ClickFunnels Vs HubSpot: Which Should You Use? (Ultimate Comparison)

If you are confused regarding this fact which one to use, whether to go for ClickFunnels or whether to go for HubSpot, then here you can check out the ultimate comparison for your convenience.

Both of them are marked and identified as sales creating tools.

They claim to boost your sales.

It is in some areas that ClickFunnels beat the HubSpot and it is in a few of the categories that HubSpot becomes the winner.

To all business owners out there, this guide will tell you that which tool is best for you for the sake of generating and boosting sales.

This ultimate and in-detail comparison will be able to give you a clear idea that which tool can give you faster and quick sales generation leads.

First of all, you have to understand the difference right between these two major and high in-demand services.

Furthermore, you should have a clear understanding of their features, integrations, as well as pricing.

Now, let us all check out whether ClickFunnels or HubSpot is right for your business.

We hope that after reading out this comparison, you can better and wisely decide on your own.

Difference Between ClickFunnels and HubSpot

Clickfunnels vs Hubspot

Most importantly, both of them are marked and considered as one of the popular and powerful services.

You can use these tools to boost sales as well as to grow your business.

If you are thinking that both of them offer some kind of services, then you are wrong.

They have their own unique selling points. These tools possess their own competitive edges.

Furthermore, both of these tools are extensively and quite different from each other.

How HubSpot Increase Sales for Your Business?

HubSpot Increase Sales for Your Business

When it comes to ClickFunnels Vs HubSpot, though both of these tools are focused o increasing sales, they perform this job in an entirely different manner.

As we have seen that HubSpot comes out and gives out a suite of services. These services allow you to make a friendly interaction with all of your customers.

This tool lets you organize and streamline your communication.

Even more, this HubSpot ensures and gives this guarantee that none of your future prospects falls through the crack-filled situations.

In other words, we can say that HubSpot Deals and handle the zone of Dashboard Interface.

How ClickFunnels Increase Sales for Your Business?

ClickFunnels Increase Sales

On the other hand, when we discuss the running and working approach to ClickFunnels, then it is quite different.

This tool is generally used for making and creating any kind of high-converting sales funnels.

You need to understand that a sales funnel is a series of pages.

And these pages psychologically and mentally guide you as to how to prospect and get success toward conversion.

You can go on making different kinds and types of sales funnels for different sales tasks of yours.

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In addition, you can make use of a tripwire funnel. This way, you can sell online products. Or you can make use of a webinar funnel.

This way, you will be allowed to host an online event and thus makes it easy for your business to generate leads.

It is seen that ClickFunnels usually turn out to be the best salesperson guide for all business owners.

It works in the coolest and easiest manner.

Besides, it works in a way far manner as compared to other sales-generating and sales-boosting websites.

The goal of ClickFunnels is single and exclusive, it is to increase sales. And this is what this tool is working on since its creation!


Which One to Use for Generating Leads? ClickFunnels or HubSpot

Which One to Use for Generating Leads ClickFunnels or HubSpot

This comparison has so far conveyed to us that ClickFunnels is an appropriate and suitable tool for generating sales and boosting the number of leads for your business.

In comparison with HubSpot, it is more of a sensible and wise tool to be used by beginner level and expert scale business owners.

What you can do is to make use of ClickFunnels for generating and amplifying leads.

And you can use this tool of HubSpot for organizing all sorts of communication that are in line and relevant to your sales and leads.

Most noteworthy, if your business is only and exclusively focused on selling online products or you are opting for the business for online services to consumers, then it is recommended to go for ClickFunnels.

This is a handy tool that your online business is need of.

On the other hand, if you are planning to sell high-ticket products that do demand a lot of heavy communication and making lots of calls, then you should consider using both of the tools, that is ClickFunnels and HubSpot.

ClickFunnels VS HubSpot: Which One is BEST for Your Business?

No doubt, ClickFunnels is a great and ideal tool regarding and concerning the tasks of generating leads. Or if your business is involved in selling products online, then use this tool.

However, HubSpot is organizing those leads for you. It makes sure that all-important information and communication remain well streamlined and organized.

If any of you is working in a kind of industry were making lots of sales calls is a day to day task and mandatory for you, then it is consistently advised to use ClickFunnels and HubSpot together on together and collective notes.

For the mere selling of products or sell your services online, then it is observed and seen that ClickFunnels is enough and sufficient for your business.

The best part is that ClickFunnels gets to be easily and conveniently integrates with this tool of HubSpot.

Both of these tools are encompassed by multiple numbers of features. They are packed with lots of integrations.

