Clickfunnels VS Ontraport: The REAL Winner!!

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Do you know there is a difference between Clickfunnels and Ontraport? What is the big difference? Which platform you should go for? All these questions and still no answer worried?

You might be worried because these two platforms are much similar and are offering some good features plus a guarantee of success.

In this article, we will be comparing both of these platforms and will find what differences these two have. It will help you in choosing where you should start your online business. 

So, let’s take a deep look so you can determine which platform is best for you.

Clickfunnels VS Ontraport: Overview

Let’s take an overview and see what are the major differences between them.

As we know both platforms are marketing software but Ontraport is more like a business software which means it is both marketing and business software.

If we talk about Ontraport then, it is a unified software that normally uses business techniques to handle sales and marketing strategies.

As well as content and information management which are very common when it comes to business strategies. 

What Is Ontraport?


If we talk about Ontraport then, it is a unified software that normally uses business techniques to handle sales and marketing strategies.

As well as content and information management which are very common when it comes to business strategies. 

The platform is known for its tools that lead this platform to real victory, those powerful tools that lead this platform are finances, marketing campaigns, and sales. 

Ontraport is best for those who are professional and experience marketers and salespeople. 

It will benefit them more as they are eager to find a funnelling solution that will help them improve their marketing and sales.

What Is Clickfunnels?

What Is Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a platform from which you can start your own online business plus, it will give you some best tools and features that will help you in gaining success.

The best part about this platform is that you can make some attractive funnels with it that will benefit you in your business.

They will attract the customer towards your business and will benefit you via profit of sales. 

If you love to sell products instead of automating your business then I would like to say Clickfunnels is best for you more than Ontraport.

The funnels of Clickfunnels are the one that makes it brighter and attractive for the businessman, although the idea of automation is not so bad but if you are eager to sell more than automate then Clickfunnels will be best.

Top 5 Features Of ClickFunnels

1- Ready to Use Sales Funnels

Use Sales Funnels

This feature is available for you by Clickfunnels if you want to get engage with Clickfunnels so this ready to use sales funnels is the best feature for you.

Sales funnels will provide you with all sorts of things from which you can increase your sales these tools are called services, products, ebooks, webinars, and memberships. 

These funnels are very beneficial for you if you use them wisely as these are scientifically tested to convert.

The design of these funnel guarantees their success in product sales and will give you the highest number of sales possible.

2- Email List and Broadcast

Clickfunnels have a tool which engages with email marketing. With this tool, you can create email campaigns and emails that will benefit you with the landing page or some other campaign.

Email List

The main purpose of this tool is to increase traffic on your sales funnels so your business increases. 

After creating the email and email campaign it sends to the desired customers that are related to your business or to the audience that will attract your business. 

3- Action Funnels

This feature reads your customer actions and works towards its actions.

Action Funnels

It creates funnels that can provide customer service even better so the customer attracts more towards the product and the business increase. 

This feature and automation tool of Clickfunnels only focuses on sales and increasing the number of funnels.

4- Landing Pages

Landing Pages

The most important feature from which your business starts, the customer attracts and most important the product sales increase. 

Landing pages are very easy to make, you just have to simply drag and drop, it is a very friendly user interface, you will not want any coding to create.

All you have to is to simply drag and drop your favourite buttons and other stuff that you want to add in the landing page

Also, you can add headline pictures and any other elements as you like it to make more attractive to your user. 

5- Tutorial and Onboarding Process

The best part is that they will cop up with you and help you in every stage so you can easily build your funnels.

They have provided you with all the tutorials you need to fulfil your dream by creating your funnels, selling the product to your users and increasing your online business rapidly. 

Top 5 Features Of Ontraport

1- Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages of Ontraport are similar to Clickfunnels. There is nothing different between both platform’s landing pages.

In this as well you can drag and drop all the elements that you want to put on your page and all the headline images that you like. 

The most important thing is that this is the start of your business so you better make it right so your business can grow more and more.

2- Creating an eCommerce or Membership Website

With the help of Ontraport, you can make your favourite websites whether it an eCommerce or a membership website.

Membership Website

You can take the help of WordPress and make any website you want to make on the Ontraport platform. 

3- Dashboard


If you look into this feature then you will see the features can customize and create metrics.

The customization can be represented in the single dashboard or they can be used on your will as well on how you want to customize it.

