ClickFunnels Platinum Review: What’s Next?

Have you ever heard about ClickFunnels Platinum?

If not, then without wasting any time, we will tell you in detail about this concept.

It is one of the next exciting directions that the platform of ClickFunnels is giving to us.

Furthermore, it is exactly on the ClickFunnels 5th-year birthday celebration that the founder of this platform Russell Brunson announced this great news.

Once you will read this post, you will get to know the exciting changes and revisions made in the world of Clickfunnels. This is by far one of the big news that the fans of this platform are getting.

So, it is high time to refocus yourself for one more time as Clickfunnels is also refocusing itself.

ClickFunnels Platinum – (Guide)

ClickFunnels Platinum Review

We can give you this rough glimpse and idea that ClickFunnels Platinum is the latest and newly rebranded kind of Etison Suite plan. It is featured with some refocused and amazing ClickFunnels.

Even more, it is included and packed with some awesome and impressive new marketing training.  This platform of ClickFunnels has helped lots of entrepreneurs and also business owners.

It has managed to simplify their overall sales process.

This platform is now rebranding itself in the form of ClickFunnels Platinum.

If you have already used Clickfunnels and you are used to their varied and different software options, then using ClickFunnels Platinum may turn out to be a little confusing for you.

But in this post, we have managed to explain every single detail you need to know.

Below you can check out further details:

How ClickFunnels Platinum Came Into Being?

It was way back two years ago when Russell made this firm decision to compete and take its Actionetics MD product in the rest of the areas as well.

It is for this main reason that instead of focusing and concentrating on the core and main sales funnel building zone, he and his team compete in other kinds of zones.

ClickFunnels Platinum Review

This includes chatbots and email autoresponders and also marketing automation.

All of these efforts and exclusive attempts automatically and naturally stretched their development and also their support resources.

Due to this reason, Actionetics MD did not manage to take off as they wished and hoped. Now, the founder of ClickFunnels is fully and truly accepting his mistake.

Furthermore, he is now showing his overall dedication to solidify and strengthen the base of ClickFunnel’s status.

From this decision, you can well understand that the plan and idea of Actionetics and Actionetics MD, they have all become sunsetted.

And no more exist now.

However, existing users of Actionetics and Actionetics MD will be able to continue to have complete access to them. On the other hand, they will not be available for any new user from now onwards.

In addition, this subjected software is going to place right in the maintenance mode.

It further means that this software will no longer fix bugs and none of the new features will be added.

Most importantly, all of these developer support resources, they are now carrying and moving forward on ClickFunnels itself. We all think that this is a piece of great news and an update.

Now talking and discussing the ClickFunnels Platinum, you can have a look and read its comprehensive review from here:

What is ClickFunnels Platinum?

ClickFunnels Platinum Review

Most noteworthy, ClickFunnels Platinum is a rebranding version of the present one and existing ClickFunnels Etison suite plan. It is priced at 297 dollars on a per month basis rate.

Keep in mind that if you are one of the existing Etison Suite members, then you are going to be automatically placed right on the ClickFunnels Platinum plan.

Clickfunnels Platinum Pricing

In this way, you can enjoy the same amount of unlimited funnels as well as visitors you already had previously!

Besides, you will retain the official access to the platforms like Actionetics and Backpack.

Only remember that Actionetics name is no longer existing.

And it now rebranded and revised with the name of Followup Funnels.

ClickFunnels Platinum is included and packed with 3 exciting and amazing new benefits.

They are The Funnel Hacker Forum and Daily Virtual Hackathons and too Funnel Flix.

Below you can have a look at the required details about them;

Funnel Hacker Forum

Firstly, talking about this Funnel Hacker Forum, it is according to Russell that the ClickFunnels Official Facebook group, it has turned out to be a little unwieldy.

What we mean to say that it has currently over around and about 200,000 members in the Official Facebook group. On the other hand, it has only 95000 paying ClickFunnels users.

ClickFunnels Platinum Review

It is for this reason that Russel has created an official kind of community.

He has launched a separate forum. And this forum is only made and can be used by the paid members only. This forum is named and called Funnel Hacker Forum.

In the initial days, users did not have this clue regarding where to find and access this forum.

However, it is completely and wholly accessible inside the forth tab that is present inside and part of FunnelFlix.

Currently, not that much happening activity is taking place on this forum.

But sooner, progress and advancement will be seen. The users of this platform are still wondering and thinking why they have hidden this Funnel Hacker Forum inside the Funnel Flix.

Beyond, this forum should be placed and made to appear on the main dashboard.

As this form is not visible to a large and extensive number of users, that is why it is not getting the desired amount of popularity.

Its hidden presence Funnel Flix has greatly and immensely reduced its visibility.

Daily Virtual Hackathons

Next, we are going to talk about Daily Virtual Hackathons.

