ClickFunnels Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

wondering What’s The Best Clickfunnels Pricing? Wondering how to save more money on Clickfunnels? In This Article, I Will Share With You Different Clickfunnels Pricing Plan And How To Get It For Cheaper

Price:$97 to $297
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Searching for the best ClickFunnels Pricing package?

Here is the breakdown of all ClickFunnels different pricing choices. It has 5 pricing plans depending on the features of each plan:

  • ClickFunnels Standard: $97 per month.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum: $297 per month.
  • Two Comma Club X : $2,497 per month.

Therefore you get the best possible price.

In this ClickFunnels review of the pricing, I will share with you the different plan and how to get them for a cheaper

I have been paying FULL price for ClickFunnels for the LONGEST time. Then I found out that there were cheaper options available.

And right now, I will show you all of the various ClickFunnels pricing choices that are obtainable to make sure you get the most effective price.

ClickFunnels are among the better ones on the web.

A quick Google search will substantiate that statement, so there’s no need to take my word for it.

Before we tend to get into the center of ClickFunnels pricing, let’s take a look at how something like this used to work.

Setting up your website to work within the ClickFunnels software method will use to value someone somewhere within the range of $120k a year.

You must have in-depth programming knowledge or cash to pay a computer programmer to make custom-made tracking software for your website.


Let’s assume you already possess the skills required to engineer your software.


There are still nearly $1,000 per month that you’re going to need.

I can not speak for everyone but myself, but I don’t have an additional grand sitting around all day to put towards something that may or may not even yield more business.

However, for a portion of that, anyone can bring their company, agency, service, or website to the upper echelons of success.

Let’s take a glance at how you can accomplish that, shall we?

ClickFunnels Pricing Options:

ClickFunnels provides various pricing packages for their buyers. Each plan comes with its various features and benefits.

As a business person, when you decide to use ClickFunnels to accelerate the growth of your business, choose your plan wisely.

Invest in a package that provides options that are best to cater to your business desires.

In this write-up, I will quickly distinguish between the features offered in different ClickFunnels pricing plans. This comparison can assist you in selecting the correct plan for your business.

Let’s Get Started:

Plans Offered by ClickFunnels:

The flagship pricing plans of ClickFunnels include:

ClickFunnels Basic Plan$97/month
ClickFunnels Platinum Plan$297/month
TwoCommaClubX Plan$2,497/month

Plans offered by clickfunnels

The founder of ClickFunnels provides three separate ClickFunnels pricing packages.

All three offer their unique advantages, and as a result, ClickFunnels has broadened their customer base while simultaneously expanding the horizons of anyone stuck in mediocrity.

Let’s kickstart with the startup package.

1. ClickFunnels Standard Plan:

The ClickFunnels startup plan’s price is the ideal bundle for individuals who have previously established themselves as freelancers, consultants, or even a small agency with as little as one person.

When you place confidence in the package, imagine big-think small.

For the price of $97 per month, you’ll have access to the ClickFunnels software, which will enable you to create twenty unique funnels and one hundred pages.

That’s up to 45,000 views monthly with a limitless range of contact leads.

Apart from all of this, you can possess up to three custom domains for your marketing.

As much as this may appear like a sales pitch, it’s just a point of fact about this software and the services rendered.

Look back at what I aforementioned earlier, you can generate business, collect huge mailing lists and gain leads for less than one hundred dollars per month, or you can spend thousands and check out all of this on your own.


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2. ClickFunnels Platinum Plan:

clickfunnels pricing plans

Now let’s take a glance at the ClickFunnels pricing package for the enterprise choice.

This is for the business person ready to step up their game and turn what they love doing into a real empire.

The enterprise package is comparable to the startup package regarding quality and services. However, there are a few exceptions that you should consider when considering an upgrade. This is going to be a great step up from the startup.

Seventy funnels to bring you over thrice the number of traffic.

Three hundred pages for you to make confident all the data you would like your shoppers to possess is instantly out there and straightforward to grasp.

This plan is $297 a month.

Aside from the numbers, there is a particularly glaring difference between the two plans.

The enterprise plan offers priority support.

This means you may spend less time anticipating your support tickets to be resolved and spend longer building your business and increasing your shopper base.

The enterprise package conjointly permits you to priority template requests.

Luckily for you, this suggests that once inspiration strikes and you need that concept finished now, you’ll get everything started faster.

Other than these two primary pricing plans, ClickFunnels has recently introduced Actionetics MD. This is not an individual plan. Instead, it’s an upgrade of the premium ClickFunnels Etison Suite arrange.

This upgrade gives its users access to some of the cutting-edge features.

What Can You Get from Actionetics MD?

Actionetics Multi-Dimensional or Actionetics MD brings a powerful cross-channel marketing automation right to your fingertips.

This provides you with the chance to meet all your customers where they use the right message on the right medium at precisely the right time.

