ClickFunnels Wiki – Everything You Need to Know in 2021

ClickFunnels is the latest way to increase productivity on your online platforms. Using ClickFunnels, you can build effective funnels for your online business, which will help you a lot.

Most people use traditional ways for sales and marketing. However, using ClickFunnels is much better than those methods.

The inventor of ClickFunnels is Russel Brunson who introduced this idea to the market, and all entrepreneurs globally admired his concept.

The reason behind its popularity was its smart way of working and increased results.

ClickFunnels Wiki – How to Make it Worth Your Money?

ClickFunnels Features

Without using the ClickFunnels funnel method, you couldn’t make people engaged with your website so much.

However, using the latest funnel methods, you can surely increase your sale.

The best and simple way to do this is to create your ClickFunnels blog.

It is easy, effective, and doesn’t require any ClickFunnels knowledge. All you need is to use the already available templates and making your blog live.

You will then have to add the blog posts to live ads and get traffic for your business.

Studies show that more than 75 percent of the traffic comes from blog posts. So, it doesn’t matter which type of products or services you are providing on the internet. ClickFunnels will always help you.

What is ClickFunnels?

9 Best ClickFunnels Templates & Successful Examples

ClickFunnels is an online marketing tool suite. It includes all the necessary features that help you to increase your sales on online platforms.

You get all the tools and features in just one platform. These tools help you to optimize your business in a short time.

Using ClickFunnels, you can save your time because you do not have to go to different sites to get the right tool for your requirement. It is available at different pricing and packages. Each package contains a different number of tools.

According to your requirement, you can select a package to use unlimited times.

The features work properly. That’s why it gives competition to many other online marketing platforms. As a freelancer, you should know the importance of marketing tools.

ClickFunnels Features:ClickFunnels Features

Every package of ClickFunnels has a different number of tools and features.

But in this article, we only discuss the one that helps you minimize your work with efficiency. The features of ClickFunnels are:

  1. Affiliate management.
  2. Optimization tools for conversion.
  3. Drag and drop facility.
  4. A/B testing.
  5. API connectors.
  6. Website management.
  7. Online page editor.
  8. SEO management.
  9. Sales management.
  10. Interactive content.
  11. Website monitoring.
  12. Direct mail management.
  13. Tags and keywords.
  14. Scheduled emails.
  15. Insert graphical content and many more.

If you want to explore the other features of the ClickFunnels, you should get one. You will love this platform because of its services.

ClickFunnels is one of the most renowned sales funnel builders on the internet.

However, when you go through the skills and features that it brings to the table, you understand the reason behind this software being renowned.

There are a lot of features of ClickFunnels for us to mention.

However, just to give you a picture of how good this online sales funnel builder is, we are going to give you detailed information about a couple or more of its services so you get the idea that you can only expect greatness from ClickFunnels. 


This is one of the best things about ClickFunnels. With ClickFunnels people find it very easy to be able to manage their upsells and down-sell tactics to make the most out of their profits.

This proves beneficial for the users in terms of generating greater amounts of profits.

Since the interface of the ClickFunnels platforms is simple and intriguing, the users are able to make sure that everything follows through and every calculation is done right with the help of the algorithm supporting ClickFunnels.

For the people that don’t know about upselling and downwelling, they are one of the most profitable marketing strategies when running a business. If you don’t understand, let us put it in an example.

For Instance, John runs a Burger company. The company makes very little profit. This is when John decides to bring in the upsell strategy.

John upsells the fries along with the burger, they start to see a significant amount of profit on their sales. However, the reversal of Upsell is called down-sell. 


Autoresponders are one of the most important parts of a sales funnel.

An autoresponder corresponds automatically with the prospects, and without using it to communicate with the prospects, there seems no possible way someone could benefit from a sales funnel.

The job of the autoresponder is to send out a bunch of emails to the people who decided to opt-in to your list in hopes of maxing out Rates of interest.

ClickFunnels sees how important an autoresponder is and comes with an autoresponder of their own, which is called actionetics. Actionetics helps greatly in allowing your business to grow bigger.

Who is ClickFunnels For?


Before we go any further, we want to make sure that you understand what ClickFunnels is exactly and how it will meet your needs for which you are buying this sales-specific sales funnel builder.

ClickFunnels is an online tool that is dedicated to helping users make a sales funnel.

With ClickFunnels, the users are able to build a sales funnel that brings higher conversions and results in bringing better sales for your business.

A lot of renowned business owners and entrepreneurs like to choose ClickFunnels as their personal pick when it comes to making Sales Funnels.

As it happens, having a sales funnel has become a necessity for anyone that is currently operating any kind of business in the world.

It allows you to establish your brand name, it allows you to grow quicker, and it also allows the users to be able to generate lots of sales and quicker.

ClickFunnels has a lot of choices and is a great fit for anyone. But specifically, ClickFunnels is a great choice for people that own a business, are fitness coaches, or are consultants.

As mentioned above, the functionality and the usage of clickFunnels cannot be limited to any specific field.

