The Best ClickFunnels Real Estate Templates to Try in 2021

ClickFunnels is one of the popular marketing tools websites.

It offers all the necessary software and tools that help entrepreneurs and freelancers to do their job easily.

It also helps them to design attractive landing pages and make portals by just drag and drop objects.

To reduce the effort ClickFunnels offer hundreds of templates. 

These templates give the professional look that helps to attract the audience.

All the templates do their jobs perfectly. But in this article, ClickFunnels real estate templates are discussed.

There are many types of real estate templates that are made for the benefit of freelancers.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ClickFunnels real estate templates.

How Does ClickFunnels Work for Real Estate?

ClickFunnels work for Real Estate

ClickFunnels provides facilities for all the freelancers or the persons who want to run their business online.

So, if you are an agent that works in real estate, you can perform all the real estate activities using ClickFunnels. It means you can use ClickFunnels real estate template to offer your services.

It helps you to convert the visitors into paid customers. Due to this conversion your sales rate increases. Also, there are many benefits to using real estate ClickFunnels. 

By using the drag and drop tool of real estate ClickFunnels you can build amazing pages to attract viewers.

You can connect with your process of lead generation with the help of real estate ClickFunnels in one click.

With the help of ClickFunnels, you can connect with your hot leads

By using real estate ClickFunnels you can nurture the leads

ClickFunnels for Real Estate Examples:

ClickFunnels for Real Estate Examples

ClickFunnels help real estate agents to design such a platform where they can easily perform all their tasks. It helps you to target interested people.

The whole process consists of three steps.

Step #1:

To collect the information about the homes ClickFunnels real estate template use opt-in forms. These forms create a list of homes from the collected information.

After that, the list is displayed on the site so that people can buy them.

Step #2:

When the visitors fill the opt-in forms, the seconds funnel suddenly pops up. By using this second funnel, you can have both home sellers and buyers.

Step #3:

In the last step, a page will pop up which says thank you and your visitors can see the list of the homes that are for sale.

Best ClickFunnels Templates for Real Estate:

ClickFunnels Templates

Here are some best ClickFunnels real estate templates that help you a lot in doing your real estate tasks.

Let’s have a look at each template so that you can select the right one for you.

1. Real Estate Listing:

It is the most simple ClickFunnels real estate template that offers the best services. It contains a lot of pictures to attract viewers. Also, this template has a good conversion rate. It means by using this template you can get your leads in a short time.

2. Ultimate Real Estate Property Funnel:

To boost your sales, it is better to use this ClickFunnels real estate template. Its main purpose is to convert the leads into paid customers.

The design of the ultimate real estate property funnel is very attractive and specially made for lead conversion.

3. Real Estate lead and Squeeze Funnel:

To fulfill your all requirements this ClickFunnels real estate template offers both lead pages and squeeze.

4. Real Estate Magnet Funnel:

To boost your business this ClickFunnels real estate template comes with a five steps sequence of emails. This email sequence helps to boost your business. But this theme does not have a crisp landing page.

5. Real Estate listing lead generation funnel:

For both sellers and buyers, you can use the landing pages and lead generation pages in this ClickFunnels real estate template. Due to this facility, a lot of your time will be saved as you do not have to make separate pages for buyers and sellers.

6. Real estate reverses squeeze page funnel:

It is very easy to set up this real estate template. Also, if you are a beginner then by using the instruction video you can use the theme. 

Moreover, this ClickFunnels real estate template has an email program that consists of 5 steps. It is up to you whether you want to use this program or not.

7. Real estate bridge funnel:

With the help of this template, you can send leads from one funnel to the other. This process is so quick that your leads will not realize when they reach the sales page.


These are the best ClickFunnels real estate template that you can easily use to boost up your sales.

These templates help you to convert your leads by offering amazing email systems and attractive landing pages.

Moreover, if you are a beginner then with the minimum guide you can efficiently do the work.

ClickFunnels provide the proper guide and instruction video. So that everyone can use their templates easily.

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