Zero City! Take control of one of the last sanctuaries of the new world!

Do you know Zero City? Do you want to play Zero City? Take control of one of the last sanctuaries of the new world! Bring survivors together, lead them, train people, assign responsibilities – everyone has their own job! Build and fortify your base to make your base impregnable!

Introduction of Zero City

As a hot doomsday survival mobile game, the official version of Zero City has a delicate and delicate graphic style, combined with the wonderful gameplay of the game, where you can enjoy a new adventure survival experience.

In Zero City, because of the virus created by the military, almost all humans have become zombies, and players as survivors need to find a shelter to establish a base, look for food and daily necessities, and at the same time concentrate other survivors who come to the base in the base, during which you can upgrade and build various types of space, and make high-quality management for the type of each room, assign residents with special abilities or skills to the room, and make and reuse resources. Build tons of facilities and different types of resident dynamics to fight more zombies and host more survivors to expand your territory.

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Game Tutorial of Zero City

1. Game level

There are two game levels in Zero City, one is the castle level displayed in the upper left corner of the game, which is automatically upgraded according to the number of buildings and the degree of construction you have, which is basically useless, and you don’t have to care how many levels it has.

The other is the level of the command center, which is very important, and all resources, fighter levels, and equipment in the game follow this command center level. Usually we call the command center level several books, such as level 5 is called 5 ben. As of September 14, 2020, the maximum level of the command center is level 10, so level 5-7 is the golden period of the game, so it is recommended that novices stop at level 5-7.

2. Residents

Residents have a star rating in Zero City, the higher the star rating, the better, up to 5 levels. Star ratings are related to the upper limit of skills that residents learn, for example, 2-star residents can only learn up to 40 levels of cooking, while 5-star residents can learn up to 100 levels, and other skills are similar.

Therefore, it is necessary to breed the inhabitants non-stop and try to reach all 5 stars. The number of stars of the offspring is random, but the higher the star rating of the parents, the higher the probability of the offspring being high star. At the beginning, the inhabitants were all 3 stars, two 3 stars can breed 4 stars, and two 4 stars can breed 5 stars. As long as you keep giving birth, there will be more and more 5-star residents.

3. Resources

In Zero City, the early game (1-4) is mainly about upgrading the command center and building rooms, so gold is important. But later (after level 6), hamburgers and magic are the most important. There are four main ways to source resources: one is room output, the room will regularly produce a certain amount of resources, which you need to collect manually, so it is highly recommended to buy a zombie assistant to help you collect.

The second is to rob other players’ resources, on the map you clear, you will regularly brush out some opponent players, and you can grab resources after defeating them.

The third is the alliance application, after joining an alliance, you can apply for some resources from the clan members; The fourth is to open the box.

4. Trophies

After snatching players on the level map, they will win trophies. These players are refreshed according to your number of trophies, and the higher your cups, the higher the number of player cups swiped out, so the harder it is to play.

So in the early days, try not to let your cup count too high and find a way to lower it. There are three main ways to lower the cup: the first is to strip naked to attack the player, which is equivalent to suicide, and the cup will be reduced after failure, but the resources will not be lost.

The second is revenge, after other players win you, you can take revenge, and if you fail to take revenge, you will lose the cup. The first method consumes apples, the second does not, but only takes revenge once. The third way is to withdraw your fighters from the barracks before they go offline every day and let others attack you.

5. Equipment

Equipment is divided according to the background color, from low to high, they are white, green, blue, purple and orange, and the corresponding levels are called Common, Excellent, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Unneeded equipment can be broken down into pieces, and fragments can be used to craft higher-level equipment. There is no restriction on what residents can wear equipment, you can wear it, you can wear legendary clothes at level 1, and you can also mix between classes.

6. Characters

There are a great number of characters in Zero City. Infantry has the highest physical attack of all characters. Chemists have three functions, which are resurrection, healing, and increasing spell attacks. The shooter is a relatively high physical defense in the role.

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Gameplay Guide of Zero City


(1) Level 1-4: This stage is mainly to upgrade the command center, upgrade the building, give birth, grab resources, and lower the cup. The equipment does not need to be too good, it is enough to come out of the box, the daily invasion is simple, and the white suit can be fought.

(2) Level 5: Open Arena. At this stage, you will start to improve your equipment, preferably three people level 30, full of blue clothing. Blue loading source: First, open the chest (mission box, invasion reward box, daily treasure chest); The second is the arena purchase, 250 chips a piece, slowly accumulated. Full body blue, combat power to about 5W, basically enough, 6W can dominate JJC.

(3) Level 6: Open tunnel. Continue to upgrade your equipment and strive to upgrade from blue to purple or orange. Equipment source: Tunnel redemption or self-manufacture. Souls obtained in the tunnel can be exchanged directly for equipment or fragments, and then build your own equipment.

This process is relatively slow and long, and it needs to be accumulated slowly, changing one orange suit or two purple clothes a week. Level 6 players are the most, and most of them stop at level 6 and are unwilling to upgrade. Level 6 combat power reaches about 12W to graduate.

(4) Level 7: Continue to update equipment and strive for all-orange equipment.

(5) Level 8-10: Continue to update equipment, in the orange equipment, update equipment with better attributes.

Recommendation: Stay at level 5-7 for a while, raise all rooms to full, change all equipment to the best, and don’t move up to higher levels too quickly. Otherwise, after ascending, you will find that no one can beat: you can’t grab resources, the arena is at the bottom, and the tunnel can’t be beaten, which is embarrassing.

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Arena (JJC) and tunnels

The JJC can be called Monday to Thursday and the tunnel can be drilled from Friday to Sunday. These two places are the most important places for improving equipment in the later stage.

JJC matching rules: first match according to the number of people, and then match according to the level of fighter. 3 people will only match 3 people, 4 people will only match 4 people, there will be no disparity in numbers. The level of a fighter is calculated according to the highest level of a fighter in your castle, regardless of whether you are a fighter or not.

Note: JJC matchmaking has nothing to do with the command center level, even if you are level 8, but your fighter is still level 40 with 4 players, then the match is still a level 6 player.