The long list of features allows the users signed with ClickFunnels to be able to obtain the best of the features that ClickFunnels has to offer.

What makes Clickunnels a great choice for a lot of people is the fact that it is very easy to use.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels is known for offering a lot of features that the other sales funnel builders just don’t have.

If you want to build a sales funnel or a website that converts leads rather excellently, ClickFunnels will make a great fit for you.

The resulting sales funnels made from ClickFunnels The websites made from ClickFunnels will be able to bring in high traffic and are bound to generate better conversion rates than any other sales funnel present on the market.

The features of ClickFunnels are what makes it special. It includes tools such as drag and drop builder which allows the users to be able to add or remove the features from their planned funnel just by dragging the element in or out.

This adds to the feasibility and makes it a lot easier for people to use them. Since ClickFunnels is very easy to operate, it is a correct choice for anyone that is interested in making a sales funnel.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel

If you want to understand the whole deal of ClickFunnels, Then it is essential that you develop a basic understanding of what a sales funnel is.

There are a lot of marketing strategies when it comes to taking the lead in your respective field. As the timeline passes by, the Sales funnel has become one of the best digital marketing strategies.

When you adopt this strategy for your business, your business is bound to see a lot of positive development as it grabs a lot of prospects and converts them successfully into sales, ensuring the growth of your business.

When someone adapts the strategy of ClickFunnels, the prospects will have to go through a detailed process. When they are through this process, they will turn out as sales for your business.

However, there are different steps of building a sales funnel, and these steps can be broken down into three different stages referred to as “the top of the funnels, the middle, and the bottom of the funnel.”

We happen to know a thing or two about Sales, and when you lose a customer or seeing your sale walk by is not the worst feeling for any salesman, and rightfully so.

For any salesman to make a sale, there goes a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of pitching, doing demos, and persuading the customer.

Having said that, this is the method of the olds; Nowadays, the traffic is mostly available on the internet and for any business to thrive, that is where they should be looking.

With sales funnels, you can shut down small, or any chances of losing the prospects.

By now we have developed that a sales funnel will play an important role in your business.

For making a successful sales funnel, it is imperative for you to use a platform that offers the best services. This is where ClickFunnels comes in.

ClickFunnels comes with a lot of tools that will allow a person to make any kind of changes to their funnel and allows them to be able to make a funnel that gets the job done.

ClickFunnels or not, building a sales funnel is important in today’s world for your business to thrive. But if you consider our recommendation, ClickFunnels is the best option available for making a sales funnel.

Examples of a Sales Funnel:

Since the world is evolving very fast, a lot of people are upgrading their business model and factoring in a sales funnel.

This strategy has also been adopted by a lot of big businesses and rightfully so, who would not want to stay ahead of the competition?

Now, we think this is enough to picture the importance of sales funnels in today’s world.

As mentioned above, there are a  lot of businesses that are adopting the strategy of a Sales Funnel.

This will give you an idea of how important having a sales funnel to make your business thrive in today’s age is.

Having said that, here are some examples that will make you understand the importance of the sales funnel. 


In recent conditions, Netflix has become one of the best streaming services that allow users to be able to watch the latest and the best movies, web series, documentaries, and other kinds of media.

However, Netflix charges its users on a monthly basis in return for their services.

Now, Netflix is one of the competitors that are currently operating on the sales funnel marketing strategy.

According to a study, with the help of their sales funnel model, Netflix has been able to sign more than 80 million monthly users.

The sales funnel of Netflix is one of the best amongst the other streamers and probably this is the reason for their evergreen growth.

Netflix chose to adopt a sales funnel that is rather simplistic and easy to understand. This makes it easier for people to use and follow through with this model of the sales funnel.

The sales funnel of Netflix does not include anything that the customers can raise a question upon and they know what they are going to be getting.

When the users open the registration page of Netflix, Netflix incentivizes the potential users by offering a one-month free subscription.

This allows it to be able to catch the prospect’s eye and they become more invested in the idea of having the subscription.

 ClickFunnels Pricing Plans:

ClickFunnels Pricing

By using ClickFunnels, you can use three different pricing plans.

These plans have different price rates and different numbers of features. According to your business requirement, you can use the one. If you do not know about the ClickFunnels, you can use its 14 days free trial.

This trial period will help you to know about ClickFunnels and its policy.

Let’s look at the pricing plans that ClickFunnels offers and select the one now to make your marketing game strong.

1. ClickFunnels Standard Plan:

ClickFunnels Starter

This is the first plan of ClickFunnels.

BY paying only $97 per month, you can use its following features:

  • 100 pages
  • More than 20 funnels
  • Can integrate 3 payment gateways
  • 1 user
  • 3 domains

Overall, this is a good deal as you get free access to these amazing tools for just 97$. For beginners, this plan is best.

But if you are an expert in social media marketing, then you should go for other planes.

2. ClickFunnels Platinum Plan:

The platinum plan is the second plan of ClickFunnels. IT has more features than the standard plan, but also it costs you more money.

You can get the platinum plan by spending $297 per month. On this value, you get access to the following tools and features.

