How to survive at Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari is a high-quality alternative racing offroad game where now you have to drive your buggy out of town to a dangerous world full of zombies and explore here.

You can use any of your weapons with your car to deal with these zombies, march to the highest mountains, and find hidden chests here.

Zombie Offroad Safari

Introduction of Zombie Offroad Safari

Leave the city behind and explore this dangerous world full of zombies, challenges and looting! Take the wheels of 4×4 buggy, monster truck, wheeled six fuel-guzzling vehicles and climb the highest mountain where no one has disappeared before!

Lethal weapons await you in this post-apocalypse open world offroad sandbox game. Explore massive landscapes, complete challenges, smash zombies, find secret locations, unlock and upgrade cars and weapons, it’s up to you!

Zombie Offroad Safari Features

Six sandbox areas to explore, full of zombies and fun!

Each of the 12 cars to unlock and drive has its own abilities. Police cars, fire trucks, APCs, monster trucks, etc.

Machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, electric guns are unlocked and used against the dead.

Zombie Offroad Safari

Ways of finishing levels

Complete hunting levels, route searches, boss battles and more.

Find hidden chests scattered around the world.

Find the “Explorer’s Flag” on the highest mountain.

Powerful forces boost your strengths.

Various zombie types of battles.

Interesting driving simulator model.

Game Tutorial of Zombie Offroad Safari

Typical sandbox type game, you only need to hit zombies with skilled car skills, pick up weapons to fight zombies, pick up diamonds in the valley, upgrade cars and weapons. Drive a car, fight zombies, pick up diamonds, upgrade weapons and cars, drive a car, fight zombies, pick up diamonds, upgrade weapons and cars…

It’s still quite a bit of a time killing, isn’t it?

Zombie Offroad Safari

However, there are also challenging missions that won’t make your drive too boring.

For example, boss battles, sports cars according to the designated route, using the car to push props to the designated location, killing a specified number of zombies, and so on. Completing a certain number of missions will open the next map. At the moment I’ve only opened the dock and the desert, and I’ve just opened the next map (which is a polar location).

If you overturn, it will revive at the repair point designated on the map. In the repair shop, you can also upgrade your weapons and vehicles just like you would in the base. If you’re being chased by a bunch of zombies and your car is about to explode, you can also recycle your life at the pit or use a quick repair kit to replenish a little blood.

Different map zombies provide different experience points, of course, there are more types of zombies.

The zombies characters

Suit Zombie (Most Common) 4 experience.

Saliva baby zombies (can spit, damage is quite high) 10 experiences.

Hand grenade zombies (died, zombies will lose thunder, and the damage is higher than that of saliva baby) 12 experiences.

Big zombies (can throw things and rush over to touch porcelain, blood is thicker, no way, touching porcelain is technical work) 10 experiences.

Taliban zombie (chasing you or accidentally bumping into him, he will blow himself up and send you back to the repair point, Allahu Akbar) 10 experiences.

Zombie Offroad Safari


When you drive to a certain level, you will level up, upgrade will get the chest, the higher the level, the longer the box will open, and during the time the box is open, you will kill the zombie and reduce the opening time.

Parts from other vehicles will drop from the chest, and when the collection is full, you can unlock new cars. Different car attributes are also different, some are sturdy and average, some are fast and thin, but skill hanging, such as police cars, off-road vehicles, small pickups and so on.