Clickfunnels vs WordPress – Which one is more easy to use and effective?

Today there is a big competition between different businesses. A lot of new enterprises are establishing every day which raises the competition. You don’t need to worry but make smart and right decisions in time to stand in the market. No business can exist without using the latest tools of business platform development, business promotions and updating the systems. That’s why we are comparing the two world’s best and useful marketing tools in this article.

Clickfunnels vs WordPress – Which one is more easy to use and effective?

You can read a detailed comparison of clickfunnels vs WordPress in this article. Although WordPress is widely used all across the world, but there are various advantages of clickfunnels over it. In below, you can read the different reasons why clickfunnels is a right pick as compared to WordPress.

Reason 1:

Clickfunnels and WordPress are a bit different tools. Both can create landing pages and websites with different functionalities. However, there are certain limitations of using WordPress. WordPress cannot provide built-in ways to promote the content and business offers to a targeted audience. Also, this does not provide any tracking of the progress which is necessary for any company.

Reason 2:

Another reason to give priority to clickfunnels is to no need of technical knowledge. It means you don’t need to have any experience of building websites or using the options among various options. You can simply drag and drop the required functionalities in your site using clickfunnels. While this is not so simple with WordPress. You have to follow pre-defined paths to build and customize your site.

Reason 3:

Clickfunnels is useful when it comes to engage other similar organizations with your offers. You can track and take benefits of the clients of your competitors using different strategies on clickfunnels. On the other hand, WordPress may not be suitable for the analysis of competitors. It also does not support the changing of schemes and business strategies so simply.

Reason 4:

Clickfunnels offers simple ways to build funnels. The funnels can belong to different categories and different types. You need to know your requirements, and you are ready to go. Each funnel has complete features and supportive functionalities. Contrary, WordPress is not so easy to use. Its use varies depending on the requirements of the enterprise. There may sometimes need technical coding to adjust specific issues on your landing page.

Reason 5:

If you want to promote your website or business packages quickly with more potential, clickfunnels would be a great pick. It has more SEO options and integrated features which are helpful for the latest changing trends of SEO. WordPress does not provide any specific tools for search engine optimization of your posts and website. You have to check out any adjust everything one by one which consumes time.


As a conclusion of clickfunnels vs WordPress, you can make your decision to go with clickfunnels. It can be a good decision if you keep all the reasons mentioned above in mind. You can explore more options and features of clickfunnels using it on trial. It will help you to make a better decision and build your active presence in the market.

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