Clickfunnels tutorial – Knowing how to make high converting online marketing

Every business requires a well-planned and proper marketing plan. Without effective marketing, you cannot increase or boost your business. When it comes to online products or services, you need to follow some steps which are necessary for your website.

For example, you will need to do proper branding and marketing so that you could grow your business.

Steps on Creating Funnels Using ClickFunnels


Creating A Funnel is extremely important for you as these Funnels are the key to enhance traffic and sales on your online store.  There are several and to be exact two ways to create a Funnel.

These two ways are separate from each other hence they provide you with various opportunities and features. Here I will show you the ways to create Funnel in ClickFunnel, and I’ll make sure that these are divided into steps so that you can understand better.

Classic Funnel Builder & Funnel Builder Cookbook

First, let me explain the difference between these two methods of creating a Funnel in ClickFunnel.  They are completely different methods from each other as in the Classic Funnel Builder you are allowed to choose or set a goal and then select a funnel type.

After you have done that you will be able to select the page templates according to your page and you can get these templates for free or paid depending which template you choose for the funnel.

Now: the Cookbook Funnel Builder, provides you with a narrowed down Funnel type which is based on your preferred niche. A niche is important in creating FUnnel hence a Cookbook will help you with concise options to choose from.

And when that’s done you will be able to set your own goals as you will be provided comprised numbers of Funnels to choose from.

Apart from that with Cookbook, you are also offered to choose various and attractive templates for your store, these templates either can be free or paid again it is up to your preference.

Now: I hope you have understood the vital different between Classic Funnel Builder and Funnel Builder Cookbook. Now let’s move on the steps that how you can create Funnels with both of these methods.

1- Classic Funnel Builder

Classic Funnel Builder

When you are on the dashboard of your ClickFunnel then there you would see an option of creating a new Funnel click that option and it will take you to another page.

This page will allow you to choose which type of Funnel or through which method you want to create your Funnel.

Step #1: Choosing a Goal

And if you have clicked Classic Funnel Builder then it redirects you to another page that will hold all the formalities and fill in the boxes for creating a Funnel.

First, you will see Select or choose a goal, this is because you would have to choose a specific niche for which you are creating a Funnel.

For instance, you are interested in collecting E-mails, Hosting Webinars or you have an online store on which you are selling your product or service.

Step #2: Selecting a Funnel Type

Now in this step, you would have to ask yourself what type of Funnel that you want to acquire. Because you will see various type of beautifully designed Funnels and you have to choose according to your niche.

In this step, you will name your Funnel as per your preference. And then you will be able to enter or asked to enter a Group tag to specify your niche. And this option is optional so if you don’t want to fill it in.

Or have not decided a proper Group tag for your Funnel you can skip it as it is optional.

Now after doing that you will be asked to choose a theme. This will completely depend on o you as you have to choose a theme for your Funnel either it can be a paid and you have enough money to invest.

Because paid themes of ClickFunnels are more attractive and responsive than Free themes. So, choose a theme wisely that can represent your Funnel addictively.

Step #3: Build Funnel

There is not much to talk about this step as it is self-explanatory by its name. After doing each and every step provided above you are all set to create your first Funnel.

You just simply have to click on the Built Funnel button that is situated at the bottom of the page. And voila you are all done and set to rule the online market.

2- Cookbook Funnel Builder

Cookbook Funnel Builder

Now: this method can be complex but bear with me as I explain about each and every step in detail. By this, you would be able to create your private Funnel by yourself.

With that said let’s see every step that you need to learn for creating a Funnel from Cookbook Funnel builder method.

Step #1: The Funnel Cookbook

After you have clicked create Funnel in your Classic Funnel builder page. Then you should come out of the page by clicking the x button or cross button on the top left corner.

This will take you to the Cookbook page from which you can create another Funnel.

Step #2: Industry

The industry is the most important factor for choosing a Funnel. When you are creating a Funnel then you should be able to determine the industry on which you want to create your Funnel.

A proper industry can set in the roots for your Funnel through relative marketing techniques of your selected industry.

So, when you are creating a Funnel through Cookbook method then you will be asked to choose a preferred industry from the provided list of various industries.

Step #3: Select the ‘Type of Funnel’

Select the ‘Type of Funnel’

After choosing your preferred industry choice and selecting your required niche then you will be asked to choose a type of FUnnel that will hold all your strategies and tactics.

Hence when you are choosing this option then you should be sure that what type of FUnnel that you want to acquire because it can change the perspective of marketing from each Funnel.

Step #4: Choosing a Goal

Choosing a Goal

As the previous method offered you to choose a preferred goal set.

This method is also providing you with the same option.

After choosing what type of Funnel you need then you have to set a goal that means, you have to tell yourself and the FUnnel that you want results till this date or till a specific achievement.

Step #5: Template Choice

As soon as you complete the previous step then you will be suggested some templates from them some would be free and some would be paid.

Hence if you have a budget and money to spare then I would recommend you to get a Paid template because they offer you more than you can imagine.

But free templates are also effective but not that much great in design aspect hence most recommended to use in ClickFunnels is a paid theme rather than free.