The Actionetics MD Package comes with the following:

  • ClickFunnels Full Suite
  • Actionetics MD SMTP for better email deliverability
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited email sequences or follow-up funnels
  • Actionetics MD Facebook Chat BotMessenger
  • And a whole lot more!
What is Actionetics Price Difference?

If you don’t know what Actionetics price is, then you will be relieved to realize that it is as simple as improving your Clickfunnels account to the $297 a month plan.

This comes with a bunch of different options that straight crush the digital marketing game.

How To Get Actionetics MD To Work Well For You?

This is probably the most straightforward part of everything.

Using your existing ClickFunnels account, opt for an upgrade by moving from the basic Clickfunnels package to the Etison Suite package that sits right under three hundi at $297 a month.

With this Clickfunnels package upgrade, you get a backpack, a personalized affiliate marketing software, a follow-up funnel tool, the funnel follow-up marketing automation tool, the renowned funnel, and page builder, not to mention Clickfunnels will be rolling out Pipeline, an advanced CRM tool, and Wasabi, the membership integration software.


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Difference Between $97 and $297 Plans

Both the packages offer main software; buying Etison Suite will give you access to BackPack (an affiliate program software) and Actionetics (an email marketing software).

Moreover, the Startup plan puts some limitations on your ClickFunnels account.

These limitations are:

  1. You can create only 100 pages in total. We refer to these pages as funnel steps.
  2. You can only create 20 funnels. However, you can archive your old ones after you reach the limit.
  3. Only 20,000 guests will visit your funnels (all combined) in a very month. The unused quota of distinctive guests rolls forward to a particular limit.

Start Your 14-Day ClickFunnels FREE Trial Here


Start Your 14-Day ClickFunnels FREE Trial Here

How Much Is ClickFunnels After the Free Trial?

ClickFunnels trial

When you signup for the first time in ClickFunnels, then you would get a FREE trial of a month. Through this, you can learn ClickFunnels and adapt to its various features and strategies when you want to open an online store such as Shopify.

But when the trial ends, there is a monthly basis pricing that you need to pay for using that set of features for an extensive period of time.

With that said, there are different plans available to use ClickFunnels after your 30 days trial ends.

The basic plan starts from $97 per month. This can be effective, but the basic plan does not include any advanced features that can help you enhance your Funnel or product sales.

If you are scouting for an advance plan, this will cost you around $297 per month. Thus the advance plan includes ClickFunnels, Backpack, and Actionetics.

With that, other plans can properly enhance your experience of using ClickFunnels. They also have 14 days or 30 days trial; hence you will be charged after their trial is ended according to the services and features you choose, preferring your requirements.


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Is ClickFunnels Worth the Price in 2021?


You came to know more about ClickFunnels Pricing, and I’d like to think that you have found what you came for. I should say that there was a particular thing that I haven’t mentioned.

It’s the best feature that’s enclosed in each startup and enterprise packages. Paying the monthly value for ClickFunnels provides you access to the ClickFunnels community.

The ClickFunnels community is the sole greatest resource to help you get the most out of your membership and investment. I hope this article will assist you in making an informed call for your business.3

If boosting your business and making one thing you can be happy with is very important to you, ClickFunnels can be the service you have been trying to find. Even if you do not grasp wherever to start, you can be sure of where you’ll end up ClickFunnels.

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How to Get ClickFunnels IN $19? (Secret Offer!)

Wait, did you think Clickfunnels was too costly?

It doesn’t need to be!

Here is a simple way to get Clickfunnels $19 monthly plan.

If you want to acquire it on the cheap, you can make use of this convenient “trip-wire” share funnel for only $19 per month:

Try it out; you would possibly be stunned by how helpful it may be. You can adjust it to fit your brand or product, and you now have a powerful funnel for only $19 per month!


  My Bonus Packages  

My Bonus Packages

My ClickFunnels Bonuses

Here are the $4,129 value packages you are going to get access to:

Bonus #1: CF Jumpstart + Conversion Hacks Training ($597 Value):

CF jumpstart is a tool that You can use to reduce the learning curve that means it will help you and teach you some effective methods that you won’t learn while using ClickFunnels.

So, it can be the perfect tool to use when it comes to using ClickFunnels software.

It will grant you some benefits that you can use to start with your ClickFunnels right away.

Bonus #2: 8 Done For You Follow up and 8 Optin Pages ($1194 Value)

You will get access to my tool kit that will help you to jumpstart your business right away.

Why is it helpful?

Because some tools are included in this tool kit that will help you get what you want to start your business.

Now: you don’t have to waste time understanding and creating these tools by yourself.

You can just download it from here are start earning income through your business.

Bonus #3: 14 Days Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp ($597 Value)

This bonus will teach you how you can easily, without any hassle, create an opt-in page that can help you appreciate your buyers and get their details.