If you want to create metrics, then you should know that the metric can be created of any kind such as conversion rate for a form, products sold, numbers of users in your email, and most of all fit your preference, these all are the customizations that you can do in the metrics.

4- Email Marketing

In this feature, you can create your own emails and then send them to your segmented lead list which will determine which email you should send to which user.

Email Marketing

This is a highly personalized marketing strategy which is based on your email’s behaviour and identity.

5- Business Automation

The best feature of Ontraport is that it allows you to automate business activities. If you are more likely to run automation of business activities then it usually works as.

Business Automation

If you have sales funnels that you want to run for the respective or associate task then it will break your task in several groups those groups that the task will be separated are sales process, email marketing and billing.

What Are The Main Differences?

Target Users

If we talk about click funnels, it is designed for marketers and product developers. If they want to do online business they can refer to the click funnels marketing funnel system.

Target Users

On the other hand, Ontraport is based on small and medium businesses. It allows the members to do business with sales and marketing process experience.

Number of Emails

If we see the difference between the number of emails then it is not much. If we talk about click funnels, it offers unlimited emails on any and every plan.

On the other hand, Ontraport has some other options as well but are a little bit of similar to Clickfunnels that is it offers unlimited emails on its basic plan and 100,000 every month on its pro and team plans. 

Automation funnels

Automation funnels difference is also not so big indifference as for the Clickfunnels it offers unlimited automation funnel in a month plan, on the other hand, Ontraport offers an unlimited amount of automation funnels for every plan. 

Clickfunnels offers you the best of automated SMS marketing automation, on the other hand, Ontraport also gives the automated SMS marketing automation.

But, supports two way SMS automation which is absolutely amazing.

Email Split Testing

Email Split Testing

In Clickfunnels there is no feature such as email split testing. As for in Ontraport, it supports email split testing and it does at a variation of ¼  email per split test. 

Clickfunnels have no such thing as direct mail automation as for Ontraport, it does postcard marketing on the basis of direct mail automation which means it supports direct mail automation.

Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder

Clickfunnels workflow builder is based on the behaviour of the workflow that has been purchased and after the workflow is purchased, it sets up the automation workflow.

On the other hand, Ontra port Workflow builder does not require any programming plus, it creates multi-channel automation rules. 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Clickfunnels has its own email course builder, it only uses simple formatting to work and then it organizes itself into simple email formatting.

If we look further into Ontraport then we can see that it has an email course builder as well.

The name of this email builder is Ontramail email builder, it will help you create and organize email courses.

But, if you want to seek some marketing experiences by it then it can not happen because it is not prior for marketing experience.

Clickfunnels VS Ontraport Pricing 


As we have heard that Ontraport pricing is much deterministic as well as they are offering three pricing models in their pricing schedule, now it’s your choice which one do you want to choose.

They give a money-back guarantee if you want to leave the plan.

The pricing of these plans from Ontraport is the basic plan which has a price of $79, then there is a second one which is called Pro plan that cost $297 and the third one which is called the Team Plan that cost $597. 

On the other hand, click funnels have only two plans which are full plan and Standard plan.

Standard plan cost is $97 per month and the full plan cost is $297 per month plus, Clickfunnels give a 14-day free trial.

Pros And Cons Of Ontraport


  • Pricing: the plans have no setup fees, once you are in it or you have paid the fees of the plan you can access all the platform features that they are offering in the plan. 
  • Great community: the company is committed with the success of all the customers they have, they always keep everything up to date so they can keep they the app from getting redundancy
  • Unified system: they have a central system where the platform combines all your marketing efforts into one. 
  • Custom object: you can create custom objects that will help you in creating your own database
  • E-commerce features: it has a large number of E-commerce features that are very beneficial for your business plus, it has a feature of automatic credit card payment collection which is amazing.


  • Many people do not agree with Ontraport dashboard as it is not so much appealing and have no graphs. 

Pros And Cons Of ClickFunnels


  • It has pre-built specific campaigns that are enough for this platform
  • This platform easy to use interface allows any design to get attracted
  • The best thing is you can create your website by simply drag and drop tool injust 10 minutes
  • Users get knowledge and many resources for free for better


  • The page builder lacks customization
  • Actionetics is not as sophisticated as the other platforms of CRM

Final Verdict! Clickfunnels VS Ontraport

As we are at the conclusion. All I have to say is that they both are great in their own way, they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Now, it is your where do you feel to go. When you decide to tell us to and give your reason why you choose that platform.