It was from Russell’s high end 2 Comma Club X training session program that this concept came into being.

Upon joining these Virtual Hackathons, you will be able to get hands-on virtual training. Moreover, you can learn and get guidance as to how to build specific kinds of funnels.

You can create and customize your funnel.

2 comma club

Through these Virtual Hackathons, the user develops the tendency to create, design as well as launch his funnels.

You need to remember that there are 11 core funnels. On the other hand, each of the virtual Hackathon will be able to fully focus on a single kind and type of funnel.

A few of the noticeable and renowned funnels that are loved by users, they are Lead funnels, Summit funnels.

Then there is this another funnel Challenge funnel and Survey funnels.

There is this Webinar funnel, as well as High ticket funnels.

We can say that these Daily Virtual Hackathons look quite impressive and amazing.

We are sure that they will work for every single user.

If the funnel creating and designing process interest and excite you a lot, then we are 100% confident that this session will bring more excitement for you.

The best part of these Daily Virtual Hackathons is that you will get a ClickFunnels coach. That coach is going to walk and guide you through as to how to get your funnel created and build up.

This overall plan started on Oct 12th, 2019.

If you have not tried and followed this plan, then do that now.

Hopefully, it will bring the right set of productivity and a set of benefits for your desired purpose.

Funnel Flix

Funnel Flix

Lastly, talking about the Funnel Flix! This is identified as the Netflix of business training video sessions. Using this amazing platform, you will be able to watch and stream everything right from the Funnel Flix site.

Furthermore, it is currently available in a live mode.

You will find and access it inside the ClickFunnels dashboard. And it is hosted over at the funnel flix member zone. As soon as you will log into this zone, then you will come across 4 different tabs.

The first tab tells you about the ClickFunnels Collective.

It is recommended to have a look at the intro video. This video tells you that this ClickFunnels Collective is included with a support rep ad live group coaching.

You learn about the commencement of live events.

Moreover, you will get access to all of the pieces of training that are present inside Funnel Flix. Under this Flix world, you are going to experience a ton of training.

ClickFunnels Platinum Review

You might also observe that a few of the training sessions are not immediately available to the user as they are coming soon.

There is good news for ClickFunnels standard plan users as well.

These users are not left out. They are too given access to training sessions including Funnel Builder Secrets.

So, this is quite a surprising kind of news and update that is going to immensely excite ClickFunnels standard plan users.

List of Training Available for Each Level

Below are the complete list and details of training that are currently available for the users for each level:

Firstly, we have these Standard Plan Trainings and they include 30 Day Challenge, Affiliate Bootcamp.

You can have training like Ecommerce Live Event Training,

Clickfunnels Training

Brick & Mortar, 10X Documentary.

Training on, Operation Toussaint, and also Funnel Hacking Live are available. Besides, users can have thorough access to training sessions like we ave Funnel Builder Secrets and skills.

Enjoy access to Product Secrets training and John Reese’s Money Mindset Training. You can attend Tony Robbins Private Collection training.

Moving to the Platinum Plan Trainings, you can attend training stated as One Funnel Away Challenge, Funnel University or Funnel Agency Secrets.

Users can attend training sessions of Funnel Hackathon, 10X Secrets, and High Ticket Secrets. Even more, Traffic Secrets and Youtube Traffic Secrets training, they are available on this platinum plan.

Other options that you may get, they John Reese’s Outsource Force training, Course Secrets and Offermind training

Lastly, we have the Collective Trainings and these include Agora Financial Copywriting training and Agora Financial Media Buying.

Price of ClickFunnels Platinum

Price of ClickFunnels Platinum

This ClickFunnels Platinum plan cost is just $297 per month. This is the same price range that you already paid for the Etison Suite plan.

If you are a member of this exciting Etison Suite plan, then this so-called amazing ClickFunnels Platinum plan is going to be free of cost upgrade for you.

Those users who want to keep their plan or package standard on $97 per month rate, then they will still be given access to a few of the Funnel Flix training sessions.

This is great, it means the users are not completely left out.

Verdict on ClickFunnels Platinum

Our thoughts and final verdict on ClickFunnels Platinum are clear.

Clickfunnels Platinum Pricing

The current announcement is one of the biggest steps taken by Russel. No doubt, this Clickfunnels platform is now moving in the right direction.

And this initiative in the form of ClickFunnels Platinum will be great for the future of ClickFunnels.

As the focus is increased and amplified on the core and main ClickFunnels product, that is why users will be given some great benefits in the upcoming time

Despite the sunsetting of Actionetics, the arrival of ClickFunnels Platinum is a lucrative and free upgrade for an existing Etison Suite customer.

At the same time, the additional training looks much impressive amazing.

You can explore the ton of content that is available and published on Funnel Flix already.

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