This page is useful when you are doing any type of Affiliate marketing as you would have their details, and it will help you use those details to earn money.

By details, I mean this bonus will also teach you how you can earn income from your created Email list.

Bonus #4: Email Marketing Cookbook ($1194 Value)

Through this course, you will learn how you can easily earn through affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have any product to sell, that is not a problem you can easily earn through affiliate marketing as you will get a commission based on how many products of others you have sold.

And all the techniques are hidden under this course. Thus, you would want to get this course to understand how affiliate marketing works and how you can use it to your advantage.

Bonus #5: Blogging Income Blueprint ($597 Value)

How you can easily create your own blog is an issue for most people when using ClickFunnels.

With this bonus, you will learn how to create a blog page, and not only that, this bonus will also teach you how you can generate free traffic on that blog page.

Thus, all in all, this can be great for those who want extra and more than just ClickFunnels.

Get My Bonus Packages from Here

Advantages of Clickfunnels:

clickfunnels pricing

Here are a number of the reasons you must take into account ClickFunnels:

  • No Technical Knowledge Required – You don’t need to know CSS, Javascript, or HTML or even know what they mean. It will take years to master the craft of programming. Alternatively, appointing someone to manage this will cost you some dollars. ClickFunnels uses a simple drag and drops editor, giving you total flexibility to edit any template to satisfy almost all of your unique specifications.
  • Getting Started with ClickFunnels Is Very Simple. You don’t need an existing online presence. It’s an in serious trouble sales page builder that enables you to make up your funnels one step at a time. Whether you are a promoting master or a complete novice, ClickFunnels is stuffed with resources to assist you with the method. You will get one free domain once you sign in to either of the ClickFunnels pricing plans.
  • Resources and Training – ClickFunnels gives you the training materials to provide you with a head start understanding the funnel marketing software. You should look into Russell Brunson’s webinars on his YouTube channel. He’s the creator and founder of ClickFunnels and can tell you everything to grasp how he created his millions by using funnel marketing.
  • Email Responders with Personalized Messages are Available For You When You Register For The Etison Suite Package. You can send an email once somebody has purchased from you and follow them up every week later with an upsell or freebie.
  • FREE Funnel Templates – once you sign in any of the ClickFunnels pricing plans. Whether you’re trying to capture information or sell a service, you’ll get access to multi-million dollar funnel templates that are sure to convert. You are not required to be a creative designer. The aesthetics are tested and sure to deliver a high conversion rate. All you should try and do is replace the content with components (images, videos, forms, text, etc.) related to your brand.

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How Can I Save Money with ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels pricing

Everyone wants to save money from what they do, and running a funnel is not a simple job. You should be able to put your heart and soul into your funnel and sales.

If you want to save and earn money, then there are multiple methods and techniques that you can apply to earn that fare share from your Funnel.

Method #1: Use Your Funnel For Selling Products:

You can use this feature of ClickFunnels that allows you to sell real products and services.

With this software in place, you can apply these strategies to connect with your traffic and easily sell your merchandise.

If you have a lot of merchandise and you want to sell it on ClickFunnels, then eCommerce is at its peak; for this. You can take advantage of that, and you can use the FREE plus shipping deals.

Here’s an easy explanation:

Save money with clickfunnels (1)

You can attract customers with FREE offers and giveaways while having a buy 1 and get 1 FREE.

Hence with the aid of the internet in this era, there is no doubt that many users aren’t earning from selling online.

If you can afford to offer premium coaching sessions in your services, then you can do that with this software as this allows you to set up a webinar to application funnel that can aid the clients and the user of your Funnel to automatically activate and push the application right after they have completed the webinar.

When you are doing high-ticket coaching, this can require you with subject expertise, but it can be the ideal source for earning through ClickFunnels if you imply it the right way.

This is hard to build, but with the help of ClickFunnels, you can create such a type of Funnel quite easily.

If you have some information products, then this can be the ideal platform to sell them on.

ClickFunnels offers you a wide range of templates and themes to be free to engage with the platform or sold on their own marketplace.

Rich High Conversion Template Library

As you don’t require to create or configure your Funnel from scratch, this can save you a lot of time either for a new user or for a pro user.

Are you in the mood of earning a passive income? Well, if you are, then ClickFunnels allows you to create your content and subscription model rate?

This is when you charge your viewers for a premium package that includes premium content while posting that content that is free. Other people can access that, hence helping you attract your audience and enhance your credibility once in for all in the category of subject matter expert.

With that, your audience would be obliged to pay for your premium content that is well written and well-researched.

This is possible because ClickFunnels helps you ease adding a membership option to Your Funnel.

Method #2: Earn Affiliate Commission by Promoting your ClickFunnels:

Have you ever possessed an E-mail list?

Do you know how to drive your traffic with effective measures? If you answered yes to all my listed questions above, you should join the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

This will help you earn money online even if you are not selling products or any service.

