Builderall Review & Pricing – It is a Scam or Legit? (vs ClickFunnels )

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What is BuilderAll?

BuilderAll is an unlimited, all-in-one smart website creation platform launched in 2017 to the US market.

BuilderAll offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to have great websites, blogs, and sales funnels on one platform.

How it works

The main drag-and-drop editor uses what they call the pixel-perfect technology. This allows the user to grab an item and drag it to any point on the page. This is where it will be on the live site.

The editor takes a different approach to create a web page, offering the user three different views to work on: a desktop, a tablet, and a mobile.

This requires a thought adjustment because most editors are responsive and automatically adjust items based on the device used to view the site.

Working in three separate views may seem like extra work, but the advantage is that you can easily create your website or sales network exactly the way you want on tablets and mobile phones.

With the latest updates from the pixel-perfect editor, your site is mobile responsive.

The other option is the recently introduced Drag n Drop Responsive Builder, which make use of the great features of the main builder, but it is responsive.

Pending the changes made to Pixel Perfect editor, I would recommend this editor because it is responsive.

For novices, there is a helpful on-screen guide which guides you in all parts of the builder.

The main difference with using this editor is that everything is created using rows and columns which are responsive to the size of the device.

My favorite thing about this responsive builder is that you have a lot of control over each row and column.

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Detailed look in the admin area

This is an overview of the administrative area where you will manage your sites and other tools. With the new relaunch of July 2018, the administrative area and all the tools have been given a new look. The layout and new look are much easier to navigate.

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The first area is where all the site builders are and where you will spend most of your time at BA. There are five main areas:

Drag & Drop Pixel-Perfect Builder

BuilderAll is the first website builder offering the ability to create pixel-perfect responsive websites.

When you navigate through this section, you will see sites, funnels, or membership sites that you have created.

You will be opportune to start a new site project and be presented with different site templates, broken down by sector or niche.

The ability to manage the appearance of the site on each device makes it the only online editor to offer full control.

Your website will appear great on any device since this builder is now responsive.

Drag and Drop Responsive Builder

The responsive drag-and-drop builder came into existence in February 2018.

The responsive builder works outside rows and columns, as in the clickfunnels editor.

However, a better feature than ClickFunnels is that you can change the number of columns in a row.

This provides you with more flexibility and saves you time.

It also offers complete freedom to move elements anywhere, just like the pixel perfect builder.

Responsive blog builder

Responsive Blog Builder offers the ability to create a blog as the main website.

From my experience of use, this builder works like a WordPress theme that gives you a lot of options to adjust.

Inside the main builders, there is an option which allows you to add a responsive blog to your site, so I’m not sure it will remain an option any longer.

App Builder

The Apps section starts a new tab and takes you to the application creation area.

Mailing Boss Autoresponder (formerly known as Email Marketing and Automation)

The email marketing system within BuilderAll is Mailing Boss. When you access this section, a new tab opens for the Mailing Boss Welcome screen.

The entire interface has recently received a new layout and some visual reflections.

When you visit the Mailing Boss for the first time, it guides you through a series of steps to set up your first email list and add all your relevant contact information for anti-spam purposes.

Once you have set up your first list, you go to the main dashboard.

There are four main Mailing Boss areas at the top:

  • subscribers
  • lists
  • campaigns
  • workflow

Overall, Mailing Boss is an excellent email marketing platform, especially given its part of the larger BuilderAll package.

Also, with the reopening in July 2018, the Mailing Boss can now be purchased separately as a separate product.

For now, it’s $ 50 for a lifetime subscription, which is a killer deal.

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Design Studio

The design studio lets you add your graphics to a multitude of mockups. There are computer screen mockups, business card templates, e-book templates, to name a few. I found the variety very good. Those who do not already have a professional design studio such as Photoshop will find it easy to use.


As a web designer, I mainly use Photoshop to create and edit my graphics. I also have PowerPoint, but I do not use it. So for me, this section of BA does not offer much; however, for the average site owner, I see a lot of value.

Presentation Builder

The presentation builder functions like an online version of PowerPoint. You can add videos, text, images, websites, and shapes to your slides. The interface looks pretty simple, although I haven’t had a need yet to use this tool.

Photo studio

This is a new tool that has been added during the relaunch.

I have not had time to use it yet, but it looks like you can rotate 3D graphics.


Video has become an indispensable part of online credibility and the preferred choice of media for the majority of visitors to a website. The Videos section provides an animated video tool and a floating video tool to provide more value to visitors of your site.

Animated videos

The animation video tool has a robust interface that reminds me of the use of a professional video editing suite. New users can start with multiple templates, or you can create a new animated video from scratch.

