marketing.

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