Clickfunnels complaints – what people don’t like it about

No doubt clickfunnels is a great tool which can help you to maintain your business at higher rankings. It helps you to create websites, use customizable templates, and promote your business to a new audience. Everyone just loves it because of its full support and unlimited features to fulfill needs. It can help you no difference how much experience you have of using such tools.

Clickfunnels complaints – what people don’t like it about

There are a lot of benefits when you use it, and you can know everything yourself. Actually, there are some other points about it which you know. There are a few complaints which users report about it. Today we are going to describe all of them and the solutions to them.

Clickfunnels complaints – Everything you need to know

If we use or read the user’s reviews about this tool, we can come to know various things. It helps us to make a decision about whether we need it or not. Have a look at following complaints.

  1. Clickfunnels software has broad and interface

One of the complaints about clickfunnels is that it is not such a simple tool to use. A couple of users compliant this issue. Some users do not like its funnels creation way and the procedure. They users probably have to spend to participate in training.


This can be true when you are just trying to use it for the first time. This software has a lot of features and useful integrations options. All of its features essential and highly appreciated by businessmen but too many features can give a touch time to beginners. To overcome such issues, clickfunnels training is recommended. It delivers everything in a short period which enables you to use clickfunnels appropriately and efficiently. You can professionally use the particular features which you need for your business.

  1. Fewer options to choose templates

Clickfunnels offers different options to choose different designs and functionalities when you want to build a site or online structure. There are complaints with its number of available templates. Usually, buyers have to pick the right one among a couple of website designs. The users need more designs and customizable options to create their websites precisely as they need.


You may also encounter this issue. Its solution is in its updating mechanism. Besides, you are allowed to import different designs and use integrations options to use new designs. The customizable templates and services of this tool are great but in less amount. Thus, if you want more templates and designs, you can also duplicate other’s funnels to share funnels use.

  1. Confusing pricing structure

Clickfunnels offer different price packages to choose from. It can be a startup package, enterprise package or other special packages for a limited time. You can also try special pieces of training to know more about its secret packages which have a lot of discounts. The pricing clickfunnels complaints are about the cost of packages. Its basic package is available at $97, and enterprise package is of the worth $297.


You may be confused when you have to buy a specific package. They can handle the situation by consulting the clickfunnels expert. This can also check and compare the different features of all packages. As a result, you can go with a unique package which suits your business needs and online situations.

That’s all. There may be some other clickfunnels complaints. Always remember that the complaints depend on the experience of each user. In all situations, the best possible solution is to contact it’s customer support. They can help to fix all the issues by providing you brief manuals to use clickfunnels.

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