How To Delete A Funnel in Clickfunnels [ Step By Step ]

ClickFunnels is a software that helps you create a platform that can be useful to enhance your business and your sales.

It lets create your landing page with all the features that an online store have to offer hence this can be the best and cheap option for you if you are starting you won business.

From tracking your sales to tracking your audience activity all are provided with click funnels hence this is a powerful tool to gain traffic on your page and to enhance the sales of your product.

In the end, the clickfunnels was brought to life because of the entrepreneurs like you can grow your business plan and can make your own pages to promote your company.

How To Delete A Funnel?

Delete A Funnel in Clickfunnels

Deleting a funnel is quite easy and simple but if you wanna delete you first want to know about how to make one. We will just give you a quick feedback about how to build a funnel in your clickfunnels account.

So we can right jump back to our main cause that is how to delete funnels. So if you wanna create a funnel you just simply have to create an account then you have to select some templates for your companies page and for that, you will have a variety of templates in your demand.

So you can have brief look and choose what will be great for your company, after you choose the template there will be a bar at your left-hand side where you can easily access your settings and other stuff or search much stuff.

When you will see there the template that you choose will right there in the last, you just have to simply click it and there you go your own first funnel will be created. So let just jump back right at the main topic that is how to delete a funnel or a page in the funnel.

So if you wanna delete a funnel first you will have to select a funnel that you have made before that you do not want in your companies design and you have to remove it.

So just simply choose a funnel than just click on that funnel when you will click it the funnel will open and you will see many different options on the left side of your screen that will be named as the funnel steps, there will be pages too that you have created within the funnel that will be shown when you will click on the funnel steps. 

Just simply move your cursor towards the page that you have to delete or simply choose the funnel that you have to delete. Once you have selected the page that you have to delete click on it so it can be opened in a full screen.

Then you will see a button on your bottom right corner that will be named as a delete funnel step. Simply click on that a message box will be shown for confirmation click ok and your funnel will be deleted.

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