Clickfunnels Affiliate

With this, you can easily set up an affiliate program and start promoting your ClickFunnels with efficiency and fast response.

This is an ideal option to earn hassle-free money by just creating or even sourcing the proprietory products and other services.

This can be the perfect way to earn from online work; hence ClickFunnels is one of the BEST affiliate programs in the market right now.

Aside from the software, you can even promote the books that can help your audience in several aspects of doing business and creating other ideas for them.

Become a ClickFunnels Affiliate Today!

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offers:ClickFunnels Discount1

Before we get started with the various pricing plans, here are some discount-related offers that you can Fetch ClickFunnels for right now!

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offer #1: ClickFunnels Platinum

ClickFunnels Platinum

ClickFunnels comes with two different price plans; ClickFunnels Basic and Etison Suite. Following the latest update, Clickfunnels changed the Etison Suite Pricing Plan to ClickFunnels Platinum.

Just like its name, this Pricing plan has more to it. To find out what this Plan has to offer, let’s read more about it.

ClickFunnels platinum plan came with useful features such as Backpack and Actionetics.

Clickfunnels can utilize these Features for running an affiliate program and email automation simultaneously.

Actionetics is now known as Follow-up funnels, and pre-signed up users can still gain access to this feature on demand.

ClickFunnels platinum offers everything that Etison Suite did; only it came equipped with some extra features.

ClickFunnels Platinum Pricing Plan:

ClickFunnels Platinum

Even though ClickFunnels Platinum comes with some included features, the ClickFunnels Platinum pricing plan rocks at the same price tag as the Etison suite did, which is 297/month.

The users who have already signed up for a 297/month plan can request a Free upgrade to ClickFunnels Platinum to excess some explicit bonuses.

However, if you don’t want to proceed with ClickFunnels Platinum, you will still access specific bonuses presented in the previous update.

Funnel Flix Training Happens to be one of the previously enrolled bonuses and is also available for the people with the basic pricing plan of ClickFunnels.

Features of ClickFunnels Platinum:

Features of ClickFunnels Platinum

Some new features have been embossed in the Premium Pricing Plan. These Plans are as follows:

Daily Virtual Hackathons:

This is one of the most valuable training that ClickFunnels has to offer, and taking them allows the users to speed up creating various marketing Funnels.

This training will help the users to make a funnel from the start and will allow them to learn various funnel building hacks that they can use in their lives when they set out to make a funnel.

To give you an idea of what this training session will teach you, you will be able to create webinar funnels, high ticket funnels, and lead generation, and a whole lot of new things.

Funnel Flix:

Is it just us, or when you hear Funnel Flix, you Hear “Netflix”? Think of this feature as The Netflix of funnel building.

This feature will guide you more about funnels and will allow you to be able to cover all the basics that are needed to make a funnel.

The users will be able to access Funnel Flix through their ClickFunnels Account panel.

Funnel Hacker Forum:

When you sign up with the ClickFunnels premium pricing plan, Clickfunnels will provide you access to be able to connect with entrepreneurs with whom you share some food for thought, and you will also be able to talk to them just like people do on the other platforms of Forums, such as Reddit.

This forum can be accessed and present on the FunnelFlix site, where you will be able to contact other people who are indulged in the world of building a sales funnel.

Is ClickFunnels Platinum Worth It?

Now, for the million-dollar question: Is ClickFunnels worth Investing in? Well, to simply put, it depends on you.

For the people starting with Funnel building and who don’t have an online business, we recommend that ClickFunnels Platinum is not for you.

For the people who have an online business and could use some additional features, we suggest that you must give it a try.

However, to help you figure out whether it is the one for you or not, ClickFunnels will allow you to be able to get a 14-day trial, free of costs.

This will allow you to be able to take ClickFunnels out for a test drive, and you will be able to judge whether this software is worth your money or not.

This feature makes ClickFunnels one of the best as there is no catch to it as well.

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offer #2: DotCom Secrets Book:

DotCom Secrets Book

DotCom Secrets book is one of the best options on the list when it comes to learning about digital marketing.

The users get this book without paying any money, and they only have to pay for the amount that will cost them for shipping!

DotCom Secrets is a book that serves its purpose as a detailed Internet Marketing course.

It contains Russel Brunson’s information in the previous ten years and all the experience he has gained from creating multi-million-dollar online businesses and his skill and experience in assisting the other entrepreneurs and other people in reaching that benchmark.

Russell Brunson has previously written many books in his past and has also built the only Saas Business with Rapid Growth without Venture Capital! – As stated on ClickFunnels Website.

Just Like ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson happens to be one of the best when it comes to making one’s business success and building a business online.

However, the users need to stop thinking of Internet marketing as different from traditional old-fashioned marketing. That’s because it’s not.

One can look at the internet market and get overwhelmed and think that this can only be done by internet gurus who teach and sell courses and do other stuff while only stuck with a physical service business. According to Brunson, this psychology is totally wrong.

