ClickFunnels vs GetResponse – What One Is RIGHT For You?

Clickfunnels vs Getresponse, which of these is a better-automated marketing tool, and what is your opinion on these two marketing tools is? 

The answer is in this article where you will find what is the difference between these two amazing platforms.

You will also learn which one is better for you, who is fulfilling your needs, which of them is affordable for you. All these things you will get to know in this article. 

What Are These Platforms Designed to Do?

If you talk about Clickfunnels, then it is a website that talks about online business, you can enlarge your business with the help of this platform and with the help of sales funnels that will create your customers into sales.

Designing a funnel in Clickfunnels is very easy, you just have to pick a funnel, create one, choose all the things that you want to put in it by simply drag and drop, designing it, putting some attracted designs that will attract the customers.

Getresponse is a platform where you can generate emails and can do email marketing.

On top of that, in this platform, you get all the access on landing pages, you can create all the webinars you want, you get all the access on the automation emailing that gives you many benefits. 

ClickFunnels VS GetResponse: Comparing Features

Clickfunnels VS GetResponse

We have come up with a comparing game between these two amazing platforms. So, let’s see who is greater in what and who has which type of features.


  • A/B Split Testing
  • Amazing Funnel Templates 
  • Email Integration
  • Custom Order Pages
  • Upsell Downsell Pages
  • Share Templates With Friends
  • Integration With Tons of Tools
  • Actionetics Autoresponder
  • Backpack Affiliate Program
  • Shopping Cart
  • Free Trial


  • Advanced Analytics
  • Autoresponder 
  • CRM
  • Run Webinars
  • Mobile App Workplace
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Email Automation
  • Survey Creation
  • List Builder Apps
  • Forms
  • Free Trial

Are Both Intended for All Sizes of Businesses?

ClickFunnels Vs GetResponse

You can use them for any size of business you want, as much of that one of these two is more suitable for small type of businesses. 

Clickfunnels have packages for every size of the business, but their prices are very high, as their first startup package is of $97, this package can be afforded by a good business, who is earning more than this every month.

But there is more business that can not pay this much rental every month. 

On the other hand, Getresponse does not have packages with this much price, their first package starts with only $15, but their features have a limit in this package and you can use them in a limit. 

What Will Each Platform Cost?


Both platforms have different plans and different ideas. So, let us discuss their plans and their plan’s cost.

Clickfunnels have two different plans, the first plan is a basic plan which will cost you only $97 per month, the other plan is an advanced plan, which they also call an Epson plan, it will cost you $297. 

These both plans of Clickfunnels are offering a lot that you did not even think of, so if you are thinking of moving towards Clickfunnels then go for it, they have much more stuff then this plan.

On the other hand, Getresponse has four different plans, so if you are confused and you do not seem to think what you choose between two packages then you must consider the four package deal, you will make a decision then.

The first package which is an Email package only starts at $15, the second package which is a pro package starts at $49 per month, the Max package, which is the third package starts from $165 per month.

The last package which is called an Enterprise package, this will cost you only $1199 per month. So, no matter which of them you choose, the main focus of these two platforms is to grow your business even higher.

So if you choose any of them, you will end up in increasing your own business.

Do You Need to Work From a Mobile Platform?

Work From a Mobile Platform

There is a big difference between these two platforms if we discuss the mobile platform.

Although Clickfunnels has not launched any mobile platform till now because their main goal is through the internet, and my prediction is that they will not launch any mobile platform in future as well.

On the other hand, Getresponse has its own application of mobile, both on Android and IOS.

The reason behind they have an app is that they work on emails that is a fast way to communicate, so if they do not launch a mobile platform, from where it is easy to email then they might have gone down with their platform. 


We hope that these two platforms will help you increase your business and no matter what you choose, both of these platform goals are the same.