3- Integration Products Overview

Take this method as a manual setup of a Funnel. Everything that you do in this method is done manually. And by Manually I mean that separately and distinctly.

In this method first, you have to create and set up a custom domain. Then install SMTP integration that is E-mail integration on your Funnel.

Afterwards, if you have a selling point of view or are selling any type of product or service then you need to set up a payment gateway. And if you want to hire affiliates who sell your product for you then set up a BackPack system.

Is ClickFunnels Too Expensive For You?

ClickFunnels Too Expensive

This can depend on your budget. Every person when he/she starts a business then they consider a specific budget range to spend their money.

Most of the entrepreneurs who start from low scale they are bound to worry about a budget price that they set in the start.

When you are on a budget range then you don’t have a choice to choose every feature and every solution for your problems. Hence the same is the case with ClickFunnels.

If you find CLickFunnels expensive then you might be on a budget because ClickFunnel can be expensive for those who just started their business and does not have enough revenue generated.

So, CLickFunels is offering you a 14 days trial that will help you understand and set up ClickFunnel for yourself.

With that, if you decide to continue with CLickFunnel program then you will be continued from the same place that you were in the trial version.

I accept that it can be expensive with all the packs and integrations you have to buy separately.

But when you get $97/ month plan of ClickFunnel then you will get enough resources to establish your business from there you don’t have to advance or upgrade anything.

So, CLickFunnel can be expensive for you but the features that it provides will make a bargain for its pricing.

Clickfunnels Tutorial – Knowing How To Make High Converting Online Marketing

But the question is how to do appropriate marketing to make a high conversion rate. Well, this is very simple. All you need to know is getting familiar with some simple rules about marketing, and you will get the best from your online business.

Today, we will discuss Clickfunnels tutorial. We will also let you know what high conversion rate is and how you can achieve it with some simple steps.

What is the Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate

Before getting into Clickfunnels tutorial, you will need to know about conversion rate. Basically, the conversion rate is the amount or percentage of visitors who complete the desired goal of your website.

This goal is known as conversion. For example, you are selling online products. Now the more visitors buy your good each time they visit your website; the more your conversion rate will be. This is how the conversion rate works.

When your sale more of your online products or services, your site grows with the high conversion rate. For this purpose, you will need to perform high converting online marketing. We will cover this topic in Clickfunnels tutorial.

Clickfunnels Tutorial

Now we will talk about Clickfunnels and how you can do high converting marketing for your online business. Clickfunnels is online software which can be used for marketing purposes. It is simple and easy to use.

To do proper high converting marketing, you will need to create the best value propositions. Value proposition means what your visitor will get from you and why he should choose your services.

This is one of the main factors why a visitor buys your services. You will need to mention that you are providing these services which are not that good from other resources on the internet.

You also have to tell the visitor that your purchasing source is much better than other resources on the internet. By doing this, you will make your visitor know that he is buying from an authentic resource.

Another way to increase the high converting rate for your website is by increasing trust and creating effective sales funnels. You can build confidence by posting revises and telling your visitors that you are not in a hurry for the money.

You could also give your visitors a valid reason to spend on your website. All these things are included in Clickfunnels tutorial. Similarly, you can make effective sales funnels by using Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels provides you with great sales funnels creation without spending hours. All you need is defining which type of funnel you want. After that, manage your content and start the funnel to make it work.

After that, your conversion rate will surely go up.

Pricing Plan of ClickFunnel

Clickfunnels Cost

With ClickFunnels you are getting 3 main pricing plans to choose from. All of these plans are upgradable until the final pricing plan. So, you will not lose any of your progress while upgrading your plans.

Plan #1: Free Trial

When you enter CLickFUnnel you will see as they are boldly advertising this plan that you will get 14 days free trial of the basic plan. By this, you can achieve every basic pricing plan ability and feature to understand it better.

This plan can be a useful option for those who are just starting their business and want to understand ClickFunnel or test their theories about ClickFunnels.

Plan #2: Basic Plan

In this pricing plan you will get various options that I will mention down below but here is the pricing of this plan. You can get this plan for $97 per month subscription.

You can avail multiple features such as.

  • You will get Number of Funnels 20.
  • Create a maximum of 100 pages.
  • There is a limit on visitors up to 20,000.
  • The number of leads is unlimited.
  • Custom domains maximum 3.
  • The Number of Billing Option Integrations is 1.

Plan #3: Platinum Plan

By this, you would have guessed it that this can offer you more than the basic plan. There are all the features that are included in the basic plan with some advancements that I will discuss below.

But the pricing of this plan is, you have to pay $297 per month.

Here are some advance and additional features:

Advanced from Basic:

  • The number of Funnel Unlimited.
  • Pages that you can create are Unlimited.
  • You can have unlimited visitors.
  • An unlimited number of leads.
  • Create Unlimited custom domains.
  • The number of Billing Option Integrations 3.

Additional Features:

  • You will have Actionetics.
  • There are Backpacks available for you.
  • The affiliate program integration will help you understand much better.


When you are using ClickFunnels then you don’t have to worry about other marketing techniques as ClickFunnels is a software that covers that grey area for you.

It is an effective software that has established several online businesses and stores. So, what are you waiting for get started with ClickFunnels and have a ruling online store?

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