We say this because the world will soon reach a point where we will not need to label Online Shopping as Online Shopping or online stores as E-Commerce; They are simply going to be labeled as shopping and trading.

People need to understand that it is only a matter of consumer behavior. Even for the business not present online, many customers are likely to contact an online business before they get up and visit you in person.

Why is DotCom Secrets Necessary?

DotCom Secrets Necessary

With some hard facts mentioned above, it has become essential for the users to develop an understanding and direction of Marketing and Ecommerce.

It has become essential to develop the understanding and mastering the sales skill in the digital world.

The people who want their businesses to survive and ensure their healthy growth in the future must understand how to reach and sell to the people present on the internet. That is all.

However, everything being digital does not mean that you have to rethink and redevelop your sales strategy completely.

Many sales techniques have been used since the early days of enterprises and still prove effective.

However, these techniques have been optimized to have a more powerful impact on the users to have a digital frontier.

When it comes to sales techniques, There are many techniques, such as Crossover sales to online selling.

These strategies differ from the landscape, which is based on the fundamentals of the business. When the new and old are mixed, we get a new strategy, which we label as Internet marketing, and Russel Brunson’s writing revolves around it.

With that being said, if you want to become successful online and want to generate healthy leads, then you must know about important techniques and how to apply them with regards to your business model.

Russel Brunson is one of the most genius personalities to exist but not because he has invented any specific strategy or tactic in his book.

He has told the users in his books about fortifying the current marketing strategy that they are using.

ClickFunnels has introduced many techniques and strategies that you will see on this list, but regardless of how good all the other tips are, none of them come with such an easy format to follow, such as this Book.

This book also takes a holistic approach, which other methods do not.

In this book, Brunson will highlight all the minor details that will add to a successful online business and ensure that the users keep the main goal in mind: consistent gigantic business growth.

According to our experience in the business world,  this is not present in the other guides present on the internet.

They would rather focus on theory and come with information that is not actionable and is rather bland.

To conclude, if you are interested in generating better sales when you sell online, regardless of your business lines, the kind of products, or the services, this book is the perfect solution for you.

“The Secret Formula”

At the start of the book, Russel Brunson begins by showing the readers a method to finding out their customers online, where they can be found online, where they are located, and how to attract them.

Brunson refers to this as the “Secret Formula.” Once a business can catch their prospects’ attention, they create offers, and the sales start to come in! According to this book, you are going to be seeing huge profits just after 12 hours!

Keeping everything aside, this book is not a guide to help you get rich rapidly or finding some loopholes that will allow you to generate better rankings on Google.

The contents of this book are rather useful and evergreen. This means that this book is going to be effective today as well as ten years from now.

Regardless of how to future technology goes, people’s minds adhere to the marketing strategies that have been going on for centuries.

The relationship between businesses and customers has always remained constant. Based on this relationship, we are confident enough to say that these strategies will not get old any time soon.

This secret formula’s consistency proves Brunson’s skill to conclude a huge range of tools, tactics, and techniques into very compact and actionable portions.

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offer #3: Expert Secret Book:

Expert Secret Books

Just like other books from Russell Brunson on this list, the readers of this book will only have to pay for the shipping.

If you want to gain information and experience on a specific topic and reach a stage where you will help others, you just came across the perfect choice. Simply put, this book will allow you to monetize your knowledge and experience.

Now, there are a lot of people that are obese, but they keep in shape. Similarly, you have the knowledge and all the secrets that will allow you to increase your business’s sales and see the fruits of your hard work.

Regardless of what knowledge you hold in marketing, this book will show you how to teach people and monetize your skills as you teach them.

Let us say this: Teaching people is very noble. But money is something we all work for, so why not earn for your struggles and hard work?

If you want to gain education and experience in the field, this is the best option.

This is one of the best books for people that stay back in their marketing experiences due to the fear of losing the little they have.

This book is good, but you have to trust yourself and sincerely believe that you will bring some positive changes to your life.

Now that you know who this book is for, let’s proceed to what comes in this book:

Contents of the Book:

Are you excited about finding out about the contents of the book? Because we are!

It is a natural phenomenon and a wise practice to know what you will be getting when you pay for this book.

To ensure that your money is well spent, we are here to help as we will tell you all about the book’s contents.

We will try our best to give an overview of the overall contents of the book. However, we cannot spill the beans on the in-depth details, killing the concept of buying the book.

To begin our overview of this book, we will be discovering the preface of this book.

The preface is the part where the author of the book will discuss what you will be getting when you read this book with the help of something they call the “Cash Quadrant.”

Let us explain what Cash Quadrant is. 

To explain what Cash Quadrant is, we will be breaking it into four different sections, and we will be labeling them with E, S, B, and I.

