How To Make Your First Affiliate Commission With Clickfunnels?

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Getting your first affiliate commission can be a big deal for a new user of ClickFunnels, this means that you are gathering some extra money for several placements commission orders.

This can be hard as for $97 per month it can be expensive and at first, you will be in loss big time.

But I have a solution for you getting a referral code to signup can help you get your first Affiliate Commission.

It can be a big deal for those who have just started out and are new to the ClickFunnels community.

About Affiliate Commission in ClickFunnels

Affiliate Commission in ClickFunnels

At first, you will need to set up an offer that the purchaser couldn’t refuse some mind-blowing offer can make your way to get your consistent Affiliate Commissions.

So using that you can later enhance your Affiliate Commission reputation for further use. Thus setting up an offer can make the difference in a lifetime.

But the challenge in this lifetime offer is that how would you set up the offer or what kind of offer will you provide to intrigue them. This would need time money and luck most and foremost.

But you are lucky because of ClickFunnels you are getting it all, the best thing is you don’t have to pay for starting 14 days that can mean a lot different and I have known some entrepreneurs who have created several opportunities for themselves in Affiliate Commissions that the first payment was done by the earning.

Hence you are getting the time and the privilege of not paying a sufficient amount of money to start out with ClickFunnels.

With that, there are several bonus packages that allow you the same deal but that deal is enhanced and at a lower cost so, what are you waiting for you can google ut there are several options to choose from and you can choose them according to your requirement.

Now at this stage, you will be able to put together an amazing bonus offer for others to buy and earn from that. There is always a but in such situations and here is that but.

Clickfunnels Affiliate

The question that how will you gather or find a particular audience to buy your bonus packs. And how will you find an audience to sell your service to gain Affiliate Commission?

Yes yes! There is a method od AdSense, SEO, Adword, etc. But we are not going to talk about them.

They are effective and helpful in their own way but the thing is that they either take a lot of time or the take a chick load of money.

And remember you have just started out so why would you spent such amount of money on such methods when there is a method that is efficient and cheap.

And the method or the right and perfect platform for you is “Drum Roll… please ” Facebook.

Facebook is the perfect platform for you to promote your offers and engage with your preferred audience type.

By this platform, you will have a world noticing your bonus packs and by this, you can easily gain your first Affiliate Commission.

And don’t worry I’m here to talk about that process as it can be a lengthy process and I will give a step by step tour of this process to gain your first Affiliate Commission from ClickFunnels.

Step#1- Learning the High Spots and Blind Spots of ClickFunnels

Blind Spots of ClickFunnels

If you are only using ClickFunnels for Affiliate Commission then this step is the key to your rise. And if you skip this part then you might fall on your head real bad. 

Understanding ClickFunnels is one thing but studying this software is another. And you need to study the software for better results.

You need to determine the pros and cons of ClickFunnels so that you can master yourself in the affiliating product of others to gain a certain amount of commission.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

To do this you need to signup as there is a 14-day trial thus you will create several funnels and check out its flaws for better understanding.

And remember that you are creating those Funnels for yourself hence they don’t need to be perfect you just need to understand the strategy that ClickFunnels put for marketing. 

And if you don’t know how to create Funnels then you should check out several videos that teach you to create a fascinating funnel.

By this, you will learn about High Spots and Blind Spots of ClickFunnel.

Step#2- Setting Up Your Facebook Profile and Creating an Audience

  1. Setting up a Facebook Profile Funnel.
  2. The Funnel should be directed towards your offer.
  3. Upload daily task to engage with your audience.
  4. Then you should add contacts that are interested in joining your Facebook funnel group for better response.
  5. Engage yourself with similar yet different people posts.
  6. You should add messenger voice message drops.

But again repeating myself self the video contains most of the vital information and the bullets mentioned above are just the summary of the video.

So, if you want to understand it better then watch the video and follow the step to step guideline provided by the person.

Step#3- Engage yourself in Relevant Facebook Groups

To achieve that you need to join with some relevant Facebook groups to have support on your back and the most famous groups in a similar niche are “ClickFunnels Official” and “ClickFunnels Avengers (Affiliate)”

Facebook Groups

Such groups can make an Affiliate king or they can drop them dead now it will be up to you how you engage with them.

Yes, I said engage you just don’t sit around and watch the post liking them you need to engage yourself in the current activity. Such as you need to ask questions and answer the questions that you know.

Or leave a comment on every post suggesting something or asking something related to that post.

The concept here is that when you do that then people will determine you as a person of interest and there at that moment you can find your audience to selling and affiliate product of service.

And you will receive requests and gain popularity among that community hence before you know you will be pitching your sell to your audience in no time.

But remember you should not come hard on them because they would think as spam and all your fame and popularity will go crumbling down.

That’s why I said, these groups can make an Affiliate King or they can drop you dead.

Step#4- Build a Bond with Your Audience That You Chat With

Building a bind is a key gesture to do in any relationship. And this is a relationship between you and your customer.

You have gained their trust and they are now willing to buy your affiliated product. 

The thing is that you don’t directly hit them with your bonuses or product that is affiliated you calmly insert the promotion in the char such as they are chatting with you for gaining information and you tell them about that particular information.


And silently insert your bonus in that conversation. They will be intrigued and will ask you to show your product and that’s the nail in the coffin.

You will present them with your Affiliated service or product and voila your job is done.

But first, you need to make sure and determined about these few things related to your audience:

  • If they are using ClickFunnels for their business.
  • Is ClickFunnels a perfect fir for them.
  • And are they looking to a trainer to use ClickFunnels better?

If you are not determined about these things then your silent method won’t work and they will be not even slightly interested in your offer. Eventually, you will lose your audience.

This collecting information about your audience will not only provide you with a reliable source of Affiliate Commission but they can also be your network.

So you should treat them as a networking opportunity.


As far as the verdict goes, I will only say that having a ClickFunnel for just Affiliate commissions can be a perfect fit if you don’t want to start a firm or business.

This is done by various entrepreneurs and new members of the ClickFunnels community.

But these methods that I have discussed are not only for your Affiliate program they can also work with your product and can be a reliable source for selling your personal product. 

Hence using these steps can be a helpful and advantageous step at the start of your ClickFunnels days.

So that, you can earn while not paying for ClickFunnels and you can pay your first payment with that earned money from Affiliate Commission.