Floating videos (Flash and HTML)

If you’ve visited a site where someone appears on the screen and talks to you, it’s a floating video. This tool lets you create a video of yourself that you can put on your website to achieve the same effect. I would recommend using the HTML version because most recent browsers automatically disable Flash files.


The support section is another area of your admin panel to visit if you have a problem using the system. Choose the category related to your problem, and you will see a series of answers.

If none of the answers satisfy your needs, you can open a support ticket.

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BuilderAll pricing Plans

Now, Builderall currently has three different plans.


BuilderAll Web Presence Plan ($ 9.90 per month)

This plan is perfect if you want to put your business online with this website online plan. And in all honesty? This Builderall plan may seem interesting because of the low price. But that’s not worth much (compared to other plans).

Here are some of the key features of this plan:

  • Unlimited visitors.
  • Access to Pixel Perfect Builder.
  • An unlimited number of pages and subdomains.

And much more.

Builderall Digital Marketing Plan ($ 29.90 per month)

Now we are getting a little juicer when it comes to the Builderall pricing plans. This is considered the ideal solution for the growth of the digital marketing business. And once again? You will still not get the best value for money until the last plan.

Here are some key features regarding this Builderall plan:

  • Builderall apps.
  • Unlimited visitors.
  • Access to Pixel Perfect Builder.
  • Unlimited professional email marketing, Unlimited pages, and subdomains.

And much more.

Builderall Business Plan ($ 49.90 per month)

With only $ 20 more than the previous plan. This is not just a complete solution for online entrepreneurs ready to be launched. It’s also, in my opinion, the best value and the best price of Builderall.

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Pros and Cons of BuilderAll

The pros

  • Web sites built with the pixel-perfect drag-and-drop are now mobile responsive!
  • BuilderAll also offers another responsive builder and is very flexible, like ClickFunnels.
  • Connecting to a domain is quick and easy, and you can have as many domains in your account as you need
  • You have the option of creating an SEO friendly website, blog, or sales funnel on the same platform.
  • Mailing Boss is an integrated email marketing system with up to 10,000 contacts at no additional cost.
  • Built-in SSL support for all sites
  • Create videos, graphics, and presentations for your site.
  • Ability to track visitor activity with heat maps and track site conversions.
  • You can create A/B split tests of web pages
  • There are loads of starter templates that are easy to customize
  • You can create your applications on the platform
  • There are approximately 26 different marketing tools for your business.
  • The support team is fast and responsive
  • The BuilderAll Facebook community is incredibly helpful and supportive of each other.
  • BuilderAll is dedicated to excellence, and its recent interface updates and new add-ons prove what business means!

The Cons

  • The drag-and-drop editor sometimes has flaws
  • Although you can create business emails for your domain, the email system RainLoop is very basic.
  • The blog feature is simple and does not have many options for customizing it.
  • Web forms are a bit difficult to use, and there are only a handful of third-party integrations (new integrations are added over time).
  • Like Wix, Squarespace, and ClickFunnels, you can not move your site to another platform if you decide to stop using BuilderAll.

Final Verdicts – Is Builder Worth It?

If you have tried online marketing, you know that there are many platforms on the market. Some are slow, and others are very unreliable. BuilderAll is the opposite of that; it is properly designed and very useful.

Builderall is recognized as one of the best internet marketing tools. Some of its users say that anyone interested in creating online activities should use BuilderAll. It is also among the most accessible platforms.

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BuilderAll Vs. ClickFunnels – What is the best option?

Let’s start with the prices.

Builderall is significantly cheaper than ClickFunnels, allowing beginners with tight budgets to create sales funnels and do business online.

ClickFunnels software starts at $ 97 / month, while BuilderAll offers its full package for about half of that price.

In pricing, BuilderAll wins the debate of BuilderAll against ClickFunnels.

Concerning the affiliate program, both pay recurring commissions from affiliates

Although BuilderAll only allows users of the $ 49 package to promote software as an affiliate, ClickFunnels allows users and non-users of the software to be an affiliate.

ClickFunnels also pays higher recurring commissions of 40%, while BuilderAll pays 100% on the first sale and 30% after that.

Bottom line

Overall, BuilderAll prices are very low, considering the number of tools provided. However, its features are not as advanced as ClickFunnels.

Whether you are a beginner with a small budget or a small independent business and a lot of time, BuilderAll is your tool of choice. You will have all the digital marketing tools needed to meet the needs of your business.

On the other hand, if you have already established your business and wish to grow your business legitimately, ClickFunnels is the solution that suits you best.

Although BuilderAll offers many more features than ClickFunnels, it does not seem to stand out at all. ClickFunnels was created primarily for sales and marketing automation funnels; works very well in these areas. If you primarily want to build sales funnels, you need to choose ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels offers excellence. It is not shocking that many big names in marketing use and approve the software.

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