These Letters mean Employee, Self-Employed, Business, and Investor. These are the four cash quadrants. These quadrants may be present in your life and represent the method of income you currently have.

There are a lot of people that are stuck in the employee quadrant. A considerably less amount of people make it to the second or the third quadrant, but forcing their way through it is not easy.

To generate a high income, you would definitely want to move into different quadrants from E to B or me.

The author claims that you will learn about things that will make you stop working for other people (i.e., Jobs) and work for yourself with his book.

This will prove useful in terms of generating more money.

The author has broken this book into four different sections, and each section highlights all the necessary steps the readers will need to take to proceed through the quadrants.

At first, the book will teach you about being vocal and how to be a confident leader.

This book will allow you to be a charismatic and attractive leader, and through this book, you will be able to become a person to whom people are going to be looking up to.

Finding followers is not very difficult; you just need to be the perfect leader to see you as their leader.

The second step of this book tells the readers to focus on a bigger cause than them. When people have a cause to believe in, they are definitely going to be coming together.

We are pointing towards a cause that has the capability to aid itself without losing its power, increasing its capital, and leading its followers towards a better lifestyle.

To be a leader, your end goal cannot be monetization. You need to come up with something other than that.

Now, according to the book, that cause must be offering your followers a chance to make their lives better than it is now.

The general concept of sales is that people will buy things that will solve their problems and improve their lives.

When you walk on this route, you will be able to gain their trust, and you will become their advisor, in a way.

You will become their representative, and you will be offering something that will change their lives for good.

That is what this book tells you. We have tried out best, and in hopes of those efforts, we hope you understand this clearly. With this method, you are going to be able to monetize your knowledge and experience.

With the help of this book, you are going to be able to attain an opportunity to lead a dedicated number of people who are going to believe you and further in your product.

Now, this is just an overview, and you have an idea now. Now, imagine how knowledgeable this book is going to be and how you can implement your steps in a better way to reach the ultimate goal.

This book is full of tactics and tips to help you reach the ultimate goal. Keeping that all in mind, you are going to be the better judge of whether this book is the one for you or not.

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offer #4: Network Marketing Secrets:

Network Marketing Secrets

Just like the previous books on this list, this one is also free and the readers will only need to pay for the amount in shipping!

This is a book that contains some genius advice on how to gain the power of converting sales funnel to increase your MLM team. In this book, the author is going to be teaching the readers about MLM strategies.

MLM has been one of the skeptical things to many people. With that being said, these Networking tactics are no longer effective. Now, there are a lot of strategies covered in this book.

Once you are through with this book, you will only need to converse with people interested in the product and services you are going to the offering, and they are technically going to be asking to sign them up.

If you are one from the world of network marketers, then this is something that sounds interesting, right? This book will tell you about tactics that will make you deal with prospects that will be already inverted in your MLM opportunity.

What is Inside the Book?


Good question.

Inside this book, the author will explain how you can make your sales funnel to grow your MLM business.

Before we go any further, let us straight out any doubts and guarantee your expectations about what this book of network Marketing is NOT going to do.

Unlike the other guides on the market, this book is not only about increasing your MLM contact base or converting your potential leads into promoters for your team.

This book happens to be a collection of secrets that one can implement to make prospects highly invested in your products and make them share your business opportunities easily.

Now, this book can be broken down into three different sections. In the first section, Russell Brunson Highlights all the big challenges faced by most Network Marketers.

Now, you might have some challenges of your own when you set up your business, and they are likely to be discussed in this book.

MLM Challenges

  • Recruitment: Coming from a Network Marketing expert, it is your virtual duty to hire downlines. You need to generate leads regularly, or your business drowns.

The Recruiting method happened to be a traditional Offline method and discussed as follow:

  • First of all, you should prepare a list of people you know, ie. Your Friends and family.
  • Approach them with the MLM opportunity that you are going to be providing.
  • Depending on your audience, throw house parties and hotel meetings.
  • Pitch every member until they get on board with joining your team.

Now, we are not going to lie. The consistent pitching will make it difficult for you to stay friends or be on the same terms with your family members or your friends as you were before.

If you continue pitching and disagree, they might back off, and you might be left alone. With that being said, it is important to pitch the right way as Hiring a team is very hard.

Uninteresting Products

Many MLM businesses present on the internet fail just because they stick to the same theme and sell rather uninteresting products. This is one of the hard facts.

When you go down this route, things get hard, especially when competing with your competition.

With that being said, making an amazing team and standing out from the crowd is not going to be easy and is one of the most common problems faced by marketers.

Generating Traffic in MLM

To develop your MLM team, you will need to drive traffic to your business’ network marketing website.

However, one of the biggest challenges you will be facing here would be achieving a high number of traffic conversions.

There are many websites of various MLM businesses online that feel bland and hard for people to navigate.

With a complicated website, your prospects are going to be confused, and in that moment of confusion, they are going to back off, and the money you spent on your website is going to be wasted.

