Brick and Mortar Summit Review: A Complete Guide (2020)

As you all know, the old way of doing business is long gone, there is a new way to do business. When the internet came into this world, it changed a lot of things, doing business was one of the things it changed. 

There are a lot of options for the consumers because of the internet, now they only have to open an app and they can find all the things they want, all the goods they need.

So how you can build your own online store to gain success in your online business? The answer to this question lies in the Brick and Mortar funnels summit.

If you are wondering what this summit is then we would like to tell you that, it is an online training facility where you can learn about how to create sales funnels online for your brick and mortar store.

But the question is what this summit does? How will it cause you to benefit in your business?

The answer to these questions lies in this article, we will tell you all about Brick and Mortar summit and how you can use it for your benefits.

What Exactly is Brick and Mortar Summit?

Brick and Mortar Summit

If you are thinking this is some sort of course then you are getting it wrong because this is not a course, this a summit that in which you will be hearing from the speakers, who will motivate you and tell you how you can develop your own sales funnels. 

All these speakers are best in their fields and know the field of marketing as well. All the speakers are doing there own online business and they have proven their success in conversion rates.

All these things that these speakers have accomplished are all because of sales funnels. 

As you know, what is a summit, you attend one in a hotel for 2 or more days, every day two to three speakers speak on some topics on which the summit is, you probably ask questions from them about the related topic.

All these things are the same in this summit as well, only the thing that is different is that it is not happening physically, it is happening online.

You will be hearing from 17 speakers, who are expert in their fields, these conferences are like mini-courses where you will learn all the things that you need to increase your online business, it will benefit you more if your business is a physical one. 

What You Will Learn In the Brick and Mortar Summit?

We will tell you all about the things that will help you understand all the things at this summit. 

#1: What Is a Funnel? How to Create One?


You will learn all the basics for developing a sales funnel, and another thing that you will possibly learn is about the benefits of the funnels. 

#2: Impact Your Sales Funnel On Your Business

Some speakers will show you the progress of a business of 30 days that will have an impact because of the sales funnels.

#3: How to Find Your Customers?

In this summit, there are lessons where you can learn about how to generate revenue which is five times greater than a normal revenue that some businessman generates. 

You will also learn how to attract clients towards your business and how to make leads that will increase your clients and will benefit your business.

#4: How to Get Free Traffic for Your Funnel?

You can learn all the things about increasing traffic, they will tell you how you can increase traffic by just simply making a market with the help of Facebook.

They will tell you all about the local facebook traffic that you can attract without paying money for some Facebook ads.

In the end, the most important thing is that you should know all about how to generate sales and increase the revenue of your business and how to scale your business to higher ground.

You should get knowledge on how to interpret with the customers and how you can increase by contacting the customers. You will learn more about how you can use customers for marketing your business. 

Cost and Pricing of the Summit!

Pricing of the Summit

If you are worried about the price of the summit, then you should know that it is totally free, but the problem is, once you register yourself, you can only access all the lectures within four days, and you can only access this summit once in your life, so you better make those four days count.

If you want my suggestion on this then this summit is totally worth it, you should register yourself and take this opportunity to increase your business.

Just take some hours out of your daily stuff and spend those hours learning the lectures for four days.

You will get only four days, that’s all, you will have to leave some things just for four days, and it will definitely benefit you in every way.


We have told you all about this amazing summit that will benefit you in every aspect of your life.

So, now it’s your turn to make it count and learn all the things, you need to develop sales funnels and upgrade your skills as well. 

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