Furthermore, they are injected with tiered pricing. They offer you free trials.

As we all know that ClickFunnels provides you with free of cost trial of 14 Days.

What Makes ClickFunnels the Best and Ideal for Your Business?


It has this Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor. With the use of this feature, you are allowed to customize the sales funnel pages of yours in any manner you want to. You are free to add up elements.

You can drag and drop them to your sales funnel pages. You can even edit them too. This way, you can brand every single sales page of your business.

By doing so, customers will feel a consistent vibe in all of your marketing campaigns. It is for this reason that business owners prefer to use the ClickFunnels tool.

Then there is a feature of Website Hosting included and packed in this tool. If you have been using ClickFunnels, then you may be noticed that you will no longer be in needing of third-party hosting.

You can on your own manage and keep to sales funnels alive. Hence, this is the promising feature that convinces the business community to use this service tool for generating sales.

You will be allowed to host your business website on your own. How amazing it is! You can incorporate and add new domains to your dashboard.

This ClickFunnels tools, it has got 100 plus themes, as well as lots of Templates, are available in it. How cool it is! That is why the business community is heavily relying on this sales and leads boosting tool.

Upon using it, there is no need to make and develop a sales funnel right from scratch. Simply use any of the themes present in the ClickFunnels tool and complete your job.

You will be provided with lots of best looking and top-class themes and template library, This way, you can choose the respective sales to funnel that matches your business needs.

In What Other Ways ClickFunnels Is Best as Compared to HubSpot?

ClickFunnels comes with Total Split Testing kind of Capabilities. This way, you can test as well as iterate any of your sales, advertising, and marketing materials.

Here the option of creativity is limitless.

You can do as much testing on your sales and marketing materials as you can.

Apart from that, this is a useful tool for you because it permits you to make and create High-Converting Sales Funnels. You can say that this tool can turn out to be bread-and-butter for your business.

It helps you out in all possible ways. Moreover, it is helping out an extensive number of online entrepreneurs to increase the number of their business sales leads.

It is through this tool that you can easily sell products, and be able to grow your business.

We are sure that upon using this tool of ClickFunnels, you will be experiencing a higher conversion rate. If you are right now using any of the basic sites for the purpose of increasing sales, then it is high time that you stop using them.

This is an ideal tool that is present in from you. It runs on the simplest of all sales funnel formulas, that is why you can easily and seamlessly use it.

It gives you an unlimited conversion tracking rate for the business. Using this tool is a smart way to instantly and immediately see a high conversion rate for your business.

It works in a magic style for you and your own eyes will not believe for a second that how professionally it works.

How HubSpot Is Great and More Suitable as Compared to ClickFunnels?


Moving to the features of HubSpot, it also works on excellent and ideal notes.

Here you can check out that this sales generating tool HubSpot is better as compared to ClickFunnels. First of all, it is called and termed as a Marketing Hub.

You can say that it is All-in-One and best of all Inbound Marketing Software that has the potential to make your marketing campaigns more and more effective.

Upon using this tool, people will show more interest in your business and more customers will access your business products and services.

Moreover, you can make all kinds of landing pages and also send email campaigns. You are allowed to make creative blogs and opt for the approaches of automate marketing.

In addition, with the use of HubSpot, you can manage leads and view analytics. You are permitted to monitor all of the social media mentions. This is the kind of tool that increase SEO success for your business.

For extensive and thorough Customer Relationship Management, you can avail and utilize this tool. It allows you to organize your sales leads and also to manage them.

If your business is currently and presently operating in a sales-heavy industry, then using this tool will be highly beneficial for you. In this zone of customer relationship management, you can go for and keep on tracking the zones of email tracking.

You will get regular notifications and op for prospect tracking. Moreover, you will be meeting scheduling, and enjoy having a live chat session with your customers.

For What Business Lines HubSpot Is Appropriate?

Most probably, you may find this HubSpot tool as a sales hub for your business line. It will be easy for you to track and keep an eye on your sales process.

Furthermore, you can trouble-free set and organize all of your sales activities and that too all in one place.

In addition, this tool will help you accelerate and increase sales cycles so that you can process with your sales processes and sales mechanism in less span of time.

Besides, with the ideal and perfect use of this HubSpot, you will be able to send, track as well as automate emails. You will be able to organize documents and schedule meetings.

This tool will help you to go for live chat sessions as well as you will be allowed to queue sales calls. This tool act in the form of a Content Management System. It will assist you as to how to make flexible kind of themes.

You can easily and professional make content structures. It will be mess-free for the business owners to easily and quickly edit any of the sales website pages.