This is also one of the biggest challenges that a lot of different MLM businesses see online.

With this book, you will find out the answers that will give away the solution to these problems!


Here are some solutions that the book suggests for these problems: 

The Lost Funnels 

Russel Brunson offers a solution to the aforementioned challenges with three different funnels that help them redesign the traditional MLM strategies in a digital environment. He referred to them as “The Lost Funnels.” Let’s see what they are

Lost Funnel: The Bridge Funnel

To begin our list, let us mention the first of the lost funnels, and we wouldn’t be wrong to label it as a three-way version of the mainstream three-way call.

When someone steps into the world of Network Marketing, they are unknown to the many products and the organization they are going to be working for.

When they try to gain prospects to become referrals and join their team, they will need to back by some credibility from an MLM organization.

To build your team successfully, you will need to draw in someone who has been ahead of you for the whole time.

He is going to be your sponsor technically. That person with his position in a well-established company will testify your products to the potential customers and tell them about your story.

This configuration is labeled as a call to three. This lost funnel brings this whole configuration online.

You get to use videos and sound formats in your funnel to give yourself credibility.

This frees you of the worry of getting someone more established than you to talk to your leads to bring some credibility for you.

However, to use this Lost funnel, you need to have an account with ClickFunnels.

Lost Funnel: The Home / House Party Funnel

This happens to be the second funnel from all three funnels. This happens when you will be inviting some prospects to your home, pitch them about the MLM products and persuade them to be a part of your network marketing team.

The funnel helps you apply this tactic online as it recreates the whole process digitally. When you use this funnel, you will have an opportunity to bond well with your prospects and gain their trust in a better way.

When they trust you, they are going to be buying from you! 

Lost Funnel: The Hotel Meeting

This is the last part of the whole lost funnels. This lost funnel is a digital version of a hotel meeting.

Hotel meetings are typically held in traditional MLM to encourage better terms with your team members. You will obligatory need to attend a meeting in a hotel in the presence of your team members.

Now, this lost funnel is the perfect option for saving money, time, and other resources and digitalizes the process of physical meetings.

This meeting can also be copied and can also be used by your referrals when they set out for recruitment, making it easier for them to recruit effectively and faster.

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offer #5: Funnel Script Special Offer:

Funnel Script Special Offer

Frankly speaking, everyone in today’s world is looking for ways to save and utilize their saved resources in a better way when creating content online.

If you think that you don’t have the knowledge required, the time, or the resources to write content that brings in high conversions, then this is the one for you.

This software happens to be one’s best bet when it comes to saving time and money!

The internet is full of software in the same niche, but this software comes from the best! Jim Edwards, the mastermind behind the creation of this effective software, came up with this innovative software.

When he sat down with Russell Brunson, and Russell Wanted an effective and rapid way to make his software content, ie. ClickFunnels.

Now you know what this software does and who founded it, here are some features discussed and benefits that you stand to gain when you use this software: 

  • With this software, there is not much to learn. With that being said, you can get started with using this software right away. The founder of this software offers virtual tutorials for every script if you ever get stuck on a funnel.
  • This software comes with different types of scripts. This choice comes in handy when covering just about any project the users registered to implement in their digital marketing planning. For instance, this software comes with scripts for sales copies and video sales (i.e., Lead capturers, rare offers, CTAs, E-commerce Score scripts such as Amazon’s, special offers, and much more), Digital Advertising (i.e., Facebook ads, PPC ads (Paid per click), and Stealth close scripts), Content creation for free reports such as eBooks, Email scripts, sales letter, heading, subject line headings, and scripts.
  • With this software, the users will duplicate within ten minutes as they enter responses to requests. The Manufacturer of this software was rather thorough on this.
  • Once users click the submit button, they are given a choice between various versions. This factors in for added flexibility and ensures that the content goes well with the users’ writing style.
  • This software recently got some updates, making it easier for the signed-up users to save and re-enter scripts.
  • And for our favorite benefit: With this software, the users will no longer need to waste hours in hopes of creating the best content for their digital marketing efforts. We find comfort in the fact that the Developer of this software has played a role in this industry for decades, which means that he understands what goes when one sets out to sell their products and services online. Made from one of the most experienced salesmen, we know this software is nothing short of the best. The developer further keeps trying to make more improvements in this software and uses the software himself daily, and there are new scripts, as suggested by many other users on the platform.

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offer #6: One Funnel Away Challenge:

One Funnel Away Challenge

This may not sound believable, but this started as the 30-Days Virtual Summit inspired by Russel Brunson.

This all started with Russell Asking 100 millionaires what they would do if they didn’t have any money?

That would mean no list, no product that you can sell, and most importantly, zero reputation.

Only 30 millionaires were able to develop a detailed plan that will allow them to evade bankruptcy. This ended up in a 30-day video training and a dedicated book that helps you follow through on this task.