  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Connect 9 domains
  • Free access to FunnelFlix
  • Follow-up funnels
  • 3 users
  • Integrated affiliate program
  • 3 users
  • Integrated 9 payment gateways

These advanced options will help you to rank your website among other best websites. You get the reward for all your efforts when your sales rate increase.

For good-earning freelancers, this package is the best to use.

3. ClickFunnels TwoCommaClubX Plan:

ClickFunnels TwoCommaClubX

This is the most expensive pricing plan of ClickFunnels. The cost of this plan is 2497$ per month.

But this cost worth it because it includes efficient tools and features.

Look at these features

  • 10 users
  • Funnel Flix free access
  • Follow-up Funnels
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Connect 27 domains
  • Integrated affiliate program
  • Unlimited pages
  • integrate 27 payment gateways

These features come with unlimited access so that you can increase your sales rate. If you are an expert in online marketing, then you should use this plan.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons:

Everything has its set of pros and cons. Frankly, that list of pros and cons makes us determine whether or not it is worth buying that software or not.

In a similar manner, ClickFunnels has some as well.

To help you evaluate whether or not that this platform is a good choice for you, we have highlighted all the drawbacks and the benefits that you stand to gain from ClickFunnels.

Whereas the advantages that ClickFunnels have clearly outweigh the disadvantages of ClickFunnels, we want you to take a look for yourself.


We would like to bring forward the benefits you stand to gain from ClickFunnels other than using the other Sales Funnel Builders on the market. Here are the reasons that ClickFunnels Proves to be a better option: 

Drag-And-Drop Tool

There are a lot of reasons for us liking this particular online sales builder, but the very main reason for liking ClickFunnels is mainly due to the fact that it is rather easy and simple to operate.

ClickFunnels comes with a lot of features but the drag-and-drop tool of ClickFunnels is what makes it very easy to use. 

Comes with Pre-existing Templates

ClickFunnels may be pricey, but the functionality that it offers remains unmatchable. While a lot of people think the process of building sales funnels rather hard and complicated, this platform makes it very easy to make your own sales funnel.

Regardless of the field, your business exists in, you can choose any template available on ClickFunnels and change it accordingly and make it your sales funnel. This saves a lot of time and effort. 

One of the Most Efficient Tools

ClickFunnels has Been around for a while and became successful just after the year of its making.

The fame of this platform is well-deserved because ClickFunnels is one of the software that delivers.

ClickFunnels does not make empty claims and generates a lot of leads and sales on a user’s sales funnel that they built through ClickFunnels.


Meanwhile, when it comes to mentioning the disadvantages of ClickFunnels, there isn’t much to mention.

However, here are the areas where ClickFunnels falls short of the other options on the market: 

Poor Customer Service

ClickFunnels charges a lot for their services, and that calls for good customer service as well.

However, there are a lot of issues with the customer service of this platform. One of the primary issues that we see with the Customer service of ClickFunnels is the language barrier.

This makes it a lot harder for the customers to deal with and obtain the services of this platform. 


This is one of the things that we do not like about ClickFunnels. There are no questions about the efficiency of the sales building software, but the price tag of this service is rather enormous.

The basic plan of ClickFunnels is the cheapest option of all the options and that costs $97 dollars for a month. This makes ClickFunnels one of the most costly options.

How Does ClickFunnels Work?

ClickFunnels Works Straightforwardly.

It is an online platform or software which is used to build funnels. What we mean by that is you can create funnels directly with the ClickFunnels software.

Besides using ClickFunnels, you would have to manually build the functionalities, which takes a lot of time and effort. Also, those functions are not that effective.

You can choose from several themes and landing pages for your site only when you have ClickFunnels.

You can also make them custom by making any changes which you want. ClickFunnels also gives you access to multiple pages used to build funnels and make ads.

Why Choose ClickFunnels?

Well, there are a lot of varying ways to build effective funnels and boost your business. Let’s talk about the ClickFunnels blog first. On a traditional blog, you have to make blog posts regularly.

Also, you have to stay updated so that you get enough traffic for your products or services. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can choose ClickFunnels.

It allows you to make a specific number of posts with great content. So, all the time, this content will be used as a funnel bait which is a great idea.

Other than a blog, you can save your time while building effective funnels for your services.

Does it Worth the Money?

We can say yes, it worth the money. Several people made millions of dollars while just using the ClickFunnels platform.

All they did was posting some regular posts, using funnel bait, and attracting enough traffic.

So, we suggest you make a blog first while using the ClickFunnels account. After that, merely engage with your audience and give attention to your services and products. You will undoubtedly earn more and more money.


It is not easy to increase the sales rate without using any marketing tool. Because you have to do all work manually, this is not an easy task. The reason is that there is a lot of things to do.

To resolve this working problem, you should prefer a marketing tool suite to reduce your effort. But if you find marketing tools on different sites, then your time will get wasted.

For this reason, using an online marketing tool suite is better; by using ClickFunnels all of your requirements get fulfilled. At an affordable price rate, you can use this platform.

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