ClickFunnels Demo & Tutorial (2020)

This guide is about clickfunnels. We will be discussing in detail everything you need to know about ClickFunnels from what is ClickFunnels to how it works. Make sure that you are reading everything carefully so you don’t miss out on anything. 

Let’s started… 

What Is ClickFunnels?Clickfunnels Demo


ClickFunnels is considered to be one of the top resources that are intended to help your business grow through better conversion sales funnels.

It is designed specifically to encourage high conversion rates for sales funnels for online business owners and entrepreneurs. Clickfunnels offers a broad range of useful tools which aid you instantly with your professional sales funnels.

Using this service is very easy and simple. And, if you have experience at creating marketing funnels then Clickfunnels is not something you should worry about.

Giving your marketing funnel a practical shape is easy and it will take only about a few minutes or so. Probability is that you have been through the sales process as an entrepreneur-you have placed a product or a service into operation.

You know what it takes and you realize it’s going to be High. Irrespective of one negative aspect that you might not know about designing or coding. 

This is where ClickFunnels is going to be a great deal for you. It provides an alternative path and helps you avoid such techies and waiting several hours in the process.

You can build and install funnels online much quicker with this tool. You can actually do this in just 10 minutes without spending thousands of dollars.

The great thing about ClickFunnels is that you don’t have to negotiate with as many customers as you might have in the conventional marketing funnel setup.

ClickFunnels are now used by companies and organizations to digitally sell and promote products and services. Others do this to overwhelm their initiatives for lead generation.

Creating A Funnels Using ClickFunnels

I will try to keep it as simple and easy as it could be. Take the following measure to create a Funnel using ClickFunnels.

Choose The Type Of Funnel of Funnel You Want

Clickfunnels Demo

So the starting step is easy. You only need to choose the funnel for the business you have. Normally, many people create a funnel for the generation of sales and lead or to run an event.

ClickFunnels are applicable on any of these forms of funnels. You can use basic e-mail and messages leads, or even longer form application leads if you need to generate leads

You can use ClickFunnels with “tripwire” product, letters, sales or activate funnels if you want to generate sales.

You may also manage conferences using this tool by using a third-party program like zoom or using a completely automated webinar on ClickFunnels.

How To Create Such Funnels!

  • Select “ Build A New Funnels” 
  • You will be provided with options; Generate Leads, Generate Sales, or Run an Event, chosen among these. 

Customize The Funnel Type

After you have made the selection of the funnel for your business, then you can adjust it to suit your needs. This process involves the removal and addition of pages and adding membership sites.

Your customers also profit from quick single-click upsells even when you add more pages. It reduces the customers’ hustle and bustle in the check-out cycle.

You may even build access areas where training material and even premium content can be the host. With this feature, the participants will be able to build profiles and produce content on your schedule. And the best part about this that you no longer have to use Third Party Management Software. 

Furthermore, you can also have simple order forms which reduce the incidences of unused carts, which are sometimes induced by complicated orders.

Basically, you can build any funnels you need in a matter of minutes by using ClickFunnels.

Changing the Look of Your Page

In this step, you can modify logos, swap products, videos and give your page the appearance you desire. You can even replace or remove the headline section and all other details until you get your desired result. 

ClickFunnels has very powerful but easy to use page customization tools that make sure you get the optimal pages that you thought about. You can even influence your pages more effectively, thanks to tools like custom CSS, custom padding and even colour adjustment capabilities.

These are just some highlights that I have mentioned, you can do much more than this. 

Capture The Leads Within the Funnel

Those who give the e-mails can be included in a list that lets you follow-up later on, within ClickFunnel ClickFunnels offers you two ways to help – by using the automation tab and follow-up funnels for action.

Using Automation Tab

You may use the “Automation tab” method to set up emails that can reconnect you to your audience. You can also set up notifications to notify you when someone has decided to purchase something from you.

You may add a new email within the Automation tab, select the desired email template, and update the template with a customized message.

Using Actionetics Follow-up-FunnelsActionetics Follow-up-Funnels

This is an automated response tool that can support you with a powerful but quick Follow-Up funnel. The advantage is that Actionetices will help you create a plan and email sequences better.

Also, based on personal details such as name, transactions, location and behaviour in the funnel, you may talk to your clients directly. Thus, in your funnel as in certain other tools, you don’t have to use a single default message.

Building a funnel within Actionetics includes creating your lists, building a follow-up funnel, sending messages to subscribers and making adjustments to the funnel depending on the statistical information.

Add Products to ClickFunnelsAdd Products to ClickFunnels

You won’t have to use third-party tools to sell products and services online thanks to ClickFunnels. All because of the full shopping cart feature of ClickFunnels.

You just have to use the Add Cart button to add the product definition, price and payment portal with the fields specified in this section. It would only take a few minutes using this feature.

Usually, you can add to types of products; one physical and the other is digital.  The transaction will initiate a connection to an associate site for the digital product.

They can also be accessed using a redirect connection to your Thanks page. 

The order can be transferred to a fulfilment company which is responsible for managing the shipment with the physical product. ShipStation, which is actually easily integrated with ClickFunnels, is an example of such a service.

The Company will process the import, fulfillment and shipment to the customer once the order is transferred to ShipStation.

Using Split Tests to Increase Conversion

You should use ClickFunnels with split tests to transform the traffic into as many leads and sales as possible. There are no limitations on the range of things you may split.

The collection consists of photos, titles, sites, videos and so on. This function helps you to get two or three times more conversions than you would normally in regular situations.

Make The Funnel Live

Now that your funnel is all ready, the only thing that remains and that is to take it live. It’s pretty simple and quick.

You just need to guarantee that your funnel follows all of the requirements, that you set up a “test mode” gateway function to evaluate the order and that your domain is designed properly in order for the traffic to access your funnel’s first page.

Otherwise, you can have a “Go” key and your funnel gets alive if all these details are in order.

Monitor Your Funnel’s Performance

Clickfunnels Demo

ClickFunnels will provide you with numbers for how the funnel works. Along with a table with views, sales and opt-in views of the page. You may also monitor how people enter your subscription lists.

To help target your main customers in potential marketing campaigns. The figures will also inform you which funnels are better to convert. In this way, you can concentrate your energy on areas that produce the highest profit rates.

The details will also allow you to learn how the business operates over time.

Packing Up!

There is no system like this and ClickFunnels is very easy to use. It is great to make any part of your online business a delight. That’s why ClickFunnels is already being used by more and more people and entrepreneurs. 

Many entrepreneurs, like a prominent designer, used ClickFunnels to extend their lead several times. Essentially, there are a number of success stories that you may hear and no doubt you can be one of them.

Several people have set up funnels in less than an hour with ClickFunnels without the experience of coding or programming. Moreover, you can also use it on a 14-day trial. This would be a better option than paying for the ClickFunnels without seeing how it works. 

That’s all I have for you regarding Clickfunnels. I hoped that this has helped you. So what are you waiting for? Create a funnel and become a new success story.