This plan and book will allow them to have something that they can duplicate to be successful.

To conclude, the One Funnel Challenge is the ideal platform for you if you are looking to make a profit in a short span of time.

What is the OFA Challenge Exactly?

OFA Challenge Exactly

Russell Brunson started this virtual training and is conducted by two main trainers named Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen. For the people that are beginning with ClickFunnels, this happens to be the best learning process.

This Challenge is also a great option for people that want to make their business successful.

The whole challenge is based on 5 weeks of the One Funnel Away Challenge. In the first week, this happens to be pre-training.

This happens to be the perfect option for the users to develop each participant’s mindset for the upcoming week.

The rest of the training is divided over weeks in which lessons are provided daily and are co-related with the previous lesson.

This allows the teachers to maintain the flow and makes it easier for them to learn and follow through.

Moreover, there is also homework provided to ensure that the participants can learn and implement what they learned through the challenge.

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offer #7: Copywriting Secrets:

Copywriting Secret

This book happens to be the best solution for enhancing the approach of composing ads, emails, and sales letters.

This title will provide all of the necessities you want to be the best copywriter you’ve ever known!

The author of this book is a veteran copyright professional

he gives his readers 31 powerful formulas and models that a copywriter can implement in their copywriting right away!

He has mentioned all of the mainstream systems. The formulas and solutions mentioned happen to be the most effective ones and those you can use to model and personalize your copywriting.

This book is the right choice for any copywriter because it allows you to discover resources that can help you develop better outcomes for all your copywriting materials, including Sales Letters, emails, and follow-up funnels, video sales letters, emails, follow-up funnels, video income letters, Facebook ads, stay videos, webinars, and your tweets as well!

These two bundles are the best method for getting a ClickFunnels pricing discount because you get complete access to the Etison Suite.

This has several benefits for you as a shopper.

Among the important ones being that on the $97 strategy, you are restricted to just 20 funnels.

(This may sound abundant, but I assure you it’s not).

More prominently, you save practically 50% at the expense of ClickFunnels alone, but with the consisted of perks within the programs, as shown below.

Clickfunnels Pricing Related Offer #8: Funnel Hacks – $997 Bundle ($9,770 Value)

funnel hacks

Update: ClickFunnels is no longer providing funnel hacks bundle.

However, you can still try ClickFunnels for free with the link below ↓

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Funnel Hacks is a precious package that you can get for $997.

When you get Funnel Hacks, you will get access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite at $167, which is typical $297.

See the list below for what the Funnel Hacks Package entails.

You will be able to upgrade to Funnel Hack’s plan after signing up for the FREE trial.

Offer #9: Funnel Builder Secrets – From $1,997 to $5,997 bundle ($12,767 to $24,997 Value)

Funnel Builder Secrets

Update: ClickFunnels is no longer providing funnel builder secrets.

However, you can still try ClickFunnels for free with the link below ↓

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Clickfunnels Pricing Offer Funnel Builder Secrets Pricing:

This is an addition to the Funnel Hacks Package since the complete Funnel Hacks Package.

However, on top of that’s the outstanding Funnel Builder Secrets coaching & Traffic Secrets subscription.

Traffic secrets cover everything you need to know about traffic, from social media to solo ads, even affiliate marketing traffic.

The FBS (Funnel Builder Secrets) Training is the single most exceptional training you’ll discover in the marketing area today.

Despite all alternative additions, this training is alone worth your loan.

It is in-depth and can teach you how to make the best use of funnels from scratch to advanced.

Above all, likewise, a Traffic Secrets Membership can teach you all the strategies to get traffic.

Not merely any traffic, however high quality, transforming traffic.

FBS is a covert plan directly used for you behind long webinars.

Click Here To Get Funnel Builder Secrets Bundle

Clickfunnels Pricing Conclusion:

Clickfunnels Pros and cons

If you start your business form a small scale, you can fulfill your basic needs with the Startup plan.

But you would need to be connected to a third-party email marketing software, such as Aweber or Convertkit.

But, with the Etison Suite Package, you will gain access to Actionetics (the pre-built email marketing tool with ClickFunnels).

Unlike in Etison Suite, a limited number of visitors can visit your funnel in the Basic plan.

This could not be a significant issue initially, but as you grow, this limitation will bother you more.

The same goes for funnel steps and the number of funnels.

The excellent factor is, you can upgrade your plan anytime just by reaching customer support.

Some businesspeople who are new to ClickFunnels start using this fantastic application by choosing the $297 plan.

On the opposite hand, some individuals begin their 14-day trial for the Clickfunnels as they will explore it at its most potential.

Even if you begin your journey with ClickFunnels using the Elite package, you can downgrade anytime if you want.

Start using ClickFunnels now and rocket your business.

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No Obligations, No Contracts, Cancel at any time, 100% Risk-Free.

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