ClickFunnels Ecommerce Templates to Increase Sales in 2021

If you are an online business owner then you are the right place for your assistance, these days due to all this COVID-19 thing almost every market place is turning into online.

ClickFunnels is a type of sales funnel that is going to help you if you want to scale your online business.

On the same side of the spectrum,

ClickFunnel is one of the best known that has the ability to turn site viewers into buyers.

Isn’t it cool?

If you are a digital marketer then your main focus must be toward increasing your online audience, and ClickFunnel is the best tool for this purpose.

But is it going to work for your eCommerce?

Well, yes definitely it will. ClickFunnel is one of the best marketing tools that you’ve ever know if you are an owner of an eCommerce business.


If you are planning to make an online shop, then ClickFunnels eCommerce templates are the one that is going to help you in boosting up your market.

Are you looking for ClickFunnels Ecommerce Templates?

Let me tell you then that you are at the right place and in this article we are going to look at different ClickFunnels templates that are useful in scaling your eCommerce revenue.

Let’s have an in-depth look at them,

ClickFunnels Ecommerce Templates:

There are two types of templates that ClickFunnels offer that is a free one and a paid one. Those who are paid definitely look more attractive than free templates.

We are going to talk about both because they both are going to help you in boosting your online marketplace.

Are you ready for it? 

Paid ClickFunnels Ecommerce Templates:

In this section, we are going to deal with all the paid templates that the ClickFunnel offers us for eCommerce.

Let’s jump into it,

1- eCommerce StoreFront Funnel:

A website named storefront that is high converting is used to manage and edit thank you pages, check out pages in this template.

This template cost $97 but reviews about this make it totally worth it.

2- Two-Step Tripwire Funnel:: GORDON:

This template is absolutely a bold choice if you want to iterates the posture of your brand. It helps you in establishing your position with the GORDON theme.

3-  eCommerce Funnel by Simon Naylor:

This template costs $147 and includes an upsell page and also a thank you page. This template is one of the best known for online business.

4- Free + Shipping eCommerce Funnel:

This one is the four-step funnel that includes an upsell page and template that is easy to edit and customize.

Free ClickFunnels Ecommerce Templates:

Now let’s have an eye on the free templates that ClickFunnel offers.

1-  Simple ClickFunnel Ecommerce Funnel Template:

So this is the one that does not offer that much look but if you are looking for just work that includes landing pages, sales pages, upsell pages, and thank you page then this is the one.

2- Free Plus Shipping Funnel Template:

Look no further because this one that is also free is one of the best with a grey loading bar that gives the audience a sense of urgency.


I have mentioned both free and paid ClickFunnels templates that they are offering. Each has its own specs and features.

You can use any of them of your choice if you want to scale your digital market.

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