Where to Find Starfield’s Companions and Crew Members

How to recruit our companions in Starfield.


You can recruit companions in Starfield to assist you in your travel across the stars.

Some companions are more closely tied to the story such as the four constellation companions but they all have their own skills which will help you a lot in combat, space travel, cooking, outpost management. Below we’ve listed all the companions available in Starfield as well as how to hire them, along with an explanation of companions and crew members.

Spoiler alert: if you don’t want to know about the secret companions, I’m now going to ruin the surprise.

Companions and Crew Members  in Starfield

Introduction about companions and crew members in Starfield

We’ve found 28 companions to join your team in Starfield. Companions are characters with their own background who can follow you and help you carry stuff. What you should be noted is that the four constellation companions are the main companions, as they interact with the player the most, with their story related to the main quests.They will be your good partners.

The four constellation companions in Starfield are Sarah Morgan, Barrett, Sam Coe and Andreja.

In addition to named companions, there are other crew members who can be hired to work at your outposts or on your ship. When you hire crew members, you only have to pay the fee once. These unnamed crew members like Outpost Management Specialist and Ballistic Specialist are specially designed to help you out in ship and outpost gameplay, which means that they don’t involve in Starfield’s story and can’t follow you,either. Once a crew member has his name, they can be your companion while you are travelling.

hire companions and crew members

How to hire companions and crew members in Starfield

To hire four constellation companions mentioned above and a few characters, you have to first complete main missions, but apart from these, you can also hire companions and crew members by finding them in Starfield such as at space ports, bars, inns and taverns. Please remember to check places where people eat, drink or sleep, and you’ll find more potential named companions and crew members. We’ve got detailed locations of the companions’ further down if you want a particular character.


Can you have a romantic relationship with companions in Starfield?

Of course, you can have a romantic relationship with companions in Starfield, but not all of them. Even though there are over 20 named companions in the Starfield, you can only have a romantic relationship with the four Constellation members: Sam Coe, Sarah Morgan, Barrett, and Andreja.

So, other named companions and crew members with no name are not allowed in Starfield.

Locations and skills of Some Companions

Where to find Adoring Fan in Starfield

How to get: Pick the ‘Adoring Fan’ Trait.

Skills:Scavenging (Rank 1); Concealment (Rank 1); Weight Lifting (Rank 2)

Oblivion is an character reborn as your loyal fan in Starfield. Although he doesn’t own a name, Adoring Fan is considered as a perfect companion in the Starfield where he can follow you around and carry your stuff. 

Where to find Amelia Earhart in Starfield

How to get: Complete ‘Operation Starseed’ mission.

Skills: Piloting (Rank 2); Rifle Certification (Rank 2)

We won’t spoil the specific details, but you need to complete the Operation Starseed mission. The mission is obtained by investigating the distress call you get when you are travelling in Charybdis III in the Charybdis star system. Through the mission,you may recruit Amelia as your companion in Starfield.

Where to find Andreja in Starfield

How to get: Complete the Into The Unknown main mission.

Skills:Stealth (Rank 4); Particle Beams (Rank 3); Energy Weapon Systems (Rank 2); Theft (Rank 1)

Andreja is a constellation companion, so she’s linked to the main story, has her mission, and has the most interactions with your character. What you need to do to get Andreja is to continue the main story until you complete the Into The Unknown mission. 

Where to find Barrett in Starfield

How to get: Complete Back to Vectera mission.


Starship Engineering (Rank 4); Particle Beam Weapon Systems (Rank 3)

Robotics (Rank 2); Gastronomy (Rank 1)

Barrett is also one of the four main companions available in Starfield. All you have to do is to eventually recruit him with the development of main constellation storyline. 

Where to find Sam Coe in Starfield

How to get: Complete The Empty Nest main mission.

Skills:Piloting (Rank 4); Rifle Certification (Rank 3);

Payloads (Rank 2); Geology (Rank 1)

Sam Coe is another Constellation companion in Starfield.

Sam’s daughter Cora will have to travel on the ship too if you have Sam Coe as a crew member, and after accepting the quest of The Empty Nest you can’t get rid of Sam and Sam Coe is always your companion until the quest is completed.

Where to find Sarah Morgan in Starfield

How to get: Complete The Old Neighborhood mission.

Skills:Astrodynamics (Rank 4); Lasers (Rank 3)

Leadership (Rank 2); Botany (Rank 1)

Sarah Morgan is yet another Constellation companion.Sarah’s also the first constellation companion you can recruit, even though Barrett is the first member you’re introduced to.

Sarah is more of a kind character, so you can get her approval by being charitable and caring. And do not do evil or morally dubious things in front of her.

There are other companions you want in Starfield! We’ll add more to this list further when we find them.