Using this tool of HubSpot will allow you to enjoy and keep on experiencing a personalized and secure experience. A win-win situation will be created for the business owner and also for his business line.

Beyond, you will be getting SEO recommendations, you will get to use website themes, and you will be able to analyze the overall performance of your website content.

For Customer Service Teams, HubSpot Is Made for them!

To all the customer service teams out there, if you want to make your service line more effective and efficient, then you can use HubSpot.

This tool is available in the form of Customer service software.

It builds up the organization as well as efficiency right for your entire and whole customer service team.

With the use of this Service Hub, you can have 1-to-1 conversations with any of your customers.

In addition, you can create tickets and be able to feedback.

Furthermore, you can build up and create a knowledge base. You will be able to create team emails.

This HubSpot allows you to experience conversational bots.

How ClickFunnels Integrations Benefit You?

Now, you will get an idea about the details of ClickFunnels Integrations. Hopefully, this information will give you a more in-depth understanding and you can then decide which tool is appropriate for which of your service and product business line.

If you will use this Twilio integration, then you can personalize and all be in gear to schedule SMS messages for your business. Upon embedding a calendar right into your sales funnel, you can use this feature to allow leads so that you can schedule them right there on your calendar.

Then we have this YouZign integration. You can freely utilize this integration for the sake of hosting custom images completely on YouZign. And then you are allowed to publish and upload those images on the platform of ClickFunnels.

More of ClickFunnels Integrations that You Can Utilize

VWO Engage is another integration that you can make use of! It allows you to completely use push notifications for your sale funnels.

If you are interested in using SalesForce, then note down that it will allow you to integrate the SalesForce zone of yours with your ClickFunnels account. How about using this Warrior Plus, you can avail to sell Warrior Plus products.

Using Disc Delivered allow you to activate the settings of automatic order fulfilment processing. Stripe Payment integration usually and generally send all of the funnel customers receipts.

In What Way HubSpot Integrations are Great for Your Business?

We have this Wistia integration. You can use it for the sake of making compelling videos so that you can have more of the sales leads and you can experience leads generation process.

Moving on with, we have this another HubSpot Databox integration for you. It does the processing and functioning of data reporting. You will be able to carry out mission-critical analytics.

PaBndaDoc integration creates a compelling kind of sales documents for you. This way, you will always have a higher closing rate for your sales. Furthermore, we have this Zapier integration.

How Much Budget-Friendly Is This ClickFunnels?

Finally, we are going to talk about the pricing factor. From these details, you can know whether ClickFunnels is cost-friendly for you or whether this HubSpot is pocket friendly for you.

We have no doubt on this sure shot fact that this great and reliable tool is ideal for building high-converting sales funnels. It gives you virtually guaranteed results.

If you want to make tons of money and cash, then this is a useful tool. But what about the pricing factor?

This tool comes with two pricing plans.

Like, if you are going for the first plan, then you have to pay around $97 per month.

Note down that in this package, you will be getting 20 funnels, 100 pages. Moreover, you will be given 3 payment gateways, chat support.

On the other hand, if you are going and opting for the second plan, then you need to pay approximately $297 per month.

Here in this specific package, you will get unlimited funnels, 3 users, and 9 payment gateways follow-up funnels.

We have shared about Clickfunnels Pricing you can learn everything about clickfunnels from there.

Is HubSpot Budget-Friendly for You?


It is observed that the pricing of this sales generating tool HubSpot, it is a bit of a complicated one. When you sign up for this tool, then the price range depends on the type and kind of hub that you want to use.

HubSpot’s pricing is a little complicated because it depends on which hub you want to sign up for. As all of us know that there are five hubs and each of them comes and accompanied by different pricing tiers.

If you are using CRM, then it is free of cost. Beyond, if you are using Marketing Hub, then you can get a free version of it that it included with email marketing, contact management, paid ads.

You can even go for the plan that will cost you around and about $800/month. Here you can use the features like that of marketing automation, social media tools, analytics dashboard.

If you want to try out Sales Hub, then costs $500 per month and you can utilize is features like sales automation, lead scoring, customizable reports. For Service Hub, it costs $400 per month.

If you are availing of their Enterprise plan, then you need to pay $1,200 per month.


We can say that some of the greatest services are provided by these tools, ClickFunnels and HubSpot.

Now, it is up to you which tool you want to use.

Both of them have quite promising points present in them, they are of amazing use and do not harm or damage the profit and sales line of your business.

If you are about to start with your new online business, then make sure that you do keep these tools on the side by side notes. They will take your business sales side to another level. You can keep connected with us.

We will share more information with you regarding which of the more tools are great for your business.